Chatib Review


Chatib is a perfect platform to fulfil your desire for togetherness.

If you are bored with the monotonous lifestyle, then this is the ideal platform for you.

Chatib provides a private chatroom where you can send a text to your partner. You Can interact with anyone on this website as per your choice. 

However, if you go through this article, you will get to know some exciting features about chatib in detail.


  • Free Services
  • User-friendly app
  • Contacting options
  • Adding as favourite & blocking


  • The best part of the site is that it is entirely free of cost. 
  • The website layout is also quite impressive.


  • If you are inactive on the site for a long time, then your account will be signed off.
  • If you compare with another site, there is no such new or unique thing about the website.

The desire for a partner has always been the centre of human actions. Psychologically, humans are raised in a way that the idea of a partner is instilled in the minds at a very young age. Togetherness is what people desire. Putting this concept into action, many companies have come up with dating sites.

There are numerous dating websites out there, hundreds and hundreds of them. And in a way, each dating site is different than the others. It is their individuality which makes them stand out amongst the crowd.

Through these websites, one can interact with other people, start a conversation and take things forward.

Chatib is one such website that offers interactive and dating services. Chatib creators understand that once in a while, there is an urge to meet someone new. People want to break the monotonicity that they are bound in.

And a small conversation with someone new can be just that! Chatib provides you with multiple chat rooms where you can interact with almost anyone. It all depends on whom you choose to talk to, or which chatroom to join. The most exciting thing about Chatib is that there are no geographical boundaries.

You are free to explore and meet people from different nations. There are almost no restrictions on this app. You can join whichever chatroom you like and start interacting. Chatib allows you to create and join many chatrooms.

This is more like a group thing, multiple people, all talking about the same thing. And if groups aren’t your thing, go for a private chat. The intimacy which Chatib provides is exceptional.

This clearly shows that Chatib understands the needs of its customers and work accordingly to improve your dating experience. We have come a long way from an arranged marriage, dating and courtship, and now online dating. Digitalization seems to make everything easy and accessible at all times.

Why not implement this idea of building interactive digital platforms. Thus, came the concept of online dating.

Find Girls for Online Chatting with

Online dating gives you a certain edge over physical dating. The best thing about online dating is that it is just one click away. You don't need to dress up, set your hair or even shower for that matter.

Just click, and you are in the zone of beautiful singles ready to mingle. Since online dating is through an artificial platform, it reduces anxiety. Most people have trouble talking to other people in person, especially if they are aiming for some romantic involvement.

They fail to look eye-to-eye, start sweating or even shaking for that matter. But with online dating, you can avoid such anxiety attacks and show your real self. Studies have shown that over 47% of women and 53% of men participate in online dating.

Imagine the number of opportunities that Chatib can provide in conditions like these. Over the time, people have started shifting towards online dating. Why shouldn't they?  It is simple, easy to operate, and you don't need to be physically charming to attract anyone.

This is best for people who want to date, but can't find the time, like people having a full-time job or single parents. They might have the intention to date, but the lack of time makes it difficult for them to go out and meet anyone new.

This problem can be easily solved by dating sites like Chatib. Chatib provides you with the opportunity to interact with interesting people, people who share a common interest. Online dating is a huge time saver and also cost-effective.

Imagine the money you would be saving when you aren’t buying free drinks for ladies every Friday night.

It has also been observed that Online dating has resulted in reduced stress levels amongst the youth. Compared to Online dating, Offline dating causes a lot of hardship. Brutal rejections even after excessive efforts make people feel hopeless and worthless.

Whereas in online dating, you can specify all your particulars at the very beginning. A smart dating website would match you with a person who shared similar interests. Don't be under the notion that online dating is for hookups and casual pastimes only.

Statistics revealed that over 20% of relationships, which resulted in marriage, started off with online dating. Not only this, but it has been proved that online dating requires a lesser duration of courtship in comparison to offline dating.

Online dating manages to create an instant bond between two people which takes a considerable amount of time to develop during offline dating.

Free Services

All the services and the features of this site are offered for free. Therefore, you need not pay while creating an account and nor do you have to purchase any plan while contacting the other users via messages. 

Even chatting in the chat rooms will not cost anything on this site. 

User -friendly App

Both Android and iPhone users can utilize the user-friendly mobile app of Chatib to access its features. The app has a simple interface and design that enables you to connect with other users seamlessly. 

Contacting options

You can chat with other members directly using the chat option or you can indulge in group chats using the multiple chat rooms provided by this site. 

Contacting other users is simple because you can always see the online members on your profile page. You can enter their profile and use the messaging option to contact them directly. 

The options of both private and public chat are provided in the chat rooms. 

Adding as favourite & blocking 

You can add your members to your favourite list or you can also block them if they annoy you.

Registration process

Follow these steps to register on this site:

Visit the website and click on the ‘Register’ button. Guest users can use the option of logging in without signing-up to use the features of this site. 

After that, you need to provide some basic details like your age, location, and gender. Now, you will be asked to select a username and password. 

The site also suggests a password by default and you can use the same password for logging in. You can also save the password on your browser so that you don’t have to remember it while logging in. 

An email address also needs to be submitted so that you can stay updated about the new features and member activity happening on your profile. 

After confirming your email id, your account gets successfully registered on Chatib and you can start using it to connect with other members. 

Guide for navigating

On the homepage of the site you will find details about its features. You will also find some articles related to online dating tips on the homepage. 

The option to register on the site is provided on the top right corner of your screen. You will also find an option to use the site without registering on the left side of the homepage. You can use this option to login as a guest user. 

Once you login on the site, you will find your profile page at the top right corner. The profile details can be edited whenever you feel like even after creating an account. 

On the top of your screen you will find ‘Chat Rooms’. On clicking on it, a list of various chat rooms will appear and you can select one chat room from it to start interacting with users. 

There is also a list of games provided next to this option that you can use to play some interesting browser games. You can also filter the members on the basis of their genders or you can use the search bar to find the members as per their username. 

Chatib also provides an option called ‘History’ where you will find the history of your chats and profile activity. 

The members can also be sorted as per their location and the list of favourites is also provided so that you can find your favourite members easily. 

For viewing your previous chats you can make use of the ‘inbox’. The ‘FAQs’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and contact details can be found in their respective pages at the bottom of the site. 

Is Chatib safe to use?

Yes it is completely safe to use the site. However, you will have to be respectful towards other users at all times and if someone feels offended then he or she can report your profile. 

There are some ads on this site and you will have to avoid clicking on them to avoid unnecessary disturbance. Since there is no real profile verification, the site has many bots and underage individuals. 

Also, many people use it as an adult chat platform and therefore, you need to be careful while using it. The moderators of the site have even blocked some regions and countries that have a bad reputation when it comes to behaviour of members. 

Therefore, we can safely say that they are taking all the possible measures to ensure the safety and privacy of the members.

Why is Chatib so popular?

Chatib, like other dating apps, gives you the opportunity to meet new people online. You can choose to engage with them privately, or meet a group of people in a chatroom.

There are many interactive chat rooms and you can choose to join anyone you like.

If Chatib is similar to other websites, what makes Chatib stand out from the rest? Most people are attracted to Chatib because it is absolutely free.

Once you open the website, two options are available to you- Sign Up and Log In. You can sign up with an account, or you can log in without registration.

Once you sign in, you can choose to complete your profile. You need to fill up some general information and create a username and password.

Chatib also allows you to stay anonymous and browse the website. At the same time, you can choose to sign in without an account with just a username.

This incredible amount of flexibility provided by Chatib is what makes it stand out from the rest. 

chatib login-min

Once inside the Chatib network, you can browse through a different chatroom and meet with people who interest you. There are unlimited chat rooms that are full of people sharing a common interest. Even if you have peculiar interests, you can find a chatroom for it here.

And once inside a chatroom, it barely takes time to start a personal conversation with someone you like.


Website address:

Estimated Visit Last Month- 1.95 Million

Chatib is reasonably new in the field of online dating. It has yet to lay stronger roots which will determine the future of this website. Chatib has received a strong response ever since it came into existence. Many users have joined Chatib and claim to be having fun.

In addition to providing a friendly platform for users to interact, Chatib also available on both Android and iOS. Having such versatility has caused Chatib to grow more and more popular. Minimum compatible issues and a wide range of users are a good start for Chatib.

The layout of Chatib is fundamental and easy to navigate. On the home screen, you will find the users who are online at present, and the country to which they belong. All you need to do is start a conversation, as simple as that.

Almost everything on this website is free of cost. No registration fee is charged. You can browse through the website, meet new users and even talk to them. And you get to do it without spending a dime. Being free of cost, it has opened the doors of online dating to everyone.

There are people who hesitate while paying a registration fee. But with Chatib, you don't need to worry about anything. Abolishing the registration fee trend, Chatib has managed to attract more and more customers.

Chatib is an emerging website and it has to face many difficulties on the way. It has managed to make a suitable environment for its users and is trying to improve the experience even further. Chatib is extremely user-friendly.

It is designed in a way that even the most naïve customers can use it without facing any problems. Once you enter the home page, you will find a blue navigation bar situated on the top of your screen. Here you will find options like Chatib blog, get chatting and visit the chat room.

By choosing one of these options, you can either read fascinating articles on the Chatib blog or start a conversation with someone. If you are not in the mood of either, you can hop from one chat room to another until you find the one that you like.

In addition to easy navigation, it also provides effortless profile management services. You can easily make changes to your existing profile, add or remove a couple of photos and change your password.

The Chatib app is equally easy. It has all the features as that of a desktop website. The Chatib app is developed, keeping in mind the services available on the Chatib website. Whatever new is introduced on the website, a smaller, more compact version of it is introduced in the Chatib app.

chatib banner-min

In simple terms, the Chatib app is a mirror image of the Chatib website. It allows you to play interactive games with other people online. If you have nothing to do, read some great articles on the Chatib app. Tips on online chatting and online dating are available on the Chatib app.

In other words, this app prepares you for the digital world of dating!

It is very easy to start a conversation on Chatib. On your home page, you will see a list of users who are active. Once you choose a user to interact with, click on their username and their profile would open up, here, you will have option to send messages.

In the chat room, you have two options- to be a part of an open chat or to start a private conversation. Both options are equally fun and allow you to find people who share a common interest. And nature may have the rule of- Opposites attract.

But when it comes to having a meaningful conversation, it is always better to talk to someone who shares the same taste as you. Chatib is versatile when it comes to user age and nationality. The age restriction of Chatib is a minimum of 18 years.

There is no upper limit to the age barrier. Although Chatib is universal, the maximum percentage of Chatib users is either from the USA or UK.

Chatib has a zero-tolerance policy. No abusing or absurd language is entertained on Chatib. If you engage in such activities, you will be penalized and your Chatib account will be banned.

Chatib manufacturers have put in great effort in designing this website. Chatib is simple to use. It possesses simple drop-down menus, which allow you to navigate through the website with ease. This incredibly simple design is what attracts customers to this amazing website.


Chatib is 100% free. All services provided by Chatib are free of cost and under no circumstances you need to pay a registration fee. No registration fee and an entire website full of singles, this is definitely the place to be!

By abolishing the registration fee, Chatib has opened its door to the ones in need, and also to the ones looking for a casual date. You are free to navigate through all the different chat rooms, get yourself involved in conversations and have fun.

You can shift from a chatroom to a private conversation whenever you need it!

Site statistics

  • Simple 2-step sign-up process
  • More than 40,000 daily visitors
  • Majority of users from the U.S.
  • Users are minimum 18 years old

Competitors of Chatib

Chatib is in its toddler stages and is still facing some serious competition.

There are many dating websites that are neck-deep in competition with Chatib. Some of these websites and dating apps are-


Chatib is equally potent as these websites, but there is a serious competition going on.

All these websites, try to come up with new and innovative ways to attract more customers. And Chatib is not far behind in this race.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Making Contact


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Real Life Review


Value For Price


Quality of Members


Ease of Use


Customer Satisfaction




Overall Score


chatib GUI-min


  • Chatib is a comparatively new territory, so there is a lot to explore. And this increases the chances of getting a match.
  • You can make changes to your profile whenever needed. This has a major impact on your online dating performance. You can adjust your preferences, thus ensuring that you get a better match each time you open Chatib.
  • No registration fee is needed. All services- from browsing to messaging are completely free. This allows you to try your luck without fear of financial loses. And this, in turn, automatically ups your game!
  • For using Chatib, you don't need to have a user account. There are two options available to you- Sign Up or Log In. If you choose to sign up, you can create an account and add personal details to it.
  • But if you want to browse around the website, not looking for any serious commitment, you should choose to login. By choosing a login, you can create a username that can be used to navigate through the website.
  • Chatib is based on a very simple design. It is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. 
  • The different chat rooms allow you to explore a new interest. And also give you an opportunity to interact with people who have a common interest.
  • Chatib is open to all communities- straight, gay and lesbian. This means that particular sexuality is promoted. All sexualities are given equal preference. Even the users are not allowed to express any vulgar or unhealthy comments regarding other sexualities.


  • Besides the "No registration fee" policy, there is nothing unique about this dating site. On most grounds, it is comparable to other dating sites. Pretty basic design, although it is easy to operate, feels like the manufacturers have seriously neglected the appearance of Chatib.
  • Most users complain that the captcha verification box keeps reappearing. The first few times, people have endured it, but it has become increasingly irritating over time.
  • If you stay inactive for a sufficiently long time, you will be automatically logged out.


How can the members use Chatib?

Members can use the ‘Start Chat’ option to start interacting with other members without creating a profile. They can also create a profile for free to chat with users. 

Where can I find the list of online users?

The list of online members will be visible on the homepage itself as soon as you will login on the site. 

How can I connect with their customer support executives?

To connect with their support team you can use this link - 

What do the members using this site look for?

The members who use this site usually try to find friends and online dates. Some people also use it for fun and casual dating. 

Do I have to purchase a premium plan to connect with other users?

No, it is a completely free site. 


Reven Stane

    " I have found many friends on this site but I don’t like the option of reporting as the moderators do not verify whether the profile is genuine or not before blocking them. I have been blocked a few times for more than 24 hours and they didn’t even restore my account even after contacting their support team via email. Therefore, I had to create a new account and all my previous connections were lost. Not a very great experience I must say! "

Roger Stevens

     "There have been few instances where I met some really cool friends here. I like this site’s simplicity and the fact that thousands of members are online at any given time. Overall, I would recommend this site for anyone who wants to enjoy a free chat site."

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Chatib takes the security of its customers very seriously. They constantly recommend users to change their passwords; this reduces the possibility of identity theft. Chatib creators have created a safe space for private messaging, which is free from the eyes of any third party member.

Private conversations are the best part of Chatib. Chatib Technical support team is always active, trying to keep out invaders, which might harm one or many Chatib users. For more support you can visit the link-


Chatib is a decent place to meet new people. The web and app design is extremely basic to provide a smooth ride to its users. Since there is no registration fee, you can go all in without any hesitation.

Online dating is taking a change for the good, and Chatib is still at its base trying to gather people. If you are new to online dating and want to experience how it feels, Chatib is the place for you! 

But if you are a pro in the field of online dating, Chatib might appear as too bland for your taste. The amazing chat rooms are a whole new highlight of Chatib, as it is trying to bring back the magic of the 90's chat rooms.

Join a chat room of your interest and meet some nice people!

chatib logo

Parting Word

After sharing a detailed review of Chatib with you all, it must have become easier to understand the concept behind Chatib. Chatib has brought back to life the concept of chat rooms. If you want to meet new people who share a common interest, you can simply join a chat room and start interacting.

We have conducted a complete dissection of Chatib and if you like it, stay connected and we will bring you more such interesting reviews.

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