Chatroulette Review (2020)


Chatroulette is a cam roulette site that offers some new chatting options.

It is not a typical sex cam site that is used only by horny men and women.

Though most of the users on this site are looking to flirt and engage in a steamy video chat session, it does not limit users to do only that.

Youngsters even use it to find friends, love, or just to spend some time watching strangers.

We suggest people remain careful while meeting strangers on Chatroulette.

This is because it does not employ strict measures to control the use of explicit graphical images and sexual content.

Though it asks people not to share pornographic content and nude pictures, only a few people might be adhering to these rules.

Therefore, it is better that you avoid chatting with people who get too bold and raunchy right from the start.

Video chat sites are quite popular these days, and they have managed to connect countless individuals over the internet. Cam roulette sites are those websites that help random people living in a remote corner of the world to see and chat with each other through a webcam.

The unpredictable nature of these chats makes them tempting and fashionable, especially among youngsters. A person who is not used to cam roulette sites might find it new. However, these sites have been serving lonely adults and teens for quite some years now.

There are several good things about this site as well. It does provide excellent audio and visual quality to the users. Anyone can start chatting on this site without registering or creating an account. The age range of Chatroulette is quite significant as people of all age groups try their luck here.

The preferences of people are also quite diverse as different individuals seek different things from it. Some of them are looking for pure adult fun and sex chats, whereas many people look forward to finding someone special here.

Extraordinary Features of Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of those cam roulette sites that provide an exciting chat platform to the users. The chat environment of this site is quite beautiful, and you might get easily addicted to it. Some people sit and chat for hours while trying to meet multiple people in a matter of hours.

We recommend new users to wear decent clothes and chat because not everyone is seeking adult fun here. It enables the users to set the filter that showcases only girl members.

This is of great help because usually, the number of male members is noticeably more significant than the number of female members on adult cam sites. It becomes inconvenient for the male users as they need to keep skipping to the next cam stream hoping to find a woman or girl to chat with.

A team of experts and moderators are patrolling consistently to ensure that everything is smooth and safe in the chat rooms. It’s simple, and mess-free interface allows the users to connect seamlessly with random partners across the web.

It is a free cam site that does not charge anything to access its chatting features. You can also choose to engage with individuals of a specific country by using the ‘country selector’ option. Therefore, you can easily find someone who is from your country and understands your language.

Moreover, you can also choose to interact with people of random cities and countries without setting any country preference. Most of the users do not switch on their webcam, and therefore you might come across some black screens while connecting with a random user.

However, you can avoid this inconvenience by selecting the ‘webcam only’ option that enables you to connect only with users who have granted permission to their webcams to show their face.

Apart from the video chat interface, it also provides a simple textbox that enables users to send texts while seeing each other. Thousands of people are online at any given time on Chatroulette.

As a result, you won’t find any difficulty in finding hot and attractive individuals through this video chatting interface.

However, we would ask you to shed off your clothes only if the person chatting with you is comfortable or willing to see you naked or else he/she might simply discontinue the chat window or skip to the next random user.

All these features make Chatroulette a happening cam roulette site for both youngsters and adults.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Video chat, Country selector
  • The average number of users at a time – 3K
  • The average monthly visitors – 1.20 million
  • Fake profiles – Rare
  • Transgender users - Yes
  • Bisexual users – Yes
  • Is it safe – Yes
  • Dating niche – Sex chat, casual video chats, flirting, etc.

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

7 / 10

Ease Of Use

10 / 10

Real People

10 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


8 / 10

Search And Filter Options

8 / 10


10 / 10 (free)

Value For Time

10 / 10


8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

88 / 100

Website Overview

Website address

Average visits per month – 1.2 million

Every day and hassle-free look and functionality of Chatroulette makes it one of the simplest video cam sites on the internet.

On the other hand, it also makes it look ordinary and less appealing.

Not only that, it lacks additional features and options that most of the users would love to have.

It is an NSFW site that does not restrict minors from accessing it.

Chatroulette does not ask the users if they are above 18, and it also does not employ any method to verify whether the user has a legal age to indulge in live cam sites or not.


This is not a cool thing as many users will be chatting without any clothes on. We cannot appreciate nor criticize the look and design of this site because frankly there is nothing exceptional to talk about.

Allow the site to access the webcam and microphone of your computer and start your video chatting experience. You need to adjust the angle of the camera in such a way that your face becomes visible. After that, you just need to tap on the start button, and the site will start searching for random users.

Once you get connected with another member, their face will appear on the larger window. There is a smaller video box below it which shows on your face. The plain and white interface has two chat windows.

Like other sites, it does not allow you to indulge in text chats if you are not comfortable in revealing your face. It is not possible to initiate the conversations without showing your face to the camera. Once your face becomes visible, they will ask you to smile to verify that you are online.

After a successful connection, you will start seeing the individual who got connected with you and similarly, the person will also be able to see you. If you like what you are seeing, you can start talking with that person.

Weird Things Girls Do in Chatroulette

However, you can skip the session and try to connect with another user if you are not impressed with that person at any point during the video chat. For that, you only have to hit the spacebar of your keyboard.

If you are not able to find new or impressive connections, you can hit the ‘Stop’ button to end the chat. After that, you can click on the ‘Start’ button again to interact with more users. You can also disable the webcam and microphone to end the chat session.

The decision of ending and skipping the session is also provided to the other user. Therefore, if the person disappears or you get connected to other users even if you have not asked to do so, it means that the other user is not interested in mingling with you.

Users can connect with Chatroulette’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages by clicking on the links that have been provided at the top right part of the interface. It does not have any other option or pages other than these links.

You can switch the webcam source by clicking on the button placed below the chat window that is reflecting your face. At the bottom left corner of the screen, you will find an email address of their support team. You can send an email on this email id to get instant solutions to your issues and complaints.

If you are not able to find any new users even after granting permission the webcam, you can reload or refresh the page.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Chatroulette is a free video cam portal that does not offer any premium memberships or plans. As a result, you can enjoy its free service as long as you wish to.


  • The video quality of live streams is quite exceptional. The audio is also clear and noise-free.
  • It allows people to remove their clothes whenever they want to engage in steamy and naughty chat sessions. Moderators will not ban such users because removing clothes is allowed.
  • Some people find it awkward to start talking to people straightaway. Such users can use this textbox to convey their messages and feelings to the person they are watching on their screens.
  • If you find the user hot and appealing, you can start talking to him/her. If you do not like what you are looking at, just skip the user and connect with another user. Users can also disconnect the chat whenever they feel like.
  • It has basic chat features and does not require any complicated settings. This saves both your time and effort, and you can try to meet as many single men and women as you can.


  • There are no FAQs to guide you on various topics and issues. It also lacks a page dedicated for support services.
  • You are not able to see the number of online users at any given time.
  • Most of the users keep skipping to the next connection unless they find someone hot and attractive.
  • Chatroulette does not register its users, nor does it enforce any verification rules. Therefore, almost anyone can hop in and start chatting with you. This makes it a bit risky and unsafe chatting portal.
  • The design and layout of this site are too simple and basic. There are hardly any navigation tools and options required as it runs only a single page. Some users might find it appalling and uninteresting.
  • Users cannot create a profile that lists their interests and preferences. It just connects people based on their attractiveness or sex appeal. Therefore, there is hardly any chance to know the person unless both you and that person decide to talk with each other.

Competitors of Chatroulette

You can experiment with different roulette sites as most of them allow you to mingle with strangers for free. Among the best video roulette sites, we will have to give Slut Roulette a high rating because it connects users only with random girls.

They operate with a massive database of hot and seductive models. Some of them show off their bodies for free, whereas some of them might ask you for some financial favour before getting naked.

Therefore, we cannot say that it is an entirely free roulette. If you don’t want to connect with professionals, you can opt for that has real individuals who do not charge you for showing their bare bodies.

Anyone can sign-up on this portal for free, but users can opt for a premium plan if they do not want ads to ruin their experience. Premium users get to set gender and country filters which makes their experience much smoother.

They can also hit the ‘back’ button to re-initiate a live chat session with a user that they had connected just seconds before. It has a database of millions of members which means that you get connected with dozens of users in a matter of a few minutes.

If you want to hop on an adult roulette site that only promotes sex chats and naughty flirting, then you can subscribe to Porno Roulette. It is a site where both amateur and professional models perform for you. Therefore, if you are lucky enough, you can get a model to strip without paying anything.

These sites can be considered as competitors of Chatroulette.

Customer Support 

Chatroulette does not offer a separate page that can be used to utilize its customer services. It also does not provide any telephone number of live chat options to the users. However, it does provide an email address that can be used to connect with its support team.

If you are facing any technical issues or errors while accessing any of its features, then you can send a detailed email on this address - [email protected]

Final Verdict

Before finalizing an ideal video chat platform, you must understand that you can either go for sex roulette sites or naturally roulette sites as all roulette sites do not promote nudity and adult fun. However, if you want to enjoy both, then you can go for websites like Chatroulette.

Moreover, its features can be accessed without even registering. Also, it will just take a few minutes to understand whether it will work for you or not. We would see it braided with new and exciting features in the future, but it is still a good site due to the excellent quality of cams and an extensive database of users it provides.

The seamless and hassle-free functionality of Chatroulette would enable almost anyone to use it without any issues. Therefore, we would especially recommend it to the users who do not know much about roulette chat sites but want to experience it.

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