Chatzy Review


If you are searching for a convenient platform to start a love affair with the total strangers, send messages through chat or email, then Chatzy would be one of the best websites to watch out for.

The site is legal and all the network demographics are safe, sound and secure for the users out there.

The registration process is easy and convenient. However, the site is not properly aligned with the design and layout.

This review will provide you with an extensive overview of the features and customization of the website to help you gather a better understanding of its performance.


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Thinking of a perfect place to send messages to your friends, anonymous people through chat or email? Why not consider using Chatzy? This free chat service was started in the year 2001 by some internet professionals who were working in different professions, full-time.

Chatzy is highly recommended considering that they offer not only free chat services but also have some premium memberships for those who want a more reliable and sustainable chat service. Sending emails and creating chat rooms was never this easy before Chatzy.

And to add, registration is not necessary, hence chat and an email invitation will never be tormenting or laborious.

What makes it popular?

Many sites are providing the same services, but Chatzy is one of the easiest to navigate and to reiterate, services here are free. Also, there is a skin option to use where you can change the background image, colour and font of the chat room for a more exciting chat experience.

And also, all chat history is saved as long as the chat is active, allowing the moderators and participants to refer to any information when needed. You are also allowed to invite as many participants as you want without limitations, hence creating a large group is not too hard.

Also, the site does not have ads that other sites do, meaning you can enjoy using their services without disruptions.

Usually, in many chat services, advertisements are one of the usual complaints of not only the chat moderators but participants too, but the free services that chatzy offers do not involve anyone watching the advertisements and getting disturbed by popup ads etc.


Website address:

Using the site is very easy, all you need to do is visit the site, create a chat or send people emails and voila. You are not required to register unless you plan to upgrade the services you can get from them or be a moderator or administrator.

Hence participants will not think twice about joining conversations as it is easy and requires no registration. Chatzy can be used on any type of browsers, giving users higher accessibility. Also, you are not required to install the app to be able to use it. Hence no device storage space is required.

This can be a good alternative to other communication apps such as Skype. The only difference is you can search for a chatroom you might want to participate. There are too many chat rooms to choose from in Chatzy, and each of them shares different topics being discussed by participants.

The openness and ease of joining chat rooms made others think about the security of using this application. You would never know how pure and genuine the intention of the people you are talking to is. 

Hence, if you want to get the most out of this app, it is best not to share personal information with anybody unless you find them trustworthy. The site is not responsible for anything that happens if you share your personal information there.

How to Use Chatzy


The good thing about this site is it can be accessed and used without paying any fees. There is no need to spend money for sending emails to people or creating chat rooms. But, if you want to get the premium benefits, you can choose to register and pay $10 for three months or $3.33 a month.

If you want more extended services, six months is $15 or $2.50 monthly. To get maximum savings, get the 12-month subscription, which costs $24 or $2 a month. You might be asking why you would consider premium if there are fee services available.

Some of the benefits you can get from being a premium member are unrestricted access to rooms, unlike in free access where you are only given 10. Also, if you are a premium member, you can receive and send private messages unlimitedly from/to site visitors and members respectively.

Also, your chat rooms will be free from stains or banners from different promotional contents. You will not be asked whether you are still following a chat room or not anymore, as you are given no timeouts. As a premium member, expect that updates will come faster.

There are a lot of perks one can get from using the premium option of this chat service, and since it is cheap, going premium is highly recommended.

The payment option that you have when paying for premium packages is PayPal. What is good about using PayPal is that information on this popular and most trusted site is encrypted, hence you are assured that your payment is safe and will not incur any problems.

To know more about their rates, and other options you have, click this link:

Site Statistics

  • Total Visit: 313.20k
  • Average Visit Duration: 00:12:36
  • Pages per visit: 20.21
  • Bounce rate: 46.12%
  • United States - 61.01%
  • United Kingdom - 11.34%
  • Canada - 6.44%
  • Sweden - 3.63%
  • India - 3.19%

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Overall Score



The site has got quite a lot of competitors, but what made them set apart, above the rest is the user’s availability to create chat rooms, participate in public chat rooms and send emails.

Also, their free services are quite a lot already hence it is perfect for those who want to enjoy more without paying anything.

Some of their well-known competitors are eHarmony, Ashley Madison and Adultfriendfinder. These sites focus more on the dating and socializing part, while this site, on the other hand, is working on both dates, socializing and even business deals and meetings.

WhatsApp Messenger, Trilian and Adium are some of the other competitive chat services to name a few. They are also useful, but they have limitations in terms of accessibility and usability. But, talking about ease of use, and registration, this site is without a doubt a good choice.


  • Creating chat rooms is free. Hence, you do not need to spend dollars unless you want to upgrade your services and capabilities
  • In terms of ease of usage, this is considered one of the easiest to navigate. The site is very straightforward and clear. Calling for help may not be required as everything is stipulated on their website. On the landing page of the site, all the information you want and need to know are already available in a few clicks
  • All you need is a valid email address or Facebook account when signing up. Hence, almost everyone can sign up with ease
  • Despite its zero-fee, you will not see any popup ads when using the site. Hence you are assured that communicating with your friends or new friends is smooth and without disturbance.
  • You are not required to install it on your computer/phone; hence your device is safe from malware and saving memory is another perk that you enjoy
  • Chatzy can be accessed on almost all browsers, hence perfect for those who do not have too many browser options on their device
  • Accessing the site, joining public chat rooms require no fee for both members and non-members too
  • When the site is accessed using mobile phones or tablets, it looks identical when accessed on laptops or desktops. And with this, people do not need to adjust to navigating the site
  • Those who want to become premium members are required to pay a very minimal amount. The cheapest is $2 a month, provided that you will register for 12 months
  • You can store conversation history for a long time; hence using it for referencing is easy. But if the room is left unused for 14 days, it will automatically close to give room to other members who want to use it
  • Anyone can easily fake their identity on this site.
  • Those who are invited by email to participate in chat rooms, do not require to create their account or sign up, making the process easier and more inviting
  • The chat room creator’s presence is not required to access the chat room; hence moderator, members, or administrator can freely access the room without permission
  • There are a lot of public chat rooms you can participate, and each of them focuses on different topics which may interest you. Joining these chat rooms is easy and free; hence, there is absolutely nothing wrong doing so. Those who want to learn and discover new things and meet new people are free to enjoy it unlimitedly without spending a bit
  • Sending private messages to those who are part of the chat room is also free


  • They are somehow strict with their terms of use, and hence when someone uses the site wrongfully, intentionally or intentionally, their account can be removed
  • If the chat box is left inactive for 14 days, it will be removed. It is anyway fair considering that 14 days is too long expecting  a group to become active.
  • If you failed to save the chat room you joined previously, there is no way you can find it unless you use your device history information
  • The security of the site is a bit lax compared to other websites. The members can remain anonymous, and the security check is too shallow. Almost everyone can participate in public chat rooms hence you are not sure about the intentions of the people you are talking to
  • Faking identity is very easy
  • Members are not allowed to use their photos
  • The site has no available phone app
  • This is not a perfect choice for people who are looking for love
  • There are just too many chat rooms to participate, but unfortunately, not all of them are active
  • Although they have a trusted payment facility for processing payments for premium memberships, the payment option is just limited to PayPal. Those who do not have a PayPal account need to create one to pay for the membership fee


The site does not have a specific person to contact in case of inquiries or concerns. All information needed is clearly stated on their website.

The identity is not highly important when using the site, hence portfolio of the site is not important. However, there is a feedback tab available on the website where members are free to post their concerns.

You may also want to navigate their website and see for yourself things that you need and want to know.

You can read everything that you need to know about this site by visiting them at

There is also an FAQ tab available for you to know more about this site. Everyone can access this tab, members or non-members of Chatzy. Some of the information on the FAQ tab includes the premium payment options, the history of the site, the benefits you can get from using the website and more.

How to Set Up Private Chats in Chatzy

Final Verdict

This application offers a lot of opportunities to people who want to create a chat room to discuss almost anything and everything under the sun. They can invite anyone to participate in the chat rooms by sending them emails.

People are free to access thousands of chat rooms where they can share their personal experiences, meet new people; learn new things or anything else of the like. This is an excellent site to use by anyone who wants to explore other things that the world has to offer.

The site is straightforward to use and access. Signing up is very easy and only requires a few minutes, unlike other sites.

All you need to have is an email address or a Facebook account to sign up.

They offer premium membership to those who want to utilize the site and widen their accessibility and usability.

The premium membership is not too expensive.

Hence if you are planning to use the website for business purposes, it is highly recommended that you consider their premium packages.

Premium packages can be as cheap as $2 a month; hence, there is almost nothing to lose.

Unlike other available chat services, downloading an app is not necessary when using their services.

You can access their site on any device through different browsers without installing the app. 

chatzy convo sample

Hence, those who have limited space on their device must not worry as it will not consume any spaces as you use it.

Meanwhile, the ease of the requirements when signing up to the site made it not as secure and trustworthy. People can fake their identity or use someone else’s account. Hence when you are there to find people you can trust, you have to be very careful.

Everyone is free to send you private messages, particularly those who are part of the chat rooms you participated in. Investigate and ask for further information about the other party’s information before entertaining him/her to be on the safer side.

Parting Words

This is a perfect site to use by people who love to socialize and share their personal experiences, opinions and recommendations. But, those who are using such services to find love may not see this site as the most helpful and effective.

Although, there are opportunities for you to find love by sending or receiving private messages from the people within the chat room, needless to say, the information about them is not complete, hence it’s best to know the person even more before giving them your personal information and trusting their integrity.

The site operates over a thousand of chat rooms you can use and access.

Creating a room to build a connection with your friends or find new friends is easy and free.

They do not have popup ads, hence an ideal option for those who hate watching ads and getting obstructed because of such disruptions.

The site is straightforward to use; there are not many complications.

Hence anyone from different generations can use the site without any problems. 

They do not have a customer service team to contact in case of problems or issues, but they have a feedback tab where members of the group can access and send feedback directly to the site’s administrators.

The site is free for everyone, as all you need to do is sign up and voila you can start creating chat rooms and inviting friends by sending them emails. They have a premium membership that is very affordable hence worth considering.

The site offers its users with so many benefits, but just like any other sites, they have flaws too. The choice is yours to make, and the deciding factor must be the reason why you need to use such services.

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