Top 10 Dating Apps in Chennai to look around for the perfect Date in 2022

Looking for best dating apps in chennail?

Dating apps are a rage in India, and why wouldn't it be? There are a million single people in India who are looking for a good partner everywhere they go.

The lockdown in 2020 pushed people back to their homes and hence, we saw the dramatic rise in usage of dating apps. Chennai is one of the most densely populated cities in India.

It is one of the metropolitan cities in India where millions of singles are looking for a good partner to spend their life peacefully.

Let’s see top 10 dating apps in Chennai to look around for the perfect date in 2022 and explore the viable options.

Top 10 Best Dating Apps/Sites in Chennai (2022) : FREE/Paid

1. Tinder

Tinder was literally the first app that comes to our mind when we think of dating. Tinder is one of the largest dating apps in the world with over 9 million users.

The app has a swipe mechanism where you just right if you like a profile and swipe left if you don’t.

Along with this, you can also super like a person, and the other person will be notified that he or she has been super liked by someone.

This functionality of swiping was popularised by Tinder itself and has been used by thousands of dating apps since then. The app is a treat for all kinds of single people.

The variety of people you will find on this app are countless. Install this app, and you will know after using it, why the app is so popular.



  • Has more than 9 million users worldwide
  • You can meet people for long term relationship, a casual hookup or one-night stands
  • Interface is super easy to use and understand
  • Multiple preference options available to find what you want

2. TrulyMadly

If you think Tinder is too much for you, and want something that gives a more personalised and intimate experience, then TrulyMadly is the app for you.

The app is more focused on you as a person and tries to create a profile of yours that will make the person in front of you understand who you actually are.

The app asks you about your likings and dislikings and does not rely on your preference alone to find matches for you.

The app is somewhat similar to Tinder and has a swipe mechanism where you swipe right to the people you like and swipe left to the people you don’t.


Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans:

  • For 1 month: Rs 850/month
  • For 3 months: Rs 566/month
  • For 6 months: Rs 425/month
  • For 12 months: Rs 283/month


  • Profiles are more personalised
  • You get to know more about a person than just photos
  • Has a million of Indian users
  • A good option for those looking for long-term relationships

3. Woo

If you like to get wooed by amazing people, then Woo is the app for you. The app is a good one if you are looking for a partner, be it casual or long-term.

The app has it all. You only need to fill up your details as well as preferences, and you will be showered with hundreds of profiles matching up your preference.

The app has a simple and eye-pleasing interface. A few minutes into the app and you will be blazing through the profiles.

This app also has a swiping mechanism and gives you hundreds of options every day, to swipe right to.

The number of profiles you can swipe right has been limited so that you only choose the ones you really feel attracted to.


Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans.

  • For 1 month- Rs 850/month
  • For 3 months- Rs 566/month
  • For 6 months- Rs 425/month
  • For 12 months- Rs 283/month


  • Millions of Indians profiles are available here
  • You get people for casual as well as long term relationships
  • Specially made for Indian people
  • Single women can call directly to their matches

4. Mingle2

The app is a simple dating app where you can chat and meet with people who interest you. The app has a few features that differentiate it from the other apps on this list.

The interface of the app clearly shows that it was made keeping in mind the singles who are interested in making new friends and dating casually.

The app asks you some basic questions while setting up for the first time, and then starts showing you people from around the area.

The personal details are only used by the other person to understand what kind of person we are. The unique features of the app makes it a pretty good option for singles looking for some quick action.Link:

Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans:

  • 3 Months : Rs.990 (Rs.330/month)
  • 6 months: Rs.1550 (Rs.258.33/month)
  • 12 months: Rs.2250 (Rs.187.5/month)
  • Lifetime: Rs.4000


  • All basic features are available in the free version
  • Amazing premium features if you use the premium version
  • Multiple filters to get the best match
  • Shows a big list of people who are live at one place

5. QuackQuack

QuackQuack is another amazing dating app on our list that takes care that the singles who login to this app don’t go empty-handed.

The app has a very basic interface that you will get a grasp of, once you start exploring the app.

The app allows you to browse through a variety of profiles, and also lets you browse through profiles that are available online, so that you can match with people who are newbies on the app, like you.

The app has zero tolerance in terms of profiles and deletes the bots that it detects, almost instantly. Hence, you can be assured that the people you find on this app would be real people and not fake ones.


Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans:

  • 1 Month : Rs.349

  • 6 months: Rs.1158 (Rs.193/month)

  • 12 months: Rs.1800 (Rs.150/month)


  • The most downloaded dating app in India
  • Connect with local singles in your area based on quirks, and interests
  •  No bots are present here
  • You can browse through new profiles separately

6. an amazing site cum app that has been created keeping in mind the Indian audience. If you stay in Chennai and do not use this app, you are missing great things.

This app has the utmost focus on your personality. The app curates the profiles as per your likes and interests, and on the basis of the same, gives you a list of people who have similar likings as yours and can be a good match for you.

On the app, you also get the option to discover random personalities who are not curated, and are totally random.

This gives you a more realistic experience as the people in here are picked up at random.


Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans:

  • 1 Month : N/A
  • 6 months: N/A
  • 12 months: N/A


  • Profiles are curated as per your behaviour, likings and interests
  • Regularly deletes fake profiles to keep the experience pleasant
  • You can choose to meet random strangers, or ones who fit in with your personality

7. Aisle

Aisle is a dating app with focus on people who want to have a partner for life. The app has a slightly different approach compared to other apps on the list and takes care of your matches in the best way possible.

The app asks you to rate your hobbies and interests so that the person watching your profile can properly gauge how much you are  interested in each thing you like.

This gives the profile a beautiful unique touch and gives everyone a different personality, which many other apps fail to do.

The app also lets you integrate your facebook and instagram pics so that your whole personality can shine in front of your potential life partner.


Subscription info

The app has following subscription plans:

  • 1 Month : Rs.899
  • 6 months: Rs.1599 (Rs.533/month)
  • 12 months: Rs.2599 (Rs.433.17/month)


  • Best app for finding a life partner
  • Has incredibly detailed profiles that help you know exactly you are matching with
  • All profiles are genuine and no bots are there

8. Tingle

Tingle is another dating app that is pretty easy to use and focuses on providing singles with viable options for dating.

The app requires you to share minimal details with it and provides you an experience to remember, in return.

The app has a simple interface and lets you browse people from almost anywhere in the world, for free. The app has a variety of features that you can use to make the process of finding a good partner a fun experience.

The app also has the facility to join groups so that you can meet people with a common interest or any other similarity. 


Subscription info

The app has tokens that you spend to access premium features:

  • 50 credits for $5
  • 100 credits for $8.49
  • 250 credits for $15
  • 500 credits for $19.49


  • Meet people from all around the world
  • Groups are there to interact with people having similar interests
  • No need to brainstorm for making your profile

9. Skout

Skout is a dating app that takes a different approach to dating compared to its counterparts. The app lets you date from all around the world.

Yes! You heard it right. The app lets you connect with people from all around the world and opens up the whole world to you in the process.

Along with this, you can also see the people who are online and interact with them. The app gives its users a Skout ID that they can share with others to find them.

You can use this app if you are looking for someone who will be a perfect match for a date.


Subscription info

The app has a subscription plan of Rs.638.94 per month that gets auto renewed every month.


  • You can meet with people all around the world.
  • You can check out the the people available online and can message them instantly
  • Use Skout ID to search for people on the app easily

10. Bumble

Bumble is an app that takes care of all your needs by taking into consideration all the details shared by you.

The app has a pretty basic interface and works like every other app on the list.

What separates it from the competition is the fact that it has three separate options that let you choose what you are looking for, in the app.

The three options are: date, bff and bizz. While bizz is for business, bff is for making friends, date option is the one we are interested in.Link:

Subscription info

The app has tokens that you spend to access premium features:

  • 1 week at Rs.299
  • 1 month at Rs.699
  • 3 months at Rs.1799
  • 6 months at Rs.2999
  • Lifetime at Rs.4999


  • Get matches as per your specific selections of profiles
  • No bots or fake profiles
  • Specialised articles and guides that help you get matches

Final Words

So these were some of the best dating apps that you can use in Chennai and find out the best person to spend your precious time with. The apps in the list are genuine and if used properly, can lead you to meet your special one.

Though the apps are safe to use, there is always a slight chance of fraud in such apps, hence, it is advised to stay cautious while talking and meeting with the people you find on the app. Stay safe, stay happy and have a perfect date.

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