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Cum on Printed Pics

CumOnPrintedPics is designed in such a way that you cannot stop yourself from spreading over the pics.

On this platform, you talk, view, share some nude contents including solo hot pics, couple sex and much more.

The picture present on the website can arouse you and your sexual behaviours. 


  • There are more than registered members of this community. You can use this platform similarly to social media. 
  • The best part of the website is, it provides 100 per cent free access to the pictures and the video clips. 


  • However, there are no options to download the contents.

From this article, you will get to know more about the Cumonprintedpics website along with its features.

Do you know where do most of the porn freaks go to in their free time? Well, to give you an idea, it is somewhere nice.

They all hang out on a forum where people upload pictures of girls that they want to see covered in cum. CumOnPrintedPics is, however, made around an interesting concept where you can talk, view and share.

The site is in itself proclaimed as the number one tribute porn forum on the internet where people can speak with other members about tons of other freaky stuff.

Besides this, there are tons of nude pictures as well as pictures of a couple having sex which are available free of cost, and you can't complain of such intense fucking. There are more than 1.8 million posts with 95,000 registered members active in the CumOnPrintedPics community.

Alongside the usual tributes, this site allows people to submit pictures to be photoshopped or even X-rayed.

Today, we are presenting all the related facts and figures for a full packed review of the CumOnPrintedPics and see whether you will like the website or not. We will also cover some discreet areas as well to extract each of the benefits that our audience can get the advantage of.

So, without any further due, let us begin.

What makes CumOnPrintedPics different from other sites in the same niche around the world?

CumOnPrintedPics happens to be an unusual place that finds you amidst of an interesting concept. Such sites existed on the internet a few years back but later got shut down because it could not attract visitors. However, CumOnPrintedPics has typically maintained its charm throughout the years.

The site offers you with a forum where you can post the pictures of a girl, no matter whether she is a celebrity, your ex-girlfriend, aunts, or more. While other people are having fun seeing the girl you posted, you tend to do some vice- versa stuff.

This way, the site holds a million-file database comprising of adult galleries.

CumOnPrintedPics is free to browse, but if you want to interact with the members or join a conversation/ forum, you need to become one of its members where the registration is easy and free of cost. The forum is quite active, and when we got to take a tour inside, it already had 1533 online users.

The statistics of several posts, as well as the number of members, is growing year by year, which is quite good news.

So, if any porn stars don't lure you anymore, then you can try out this website because it is a website by the people who are not afraid to showcase their girls and tons of other nude pictures. Based on our own viewing experience, we gave out the following ratings to the CumOnPrintedPics Network.

Site Statistics

  • Total number of members - 140000+ registered accounts
  • Total number of posts - 3200000+
  • Maximum resolution of clips - 800 x 600 pixels (Usual quality)
  • Download limit - No
  • Best CumOnPrintedPics inclusions - Recent Posts, Videos, Galleries, Upload, Copp Links, Forum, Hall of Fame, Amateur Cam Tribute Porn Forums, Celebrity Porn Forums, and a lot of other options.
  • Other Features - Register (Username and Password), Chat in the Shoutbox, Forums to get with other members, Uploads, Live Support Assistance, and much more.
  • Photo slideshows - Yes
  • Watermark on Photos - No
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 800 x 600 pixels (Usual quality)
  • DRM protection - No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


This is indeed a good score and we really think you should try out this website and see yourself how the site turns out. However, there is a lot left in this review just in case you want to sit back and see whether CumOnPrintedPics can fulfil your expectations or not.


Website Address:

CumOnPrintedPics is wow porn content that internet offers. The site has a lot of unusual content that perfectly fits the minds of avid porn fan out there, thereby bringing the best of tribute porn.

For those people who are not familiar with the concept of tribute porn, let us tell you that tribute porn is usually when a guy sees a non-pornographic image of a chick and gets impressed upon so much that he needs to cum on it.

This was traditionally done using printed pictures but today seeing the site like CumOnPrintedPics, it has impressed us. The site fulfils the fantasies of guys to see hot girls in situations where they cannot resist them.

But no matter what the ideology that the site follows, you tend to see a 140,000+ member base with most users being active. We did not believe this till we came across 1500+ members active on the site when we logged in.

Not just this, the site is home to more than 3,000,000 posts as well as many forums where there is active conversation taking place. A website which isn’t beautifully designed is here and offers a fabulous user engagement.

There are tons of dudes who are cumming on these pictures of neighbours, friends, classmates, or whatever the fuck that comes their way.

cumprintpics banner

You might have seen the website design of CumOnPrintedPics before also because of its traditional forum look.

It has a basic as well as classic built comprising of different tabular threads with all the relevant title and description of the topic containing several posts, number of views, number of topics, number of replies, last post, and many more.

Also keeping in line with the usual forum sites, every post and reply can be easily upvoted as well as downvoted.

However, the main difference between CumOnPrintedPics and other forum sites is that the former has the feature of running slideshow of the last 30 image attachments to the sites with the ability to update every two minutes.

The interactivity is smooth as it tends to show you the featured "Recent Topics" where you can warm up your body.

Below that, you can find a list of links that showcases current active topics. You can interact with the members by using "General Talk" thread where you can make your requests for tributes or view videos as well as check out requests for some private tributes.

Out of all, there are threads which are entirely designated to Photoshopped porn fakes where different images are created with the help of the software. All in all, we can say that CumOnPrintedPics is a world filled with extreme fantasy.


The porn industry has been on its top and has seen some incredible growth from the last 20 years. With most of the first ten spots featuring premium quality websites offering you the content at premium prices, CumOnPrintedPics offers you something unique.

With different threads just like a forum, you can see all the tribute porn stuff on the website, which is a lot hotter than the traditional porn content. With a high user engagement, it offers tons of content including video clips as well as hot pictures of nude babes posing over.

However, in the scenario of the best porn sites, including Reality Kings, Naughty America, 21 Sextury, etc. CumOnPrintedPics is a lot behind, but the uniqueness it offers cannot be compared with these sites even when put together.

If you are looking for some action or frizzled live stuff, then you won't be disappointed, that's for sure.


  • With more than 140000 fanbases dedicated to their registered users, CumOnPrintedPics is a platform that can leave you awestruck with the fact that many posts are active and keeps on updating.
  • The site offers tons of pictures and video clips in the form of tribute porn gathered from other members at 100% free of cost.
  • Apart from these, you get links of major sources highlighting all the Recent Posts as well as many other links on the homepage to fulfil your fantasies.
  • You can upload your pictures or videos as well, but for that, you need to put an account first. Creating an account is as simple as navigating on the website.
  • The site works on every platform, including mobile and tablets.
  • Their customer care assistance is 100% secure and takes out the resolution of all your queries.


  • There is no option of downloading the pictures available on the site.
  • There is a section dedicated to photoshop ideology that might contain some disgusting imaginary items to look at.
  • There is a section dedicated to photoshop ideology that might contain some disgusting imaginary items to look at.


Every content that lies on CumOnPrintedPics is available at 100% free of cost with absolutely no hidden charges.

You get to see tons of hot content which is different from usual adult content and is sure to take your mind away from the unimaginable.

You get to see the top recent updated posts which are filled with the people's way of offering tribute stuff like getting horny and posting stuff of banging their wife, posting nude pictures of their friends, and a lot more than that.

With more than 140000+ member base posting their stuff, it is a great place to get in and take off your pants while you enjoy the content on CumOnPrintedPics.

By offering you everything at the negligible amount, the network has continued its game of being the hottest in its genre. 

cumprintpics LP 2

If you are new to the site, the site design may not hold you back, but if you continue to explore, you will surely find some hot stuff to look at and jizz off your tension.      


  • CumOnPrintedPics offers a great satisfactory customer experience with their 24 x 7 online assistance to its members. You can chat with them and explain your grievances where they will surely come up with the needed solution. You can go through this link:
  • Their customer care service is quick, efficient and 100% secure where the experts take a full account on maintaining your confidentiality to give you a non-stop experience.
  • Their expert team comes up with a quick resolution against all your queries. You can also view all the FAQs linked to their site related to their navigation, content and different links. For more information, you can see this link:

Final Verdict

If you are into the world of tribute porn, then CumOnPrintedPics is a thriving community of people who have pictures to fizz on with. The site has tons of great stuff including some Photoshopped nudes and fake celebs as well as the ability to lay your eyes on some excellent discussion forums.

At last...

So here we have arrived at the very end of our detailed yet impacted review of CumOnPrintedPics after having gone through a lot of diversified content on the site. It is perfect for individuals who are looking for other than some usual blonde banging stuff available on many adult sites.

This site is more like the regular homemade content that gets you to see real girls and their ability to jazzing you off with their boobs and booty. All in all, this website is a must-visit one and do tell us about your experience with the site by commenting down here.

And, if you are looking for some other porn content to look at, then you should ask us for our detailed review by sending your queries to us. Have a great day, and we will see you soon! 

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