Review & Analysis (2019)

A new digital platform that allows content creators to earn money from their fans is launching this Fall. It is called Collide, and promises to be the only platform with no creative restrictions allowing for true freedom with content and, therefore, unlimited earning potential.

Collide fosters authentic connections to Creators through its talk, text, video chat and subscription features giving fans more access. Collide promises no hidden fees with a low, all-inclusive fee structure to cover costs of operation, credit card fees, direct deposits and site marketing. The platform provides the tools needed to make lasting and lucrative connections to superfans with unique access to exclusive content and personal interaction.

Additionally, Creators on Collide will always own their own content and are under no obligation to be exclusive to the Collide platform.

Collide aims to empower their Creators, not restrict, making it the best choice for Adult Content Creators, Sex Educators and Erotic Artists.

Simply sign up, add content, set your own rates and invite your fans to subscribe. Start connecting with your fans using Collide’s Connect features and get paid online.

Get busy earnin’.

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