Cumdroid Premium Review (2020)

Cumdroid Premium

If you are looking for some of the best adult mobile apps, you should try Cumdroid Premium.

Cumdroid Premium is an Android mobile app that will let you watch a plethora of adult porn scenes collected from top porn websites, such as Xvideos, XHamsters, SpankWire, PornRabbit, and so on.

You will no longer be limited to porn websites. You can now download apps like Cumdroid Premium, and start browsing tons of free adult scenes for free. 

If you wish to download this app, you will have to download it through a third party app market since you will not find this app on Google Play Store. Hence, the best way to download it is by typing in download Cumdroid Premium on your browser, and you will see a host of third-party platforms that will let you download this app for free.

This app was initially available on the Play Store, but soon after Google figured out that it is an adult app, they took it off. You need not worry though. Through reliable third-party hosts, you will easily be able to download Cumdroid Premium. This app looks great, and there are a lot of features available.

The end purpose of downloading this app is to start watching adult content for free. The free version of this app will let you watch more than a hundred top-rated adult movies and pictures. However, if you would like, you can spend $5.00 for the premium version to get rid of annoying ads.

Even though the free version will let you watch a wide range of porn movies, the ads can get on your nerves. You will get to see some categories on the main page of the app from where you can proceed.

Along with streaming videos, the premium membership will let you download the videos as well! This app has been downloaded by more than a million users.

People are hungry for porn movies, and because mobile apps like Cumdroid Premium let you watch porn movies right on your phones, apps like these are bound to become famous.

We do think that you should download Cumdroid Premium right away because this is going to be your one-stop destination when it comes to watching some of the best adult movies of all time. Once you download the app, wait for some time for the installation process to be completed.

After that, you will be on your way to an exciting experience.

Cumdroid Premium

What makes Cumdroid Premium so popular?

Even though there is a myriad of adult websites, and with adult apps blooming each and every day, we still have a taboo attached to it. People are still judged for watching porn movies.

But the truth is, men need a way to release their anxiety and pressure, and porn apps like Cumdroid Premium let you lose all your frustrations. Let those judging eyes rest in peace because you can’t change anyone.

But what you can do is download these exciting apps, and when you are all alone, you can go through them to jerk off and have a good night’s sleep. You know you need adult content to make you happy, and Cumdroid Premium serves the purpose.

Cumdroid Premium is a mobile app, which means now you can have an app right on your mobile phone to watch porn whenever you want. As we said, Google is pretty strict when it comes to launching an adult app.

They don’t want kids to download those apps as they are strictly for adult viewing; you have third-party apps to bypass these strict policies and have fun. These adult apps become your go-to place when you would like to browse adult content for free, and download them whenever you want.

Cumdroid Premium is basically a collector of porn movies. You will find top-rated content collected from different adult sites, such as YouPorn, PornHub, XHamster, and more. Not just this, there are lots of categories to choose from as well. Think of any kinky fetish, and you are bound to find it right here.

You know that adult sites cost a lot when it comes to their subscriptions. Plus, the paid trial doesn’t really serve the purpose as well, so the result is you getting the monthly or the yearly subscriptions. But doesn’t it pain you when you pay such an exorbitant amount?

This is where Cumdroid Premium comes into play. Cumdroid Premium lets you enjoy adult entertainment for free. There won’t be any adult games or comics if that’s what you are expecting, but only hardcore porn content curated from different popular porn sites.

The popularity of Cumdroid Premium is growing like a bushfire. More and more people are downloading this app. Cumdroid Premium is undoubtedly going to be your best friend because it caters to what a man wants. Get ready to become a porn connoisseur.


Website link:

Estimated last month’s visit: 80,000+

Porn lovers are always looking for different adult sites, and now that you have an app that will let you watch some of the best adult films, people are showing great interest in Cumdroid Premium. 

You know that you would like to have a massive collection of some of the best adult movies, and that’s why you should definitely download Cumdroid Premium right away. 

Cumdroid Premium will leave you awe-inspired with its fantastic collection, great category list, and never-ending adult movies. Cumdroid Premium guarantees satisfaction.

In terms of videos, Cumdroid Premium is one of the best, because there are more than 3000 of them.

Cumdroid Premium

This clearly means that you are in for a rollercoaster ride full of excitement and adrenaline rush. Take a look at all the categories which will satisfy all your needs. You will easily find models with big or small booties and massive tits.

Not just female pornstars, even male pornstars will give you a heart attack because these boys have the longest penises ever! This is why the female pornstars look so satisfied in every movie. All the videos available here are based on certain stories, which is why it will keep you hooked.

Cumdroid Premium has curated videos from some of the best porn sites, such as SpankWire, YouPorn, XVideos, XHamster, and more. And this is what has truly impressed us. Whenever you feel like watching top-rated adult movies, Cumdroid Premium will deliver that with just a few clicks.

You will get to watch short videos, full-length videos, pornstars masturbating, pornstars performing alluring solo acts, and more. Trust us; there is a lot more than you can actually digest.

One good thing about these videos is that you can rate them, download them, save them as your favorite, and a lot more. Remember to sign up so that you can try all these features. Each video will also have a comment section so that you get to leave comments about how you felt.

This will help other viewers to have a good idea about the porn scene. One thing that we came to our notice is that this site is loaded with scam sites as well. Hence, it will be entirely on you whether you would like to watch them or not.

To make matters worse, the privacy policy of Cumdroid Premium is not that strong either. Because Cumdroid Premium is an aggregator, they don’t produce any movies on their own. They simply let you watch movies from different adult sites.

Hence, you might end up visiting a few sites that you have never heard of, and some, unfortunately, can turn out to be spam. The privacy policy is a serious concern for all of us, therefore stick to the sites that are renowned, to save yourself from visiting unsafe sites.

When it comes to the user-interface, you will be impressed by it. The app is straightforward to operate, and everything will be right there on the homepage. You will not have any difficulty at all while browsing the content on Cumdroid Premium.

The menu bar and the way Cumdroid Premium has segregated the categories are really impressive. Some of the tabs that you will get to see on the mobile app are - videos being watched, most recent videos, and finally, the top-rated videos.

These tabs will let you save some crucial time in locating the best porn videos.


Cumdroid Premium is a free app, and you can download the application for free from any third-party app store. As a free member, you will get to watch tons of free porn movies; however, if you would like to get access to all the content, it is better to pay $5.00 for the premium version.

By paying this amount, you will be able to stream and download unlimited content. You can click on the about us section of Cumdroid Premium to know more about the company. Cumdroid Premium regularly updates its content, making sure that you get to watch more and more videos.

For those who would not like interruptions from those annoying ads while surfing for videos, it is better to go for the premium version. Whenever you would like to watch the videos in full-screen, you can go ahead and click on the strawberry icon.

To download the app, you will have to look for it on your browser because, as we said, Cumdroid Premium is not available on the Play Store. There are many sites offering the APK of Cumdroid Premium.

Don’t worry, we tried some of these third-party app stores, and none of them asked for any money for downloading the app. Once you have downloaded the app, you will have to register to begin watching the videos, and for that, you will have to enter a password, along with a valid email ID.

Initially, when Cumdroid Premium first launched, it only allowed users to stream the content, and the  download feature wasn’t available. However, now the app will enable you to download porn movies.

App Performance 



App design

9 / 10

Image quality

9/ 10


9 / 10

Content amount

9 / 10


10 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10


6 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus features

5 / 10

Overall Score

81 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Models: The models that you will see here at Cumdroid Premium are all registered pornstars. You will get to see Asa Akira, Moriah Mills, Madison Ivy, Dillon Harper, August Ames, Jordi El Nino Polla, Kiara Mia, Alexis Texas, Lisa Ann, Abella Danger, Nicole Aniston, Lena Paul, and much more.
  • Model Appearance: These pornstars are bombshells. They have huge asses and breasts, and all of them are real divas.
  • Body type: Slim to curvy.
  • The total number of videos: More than 3000.
  • The average length of the videos: 20 minutes.
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • File Size: 500-700 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes.

Competitors of Cumdroid Premium

If you are under the impression that there will just be a few apps for adult porn, then let’s clear the air for you. Just because you can’t find them on the Play Store or App Store, doesn’t mean you will not find them at all.

There are so many third-party platforms that let you download these apps for free. Plus, you can always look out for the best porn apps available online.

Since we already knew that there are tons of porn apps available, we thought of exploring the internet, and we found out some of the best porn apps of all time.

Some of the top ones that you should download are PornHub, Wankz, Planet Pron.


We bet you visit PornHub multiple times a day. Now that you have a PornHub ready, why do you even waste your time switching on your computer and wait for the browser to display the site? 

Cumdroid Premium

You can download this app and start watching all the content available on the site on the go. The app looks and feels great. The desktop site offers you a plethora of categories that let you locate the right video in less than a minute, whereas here in the app; you will have to browse the content, which is kind of time-consuming, but is worth it.

This app comes with in-built password security, meaning, you can lock the app so that no one gets to open it. This app is free to download, and you will not be disturbed by ads. Plus, you will get to watch only HD porn scenes!


Everyone knows about Wankz. This porn website is one of the best in the industry, offering you high-quality porn scenes. But what you might not be aware of, is that this site also has a mobile app, and an even more interesting point to note is that Wankz has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users already.

To download this app, you will have to pay a dollar to the company, and that one dollar will let you browse all the content for free for the whole month. If you don’t want to continue with your Wankz subscription, don’t forget to cancel it, else you will be billed $25.00 for the next month.

You will get to watch a plethora of adult content, including VR content. You will also get to chat with some of the horniest girls as well.

Planet Pron

Yup, we too thought there was a typo error, but that’s the real name of this app! This one is considered to be the best adult app. You will get to choose from more than 200,000 videos catering to different kinky fetishes. The collection is enormous and genuinely impressive.

Based on your rating for different porn scenes, the app will suggest videos that you might be interested in watching. This way, you will get to enjoy a personalized catalog of adult movies. You can keep the app protected by setting up a pin or make it password protected.

Planet Pron doesn’t ask anyone to enter their email ID to register. This app is 100% free, but if you would like to get rid of ads, you will have to pay $5.00.


  • Cumdroid Premium is free to download, and you will find it easily on the internet.
  • Cumdroid Premium offers a plethora of high-quality and HD porn scenes curated from different top-labeled porn sites.
  • The app looks terrific, and it is easy to use and navigate, as well. You are bound to see some of the hottest collections of porn movies that will get you going.
  • Everything is free here, but to skip those annoying ads, you will only have to pay $5.00.
  • There are more than 3000 videos. You can stream, as well as download as many videos as you want.


  • We are kind of concerned about privacy policies because we found many scam sites here.
  • When it comes to free video watching, the experience will not be that great, because pop-up ads keep showing up every now and then.


Cumdroid Premium ensures that they provide a safe and secure porn browsing experience. And if you are watching the movies for free, you will hardly get any reason to contact the customer support team of Cumdroid Premium.

In most of the cases, people contact the customer support team when they face any billing issues. Anyhow, if you would like to get in touch with the customer support team of Cumdroid Premium, take a look at the information below. 

Call: +45.36946676


Our verdict

We think Cumdroid Premium serves its purpose by delivering high-quality porn content curated from different porn sites. Plus, all of the content available here is free. Unless you would like to get rid of the ads, you don’t need to pay a single dime to watch top-quality porn movies.

You will get to watch porn movies from some of the best porn websites, such as XHamster, SpankWire, PornRabbit, and more. You are free to stream as many videos as you would like to please yourself. The app is lightweight and won’t consume a lot of your phone’s internal space.

This app is easy to use, and we recommend Cumdroid Premium.

Parting words

If you are happy with our review on Cumdroid Premium, go on and download this app from any third-party app store today. Make sure that the third-party source is reliable, and start watching non-stop porn movies on the go. 

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