ClipHunter Review


If you are porn lovers searching for a standard porn site not merely to watch porn videos but also interact with a community, ClipHunter is just right for you.


  • The unique functionality of this site is that it provides a section called 'News Blog', using which you can convey your feedback and interact with other users. 
  • The quality of the videos on the site is impressive, most of them being in HD. 


  • The registration process is easy, and the search options efficient. However, the quality of thumbnails on this site is not up to the misleading mark. 
  • Also, if you are a soft-core porn lover, this site might not be for you. 

The rest of the review will give you a more thorough knowledge about its functionality.

If you are looking for a free porn site that provides a lot of hot and seductive sex clips, then ClipHunter might be the best site for you.

The site has not only been designed aesthetically, but it provides us with many options and categories to explore different kinds of adult videos and clips.

The length of the videos might be quite short at times, and this is the only disturbing thing that we found.

However, the quality of the videos is excellent, and you won't regret spending your time here. The icing on the cake is that it is a free site.

cliphunter landing page

You can create a free account on this site in just 30 seconds with the help of a valid email id. After that, you can even upload your favourite adult clips, create playlists of videos, mark your favourite videos, follow other users or porn stars, comment on the posts and blogs, etc.

What makes the ClipHunter special?

Numerous features of ClipHunter makes it unique and individual as compared to the other free porn sites. The unique functionality of this site is itsection called 'News Blog'. Using this option, you can convey your feedback, chat with other users, post your view, suggestions, etc. The website can even be followed on Twitter now!

Moreover, ClipHunter is mobile optimized, and you can use it on almost every device that you can imagine! You can use it on android phones, tablets, and even on PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the platform you are using if you are a fan of ClipHunter.

Registering is fast and easy on this site, and the good thing is that they don't spam your inbox with emails afterwards.

Also, the site is secured with an HTTPS encryption which means you don't have to worry about the safety and privacy issues. There are plenty of categories and tags to play with, and therefore ClipHunter proves to be a complete porn site!

You will find all sorts of porn videos on this site. There are plenty of raw amateur videos, and there are numerous softcore movie clips as well. On top of it, you get to jerk over the steamy hardcore videos that are almost irresistible. Moreover, the quality of even amateur clips is exceptional on ClipHunter.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money

10/10 (free site)

Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics 

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Sasha Rose, Lucy Doll, Ava Addams
  • Most popular niches – Amateur (40K approx), Anal (32K+), Asian (20K+)
  • Total number of videos – Over 200K
  • The average length of videos – 15 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080
  • Download limit – No limit
  • Total number of photosets – Not available
  • Photo slideshows – None
  • Watermarks on Photos – None
  • DRM protection – NO
cliphunter categories


Website address

Average visits per month – 5 million

As you enter on the homepage of this site, you will be greeted with a fleet of sexy videos carefully classified into different segments. A section called 'Featured Videos will be on the top of the page following the most popular porn clips and movies'.

Then there will be a section dedicated to the sponsors of this site, and after that, you will find the list of top porn stars of the website.

When you click on the name of a particular porn star, you will find all her videos and photos that are uploaded on the site. You will also find some sections dedicated to sponsoring sites on every page.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will find all the popular porn categories. These categories are sorted alphabetically, and you will find plenty of categories to play with. There is also a section that allows you to select categories on the top left corner of your screen.

On the right of the 'Categories', you will find all the popular videos of the site. Then again there is a dedicated page for porn stars besides that there is the option called 'Playlist' which any registered users can use to create a playlist of their favourite movies, clips, and porn stars.

In the 'Extras' section, you will find an option call Pichunter which is a dedicated site for porn photos, and then there is another porn site named Gexo. You will find plenty of porn videos on this site as well.

After that, there is a page dedicated to the 'News Blog' about which we had discussed earlier. Then there is a section named 'Channels'. Here you will find all the premium porn videos of popular porn channels like Evil Angels, Milf Thing, PornHub, and a lot more.

As a result, you can watch all the premium porn content without paying a dime!

The media player of this site is excellent and provides plenty of options to the users. The nagging ads of this site do not disturb you, but they stay right on your face throughout which might impact your experience negatively.

Also, most of the clips are short in length, which is not a commendable aspect, and the average length of the videos might be barely 10 min. However, the site stands out because of the quality of its videos, its user-friendly features, and porn content sourced out from premium porn sites and studios. 

The site provides you with plenty of contact information which you can use to get your queries sorted, and the 'News Blog' section also provides a lot of valuable information about the site. Also, there is a separate page named as 'help' right at the bottom of ClipHunter.

On this webpage, you will find all kinds of frequently asked questions and their answers using which you can find an answer to your queries and issues. Therefore, we can safely say that the site has provided many features for improving the experience of the users.


The site does not charge you for anything; neither does it ask for your name and other personal information. You also don't have to submit your credit card details on the site which means that there is nothing to bother if you want to register on this site. 

It is a free site and therefore, you don’t have to subscribe to a premium plan for anything.


  • The quality of the videos is quite good. There are numerous HD quality adult videos and photos that are retrieved from the premium porn websites like Evil Angels, PornHub Premium, Private Classics, Dogfart Network, etc.
  • There is a regular search bar located at the top right corner of the screen. This search bar works quite well as it provides search results for most of the keywords.
  • The login process is quick and seamless. While registering, you have to choose a username and password, and a valid email id needs to be provided. After that, you can log in to the site with the help of your username or email id and password.
  • There are advanced filters that enable you to sort the videos by relevance, rating, duration, and upload time. Also, you can directly look at the recent videos, top-rated videos, and long videos. As a result, we can safely say that the site is user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • ClipHunter is mobile responsive and works on almost all kinds of devices. To enhance your experience, you can use the AdBlock application.
  • There are plenty of predefined tags that help you to find adult videos as per your preference and mood. Also, there are hundreds of videos in each tag which means that the site has plenty of stock to satisfy your kinky desires.
  • The site updates quite regularly, which means that you will find many new videos and clips every time you log in on ClipHunter.


  • The quality of thumbnails on this site is not up to the mark. This makes you feel that the quality of the videos also might below, which is not true at all.
  • The site mainly focuses on all kinds of hardcore and professional porn content. Therefore, you will hardly find any softcore or amateur porn content here.
  • The videos offered under the tag name 'Romantic' also does not have the make out and kissing videos that some people like to watch.
  • There are many ads on this site. They don't pop-up and disturb you, but they are smeared all over the site, which can get quite annoying at times.
  • Most of the videos are just short clips and not full-length videos or movies. This can spoil your experience a bit.
  • The 'News Blog' section is not that informative and useful as it could have been. If you click on some ads, they might redirect you to a spam site. Therefore, although the site itself is legitimate, you will have to be careful while using due to the bombardment of ad posts.


We have not come across many sites that are as featured-packed and user-friendly as ClipHunter. The best part is that the site offers everything for free, and it will probably remain like that forever. Despite this, sites like PornHub, XNXX, YouPorn, Eporner, etc. are among its competitors.

PornHub, xHamster, and some other porn sites provide free HD videos like ClipHunter.

Moreover, their video collection is much larger, and they also provide more tags and categories as compared to this site. Also, on all such sites, you have the option of switching to the premium version to enjoy an ad-free experience that ClipHunter does not provide.

Apart from these couple of drawbacks, there is nothing much which can stop ClipHunter from being one of the most searched porn sites in the future. However, for that, it needs to make its porn collection much bigger, and it also needs to minimize the ads of sponsors a bit.

If it manages to do these couple of changes, ClipHunter can become unstoppable, especially among the free porn sites.

Similar Sites

Like Cliphunter, numerous porn portals are offering free porn these days. Let us have a detailed look at some of those websites.

1. ClipsAge

If you are a fan of Indian porn clips then you must visit ClipsAge at least once. It offers most of its content for free but you can also purchase a paid plan if you are not satisfied with the free stuff.

It not only has sex clips of ravishing Indian babes but also features videos of other Asian girls who hail from Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Myanmar, etc. Therefore, there is a lot of diversity on ClipsAge to ogle at.

Apart from sex videos, you will also find several sex blogs, porn comics, and other adult stuff on this site. The collection of videos is a little over 40K which is large enough to last for a few years at least.

However, you will not find many professionally captured porn movies or scenes on this site. Most of the videos comprise amateur stuff and therefore, people who are interested in watching porn videos of professional pornstars might rightfeel left out here.

If dirty stuff like gangbang, rapes, orgies, groping, etc. entices you then you should explore the respective tags and categories that are provided by this site. The makers of this site update new scenes regularly and therefore, you will not have to watch the same old scenes every day.

All in all, it is a great site for porn lovers especially if they are drawn towards women and girls of the Asian subcontinent.

2. YouPorn

YouPorn is one of the first websites that started uploading high-quality sex videos for free on its portal. It is still one of the most-watched sites and countless individuals have bookmarked it since it is a free porn tube site.

It is a mobile-friendly site that offers both streaming and downloading options to the users. Moreover, it has a huge collection of HD videos that you can watch while jerking off to the scenes of your favorite pornstars.

Millions of users use this site every day and its huge database of porn scenes can cool the horny arousal of each one of them. Approximately 5 million videos have been uploaded on this site to date and if you ignore some of the older ones, most of them are available in high quality.

Sadly, no photos are uploaded on this site and you will have to deal with the pop-up ads that appear suddenly out of nowhere. A good thing is that you can opt for a premium plan to get rid of these ads.

Some people might feel that it has copied the design and format of Pornhub but the fact is that it has been churning free content even before Pornhub came into existence.

Also, you will find only hardcore porn scenes on this platform and some amateur scenes are featured as well for those who aren’t interested in watching hardcore stuff.

Overall, it is a site that is filled with videos that are archived in all the kinky categories like big tits, creampies, double penetration, group sex, family, etc. Therefore, do not waste your time and download the titillating scenes of YouPorn on your device today!

3. Beeg

If there is one website that can prove to be a tough competitor of Cliphunter then it has to be Beeg. It is not only a completely free porn site but it has also adopted a clean and fuss-free interface for providing a smooth browsing experience to the members.

Its minimal and uncluttered layout enables anyone to explore its features without breaking a sweat. Moreover, most of the videos are uploaded in high resolution to provide a visually satisfying experience to the viewers.

Also, you get the option of streaming and downloading its content in different resolutions as per your internet speed, device, and viewing preferences. The streaming player enables you to skip forwards and sbackward without any delay and there is no restriction on the number of videos that you can download every day.

It has a huge collection of over 45K scenes and most of them belong to the hardcore niches. However, people who prefer watching softcore and lesbian porn scenes do not have to be upset about it as there is plenty of softcore, glamcore, and lesbian clips on this site as well.

Sadly, shemale, trans, and gay videos are not uploaded on this site. You can use some filters to sort the content and dozens of tags are provided to provide you a seamless experience while searching for your preferred adult content.

This site does not specialize in Asian porn and this is one area where it lags behind Cliphunter. However, it is certainly one of the better porn tube sites due to the various perks and features that we have just discussed.

4. A Shemale Tube

There is no need to worry if does not provide trans and shemale porn content because we have brought a site for you that dedicates itself only to the shemale and trans porn. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for utilizing any of its features and the videos can be downloaded for free as well.

Some features can be accessed by the users even without registering on the site but you will have to create an account for laying your hands on the entire suite of features.

The one major drawback of this site is that many videos are not long enough to seduce you completely. The shorter clips are just there to increase the numbers and they do not have 4K and HD quality scenes either which is another major setback for the users of this site.

Apart from these flaws, you will not find anything disturbing about this site.


For contact information, you can check the 'Contact' page located at the bottom left side of this site. Also, the site provides a separate page called 'Help' which has numerous self-answered questions that can provide a solution for your queries and complaints.

For registering your complaints and concerns, you can send an email to -

If you have any complaints or queries regarding copyright infringement, then you can send an email to - 

Final verdict

ClipHunter has got some nice features that can make it your favourite porn site.

The website design, overall look, and layout are impressive, and the navigation of the site is smooth. Also, the clean look of the website and the option of streaming the videos in multiple resolutions make it a stunning porn site.

However, the ad posts and banner posts on this site can be a bit upsetting for the users. Apart from this, there is nothing that would stop you from using ClipHunter. The sorting options could be better, but the advanced filters and search options ease out the efforts required to find the porn videos.

Therefore, we recommend this site to every porn lover out there!

Parting words

Not all porn portals are lucrative, especially the free ones. However, when you find something like ClipHunter, you must hang on to them.

There might be a few flaws like poor thumbnail quality and lack of amateur content, but when we consider the quality and quantity of the porn content available on this site, we think that you can ignore these flaws.

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