Complete Guide on Cleaning a Fleshlight (2020)

Sometimes, you may feel lonely and have no one who would ask about your day.

You may have recently broken up with your girlfriend and not pretty sure if you are ready for another relationship or not.

But that doesn’t stop your “willy” from getting hard every morning! How will you satisfy your needs then?

If you are not into a one-night stand or don’t want to waste money by spending time with a sex worker, you might have to look in for some alternative. Well, now you have one called Fleshlight.

It is a brand manufacturing artificial vagina or anal sex toy for all the thirsty men, and women.


Perfectly termed as a “masturbatory aid,” you can insert your penis right into its opening for a full-on wildest fantasy. Think it to be your dream girl, and this insertion will take you to the next level!

A Portable and Discrete Item for your private use

Fleshlight is becoming popular among masses because of its super discreet and portable look. It is one sturdy masturbation device, which is hard to compare with others. The product comprises of the patented gel insert, made solely from the “Real feel super skin.”

So, get ready for some lifelike sensation, which will take your fantasies off the roof!

There are separate items from the same brand, designed for girls and boys. For girls, there is an amazing dildo, which given you the hardcore feel that you like. These products are molded in the shape of your favorite porn stars’ bits and will make you feel like a real deal!

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Also known as a non-realistic form of stealth masturbators, these premium sex toys are a must-have for all the sex lovers out there.

Items are purposely designed just to mimic the perfect vaginal sensations. Not just vaginal, but you will come across some other molds, designed to help you enjoy oral and anal sex at its best. There are intensely textured canals used as the main body of the item.

So, you get the golden opportunity to supercharge your masturbation to a whole new level. Once you get a glimpse of the item, you will be tempted to buy one now and start using it right away! There’s no rocket science to its usability.

Get it from the reputed store, and you are all set to fire up your sexual desires off the chart.

Ways you can start using one

Well, just because the sex toy market has the most extensive collection of Fleshlight, that doesn’t mean you go and grab the first one that caught your eye. There are specific points in advance that you need to bother, which will help you to make the right choice.

You should buy a product which is more comfortable and highly durable.

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  • Every Fleshlight indeed separated into its hard case and the soft lifelike gel. Always take that gel out of the pack and run it under hot water for a few minutes initially. It will make the item warm to touch. That’s what real pleasure feels like! Don’t forget to shake the water away from the gel insert and then put the thing back right in the case.
  • Once the items are a bit warm, things will take a turn to move towards pleasure. For that ultimate comfortable ride, be prepared to use a lot of lubricating gel. It provides smooth access for that final insertion. This smooth flow will be your ignition to get into the right mood.
  • Always try to go for the water-based lube, right with your shaft. Next stop, you need to add some lube outside of the opening as well as inside the tube. Now you are all set to penetrate and start having a good time. You have the whole night to enjoy Fleshlight and live some of your wildest dreams.
  • The best part about this item is its flexibility. So, you can easily enjoy a variety of sensations and multiple positions with the said item. Once purchased, the products are likely to stay by your side for a long time. So, don’t waste time and get hands-on the best fleshlight available in the market.
  • Try to get on your back and then start the whole experience by teasing the head of your penis with the product. Later, you need to penetrate your penis slowly inside the entire shaft.
  • If you want, you are always welcome to recreate that missionary pose. For that, place the item under a pillow and make sure you use your strong arm for support, then thrust right into the fleshlight. The item needs to be in a secure and tight place with a firm hold so that it doesn’t move away with your pressure.
  • Once you are happy with the fleshlight accessory you have purchased, you can even try out the sex positions hands-free as well. Using your creative mind, you can use the item in many ways. You can try out some new positions.
  • Try to create suction for another different kind of feel. This item will break down into four significant parts. You have a gel insert, two caps on either side of the product and a case body. If you preferably keep the back cap on, it helps in adding up more suction power. Now that’s what you need for getting those tingling sexual sensations as you dream of.

You must clean a fleshlight well

Once you done with it to its maximum potential, then clean the fleshlight thoroughly. Cleaning a toy might be a challenge for you.

Whenever you use an adult toy, make sure to clean it inside out. If you fail to do so, the bacterial formation will take place inside the item, making it unhygienic and dangerous for you to use the next time.

You always want to buy a long-lasting toy. These items are pretty expensive, so they cannot be used for one-time purposes. You need to take proper care of the sex toy so that you can reuse it whenever you want.

Adequate maintenance is all that you need to make a Fleshlight lasts for decades without causing you pain. Moreover, regular cleaning will save you time, and you don’t have to bother using a whole lot of cleaning items as well.

So, let’s not waste any time further and start learning about the cleaning methods right away!

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  1. 1
    As your initial step, you have to remove the present gel from the case of your Fleshlight toy.
  2. 2
    Always try to use warm water to clean inside the canal well and even the outside portion to get rid of the remaining fluid or any lubricating gel you used for the process.
  3. 3
    Remember that these items are made using smooth and super silky material. So, the soap will not be good. You need to put your fingers inside the item and need to clean the textured areas with water.
  4. 4
    After cleaning the product with water, a cleaner is recommended. But you can’t just use your regular clothing detergent for cleaning something as sensitive as a sex toy.
  5. 5
    The market has introduced some cleaners, specially designed for sex toys. They purposely made for the Fleshlight clean-up procedure. Just enter the model of sex toy you are using, and the online market will list out the perfect cleaners to use. Go through each one, check out their features and price before buying the cleaner.
  6. 6
    Once the clean-up process ends up, it is time to get the product dry, either with a towel or by air dry. Remember to give the product enough time to dry out completely before storing it with the caps on.
  7. 7
    Sometimes, the Fleshlight might develop one sticky feel once the cleaning process is over, but that’s pretty easy to restore to its original smoother texture.
  8. 8
    Try to use approved powder, designed for such sex toys after the cleaning process. This powder helps the item to restore its old and smoother feel like before. But, be sure and very careful not to use talcum powder.

Not just with Fleshlight, but with any form of a sex toy, the cleaning items need to be chosen with open eyes. There’s no alternative to the cleaning products and powder. The sex industry has designed these solutions purposefully for these sex toys only.

So, make sure to use the said items only for ensuring that this cleaning process takes place with ease! It will prevent the items from getting damaged.

How often you need to clean your fleshlight

Every time you use a sex toy, it deserves a proper cleaning. Whether you are using Quickshot from Fleshlight, STU or Turbo, make sure that you never compromise with the cleaning process.

  • Whenever you are using the item, with or without lube or cum, you are leaving oil, skin cells, and some other things inside the product. So, if you fail to clean the items after each use, the bacterial formation will take place in no time.
  • There’s no need to clean the item right away when you are done with masturbating. We know you might feel a bit tired once the process is over and need some time to pace up your heartbeat to its normal flow. There’s no shame in keeping the product by your side and wait till the morning before you get it right back to its pristine condition.
  • Well, it is highly advised that you should clean the device after you use it every time, mainly if you ejaculated inside the item. Trying to go a few days without washing the item sounds so tempting! But you won’t get to enjoy the product as much as you do now when the genital cleanliness comes into consideration.
  • You must know that bacteria don’t take much time to form and expand their branches. So, if you leave the sex toy unchecked and unclean, there are high chances you are inviting bacteria to come and take over the product.

Materials for the cleaning process

Well, it is not a big deal to clean the items as it won’t take much time at all. Just be sure that you use right products to avoid damage after a single-use. Well, the Fleshlight is pretty expensive, to be honest! So, you don’t want to use this item for one-go only.

Make sure you have a clean and big sink and faucet, with a connection of warm water for cleaning inside of the case. Then you required some paper towels for wiping the product or you can air dry.

Now, here comes the turn of the cleaning solution. As mentioned already, be very specific of the cleaning products you are using and don’t just head for anything that comes to your mind first. Some great examples are Fleshwash or Isopropyl Alcohol.

iso alchohol 2

After cleaning, be sure to place the item in a safe and hygienic place to dry out. It should not be kept directly in the sunlight and needs to be in a shady place with enough air to blow the inside dry. When the product is dried completely, you can use it again.

If not, make sure to put the caps on both sides, and keep it inside the box it came with or somewhere safe and hygienic. Reattach the end pieces so that the inside of the gel case remains clean and free from further dust or dirt accumulation.

Check Out Some Options as Well

Cleaning a Fleshlight is always the last step. But first, you need to check the type of items, you can invest some bucks on. Let’s get into some of the top-end products, which are perfectly fine and can last for a long time.

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  • You have the Go Torque Male Masturbator for a change. If you are travelling quite a lot and want a sturdy yet discreet sex toy as your companion for the lonely hotel nights, this product is the perfect option.
  • Oh well, you cannot deny the importance of Can Lady Lager from Fleshlight Sex. This product is known for its realistic lips and that realistic overall feel to it. This canal has a texture to produce some amazing sensations you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Suckit Draft is another exciting product that you might want to add in your collection. When compared to the other items, this one is a bit different. The product looks like a can of beer from a distance and perfect stop to hide your belongings within. The difference is that the product is not an anus or vagina, but a realistic mouth.
  • Stealth male masturbator from Fleshlight is another option for the male out there who would love to enjoy some high-end anal sex. If you don’t need much penetration to stimulate your sex life, then this product is the one for you. It comprises of the backdoor orifice, which might look simple but comprises of some textures and complex ridges through the canal.
  • For that realistic anal experience for male out there, Fleshlight has its finest collection under Pink Butt Speed Bump. The ultra-textured body of this piece of sex toy makes it even more realistic and super fun to try out. Just give it one gentle squeeze whenever you are using it and end up with much stronger feel and intense textures all the way.

With so many options for you, making the right choice with Fleshlight product seems pretty tight.

Check out all the options, run-down through their features and then finally make a move. No matter whatever the choice you make, cleaning every product from the core is mandatory, and you need to work on it with apt attention.

You just need to check out all the available cleanliness products you have and then opt for the right option. Rundown through all items and you can even add more than one in your bucket. There’s no need to stay alone and sad when you have these sex toys as a perfect companion for the lonely nights!

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