Dad Crush Review (2020)

Dad Crush

Most people feel embarrassed to admit that they have checked out the incest porn scenes in one of those filthy porn sites.

It will not be an overstatement if we tell you that incest or taboo porn is one most watched porn niche in the adult entertainment industry.

Also, porn scenes do not have to be enacted between blood relations to make them taboo!

Even stepmom and stepdad categories are as a pervert and kinky as any other taboo sex relationships.

Dad Crush is an adult site that focuses on the second category as it is pretty evident from its name itself.

It focuses on teen girls who are looking forward to having a good time with their stepfathers. No, you won't be seeing real stepdaughters riding on stepdads here. They are just adult actors and actresses, but they know how to pull a scene with conviction.

The central theme of this site revolves around the nubile teens who have just reached puberty and do not know how to satiate their intimate desires. Therefore, they do not know where to go and what to do with their maturing bodies.

Ultimately, they do not find anyone but their stepdad who is also a cool hunk but stays at home most of the time for no apparent reason. Initially, they try to seduce their dads by wearing skimpy clothes and revealing outfits.

Some dads get ready for some action with simple seducing while others take time and ponder over the idea of sharing a bed with their cute little daughter. Finally, he succumbs to the advances of his stepdaughter and gives in completely as it turns out that he too was eyeing her for a long time.

Is this plot too much for you to digest? Do not worry as it will not seem as bad when you are watching the scenes.

For accessing such hot content, you will have to shell out some bucks. Therefore, they are offering premium plans at marginalized rates so that you can see your wildest dreams turning into stark reality!

Buy one of those cheap plans and get ready to watch such steamy scenes on your computer, with a bundle of tissues of course!

What are the unique features of Dad Crush?

Dad Crush has hot girls, but they have a girl-next-door kind of innocence mixed with naughtiness on their faces. As a result, it is easy to believe that they are spoiled brats who attend college just to ogle at their hot professors or to figure out the size of their boner.

On the other hand, male actors who are mature enough to play the role of a teenager's dad are selected for the role of stepdad. Also, some dads are made to look young just to show that the mom is a slut who marries guys little older than her daughter.

Most of the clips feature twosome scenes between stepdad and stepdaughter, but we have come across a couple of scenes where even the mom joins the party. It is hard to believe that such crazy stuff uploaded in a porn site, but it is completely and nakedly true.

Rough guys who have hairy hands and chests are preferred because it becomes easy to imagine them as their dads. Sometimes, the stepdaughter plays around in the kitchen and tries to grab a container much above her head when she can just stand on a tool standing nearby and each it.

Now, for no apparent reason, the stepdad has to be a tall guy who can reach the vessel easily but avoids doing so just to feel the butt of his daughter. If you want to see such raunchy scenes on your mobile or desktop screen, then you should seriously spare some time for this site.

Dad Crush has a website that is minimalistic but still looks stunning. The combination of the red and white colour theme looks perfect and bold fonts enhance its overall impact. The layout is a bit cloggy, but it goes with the central theme of the site.

All the scenes have been loaded in HD quality. Therefore, you won't have any complaints while watching the filthy step daughters masturbating or sucking balls of their mother's husband.

Also, the content of Dad Crush is exclusive, but you might still find some of them on other sites as some users tend to download the videos of premium sites and upload them on adult tubes and free sites.

Users get access to over 150 full HD videos, and it has a high-resolution photo set as well that can be downloaded to tickle your wild fantasies in the dark!

They update the content multiple times in a month, but the update rate needs to be better, especially since the video collection is not quite huge as of now. Most of the scenes are shot in POV style, which means that you get a closer look at the fresh pubes and sweaty armpits of ravishing teens.

Dad Crush does not have a mobile app yet, but it is mobile-friendly. It means that you can watch taboo scenes discreetly now. It has many other lucrative features, but we will not spill the beans yet.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

10 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality of Videos

10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Value for Money

9 / 10

Exclusivity of Videos

10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most popular categories – Stepdaughter, Stepdad, threesome
  • Are 4K videos available? - No
  • Total number of scenes/photos – 150+ videos & 150+ photosets
  • The average length of videos – 40 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080 pixels
  • Is there a download limit? – No
  • Are photosets available? – Yes
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection – N0
  • Bonus content – No
  • Bonus sites - No
  • Model index – Yes
  • Updates – Bi-monthly or thrice in a month (Irregular at times)


Website address –

Average visits per month – 629.80K

A sad aspect of using DadCrush is that you don't get any bonus sites or extras despite it being a part of Team Skeet Network.

However, the users can enjoy nicely scripted scenes that play along controversial and borderline incest theme.

It provides a model index that can be used to watch videos of your favourite pornstars. 


Also, you won't find any big names from the adult industry here except for a couple of names. This is because they want to keep their content realistic and raw. Most of the babes are of European and American origin. It means that basically, they are Caucasians.

Some of the scenes feature Latina and Colombian girls as well just to raise the oomph factor.

You might miss seeing Japanese and Asian babes here, but there is no choice if you have come here for intense taboo scenes. The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted to small, medium, or large as per the size of your screen.

It does not provide a separate page for categories or tags, but you can use some filters in the 'Video' section to modify the search results. A basic search tool is provided to explore the content as per your preferred niches and keywords.

Most of the models are teens and lie in the age group between 18 and 25. These models are sexy enough to make your precum ooze even before hitting the play button. The videos are long enough to satiate your taboo fantasies and dreams.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Sadly, they aren't providing a free trial for the new users, and neither are they providing a weekly or daily pass at a minimal price. The monthly plan is offered at $17.87, which means that you only spend $0.60 per day. The yearly plan is offered at $119.40, which means that you spend only $0.33 per day.

Dad Crush is not providing a six-month or three-month plan. Therefore, you can either buy a monthly plan, or you need to jump on the yearly plan directly. You can pay via credit card or PayPal.


  • The average length of the scenes is 40 minutes. This means that you get plenty of porn to watch despite its small video collection.
  • The payment gateway is safe and does not bother you in any other way.
  • Treat yourself to high definition porn with amazing sound quality at Dad Crush.
  • You can either download the videos or watch them using a media player. There is no restriction on downloads which enables you to go on a downloading spree!
  • You can either download the videos or watch them using a media player. There is no restriction on downloads which enables you to go on a downloading spree!
  • The downloading speed is quite exceptional as you can download high-resolution files in seconds provided that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Photo sets can be directly downloaded in a zip folder. It saves your pain and effort as downloading each photo individually can be a lot of work.
  • All the scenes of Dad Crush are exclusive.
  • If you don't want to stream the videos in 1080p quality, then you can switch to 720p for a much faster buffering at slow internet speed.
  • The registration process is short and user-friendly. The users just need to choose a username and password after submitting a valid email id.
  • The thumbnails are large enough to give you an idea about the content and quality of the videos.
  • Dad Crush provides 24/7 customer support and service to its members. As a result, you can contact them even at midnight if something snaps or goes wrong. Also, multiple options can be used to reach their customer executives like call, email, etc.
  • The premium plans are offered at an economical price.
  • Users can rate the videos, and they can also add them to their favourite list. If they want to say something about a particular scene, then they can express themselves in the comments section.
  • Users can rate the videos, and they can also add them to their favourite list. If they want to say something about a particular scene, then they can express themselves in the comments section.
  • Dad Crush does not promote any ads or pop-ups, which enhances your overall experience on the site.


  • The updates should be more frequent if they want to sustain the loyalty of their members.
  • Dad Crush should provide quarterly and 6-month plans because their video collection will not prove to be sufficient for a year even if they increase the pace of their updates.
  • Users do not get the opportunity to explore the site's content with the help of tags.
  • Its navigation needs to improve a bit.
  • You don't get a free sample to check the quality of the videos. The homepage provides limited information about its features.
  • Some of the photo sets are merely screen grabs. This can deteriorate the experience of the members.
  • Features like blogs, live cams, community posts, discussion panels, etc. seem to be missing on this portal. Therefore, users have limited options to converse with each other.


Most sites have a section reserved for taboo these days. People who need high-quality stuff must explore premium porn sites. Family Sinners, Sweet Sinners, Perverse Family, etc. PornHub premium also has a huge collection of incest sex scenes.

It also provides more search filters and an advanced search tool that is not available in Dad Crush. Family Sinners has an awesome collection of 4K sex scenes. It features some of the most promising and established porn stars in the industry. However, it does not allow users to download the content.

Only streaming is allowed here. Family Stokes is another porn site that has lots of hardcore taboo scenes featuring stepdad and stepdaughters. The quality of the content is too good, and the videos are available in HD quality.

There is hardly anything wrong with this site except for the fact that some porn stars and male actors appear in multiple scenes. It also provides a trial period of two days for just $1, and this facility is not available to the users of Dad Crush.

These sites specialize in taboo porn and therefore can be referred to as competitive sites of Dad Crush. However, few sites provide hot incest files and storylines like Dad Crush and therefore, you must give it a try!

Customer Support 

It provides an independent section for FAQs. Here, you will find all the FAQs clubbed together without any bifurcation as per the type of issues. Most of the questions seem to be about billing at the moment. Therefore, they can add a few more questions, especially related to technical and general issues.

If you want to read FAQs on technical issues, then you can check the 'Help' page. However, limited questions are mentioned on this page. If you want to report any issue or complaint, then you can send an email to this email address -

An independent webpage is provided for billing issues as well. The telephone numbers and email addresses that a user can use depends on the payment gateway used by him/her. For fetching all those contact details, please visit this link -

The 'Customer Service' page can be used to submit a complaint ticket, cancel membership, change password, and such other reasons. A link to FAQs is provided on this page too. For more details about their customer support services, please visit this page -

final verdict 

There aren't many sites that are completely dedicated to this niche. Therefore, you can certainly subscribe to a premium plan of Dad Crush. However, we sincerely feel that they must add a few more perks and options just to make it irresistible for the users who are already a fan of this niche.

parting words

Though the collection of videos is not huge right now with regular updates, it can provide much better value for your money. We hope that they provide some extras and bonus sites to the users at least till the time the collection becomes bigger.

However, we feel that people who crave for controversial taboo scenes should not mind spending a few extra bucks to delight their sexual appetite.

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