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In the last few years, though, the online dating space has been seeing the rise of what we call the ' personality test'.

In the name of providing highly personalised matches which are most often triggered by a mental image of the ideal partner, they have made the excitement of unexpectedly meeting someone for the first time disappear in its entirety., on the other hand, takes an entirely natural approach towards this practice, with an emphasis on discovering your ideal partner over some time.

Online dating is one of the most beautiful things that have emerged in the post-Internet era.

It is due to online dating services today that a lot of people have been able to find their 'Mr. Right' or 'Mrs. Right' at a time, when they might have given up all hopes of finding someone who matches their level of crazy or wants to travel around the globe with them.

They provide room for experimentation and discovery in online dating. With a set of robust tools, features and other associated bonuses, they have indeed ushered in the old era of online dating, akin to the early 2000s.

The site was launched back in 2002, which means that it's been 18 years now that these folks have successfully matched couples together, and helped them find their 'happily ever after'. The site wasn't so good on the design front.

Still, in 2016, they redesigned the whole user experience alongside rebranding themselves to provide more than just a simple yet not so effective online dating experience. Although the homepage is exquisitely grand in terms of design, it is still relatively decent and subtle on the average human's eye.

Once on the site, they have quite a simple login/registration page which requires you to enter details such as age, email, password and your location apart from whatever you're seeking on the site. Honest Review

So if you're a woman seeking a man or even a woman for that matter, you can choose that on the first page of the website itself. Once you're through with the registration, you can either choose to fill out a little questionnaire that can help you to match with your ideal partner, or skip it for later.

The site makes use of usernames rather than real names of its users. So if you're someone who wishes to keep your identity under wraps for some time, you have the luxury to do that as well.

They have a free search function, and you won't have to pay any extra bucks to use something as simple as the feature above.

On the homepage, they have links to its local versions, so if you're from a country like Brazil, India, Italy or even Sweden, these folks have something that feels more local and closer to home rather than say, a global chatroom and community that doesn't feel like it's your tribe yet.

As per popular notion, introverts and nerds tend to have a hard time cracking the code to online dating, so the folks at Cupid have come up with concepts such as nerd dating, religious dating, single parent dating services and even same-sex relationships can thrive here too!

Cupid prides itself on having more than 1,000 new people who sign up to use the site and find the love of their life daily, with more than 200 matches culminating into something more concrete each year.

Sensing the growing demand for covering a platform such as this one, it makes complete sense for us to review for all you people out there.

Why is a better option than other similar sites? is quite better than other similar sites in this domain. They have been active for about 18 years now, which means that they do have the know-how and can test out new features and concepts which can amplify their users' dating experience without having a fear of failure.

They have a lot of features such as the 'winks', 'multifluid' and 'Cupid's Arrow', among others. While some of its competitor sites have slapped pretty much all of their features with a paid premium, the folks at have allowed the users to browse their community for free as well.

Furthermore, on a user's profile, you get notified about their last activity date and time at the bottom of the page. The online world is now gradually shifting towards video as a concept of both entertainment and information.

The creators of have taken note of this and added video as one of the first features on the site. They allow users to upload webcam/video recordings of themselves to their profiles, apart from just a little textual bio and photos.

What's even more interesting is that they also enable users to rate themselves on a scale of 10, based on a slew of character traits.

While some of its competitors have an elaborate sign-up process that is 30-minutes long and feels endless, takes the short route, and the registration process on their site takes just about 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

Furthermore, they also tend to help their users up to their dating game with features such as 'Wingman Barney', which is an online wingman that helps them start conversations with the users they like, anonymously.

Thanks to the computer algorithms in place and with some help from relationship experts that are associated with the site, the Wingman Barney feature is a handy tool that will help their users get the maximum out of their online dating journey.

If you want to score more matches or are just looking for the perfect ice-breaker to initiate freewheeling conversations with someone you've only matched with, you can consider reading through the posts on the blog which features tons of tips and tricks along with a bunch of posts that focus on ideal date ideas, pickup lines that can instantly land you a date or other associated aspects of online dating.

Site Statistics

  • Users – 2.5 million users
  • Active users – 616,000 users' active weekly
  • Payment option – Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Age distribution – 18 to 35 years
  • Advanced search options – Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site – Yes; they even have a mobile app
  • Media player – Yes
  • Bonus offerings – Winks, Multiflirt, Blog posts, Wingman Barney
  • BBW shows – No not yet

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Live Stream Quality

9 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows​​​​

8 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

9 / 10

User-Friendly Features

8 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

84 / 100

Website Overview

Website address:

The website has been one of the most popular dating services for younger people for close to 2 decades now.

Starting life in 2002, when the online dating space didn't come with as many options as it does today, they have successfully carved a niche of their own over some time.

At present, a total of 2.5 million users actively making use of the site's offerings with 6,16,000 of them being active every week. 

While they haven't caught up with the bigger counterparts in terms of numbers yet, the focus and experience that they provide to improving the overall user experience are commendable.

Although they are based out of the United Kingdom, their service pretty much transcends these boundaries, with local versions available for markets such as Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, Sweden and even topical/personality-based dating versions for nerds, single parents and even same-sex relationships among others.

The site has an excellent, sleek interface that's designed for usability and functionality, which is something that can appeal to the current swarm of online daters, who are mostly within the age bracket of 18 to 25 years.

Users can make use of the search feature without having to pay anything extra, and send 'winks' or 'cupid's arrow' to break the ice. If you wish to let a group of people/matches know that you're interested in them, you can employ the 'multifluid' feature to broadcast a message to them, all at once.

You can add photos, a little bio describing yourself or a video introduction which will help you make your profile more interesting. Users can also use Facebook or email to sign up to use the site, which makes it easier for users to have one step less to become a part of the community.

They have a personality test as well, but that can be skipped and filled at a later time. You can apply filters by distance and match level, to receive more specific and highly personalised matches. Users can join any of the chatrooms and start talking to fellow members without a fuss. Quick Start Guide

Below the profile of another member, you can also look at the last active date and time when they used the site, which can save you tons of time, without having to text a dormant account and waiting for them hours on end.

Free users don't get much on the site, which is further evidenced by the fact that they can only access one photo from their matches. All profiles are public by default, with information about each user freely available on their profile, so you can choose whom you like the most or think you can vibe with, sans any extra efforts. 

Profiles on the site are quite comprehensive and detailed, and filling several text fields such as sexual orientation, race, education qualifications, religion, income and employment alongside physical attributes such as eye colour, height, build and physique among others.

You can describe yourself as a person a bit more in detail, under the textbox named- 'About Me', while adding a photo or video introduction alongside it.

With the focus on making dating on their platform as welcoming and comfortable as it can be, has also introduced a bunch of features such as the Tinder-style matchmaking game called 'LikeBook' back in the day during its rebranding efforts in 2016.

The 'safe mode' ensures healthy anti-spam stuff being delivered to you, and only verified users can text you when you enable this feature.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The folks at have a cheaper pricing structure than most of their contemporary counterparts who tend to charge exorbitant prices for even the simplest features from their users.

The creators of have priced their service in such a way that ensures even the less active user doesn't feel the burden in terms of paying for a dating site subscription. That said, their pricing plans look like the following –


cost per month

total cost

1 Month

23.99 $ / Month


3 Months

20.79 $ / Month


6 Months

15.99 $ / Month


As a paid user, some of the benefits that you get are as follows - Message other members, get to view all photos on the profiles of other users, see who expressed an interest in you, or viewed your profile or even enable the full 'safe-mode' if you want to.

In comparison to its counterparts, the pricing plans on are averagely priced, which means they're neither too cheap nor too pricey. Payment options that are currently accepted on the site include credit cards and online payments in the form of PayPal.


  • One of the oldest online dating sites, since it was started 18 years ago, in 2002
  • A popular choice for singles in the UK to find love
  • They have local dating versions as well, for growing markets such as Brazil, France, India and Sweden
  • They have local dating versions as well, for growing markets such as Brazil, France, India and Sweden
  • Last activity date and time of a user is displayed below their profiles
  • A 24-hour trial version is available for test driving the site's functions and usability, though it's limited only to the UK
  • Their sign up process takes about 5 to 10 minutes' maximum, with the option to skip steps as well
  • 'Winks' are one of those features that act as ice-breakers and start a conversation quickly
  • 'Multi Flirt' option allows users to broadcast a message to a group of people they want to, to express their interest in them
  • 'Safe mode' enables your profile to be contacted only by the verified members
  • Includes a desktop chat functionality as well, which can be downloaded and used even when you're not active on the site
  • 'Cupid Arrow' feature when unlocked with a small payment, allows you to go up in search, get priority in 'LikeBook', allow free members to contact you or viewing others profiles anonymously
  • A tinder-like game called 'LikeBook' which will enable you to like and rate profiles
  • Set filters for search as per location and distance
  • A unique personality test called 'Q-Match' helps users answer questions about themselves so that the site can serve up the specific type of matches for them
  • Wingman Barney is a personal assistant on the site and gives you advice and tips about how you can improve your experience on the website, or land matches in quick time
  • Users can become a part of the chatrooms to start talking
  • Blog and forums available
  • Mobile app versions available
  • Free search options, without paying extra


  • Amount of icons might be overwhelming for some users
  • Prompts to sign up with a paid membership tend to pop up now and then
  • Only one photo of another user can be viewed by those who are browsing the site for free
  • Search cannot be saved for later use
  • Although they claim to do away with cumbersome personality quizzes, they have a similar feature on their site nowadays
  • The site lags a lot, which can be irritating
  • The response rate of matches is pretty slow
  • A lot of fake and dormant profiles
  • The search options are pretty generic
  • No information available with regards to the customer support

Competitors of competes with the likes of, eHarmony, OkCupid among others. The site, however, scores over the names above in terms of usability and features that it has loaded itself with, which amplify the whole dating experience a few notches.

Final Verdict is a fantastic site that comes packed with tons of features and tools, along with a subtle user experience in terms of design which makes the online dating process less cumbersome and more robust yet fun. In our opinion, you should give this site a shot once to see for yourself!

Parting words

Covered above, were some pros and cons of the dating website, We hope that the review was both informative and entertaining for you guys and we would love to hear your comments on the same, to improve or add more to our reviews the next time around.

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