Chyoa Review (2020)


Chyoa is a fantastic adult site where you can read interactive adult stories.

This storytelling website has many alluring stories that keep the readers wanting for more.

As per the site, there are more than 13,000 sex stories and over 506,691 chapters.

Chyao has various categories such as fetish, gay, group sex, cheating, fantasy, mature, MILF, and more.

It is easy to find stories here at Chyao. You can click on one of the categories,  select the story  and start reading it.

The stories  are about tits and cocks, rather than a stranger lost  in a deserted island. Sounds great, but is Chyao worth your time and visit?

Well, this is what you will find out through this review.

To give you a brief, Chyoa has many stories that will keep you entertained, and members of the site can make them private or public. If a story is private, then only the uploader can modify it; however, if it is public, then other users can contribute to the story too.

In both cases, the user must first submit their story. Once you submit it, it will go for a review before being published. The site has a rule, and that is, the first chapter should have a minimum of 250 words. The site doesn't contain any porn videos or images. So, it is going to be like reading an adult book.

The site was launched in 2014, and more than 3 million people visit  it every month to read erotic stories. If you want to read some sexy stories, it's time that you read our review and get to know everything about Chyoa.

What makes Chyoa popular?

The first thing that we noticed about Chyoa is its impressive website layout. The site looks fantastic and is pretty simple. Chyoa was launched in the year 2014, and since then, they have uploaded nearly 13, 475 stories. Each story is interactive and has been submitted by the users of Chyoa.

Someone or the other keeps uploading stories on this site every minute. The community of Chyoa is very active, and, to be honest,  it has the most active members than any other adult site. The site may not be ideal for those who don't like reading creative stories.

If you want to  watch porn, you should not stick around and look for other porn sites. But if you wish to read erotic stories, this website is perfect for you.

The site is dependent on user submission. It is more like an orgy of shared information. Some writers may think of submitting their sexual encounters and stories, while others may want to work on fantasy and write something original. Whatever it may, the member of Chyoa is free to submit their stories.

You can decide to leave the story open-ended and allow the readers to conclude it. Some members keep their stories public, where other members are free to upload more chapters to keep the story going.

People often like to add another character to the story, while others give an entirely new direction to it. Chyoa is kind of a site, where people with an interest in adult stories can  visit. One thing that makes Chyoa famous is its frequent updates.

Right on the home page, you will get to see all the latest entries. The stories are uploaded under different categories. Whatever fetish you are interested in, you can pick the right category and start exploring it.

The site has  a lot of different genres, for example, BDSM, Non-consensual, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Cheating, and more. There are some topics,  which are banned, and they are bestiality, minor, as well as excessive violence.

Once you are ready to dive in, you can choose your favourite category and start reading about  it. Trust us on this; the website has a lot of stories that you can go for. Most of the stories are well-written, and they can grasp the readers' attention.

Each story has a small summary and gives you an idea of what  it is going to be about. If you wish, you can share comments and like the story to let the writer know whether you love it or hate it. Chyoa for us is one of a kind website that has many stories, and all of them are fantastic.

Another thing that stands out is Chyoa's mobile site. It's great! Once you start using the mobile site, you will never want to leave it. Reading stories on the mobile gives you a different experience, and it is more comfortable too.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month's visit: 3.5 million

Chyoa has a straightforward website and doesn't contain any adverts.

Just on the home page, you will see the total number of stories uploaded and the number of chapters.

If you scroll down a bit, you will see recently updated sex stories. 

chyoa lp

Each story will have the author's name, category, and the number of chapters the  it has. Below that, you will see the full list of categories. Towards the bottom, you will see the names of notable writers.

We decided to choose "A Saturday to remember," written by jk89. Loading speed is fabulous, the story uploaded in less than a second. Each chapter will give you some options to choose the next chapter.

For example, the one that we chose had three options, along with a "Add a new chapter" option. If you wish, you may add a new chapter. 

Similarly, each chapter will end with a few options. As you make a choice, the story proceeds. This makes the story-reading experience extremely interesting. If you wish to start all over, you can select the "Start over" option, or click on "View story map" to know about the chapters.

One needs to log in, though, to see the story map. The thing that genuinely impressed us is the collaborative storytelling idea. If you enjoy roleplaying, Chyoa could keep you glued to your chair for a long time. Each chapter, as we said, gives you an option to choose your next chapter.

Likewise, you can end the story as you want. It's not like any other adult storytelling website where you  need to  be in the writers' shoes and follow his footsteps.

Even if you would like the story to have a different twist or ending, you can't do anything, but to feel the frustration beneath and continue reading it. Other than the story part, the site has a white background, which looks beautiful and isn't hard on the eyes.

For some, the white background may be a turn-off, mainly because you expect adult sites to look a bit naughty with lots of colours like pink, red, and black. Baring the colour thing, everything else works fine. Navigation is smooth, and you can read  unlimited number of books once you register.

The mobile version of Chyoa will make you happy. You can take out your mobile phone from  pocket and start reading any of the stories even when you are travelling without zooming in and out the content of each chapter.

The website layout is impressive even when you are browsing it on your mobile phone. So,  big thumbs up to the developers of this site.

Also, at night, people usually like to read something light and exciting and what can be better than interactive sex stories, which will make you feel aroused, let you cum, and have a good night's sleep.

Of course, there are other websites which contain tons of erotic stories, but nothing comes close to Chyoa. We have thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative storytelling aspect of Chyoa, and we bet all of you are going to enjoy it too.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Here's the good news for everyone. Chyoa is free to use. All you need to do is to keep reading countless stories  in order to register with them and get started. Once you register, you can create a profile and upload your stories as well. You don't have to pay anything to become a member of Chyoa.

And yes, Chyoa is safe and secure to browse. You can even fake your name and add a fake photo of yours. The platform is not a dating site or a chat site, where you will be chatting with someone to meet them personally. It is only an interactive storytelling site and is safe.

Each story will have a publication date along with the author's name. Plus, the moderators of Chyoa are always active, and they take care of the stories and authors. You don't need to worry about payment failure or anything like that because there is no payment involved.

The site is unique and allows everyone to enjoy arousal stories. You can participate and add more chapters in the free stories if you would like to keep the story interesting for everyone. Chyoa is attracting a lot of audiences, mainly because of its interactive nature.

There are thousands of open-ended stories, and the site has an active community. Chyoa members are very friendly, and there are plenty of users. The members of Chyoa are from all over the globe. Most of the members are registered, and they regularly upload enticing stories.

You can expect over 11,000 well-written stories by some of the most talented people. If you like one of the stories, don't forget to leave a comment and like it. In case you wish to communicate with someone, feel free to do so because   the common language used here is English.

The registration process is easy, too, and you  can finish the registration process within just  few minutes. You  need to add a username, email address, and a password. After that, click on "Sign Up for CHYOA." Remember, there are no registration or membership fees.

Also, profiles don't go through any verification, either. A verification link will be sent to the email ID.

Click on the link to make sure that you are registered with Chyoa. You don't need to submit any of your identification documents to verify your identity, and within a few minutes, you will be done with the registration process. If you like something that you read, you can save it as your favourites.

The site has forums too, which are free to use. Feel free to send a direct message to someone that you like. If the other user feels like talking to you,  he or she can decide to reply or keep silent. A direct message option is available for every member.

Once you become a member of Chyoa, you can communicate with different members, add comments, like the content, contact their administration, and mark some of the authors as your favourites. Do whatever you like and keep yourself entertained.

Just don't expect to see any porn movies because it is only a storytelling site.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular authors: Jake Lyon, Torg, Nemo of Utopia, Gurgel, Grimbous, bsnick, RicoLouis, MACC, Ben Rosewood, Ragnockae136, and more.
  • Authors: From all over the world
  • Total number of stories: 13,475
  • Average length of the stories: 2-3 hours
  • Buffer: 1 second

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

7 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Content amount

10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Bonus score

7 / 10

Competitors of Chyoa

Adult storytelling sites are gaining massive popularity. People look for all kinds of porn, and that includes sex stories as well. Some people feel aroused when they read or write about sex stories, while others enjoy hardcore porn scenes.

Just like Chyoa, many other adult storytelling sites are becoming popular as well. Because there are other sites like Chyoa, we can imagine that there will be fierce competitors in the industry.

Literotica: Literotica is one of the most famous adult storytelling sites and has a massive collection of sex stories. The site offers readers to read a lot of adult poetry, audio recordings, and illustrations. Users can explore different adult categories to read some of the best erotic stories.

The site is free, and to start exploring the sex stories, one needs to become  the member of Literotica. Literotica has over one million members. Some of the popular categories of this site are lesbian, sci-fi, shemale, gay, erotic horror, and more.

Sex stories: SexStories comprises of many erotic sex stories, and you might know that it is  is a part of

The site has all types of genres and hosts a lot of controversial materials. Some of the top categories that people often go for are incest, scat, rape, and more. These are some categories that you will hardly find in other adult storytelling websites.

But they are available for  readers here. Once you register with SexStories, you can start uploading your stories too.

LushStories: LushStories is very different from your typical adult storytelling sites. The site allows members to talk about various topics, take part in different competitions, and submit different types of sex stories. 

The site offers a lot of sex stories along with some of the popular categories, for example, BDSM, adult humour, anal, sexy audio stories, gay, and more. Become a member of LushStories, if you want to publish your stories.


  • Chyoa is 100% free
  • The registration process will consume just a few minutes
  • The site looks clean and sleek
  • Interactive storytelling idea is interesting
  • Chyoa has a lot of different categories
  • It allows users to collaborate to finish a story in their way
  • Contains a lot of fetish stories
  • The members of Chyoa are very active
  • Has more than 13,000 stories
  • You can communicate with other members of Chyoa and send them private messages
  • The site is safe
  • Users can use Chyoa anonymously


  • Some of the stories are boring
  • The white background could be a turn off for some
  • Some pop ups

Customer Support & Other Services

The support option is down at the bottom of the home page. For members, the list of moderators' names, along with the name of the administrator, is provided. There is a support guide and support forum available for the members too, which you may want to visit.

Otherwise, you can write to them and share your challenges. The support team of Chyoa is very responsive, and they respond within an hour or two.


We recommend Chyoa to everyone who enjoys reading adult stories. The platform offers you a lot of different categories to enjoy. Members can collaborate to finish or continue the stories. Most of the stories are exciting, and there are over 13,000 of them.

Chyoa stands out as the best interactive storytelling site, and the text editor tool enables the member to use different formatting types to make their content look appealing. The site is free forever, which means you will never have to worry about paying anything.

You can read  end number of stories that you want and keep yourself entertained.

Parting words

Chyoa is impressive, and we think everyone should visit the site. This is our honest review of Chyoa, and we hope you have enjoyed reading it. Keep visiting us for more entertaining reviews like this. Until then, get going and read a story here at Chyoa today!

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