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Daughter Swap Review (2020)

Daughter Swap

Daughter Swap is a new adult website which was launched in 2018. The theme of this porn website is simple; some dads would like to have sex with each other’s horny daughter.

In some of the scenes, you will also get to see stepfamily elements, as well. 

Besides the top-quality porn videos and scenes, the models that you are going to see here are all top pornstars.

Daughter Swap is probably one of the most visited taboo sites, where you will get to see macho men enjoying others' daughters.

All the movies of Daughter Swap have proper storylines, and in most of the scenes, there will be two fathers enjoying sex with others'  daughter right next to each other. You can think of it as a bonding scene. The girls can be seen talking to one another while getting fucked.

The best part about Daughter Swap is that the cast of each scene looks real. Daughter Swap is a new adult website, and that’s why they don’t have a lot of content. But let’s ignore that and give this site a chance.

Daughter Swap uploads new content every week, and we are sure that soon, they will become one of the best in the taboo porn niche. The videos are mostly available in HD quality. Daughter Swap has exceptional young models.

Some even have big tits and fine asses, and they sure do know how to have sex, and that’s all we want, right? There are real hardcore porn scenes to enjoy late at night. So, don’t feel ashamed to watch daddys  fucking someone else’s daughter.

The scenes are all scripted, and the models are paid well to do the scene. So, keep your guilt aside. Most of the videos are available in High Definition, 1080p, the site contains exclusive content, they do offer regular updates, there are high-resolution pictures, you can download the videos in multiple formats, the site is mobile compatible, and finally streaming is smooth.

We liked the face value of Daughter Swap, and we are sure after reading our review, you are going to enjoy Daughter Swap too. So, let’s begin with our honest review!

What makes Daughter Swap popular?

Let’s talk about the first impression of Daughter Swap. We saw a lot of masculine and good-looking dads who want their daughters to have an exciting first time. For that very reason, they want to swap their daughters with their male friends’ daughters.

It’s just that there is a small twist, these fathers swap their daughters, which means if I am giving my daughter to you, then I would like to have yours too! There will be either biological or step dads swapping their daughters or stepdads, fucking them.

All the videos have pounding scenes, and according to the script, all the girls are virgins. You will see kinky foursome happening in every scene. Daughter Swap is a purely taboo porn site, and we liked what we saw.

The fathers know that sharing is caring, and because they have beautiful daughters, they know that their daughters will lose virginity to someone. However, these young and naïve daughters have no clue how to have sex with someone.

First-time sex should always be unique, and this is the reason why their dads want them to have an excellent first-time experience. The taboo factor of Daughter Swap will amplify your taboo sex porn site experience.

The casting of each video is fantastic. The dads do look like real dads. They are mature, and the girls are petite and young. There was one scene where two fathers are taking away their daughters for a trip. However, the girls were naughty, and they were continually disturbing their fathers.

This leads to an accident, and the fathers wanted to release the stress caused by accident, decided to swap their daughters, and fuck them. The scene first started with a nice blowjob and finally ended with an even tempting fuck.

You will get to enjoy more than 100 scenes, and you can download these videos as well, that too in full HD ; just  what you wanted. There are high-resolution pictures as well, which can be saved in zip files.

However, being a new entrant, you might have to wait for a few days before they upload new content. But don’t worry; Daughter Swap does upload new content. And since you will have to wait for the latest uploads, you can enjoy their partner bonus sites meanwhile.


Estimated visits last month: 555.53 Thousand

The moment we landed on the Daughter Swap homepage, we saw a nicely designed website. Right on the homepage, we could see many thumbnails. 

Each thumbnail had a play button, a description of the scene, and also who the models were. The website has just one page for the time being, but we are sure Daughter Swap is going to upload many contents soon.​

Each thumbnail had two fathers and two daughters, and just by looking at the thumbnail, you will get a fair idea of why it’s called Daughter Swap.

Towards the end, we saw their FAQ section, help section, and the customer service page. All the models of Daughter Swap are 18 years and above. Daughter Swap was launched in 2018.

We enjoyed the interface, and it was fun to play around. The simple layout gave us no trouble to navigate it . Everything was there on their homepage.

There is no category page, though. On the top, there are a few tabs, for example, scenes, girls, favorite, request a girl, top-rated, and finally member login.

We started surfing Daughter Swap as a guest first. None of the tabs will show you what’s inside unless you become their member. So, to register, you have to enter your username, choose a password, and finally enter your email ID as well.

Then select one of the membership plans, and hit the join now tab and you are good to go. Don’t forget to check your email inbox  to confirm your registration. We do think that if you only want to see dads fucking someone else’s daughter, then Daughter Swap has to be your first choice.

You will want to take off your pants, the moment you see the content. Once you login to Daughter Swap, you will get access to 25 porn sites as well. Just in case if you don’t see any new upload, then visit these bonus sites to keep enjoying.

Scroll the entire Daughter Swap page to see some wild girls going crazy as their dad fucks them.

Daughter Swap is undoubtedly the best site for restricted content, and if you are only looking for fathers getting into some action with some young and horny girls, then you will enjoy Daughter Swap. Don’t worry about their support; they are available for you 24x7.

You will find their support page right at the footer’s page.


You can’t watch any of the content if you don’t sign up with them. However, as a guest, you can watch a small 2 to 2:30 minute scene. The scene is good enough to make you become their member and choose a plan to start viewing the full video.

There are three membership plans that you can choose from. Here is the complete membership plan to choose from:

  • 12 Months Membership $0.16/day
  • 6 Months Membership $0.22/day
  • 1 Month Membership $0.33/day

Daughter Swap has only three membership plans. If you would like to try the content of this website for just a month, then our recommendation is to select a one-month membership plan. If you like what you see, then you can decide to choose either the six months plan or the twelve months plan.

Once you become a member of Daughter Swap, you will get access to 25 bonus sites. Yes, you heard it right; there are 25 exclusive websites. This means that you will get to watch similar HD content all day long.

Daughter Swap has all kinds of naughty and kinky videos, so get prepared to watch some hot and seductive scenes. There will be girls with  beautiful figures, fine asses, and even better breasts. You can make payment for any of the plans by using your PayPal account or credit card.

These are the only two payment options available right now. Not just this, there is also a cheap 2-day trial membership as well. You can check that out if you would like to give it a try and not spend money for the entire month. All the members of Daughter Swap will get 24x7 support service.

The support team is always active for you 7-days a week. If you have an issue, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them whenever you want. Daughter Swap lets you enjoy raunchy porn content with weekly updates, where  many amateur and nice-looking chicks enjoy  hard cock inside them.

Daughter Swap also offers you a 60-days window payment as well, if you would like to go for a refund. Daughter Swap is pretty lenient when it comes to refunds. You can contact their customer service department if you would like to have your money back.

The scripts are nicely written, and the sets are great too. Most of the videos are shot indoors, and there are a few adverts in between streaming videos. All the videos are of high quality, and we liked the content as well. Daughter Swap offers superb quality videos, and you can download them in MP4 format.

The Average Length of most of the  videos is 37 minutes. There are more than 100 porn videos, and HD porn videos are available as well. There is no download limit. Pictures per set are 220, and you can save them in zip format.

Pure Taboo: Swapping Daughters

Site Performance 



Image Quality

15 / 15


9 / 10


5 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 15


9 / 10


20 / 20

Download / Streaming

5 / 5


5 / 5

Bonus Score

1 / 10

Overall Score

79 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Laney Grey, Natalie Knight, Audrey Hempburne, Lily Glee, Anne Amari, Kendra Cole, Charlotte Sins, Diana Grace, April Snow, Taylor Blake, Megan Hughes, Riley Star, Jewel Blu, Kate Bloom, Bunny Colby, Harlowe Blue, Jaycee Starr, Abby Admas, Grae Stroke, Danni Rivers, Jadi Kai, Chloe Foster, Winter Jade, Gianna Gem, Savannah Sixx, and more.
  • Models: Mostly Americans
  • Body Type: Slim, Tall, huge tits, and big asses
  • Total Number of videos: 113+
  • Average Length of videos: 37 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many bandwidths
  • Image Quality: High-resolution. 1920x1080; 12100k
  • Live Cams: No
  • File size: 500-800 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Daughter Swap

Something is exciting about incest porn. And there are so many websites with incest content. However, there are only a few good porn sites with only incest porn sites. And because incest porn is a huge niche, Daughter Swap is bound to have good competitions.

Taboo porn is also becoming popular day by day, and since we are talking about the competitors of Daughter Swap, three incest porn sites are giving fierce competition to Daughter Swap. Daughter Swap should watch out for Family Stroke, Daddy’s Lil Angels, and The Tabu Tales.

Family Stroke has had 2.43 million last month’s estimated visitors.

Family Stroke has real hardcore incest porn. This site will show you, family members, stroking each other. Some of the scenes can become extremely hardcore, as well. There are seductive dads and equally beautiful chicks. Family Stroke contains a lot of hardcore scenes.

Daddy’s Lil Angels had 306.96 thousand last month’s estimated visitors. Daddy’s Lil Angels are all about dad’s having sex with their naughty stepdaughters. In some of the scenes, you will see these little angels being shared with other men as well.

Some clips will have a father punishing their daughters for being too naughty in school.

The Tabu Tales has everything that you can think of. There will be milking cocks, bouncing breasts, girls rubbing their vaginas, and more.  

The Tabu Tales have nice and curvy moms who don’t mind fucking their stepsons. Everything about The Tabu Tales is impressive, and they had 89.30 thousand estimated visitors last month.


  • Daughter Swap has only father banging swapped daughters.
  • All the videos are available in high quality.
  • There is no download limit.
  • You can download the videos in MP4 format.
  • The website is straightforward to use and even easier to navigate.
  • The girls of Daughter Swap are extremely hot and sexy.
  • The fathers of Daughter Swap look old as well.
  • All the plots are amazing.
  • You can get access to 25 bonus sites.
  • The stories are exciting.
  • You will see young and hot American starlets.
  • The website design of Daughter Swap is good.


  • The site needs to upload content somewhat regularly.
  • There are no categories as such to view.
  • There are a few adverts as well.

Clip from 90 Days Fiance: Dad is Marrying Someone Twice His Age


If you would like to get in touch with Daughter Swap, then you can click on the FAQ, help and customer service tab. We would recommend you to go to the FAQ page to check all the answers. The FAQ section has answered almost all the questions. If you still can’t find any answers, then write to them.

The support team of Daughter Swap is exceptional. They investigate the matter properly and give you a resolution as soon as possible.


We think that Daughter Swap is a great site to fulfill all your desires of incest activities. Daughter Swap offers tons of mini-series.

All the content of Daughter Swap is in HD format, and you will enjoy the content for sure. We think that the Daughter Swap website is excellent.

The layout is simple, and there are tons of good looking pornstars available here. Things can get hot and dirty very quickly here at Daughter Swap.

Daughter Swap

You will get to see tons of blowjobs, hardcore sex, and there will be facial cumshots towards the end.

You can download the video as well in full HD format. Videos can be saved in MP4 format, and the resolution is 1920x1080p. The recording of sex scenes is incredible too. While streaming the video, the videos will, however, be available in SD format. We also liked the photo galleries as well.

They can be saved in zip format. You can enjoy Daughter Swap on your mobile phone as well. We found the image quality of Daughter Swap pictures to be exceptional. If you like incest porn, then we highly recommend Daughter Swap.

Parting Words

Daughter Swap offers all kinds of incest content. You can try it once if you are into incest content. We hope that our review on Daughter Swap has helped you get a fair idea about this website. If you have enjoyed reading our review, then keep visiting us to learn about more reviews.

Until then, have a great time watching videos on Daughter Swap.

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