Columbian Cupid Review (2020)

Columbian Cupid

If you are searching for a good dating site that  has hot Columbian beautiful women in a safe and secure  environment, then ColumbiaCupid would prove to be the best destination for you.

The site is purely legal and allows its users to find  partners quickly through an effective algorithm.

The registration process is entirely free and easy where you need to answer some questions about yourself as well as partner you intend to seek.

Besides this, there are a lot of features available in the site which look more upon the specifications to attract  the most compatible partners.

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

Looking for a pretty woman to share a lifetime with you or at least talk to when you feel sad and lonely? Then, registering to ColumbiaCupid is highly recommended. There are many sites all over the  internet, allowing  lonely people to find love.

Still, this site will give you not just the opportunity to find forever love, but also beautiful and pretty Hispanic ladies. You will never go wrong registering to this site when looking for love. The number of their members is more than enough to assure you that love can be found here.

The site has  a lot of members, and for sure, there  would be surely that one lady out there who can match what you are looking for. This is one of the many sites created by the famous Cupid Media.

You will not be disappointed with what you will see and experience, as you allow yourself to find hottie Latina  for a romantic or fling-ish relationship.  Even if the site is dominated by Columbians, the site offers its members  multiple language options  to make their  surfing easy and smooth.  

What Makes ColumbianCupid Popular?

Why not? Hispanic beauties dominate it. This site  allows people to find the love they have been waiting for,  since a long time. And besides, this is also open  to everyone along with Hispanic audiencewho  are looking for love.

Also, registration on the site is very easy, and it only needs a few minutes to finish and own an account. The site has around 50,000 active members weekly. You can find someone who is actively looking for love, just like you!

Although men dominate the site, women on this site are very responsive, so do not worry  about r-bombing as that will not happen to you.  The female members  actively chat and answer to men who are interested to know more about.

This site is not only for people who are looking for real love but for passing the time and some naughty talks as well. Other than the fact that the site has too many members, the site is also accessible on many operating systems.

The website is also available in mobile application, so, wherever you are, you can search for real love or bang with someone, if it pleases you.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated Visits: 1.10 Million

If you are looking for a dating site where you can score and talk to hot, beautiful, Hispanic beauty, this site is without a doubt for you to visit.

With  many beautiful girls on this site, your fantasy of looking for a perfect, sexy chic will come true. 

columbian cupid lp

The website can be viewed in different languages, and  searching, sending, and receiving messages will never give you a hard time. Any communication barrier on the site? Nadah. Once you sign up, you  are allowed to create your profile. Signing up  only takes  a few minutes to complete.

A few clicks and some information, like your name, email address, or Facebook account and voila, you have an account  to search for beautiful, hot girls. Others  might not be as happy  while completing profile information as there are too many questions asked.

But, completing your details is highly recommended considering that this is  the only way for you to introduce yourself and attract ­ men/women like you. Others say that it is tedious, but if you come to think of it, the advantages this can p­­­­­­rovide to you are beyond-­ what you are looking for.

Also, once you have found a perfect match, all you need to do is send  him/her a message, and for sure,  there will be a respond. Almost all members here are active. This site is only for people 18 years and older. Those with younger age are not allowed to create an account here.

Once you have created an account, as early as possible,  upload your profile photo. Approval of photos can take from 24 hours to 48 hours.

If you want to display your photo and  get attention because of your good looks, make sure that you prioritize sending your photo for approval so you can let everyone see it as early as possible. Are you thinking of posting a kittenfish photo? Sure!

Signing up to the site is free, but you will only have very limited usability when you consider just the free membership. There are too many limitations that make searching harder; although there is still a chance for you to be successful, it is not as much compared to their premium membership.

Columbian Cupid Review

The fees, considering the benefits you will get, is just affordable, hence  it is recommended. There is an available chatroom that instant messaging members can use to make communication easy and fast. Also, if someone checks your profile and sends their interest, you will be notified.

It is highly recommended that you choose a perfect photo to post as this is visible to everyone. Let others see your photo and make them feel very interested in sending you a message and sparking a conversation with you.

The more information you provide, the higher authenticity your account will garner. People here are very particular with the people they trust. Hence authenticity is important. This is one of the best choices for love seekers on the go, as it is available to access on many devices.

It can be accessed not only on computers but on mobile phones too. And the functionalities and appearance look identical. To add, the site has an app that users can download both on the app store and play store. The site is very easy to use.

There are not as many complications compared to other sites; hence, anyone from different generations can find ease and satisfaction using this dating platform. Unfortunately, considering the overall look of the site, it is a little outdated.

Hence those who want something fancy may not see the interest in using it. But who cares about the appearance of Hispanic beauties are in the house?!

Pricing & Membership Fees

As previously discussed, this dating platform offers its guests with free membership. But, if you want to maximize its usage, it is best if you take advantage of their paid membership. The membership fee differs from gold to platinum, and the number of months for you plan to become a member.

The gold membership costs $29.98 if you want to try it just for one month, $20 if you plan to register for three months, and $10/month for a year of membership. Meanwhile, for platinum, it is $34.99 for a month, $23.33 for three months, and $12.50 if you want to register for one year of membership.

To get the maximum savings, it is best if you consider 12 months. Anyway, the benefits you can get plus the Hispanic beauties you can see is more than enough to compensate with the amount you will pay.

The membership fee is just fair considering  many benefits you  get and high probability you can enjoy finding the love of your life. Stop the drafting season and find the one that can give you the happiness you are looking for.

Also, they offer different payment options, like PayPal, bank transfer, etc.  Many payment options they offer make it possible for members to use the option in which they are most comfortable .

Site Statistics

  • Male Members: 87%
  • Female Members: 13%
  • Total Visits: 1.10M
  • Average Visit Duration: 00:08:25
  • Bounce Rate: 23.61%
  • Traffic per countries (Top 5)
  • Columbia                     52.72%
  • United States               27.96%
  • France                         3.16%
  • Chile                            1.96%
  • Costa Rica                   1.89%
  • Overall Traffic from Social Media: 4.39%
  • YouTube:         52.07%
  • Facebook:        29.81%
  • WA WebApp:   14.56%
  • Twitter:            2.12%
  • Badoo:             1.05%

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

7 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value for Money

8 / 10

Overall Score

7.5 / 10

Competitors of Columbian Cupid 

This site has many competitors, but among various sites, Columbian Cupid is one of the most popular. And to that, this site gives you higher chances of scoring real love. The high attendance rate of the site made it the top choice of people who are looking not just for a serious but also  casual relationship.

Some of their competitors are Tagged, OkCupid, Badoo, and Latin American Cupid. Why would you not consider registering, if you have all the chances in the world to find true love in ColumbiaCupid? 


  • The site is very easy to  use. You do not need to be techy to understand how to use the interface, as it is very straightforward. Anyone from any generation will find the site easy to use. You will have a great time using it as it offers nothing but ease.
  • There are many members, and with that, you have higher chances of finding true love,  in comparison  to other sites focusing on Latino culture.
  • There is nothing more advantageous than choosing from hundreds and thousands of beautiful Hispanic girls.
  • The members of the site are very responsive; hence, you know that when you send a message, there is surely someone who will respond to you. You would know if the account is not active anymore hence spending time waiting for them to reply is not something you will consider doing.
  • The security feature of the site is high. Hence you will have lower chances of getting fooled around. Find a profile that has very detailed information about the member.
  • The site can be viewed  in different languages. Hence anyone who is looking for love can use the site without  need to learn a different language that they do not use or understand at all.
  • The registration process is very easy; a minute is  required to  complete your registration . You can search for girls and send messages to them,  the moment you finish your registration.
  • Even if you use your Facebook account to register, you do not need to worry about it being posted on your wall as the site will not post information on your account, unless you permit them to, so talking about secrecy and privacy? This site got you covered.
  • There are available chatroom and instant messages you can use to make the conversation faster and easier.
  • There is an app you can download to make conversation to the person you like easy and fast. The app is available not only on Android but iOS too. Hence any devices you use, it is possible to download the app.


  • The appearance of the site is straightforward. Those who are looking for fancy sites will not see the interest of using it, but those who want hot, sexy Latinas would not mind.
  • They may offer free membership, but unfortunately, the free membership does not provide a lot for their members. Buying paid membership is best if you want to maximize the use of ColumbianCupid. The fee is not as cheap though, hence sparing extra dollars if you're going to enjoy it more is necessary!
  • Completing your profile is not as easy as other dating platforms. It  requires members to answer tons of questions about their interests, their sports or hobbies, and more. Although tedious, it is highly recommended that you consider it as this can give your profile higher authentication.
  • The photos  need 24 to 48 hours to authenticate. It is not fast, hence waiting before you can display your photo is a bit longer.
  • Men dominate the site but  women here are also very active.

Customer Support & Other Services

The tab on the FAQ portion of the site has everything you need to know about the app. The site alone is very easy to use, hence asking a question while using it is not something to worry about.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for Hispanic beauty, this site is a perfect dating platform for you to consider. With its more than 50000 active members weekly, finding love and someone to bang  is not impossible. They may have many counterparts, but needless to say, nothing can beat the fame this site has.

All their members are active, and to that, you know your interest and message sent will not be left hanging for a long time.

The site offers its members a free membership, but if you depend on their free membership, finding love may take some time. The fees, considering all the benefits and advantages you can get,  is just cheap, and that registering to a paid membership is highly recommended.

You can consider the membership just for a month to test the water and know whether it will be suitable for your love search. But once you find satisfaction, it is highly recommended that you consider the 12-month membership as this is where you can find the highest savings.

Your money will surely not be wasted, as here you can find not only true love but friendship too.

Some are complaining about the verification and information registration, they see it very tiring and long, but if you come to think of it, this is also a way for you to verify the authenticity of the person you are planning to get engaged to.

Columbian Cupid Review #2

 Also, this is a good way for you to introduce yourself to love seekers just before they send you a message. Spending a few minutes or even an hour to make your introduction good is a must if you are serious about finding love using the site.

It will take time to have your photo uploaded on your account. Hence it is recommended that right after you creat an account, have your photo sent for approval. Choose your best photo since that  is  accessible and viewed by all members, standard or premium members.

The site might have an outdated design, but  you will not find it hard to understand the composition of the site and its usage.

Everything is completely showcased the moment you open their site. They have lesser to no ads, hence disruptions when searching for Hispanic women and sending them messages are closer to none.

This site is highly recommended for people on the go as there is an app available for them to download from the app store and play store. So, searching for love can be done not just while they are at home but anywhere else.

In Conclusion

If you are already losing hope in finding love, registering to Columbian Cupid is recommended. They have the most beautiful ladies and most active members, and to that, there is no chance you will not find love or at least build a friendship.

If you have extra money to spare, it is highly recommended that you take on their membership with a fee. You will never regret doing so as there are so many things you can get from using the site. Looking for love or friendship? This is a site for you to use.

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