CelebJihad Review (2020)


There are a lot of celebrity porn sites floating on the internet, but only a few are as unique and interesting as CelebJihad.

It is dedicated to celebrity photos, celebrity nude selfies, leaked sex videos of celebrities, sex scenes from movies, and every other kind of hot action where celebrities are involved.

The best part of CelebJihad is the hilarious description that each of its posts has.

Each photo, video, and movie sex scene is presented in the form of a blog post, and the description comes from the mindset of an Islamic extremist.

You can notice that the writer uses a comical angle to describe the scene or photo, which makes it good enough for hilarious reading.

If you are looking for celebrity sex videos and photos, then you ought to check this site. The layout and design of this site is a bit old school, but you will surely love the content as it is filled with videos and pictures of actors, singers, models, popular sports personalities, and other celebrities here.

What makes CelebJihad so special?

We have not seen any other site on the interest that has such a unique plot and presentation of content. Most of us know that extremists of any religion and especially those of Islam hate nudity, porn videos, and adultery.

The founder of the site has used it innovatively to add a comical and satirical bio to each of the posts.

In the bio or description, the author criticizes the celebrities for their skin show, nudity, and calls them all kinds of names but we can also see that he enjoys to ogle at their bodies and feels kinky as he talks about them. This is the theme of CelebJihad, which makes it a special site.

Also, we cannot deny the fact that CelebJihad has got a huge collection of celebrity sex videos and scandals. Moreover, the quality of the videos and photos is quite good. There are many photos and videos of fake celebrities on this site, but some of them are as good as the original ones.

You can also enjoy the nude pictures and selfies of celebrities that you usually find in magazines and photoshoots. Therefore, we can say that CelebJihad is a site that gives you access to all types of adult celebrity content on a single platform.

Site Statistics

  • Celebrities – over 5K
  • Popular celebrities – Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Emma Watson, Bella Thorne
  • Update time – after every 10-15 minutes
  • Registration mandatory? – No
  • Model age – 18 to 40
  • Advanced search options – No
  • Mobile-friendly site – yes
  • Media player –Medium flash player
  • Bonus content – Photos, humorous descriptions
  • Sex Cams & BBW shows? – No
  • Maximum video quality – 1080 pixels
  • Maximum photo resolution – 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • Are photosets downloadable in ZIP format? – No
  • Is Video downloading option available? - No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Video Streaming Quality

9 / 10

Quality Of Photos

9 / 10

Number Of Celebrities

10 / 10

Streaming Options

9 / 10

User-Friendly Features

8 / 10


7 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10 (Free)

Content Originality

8 / 10

Website Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

86 / 100

Website Overview

Website address - https://www.celebjihad.com/nude-celebrities

Average monthly visits – 27 million

We all love to ogle at the nude selfies, topless pictures, and leaked MMS videos of celebrities.

We tend to enjoy the extremist reactions on porn and adult content.

Therefore, we can use this portal to enjoy hilarious extremist reactions and hot steamy adult content at once.

celebjihad lp

As we landed on the homepage of this site, we weren't very much impressed with the design and look of the website. It is a website that reminds us of the '90s where the developers had no idea about how to make a site look aesthetic.

Thankfully this site does not look as bad, but it lacks modern layout and innovative features. As you enter the site, you will notice all kinds of celebrity videos and photos sorted in a first-come, first-serve manner.

The site gets updated quite often, and therefore you might see a new post every 10-20 minutes. When you check the ‘About’ section of this page, you will see that they have described how the site was founded by Durka Durka Mohammed of Afghanistan.

They have described how his mental state was affected by the celebrity adult pictures and videos and how he started nurturing extremist views against them. However, as you go on reading, you will notice that it is made-up, fake, and hilarious. Nevertheless, it makes a good read.

If you want to check the celebrity list of this website, then you can check the ‘A-Z Celeb List' of this site. You can also search for your favourite celebrities by using the search option on the top right corner of the screen.

You will notice that some fake celebrities are posing nude and acting in adult videos on this site. However, the good thing is that these celebrity look-a-likes come pretty close when it comes to their looks, and that does not affect your experience by much.

There is a separate section called ‘Celeb Videos’ where you will find all the hot and naked videos of celebrities. The quality of the videos is pretty good, and the video streaming is also quite seamless.

However, you cannot download these videos on your mobile or computer, which might upset the celebrity porn lovers. 

Nude Celeb Photos on CelebJihad

There is another section named ‘Popular Celebs' in which you will find a list of the most popular celebrities. Here you might find some scandalous MMS clips, movie clips, doctored videos, photoshopped photos, fake celebrities, and much more.

A web page called ‘Nude Celebs' is dedicated only to nude photos and gifs of celebrities, and here you may find a lot of real celebrities. These are the things that you will find on CelebJihad.

There are lots of sex tapes and videos on this site, but it cannot be compared with the real pornographic content that you find on the hardcore porn sites. As a result, you won't be satisfied with this site if you love to watch real hardcore porn videos and movies.

You might find many scandalous and controversial celebrity videos on this site that other sites will hardly dare to host.

For example, the real sex and masturbation videos of WWE female superstar Paige and scandalous videos of Cardi B, the famous Hollywood singer, and rapper, and many other clips are controversial, and we applaud them for daring to post about them.

A drawback of this site is that it has many fake images and clickbait videos that might upset you. Also, a few photos and videos are so poorly doctored that they can even make you cringe. Therefore, we would advise you not to expect real celebrities always as this site has some fake content as well.

Pricing & Membership Fees

CelebJihad does not charge you for anything. You can use all the features for free, and as a celebrity porn fan, you will certainly love this.


  • The celeb posts are funny, interesting, and hot at the same time. The funny descriptions will make you laugh, and at the same time, it will turn you on as well. Therefore, you can try this site for enjoying a unique and surreal experience.
  • This is a completely free site, and none of its features are paid or premium.
  • There are some ads on this site, but they won't bother you much. This is a rare advantage that only a few free sites provide.
  • The site is mobile-responsive, which means that you can get your celebrity doze on the mobile easily.
  • Every piece of content is displayed as a post, and there are numerous funny and interactive comments posted by the users of this site. Therefore, you can spend your time reacting and replying to other user's comments.
  • Their database of celebrity videos and photos is huge. Moreover, the site gets updated regularly with naked photos and videos of celebrities. As a result, you will find many new videos and photos every time you visit this site.
  • There is no need to register or sign-up on this site and therefore, you don’t have to provide any of your private or personal information to use this site.
  • The layout is simple, and the sorting options are pretty straightforward. Therefore, you won’t get confused while using this site.
  • The popular celebrity list and A-Z celebrity list allows you to find the videos and pictures of celebrities easily.


  • Sometimes you might get redirected to another site while using CelebJihad. This might deteriorate the experience of the users at times.
  • The site seems to be a bit critical of the Muslims as it makes fun of them in weird ways.
  • There are many clickbait videos and posts that feature dummy celebrities in them. Therefore, their videos turn out to be fake after clicking.
  • The website design and layout is not up to the mark. The navigation and the overall features of this site can be more user-friendly. The irregular sizes of the thumbnails make the site look less appealing.
  • There are no advanced filters or tags to enhance your experience on the site. The sorting options are also limited.
  • There are no advanced filters or tags to enhance your experience on the site. The sorting options are also limited.


CelebJihad is unique in its way of presenting celebrity sex tapes and sexy photos. However, many sites provide celebrity sex clips and secret videos. Some of these sites are Mr Skin, Banned Sex Tapes, Shocking Celebrities, etc.

Among them, Mr Skin is the most talked about and popular site when it comes to celebrity nude photos and videos. Its large archives and regular updates make it quite a hit among the celebrity porn lovers. The design and filter options of Mr Skin is also far better than CelebJihad.

Shocking Celebrities is another site that has surprising nude videos and photos of celebrities. Moreover, many popular Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Fox, Kate Upton, etc. are featured on this site. This site has some really good features that CelebJihad lacks.

CelebJihad has to take some efforts in making the site look appealing, and the developers also need to integrate some user-friendly features in this site. Despite these drawbacks,

CelebJihad manages to attract millions of users every month because of its regular content updates, hot celebrity videos, and a special presentation of adult posts.

Customer support & Other Services

There is no section for registering complaints and queries on this site. However, at the bottom of the site, you will find an option named ‘Contact Us'. You might click on it thinking that it is the support page of the site, but it is just a hyperlinked email address.

You can right-click on ‘Contact Us' and copy the email address. After that, you can contact the site owners through this email, and you can expect them to reply to your queries or complaints.

Final Verdict

If you have a crush on some hotties of Hollywood, then CelebJihad is a perfect site for you. It has a lot of genuine nude pictures and videos of hot celebrities that can give you a hard boner in no time.

Also, the site is free, and you don't even have to register on it. Moreover, the descriptions of the celebrity posts are funny as hell. You will enjoy all this and much more only on CelebJihad.com. The ads are quite rare and do not disturb you.

However, the overall user experience can be enhanced if the site gets more appealing and aesthetic. The filter and search options also need to be much better if CelebJihad wants to become the number one site for celebrity sex tapes and nude photos.

Parting words

There are few sites as good and humorous as CelebJihad is. Also, the site is secure as it supports HTTPS security encryption. Therefore, there is no harm in trying this free celebrity site.

You can view the videos as there is no option of downloading them, but you can download the image by right-clicking on them and choosing the option ‘Download image'. If you can give up on downloading videos, then this site would prove to be a great source of entertainment and hot action for you.

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