Cowgirl Sex Position – Get Multiple Orgasms (2020)

Cowgirl sex position is a commonly used term for the sex postures in which a woman is at the top of a man and is getting penetrated from below. It is also referred to as girl-on-top or riding position.

Cowgirl is an ideal position for a woman who likes to take charge of the proceedings and want to dominate her man in every which way possible.

It gives extreme pleasure to the women and is also convenient for the man since he does not have to put in extra efforts to please his girl.

There are several cowgirl positions which can be learned to bring variety in your sex life.

It is an excellent choice for the men who are tired of dominating their women and want their ladies to take charge and dominate them.

Cowgirl sex positions are perfect for deep penetrations and lead to steamy sex session.

Cowgirl Sex Position

As a result, if you want to wish to have a hard-hitting orgasm to relieve yourself, you can try one of the many cowgirl positions. Today, we will give details about exciting and kinky cowgirl positions that caon redefine your sex life.

Everyone loves to experiment with sex positions. Couples often try different ways to please each other. A cowgirl sex position is one such type of intercourse where the girl rides the guy by getting on top of him. Cowgirl also has many variations.

Let us dig deep into the aspects of the cowgirl sex position that guarantees you a fantastic orgasm. 

Psychological Benefits Behind the Cowgirl Position

Many couples indulge in cowgirl positions; they say that this pose lets them enjoy the act even more. While the girl is on the guy throughout the action, this position provides a sense of ownership to the girl.

The women who love to be in charge of the coital act would like this position.

The relationship between the girl and the boy gets better by doing cowgirl as they both get comfortable with each other.

This position allows both the partners to be more pleased with their bodies and try new things. Whenever a couple tries new elements, their love life takes a step further.

Such positions allow people to be more confident in bed. 

Cowgirl Sex Position

Why is the Cowgirl Position Pleasurable for Men and Women?

This position requires the girl to get on top of the man and sit on his penis. Then, the guy inserts his penis, and the girl starts thrusting from the top. This position is one of the most fun and pleasurable sex positions. While the girl's weight is entirely on the guy, the penetration gets deeper.

The boy can achieve a maximum level of insertion that other positions do not allow. Whereas for the girl, she can ride with a changing momentum. The dick is entirely inside the vagina and hits the correct spot every time. Both the people involved in this position will receive maximum pleasure every time.

 Also, the couple can break free from the monotonous types of sex that they have. The most common sex position, i.e., the missionary, does not allow you to be creative. Here, the girl is in charge and can be dominant as well. 

Let us now read about the various types of cowgirl positions that you can incorporate in your sex life.

#1 Basic Cowgirl Position

The basic cowgirl position comprises of a man lying on a bed and a women riding on top of him.


This is the easiest way to release the love juices and proves to be convenient for girls who like to take deep penetrations.

However, the man needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of the girl and must be willing to endure the hard-hitting thrusts of his lady.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Initially, the man has to lie on his back. He can rest his head on the pillow, or he can also use a couple of pillows if he is interested in looking at his girl bouncing on top of him.
  • After that, the woman has to sit on his dick in such a way that she does not put all her weight on it. She should take the support of her legs and be steady to take in his dick comfortably.
  • She can then guide his penis inside her vagina and ask the man to thrust it deeper from below if she is not comfortable in doing that by herself initially. Once the penis is fully in or as deep as she wants it, she can start riding his dick.
  • The initial movements must be slow till they both get used to the up-down motion. Also, the initial thrusts can be a bit shorter to ensure that the dick does not fall out from her vagina.
  • Slowly and steadily she can increase the pace and power behind the thrusts. The guy can also give upward thrusts to make the process more intense.
  • If the girl gets tired by the squats, she can get on her knees and straddle ride him. Also, she can grind and squirm on his dick to get him more aroused.
  • All these things make this position extremely sexy and kinky for both of them. Get ready to experience shuddering orgasms with the basic cowgirl position!

#2 Chair Cowgirl Position

The chair is an exciting sex position for the women who want to feel special and loved by their partners.

Nothing else is needed for this cowgirl position other than a floor on which the man has to sit to take his beloved wife or girlfriend on his lap.

The man can sit on a chair, and the girl will ride him. While your man is on the chair, sit on his lap and put his penis inside your vagina.

You will have the luxury of sitting comfortably on his thighs. As you are on your feet, you can ride comfortably.

Change the momentum with every thrust. You both can also experiment with the chair by changing the direction. The girl can face the other side so that the man can put in his penis from behind. 

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • The man has to sit in a relaxed manner with his legs stretched out straight from his hips. He can then take the support of his arms to recline a little bit backward.
  • The woman has to then take the charge, and she can sit on his lap as she sits on a long beach chair with her legs stretched comfortably. She can then guide his dick in her wet pussy. She can take the support of his thighs for better balance and then she can start moving up and down on his length. The process is so steamy and erotic that might make a hypersensitive penis cum in a couple of minutes.
  • In this position, the back of the girl is exposed, and the guy can kiss, nibble and tease it to get her more aroused. If he is strong enough, he can also use one of his hands to grab her breasts.
  • This is a hot posture, and one needs to be patient enough to enjoy it completely!

#3 Reverse Cowgirl Position

Reverse Cowgirl is a position similar to the "Basic Cowgirl position" the only difference being that the girl has to sit in the opposite direction with her back facing towards him.

It is a very kinky pose especially for the girls who love to ride dicks and also allows a guy to easily grab her breasts and buttocks which gets very hard in the basic position.

The girl's back should be facing the guy. The man can lie down on a flat surface and can use a pillow to rest the head. The girl will then sit on the guy's penis and proceed for insertion.

The rider will be in a squatting position and can thrust in the same pose. In reverse cowgirl, the man will have a view of the woman's back and occasionally smack her ass.

The girl will have to put in a little effort to continue this for a longer time. This position is enjoyable for both candidates.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • The guy has to sleep on his back, and he can rest his head on the pillow. He can also arch his neck forwards a little to see how his babe is riding him.
  • Now, the girl has to sit on him in such a way that her knees are on either side of his thighs and the back should be facing him. She can then insert his dick in her love hole.
  • She can start slowly and then gradually she can increase the pace and power behind the up-down motion. The guy can grab her boobs from behind or even spank her to get her aroused more.
  • This is a comfortable position for both the partners and gives maximum enjoyment to both of them. However, the girl needs to put in some extra efforts to maintain the rhythm and pace as the guy cannot thrust his pelvis upwards in this position.

#4 Case Cowgirl Position

This is an exciting and stimulating cowgirl position that requires much practice and skill.

It does require efforts mainly on the part of the girl because it is she who has to build up the pace of the thrusts while having the intercourse.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Like most of the cowgirl sex positions, here too the man has to relax on his back with his legs spread wide apart from each other.
  • The space between his legs should be used by the woman to sit and then she needs to stabilize her feet in between the armpits of the guy. The guy can hold her thighs to give her additional support.
  • The girl then needs to direct his pole in her snatch after which she can recline on her back. After that, she needs to hold his leg and start the to-and-fro motion.
  • The scope of power and pace generation is limited in this pose, but it can be very intense due to their erotic feeling both of the partners get during the intercourse.
  • The guy can also tease and stimulate her clit during the intercourse which makes this sex position all the more exciting and crazy.

#5 Crouching Tiger Cowgirl Position

This is a very interesting position which allows a lady to show her true dominance while she is mating with her partner.

This cowgirl sex position is so kinky that it can make both the partners cum in a couple of minutes if they are not able to carry the sensations a bit longer.

With a slight modification, you can entirely change the cowgirl pose.

While riding the guy, the woman can spread her legs in such a manner that her one leg is bent around the guy's waist, and the other leg is placed on the knee on the other side.

By doing this, the girl can tease the guy's testicles as well.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • The guy needs to rest on his back. He can spread the legs apart and raise them above the hips with his feet still placed on the floor.
  • He also needs to open up his arms a little in order to accommodate the legs of his partner later.
  • The girl now needs to sit on his crotch in such a way that one her feet place a little above his waist inside one his arms and the other leg should be bent on the knees. This stance looks like an attacking predator that is ready to take on his prey.
  • After gliding his cock in her pussy, she can start thrusting deeply. She has to keep using one of her hands to keep his dick in position while the other hand can be clasped on his neck to dominate him better.
  • The guy can use his free arms to caress, maul and press her tits. This position is extremely satisfying and gives a wild pleasure to both the partners equally.

#6 Sledge Cowgirl Position

A sledge is one of the most desirable positions especially when it comes to the cowgirl sex positions.

It is a very kinky position which enables a woman to ride the dick of her partner mercilessly until he asks her to be slow and gentle.

This pose can be amusing for both genders. The girl with her back at the guy, can sit on the penis and proceed for insertion.

The guy then will sit upright meanwhile his legs are extended forward. The girl can place her legs behind the guy's back by leaning forward.

Then, the rider will start thrusting with the help of her knees. The guy will have a close view of the lady's ass and tease her from the behind. 

Therefore, it is a perfect position for sexy women who like to be rough and hard on their partners.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Firstly, the guy has to sit erect with his legs extended straight from the hips. He can part them away from each other once they start having sex.
  • The girl now will sit on him in such a way that both her knees will be close to his bums. Therefore, she has to spread her legs wide apart and then take his dick in. The girls back will be facing the guy, so he has to help her while entering her from behind.
  • Now, the girl has to lean forward and rest her upper body on his legs. Her breasts will be touching his knees, and she will have to place her palms tightly on the floor to generate power behind the thrusts.
  • This position allows the girl to ram his dick wildly and that will give him mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. Go slower and be gentle if he is unable to bear the heavy pounding.
  • In the meanwhile, he can spank her ass cheeks or tease her butt hole to arouse her more. He can also caress and move his hands on her back freely in order to create more intimacy between them.
  • Also, the girl can kiss, nibble and bite his feet to arouse him more. This is a crazy sex position which can drive you both towards the pinnacle of erotic pleasures.

#7  The Butterfly Position

This variation will make the experience a level higher. The girl can ride the penis and lean back a little.

Then she can spread her legs around the guy's shoulders and place them side by side. You man will love this position as it guarantees maximum impact.

You can hold the guy's legs for a better grip while you lean back. 

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • To get into the butterfly position, you will lie on the edge of the bed, while she goes on top of you and thrust her way in
  • You can wrap your legs around her or keep him on shoulders
  • You are then offering better access to your G-spot

#8 The Slow Burn

While the girl is on the top, she can spread her legs and sit on her feet in a squatting position. This pose will expose the clitoris, and the man can tease it while having sex.

The girl can either thrust or can grind against the man. Grinding is more fun as the dick is penetrated deep inside the vagina.

Thrusting in this position is also possible but can get exhausting after a specific time. You can also involve sex toys in the slow burn position for more excitement.

Cowgirl Sex Position
  • Spread her legs and sit on her feet in a squatting position.
  • Girl can either thrust or can grind against the man
  • Thrusting and grinding and involve a sex toy for more fun

Tips on Executing Cowgirl Properly and How to Spice it Up

Change the pace: We all know that keeping the same speed during sex can become dull. While riding your partner, you can change the speed after some time. By following a different momentum, you can ensure that both of you are involved in the game.

Start jumping on the penis slowly and get faster with time. In between, you can also grind your partner to regain your stamina.

  • Tease your partner: Once you set a proper momentum, now you can have more fun while riding your partner. You can tease their nipples and play with their hair. At times, you can also play with your breasts. Tell them to sit upright and then thrust in that posture. Use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Use the hands: Hold hands with each other and ride while doing so. Tell your partner to smack your ass now and then. You can also take their hands and place them around your ass. Shift the weight by leaning back and placing your hands on their legs.
  • Use sex toys: While you are st it, you can also use some sex toys to take the intercourse a notch up. These sex toys can stimulate the clitoris that will maximize the fun. You can use a vibrating device to pleasure your vagina or a dildo that can benefit both of you. Click here to purchase some sex toys to spice up your sex life.


Incorporating different sex poses in the bedroom is an exciting way to spice up intercourse. The mere act of coitus is terrific, and you can experience it with better results by adding these modifications.

The cowgirl position is pleasurable for both the people involved, and the variations that it offers are highly recommended for couples.

These were a few of the cowgirl sex positions which are not only sexy but boost the sexual drive of the couples who are passionate for exploring steamy sex positions. If you want to know about a few other kinky cowgirl positions, please write to us or give their names in the comments section.

Enjoy sex with your partner till then and make the most of the information available to you on the internet.

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