ChatStep Review (2020)


ChatStep is a website that lets people create an account and enter the different online chatrooms.

To begin chatting, one needs to create a nickname, or if they wish, they can remain anonymous.

It is not mandatory to have an account, though, but if a user wants to share photos, an account is necessary.

Once a user creates an account, they will be able to share files and send private messages. 

Online chatrooms have always been the best place for people who are rather bored or lonely. Chatrooms give freedom to people to talk to anyone from all across the globe. If you don’t know about it yet, ChatStep has been a forerunner when it comes to online chat services.

When it was first launched, this has been the go-to place for everyone who wanted to interact with someone new. There were separate chatrooms for people with different interests. We are going to review ChatStep for you today and see why people have loved it for so long and what made it so famous?

ChatStep inspired many other website developers to develop chat sites with a similar theme. You might not be aware, but ChatStep was mainly prevalent in countries like the UK, the US, and even in India. The guidelines of ChatStep has always been easy.

If anyone wanted to talk to someone and wanted to go for a never-ending chat, ChatStep has always been people’s first choice.

The platform doesn’t exist anymore, but its presence can still be felt through different similar online chat sites. ChatStep had two different chat options for the users, one was their private chat room, and the second was the group chat option.

Let’s get to know more about ChatStep if you have never heard about it. Let’s tell you why ChatStep became one of the reasons for the existence of so many online dating sites, how the website inspired other online chat sites, and more. We are going to give you a complete layout of ChatStep.

What makes ChatStep popular?

The first reason why so many people tried ChatStep is that it was free, and it allowed users to start chatting with anyone they wanted to, without even creating an account.

There was no verification needed, no user required to confirm their age, all they needed to do was go to the site, and click on start chat option to begin the fun. The moment someone enters the site, they were free to strike a conversation with anyone privately or in a group chat room.

ChatStep provided a lot of different chat rooms for people that catered to their tastes and interests. The site also allows friends and families to create groups, just like a WhatsApp group, to remain in touch with each other, share photos, jokes, and communicate whenever they want to.

This was a great feature, especially then, when there were not a lot of options. The second reason for the popularity of ChatStep was it's easy registration process. Every user is free to create an account within a minute or chat with the members anonymously.

chatstep convo

Although registered users were given additional benefits, so once someone creates an account with ChatStep, they could send photos to people.

To begin chatting with someone, all the user needed to do was think of a username, that is not taken, choose a public room they want to participate, and that’s about it. The private chats, however, sometimes contained sexually explicit content.

The content could be anything from nude pictures, to sex chat. You will have to accept ChatStep’s terms and conditions before you are allowed to start having a conversation. Nevertheless, the process sounds simple. The final reason for its popularity was their chat rooms.

There used to be tons of it. From friends’ chatroom, to gay, lesbian, to sex chats, ChatStep had everything. Whatever chat room fitted your interest, you were free to join them. There used to be one excellent chat room, which was named “image,” where users used to submit their images.

Users were free to create their chat rooms or join any of the existing ones. Also, there were many public rooms available for everyone. The public chat rooms were free to join both for anonymous and registered users.

ChatStep website used to be very easy to navigate, and the site had a simple layout and clean design.

Website Overview

Website: No longer active

Estimated last month’s visit: Not available  

The purpose of ChatStep was rather simple. It was a platform that allowed people from all over the world to communicate with one another.

It was launched very early and is no longer active. The site had a massive number of active users, and the website had a simple layout. 

chatstep lp

Once a user visited ChatStep, they were straightaway given three options. They were, create, join, and public. Each option had a different choice, and once users clicked on any one of them, they used to be taken to the desired page.


  • Users were free to create their account
  • You could create an anonymous account and start chatting in any of the public groups
  • Even the registration process used to be free
  • There was no restriction on the number of messages one user could send


No one ever complained while using ChatStep because it was effortless to use and operate.

There was nothing complicated about the site. The loading speed used to be good, and there were tons of groups too, it was fun for people to try and explore different conversations going on in different groups. All-in-all, it was super easy to control and use ChatStep.


The quality of chat groups used to be amazing. The site was one of the forerunners, and that’s why people used to join ChatStep in massive numbers. Each group used to have a good amount of participants. No matter what the time was, ChatStep always had members talking to one another.

Design & Layout

The design of the website was rather straightforward. Some might have found the outline of ChatStep out-dated if it would have been active now.

Knowing that there are many other online chat sites available with tons of features, and most of them look beautiful and sleek, ChatStep would have felt a bit outcasted. So, yeah, as far as the design of ChatStep is concerned, it wasn’t up to the mark.

ChatStep users

The site used to have a minimum of 7000 daily visitors from across the globe; however, most of the members were from India, Germany, the UK, and the US. The platform had no age restriction, whatsoever, which means anyone could have joined ChatStep.

What we observed was that around 40% of the chatrooms’ users were below 18 years. Only 15% of them were between 25-35, and 15% were 35-45. ChatStep never filtered its users, and we do think that this was not appropriate because none filtered users could be scammers too.

Pircing & Membership Fees

Luckily, ChatStep was a 100% free online chat site. There was no registration fee or monthly subscription fees too.

No one had to pay any money to sign up to become a member of ChatStep. Who so ever joined ChatStep were free to enter any chatroom, and create a private conversation with whoever they wanted too, share images, and different files!

Probably, this was one of the reasons why the site was so popular among people.

To register, you need to add a username, email ID, and password. Only necessary information was required to start the registration process. The funnier the username used to be, the better it was for the user to find someone like-minded who would like to connect with you and start talking.

After the registration process, just like all the other sites, an email verification used to be sent. The users had to click on that to confirm their account.

After that, everything was done. Once the registration is over, they could go to any chatroom they wanted to and start chatting, else, they were free to create an account. People could also create groups and send a request to their friends and families.

Registered users were free to make their chat rooms public or private. Another advantage of a registered user was that they could log out; the free ones could only close the tab to leave the chat. This was the main difference.

Do remember that no one needed to create an account to participate in the public chat rooms although there was no hard and fast rule when it came to chatting rooms category. ChatStep was never a dating site, so probably, this wasn’t a good site for those who were in search of partners to date.

The fun part of the chatrooms was how simple they looked. The messages were all coloured, and it made the look of the chat rooms beautiful. The ChatStep website was mobile-optimized, which means people used to have no trouble in using the site on their mobile phones as well.

The application was available for both iPhone and Android users.

Site Statistics

  • Top members: There were no top members here at ChatStep.
  • Members age: 14-55 years
  • The members WERE mostly from Germany, India, UK, US.
  • Signing Up: Less than a minute
  • Website quality: Good
  • Making contact: The site was 100% free, and people could join different chat rooms easily.
  • Total number of members: 5,000,000
  • Gender population: 40% female, 60% male
  • Account verification: Email link
  • Mobile app: No
  • Hookup chance: Less

Website Performance Scores



Quality of Members

8 / 10


9 / 10


3 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


7 / 10

Competitors of ChatStep

There are many, and by many, we mean a lot of online chatting applications. In fact, the new ones even allow you to meet the users in person too. You can find them all over the internet easily. All you gotta do is type in online chat sites, and you will see more than a hundred of them.

We think that the reason why ChatStep became inactive is that the new ones offer better features, and people prefer the ability to meet someone nearby. Also, some people look for a serious and permanent relationship and not interested in a casual relationship.

Nevertheless, we have some of the top sites that are truly amazing.


DateHookup is one of the most popular online chatting and dating sites, with more than 500,000 members. Most of the users are from the US, UK, and Canada. The site is one of the oldest and is not a free website. There are three memberships to choose from.

The platform is perfect for the audience who are looking for casual hookups. The members of DateHookUp already know what they want, and this enables them not to waste their time and get straight to the point. Most of the people are in between 25-35 years.


If you are not looking for hookups, and would instead like to go with a site, where you can chat and move on, you should try Chatzy. Users are free to create chat rooms, invite people that they know by email, and begin chatting with them. You don’t need to download the application.

It is an online platform, and the registration process is super smooth. The site has adult chat rooms, as well, so if you prefer going for some naughty chats, you may find adult chat rooms interesting.


The last one that you can think of is E-Chat. As the name suggests, it is an online platform with tons of chat rooms.

Chat lovers can go online and chat for endless hours anytime they want. E-Chat is a very simple site, and you don’t need to pay anything to register with the site or start chatting. The top reason why people prefer E-Chat is that you get to meet new people no matter when you log in.

You can create your chat room and name it anything that you want. The users of E-Chat are highly responsive and active.


  • ChatStep is a 100% free online chat site
  • The online chat site had many members, around 5,000,000 of them
  • ChatStep had many chat rooms with different names, which makes it easy for the users to participate as per their interests.
  • The site was easy to navigate and looked simple
  • The guests were free to register with ChatStep, or else chat with anyone anonymously
  • It is not essential for anyone to have an account to start chatting with someone
  • The site worked perfectly on the mobile phone because it was mobile optimized
  • Private chat options were available too, where users could send files and pictures
  • ChatStep claimed that they cared for their users and looked after abusive behaviours


  • ChatStep is no longer active
  • There used to be tons of spammers
  • Anyone could join in and pretend to a genuine person


Although ChatStep is no longer active, previously when people used to face issues while logging in or if they wanted to share some feedback or experienced something terrible, they were prompted to email the customer support department.

ChatStep claimed that they do consider abusive behaviour very seriously, and they usually replied within 2-3 hours maximum to ensure a problem-free experience. Email ID:


We think that ChatStep was, in fact, an excellent online chat site. The rules were simple; you can choose to go anonymous or create an account and display your username to chat with other members.

The website had a massive number of members, and people were using ChatStep actively to speak to new people.

The ChatStep website gave the right platform to all those people who liked to make new friends, chat with someone new from a different demographic area, and keep doing the same every day. It was an excellent way to kill time.

Also, ChatStep was a free online chat site, although, the website wasn’t a dating site, it still did a reasonably good job, before getting closed permanently.

As long as people like us exist, we will always be looking out for social media applications, for example, ChatStep, to communicate with different people. We do think that they should have a better security feature. Nevertheless, ChatStep offered a decent online chat service.

Parting words

The site is no longer active, but looking at its popularity and how abruptly ChatStep closed down, it raised some interest in us to review it.

We have had a great time reviewing ChatStep; we hope you enjoyed reading it too. If you would like to read reviews on other online chat sites and dating sites, do come back to us soon.

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