Catholic Match Review

Catholic Match

If you are searching for an exclusively designed social platform that offers a convenient platform to meet new people based on your preference for faith, CatholicMatch would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.

CatholicMatch is a niche platform and caters to a niche audience- people who have faith in Catholicism. 


  • The questionnaire is very person-specific and individualized, which lead to a more significant number of compatible couple precisely since it is easier to find like-minded people. 
  • So if Catholicism is essential to you, this site is suitable for making new associations. 


  • However, it is expensive to subscribe to as a consumer. The website is designed more in terms of marketability than your faith. 
  • The account set-up process is quite long a hectic, and completing your profile is mandatory to get matched with other people.

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

CatholicMatch is a simple yet effective way to meet new people based on your preference of faith. As the name suggests, this website is exclusively designed for Catholic people to find their perfect match. It is much easier to find dates based on your faith, and that leads to a sacramental marriage.

The good thing about the company is that it also provides support and education on ways to live in a single state and how to date more purposefully.

All the information you write about yourself remains completely confidential with the company, which makes it the best place to begin your dating life. The website is fully interactive and easy to navigate.

There is no confusion while browsing through different pages of the site. It is neatly made with the idea of minimalism and rarity.

 A lot of our regular readers asked for a review about this dating site, and today I'm going to give you a comprehensive analysis of the website and evaluate whether it should be the way to go for you.

What makes CatholicMatch different? 

The faith approach to match people! Like already mentioned, it matches people based on their faith and secularism opinions. While most dating sites today focus on getting you as many matches as possible, it provides you with fewer matches but with good conversion rates.

CatholicMatch believes in quality, not quantity.

Unlike other sites, this service offers an individualized platform to be used by the people. This isn't considered to be an elite dating site like Zoosk or Tinder but manages to provide you with pretty interesting features and is a certainly good service worth trying.

The site has an interactive and interesting user interface. As long as I used the site, it kept on getting better and easier to navigate through different web pages. The minimalist approach implemented on the website while designing makes it very simple and easy for a naive internet user!

The website is a subscription-based service provider, and yes, it's an advantage. The subscription method to use the site eliminates the spammers. Only those people who are serious about dating and relationships, use it since they have to pay in advance to use the site.

It isn't something people register on just for fun. Unlike other sites packed with spammers, in this site, you will only find people who take dating seriously.

Site Statistics

  • Users from USA: 1,200,000
  • Users worldwide: 1,500,000
  • 16,500 daily logins
  • Gender proportion
  • Women: 60%
  • Men: 40%

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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User interface


Subscription Prices


Customer service


Overall Score


Less than 50% of men who belong to the age group of 40-60 years old, do not believe in the church's teaching that premarital sexual relations are wrong.

More than 50% of women who belong to the age group of 40-60 years old, do not believe in the church's teaching that premarital sexual relations are wrong.

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Web address:

Estimated average visit in a month: 1.1 million

Overall it's a promising site with amazing features. This dating site entirely focuses on faith in Catholicism.

It is exclusively designed for the Catholic people to interact and date according to their likes and dislikes. You will begin your journey on this site with a compatibility test called the "temperament test" that will match you with the people having similar interests and approach to the faith.

The process is conducted by artificial intelligence, which eliminates the possibility of human error while matching.

A separate blog is available on the website to provide a Catholic approach to date , the relationships, romance, suggestions, and opinions. The website's focus isn't to match you needlessly to random strangers and make you talk.

It focuses on the idea of getting your values of dating right and follows the path of Catholicism for relationships. A feature on the site called emotigrams enables you to open a chat conversation with someone you met on the site by a wink, kiss, smile, and number other emoji-like icons.

The CatholicMatch lets you have a quick and easy introduction without worrying about having something creepy as the first message and mess up the relationship before it even starts.

Reasons to Join CatholicMatch

The round called the 'personal interview' lets you place several multiple-choice type questions (you can choose from pre-existing question or create your own) in front of your prospective partner to see how they react while answering your questions that sometimes become awkward to bring up in an in-person conversation.

You can create as many as 20 questions and let the members of the community answer them on your profile. All the results of this round will be popped up in your inbox. As already mentioned, setting up an account is a time-consuming process on

I found it quite disappointing as not many people are a fan of hectic online paperwork kind of things. You are required to fill up most of the details on your profile to finally be able to access the features and browse through the other users on the site.

You have to enter your name, location, age, sex, and email on the first page of the signup process. And then,you have to answer a series of questions like your marital status and date of birth, and the system takes you to the next step. Now you gotta upload six photos of you.

You can either import it from your linked Facebook account or upload photos that you have on your computer/mobile device. You have an option to skip this step, but it is not recommended if you want to make your profile look good and attractive. 

No one is going to reply to a text sent from Mr Anonymous. That will make your profile look fake. Now you will have to answer questions from 3 sections: appearance, background, and faith. You will be shot with questions like "Do you have any tattoos?" And "how much television do you watch".

More About CatholicMatch:

I don't know why my TV watching time will have a big role in my dating life. As you may expect, some questions will be about your views of faith, like "Do you accept the Church's teaching on the Eucharist?"

Many questions will be asked on whether or not you accept particular teachings of the church about premarital sex, the infallibility of the pope, contraception etc. which is justifiable because of it being a dating site.

You aren't allowed to skip those 30+ questions, and answering all of them will lead you to the next step

Now you have to describe yourself get the possible matches. The character limits range from 150-2500 characters. This is an important step as this going to justify who you are and have a positive impression about you on the others.

You need to capture the attention of members visiting your profile and have to make sure they don't go without actually approaching you. Do show off your alpha male traits making her more eager to know about you. Here are some do's and don'ts while writing about yourself.

  • Use the correct grammar with the proper use of punctuation marks and spellings. This might sound a bit basic, but when not done properly, it can harm your image on the website. Surveys have shown that women are less attracted to the men who don't know proper grammar while writing or talking. So make sure you win her heart in the first glance itself.
  • Describe Good about yourself. You need to use the perfect sentences that will define your personality. Sentences like" I'm funny and smart" aren't recommended because she will know you aren't funny or attractive. A smart man never boasts about being funny, and he shows it. You need to find the things that will suit your profile and make it look more appealing.
  • Use photos of good quality. Make her see you without any stain to the eyes. Use quality photos that will make you look who you are.
  • Don't rush while writing about you. It's like your resume for an interview for a job. Take your time and make sure you cover all the aspects about you.
  • Don't write anything about your past relationships. People aren't interested in listening to your dating history, and in fact, it can make you look less appealing. Be a person of the present. No one is interested in your last relationship drama.
  • Forgot to express what kind of women you want. Researches have shown that writing 70% about yourself and 30% about the type of person you want to be with is an ideal ratio to use while writing your profile.

The CatholicMatch claims that their databases are 100% confidential and kept safe from any malicious activity.

You can use the website by your original name. However, the last name is always hidden for the viewers of your profile. There is no option to set a unique username, which might be a big issue for many users.

There's an option to block a particular user if you want in any case of harassment or spamming, and you have an option to report that user to the customer support team. The team will investigate your report and will prohibit that user by making his/her profile ineffective.

You can completely take control over who sees your private photos and who doesn't.

The website is known to be good for the privacy and confidentiality of the users. You can refer to the website's privacy policy and terms & conditions page available on their website itself for better knowledge about the safety measures provided by them.


You can set up and use your account for free; however, to exchange messages with others, you will need to have a premium subscription.

  • 1 month subscription - $29.95/month
  • 3 months subscription - $19.95/month
  • 6 months subscription - $12.49/months (best value for money)

Premium membership of CatholicMatch will come with features of:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Access to community blogs and forums
  • Emotigrams
  • The message read indication (only available with a 6-month subscription)


  • This dating site is made for people who have faith in Catholicism.
  • This dating site is made for people who have faith in Catholicism.
  • The design of the site makes it less-confusing for the users to make a profile and start dating people with similar beliefs, faith, and perspectives.
  • The number of happy couples on this site is more as compared to others because the questionnaire is individualized. So if Catholicism is important to you, this site is for you.
  • has been around since 1999 and thus has a vast experience in the business.
  • It's been connecting people for around 20 years (2 decades) now, so it knows the requirements of the people.
  • You can be assured that it's legit, as most fake and scam sites barely last a year. while it has been in the business for more than 20 years now
  • You can be assured that it's legit, as most fake and scam sites barely last a year. while it has been in the business for more than 20 years now
  •  The texts are easy to read, and minimal graphics add charm to the overall design of the site.
  •  The texts are easy to read, and minimal graphics add charm to the overall design of the site.
  • You can use the search tool even without the paid subscription. But you can check out the users according to your criteria before upgrading, so you have an option to save your money if you don't find a good match for you
  • The website runs only for people who pay. Yes, it's an advantage because it filters out fake profiles
  • Unlike other websites which are full of a spammer, you won't find such malicious users in
  • As people need to pay for using the services, you will only find people who are pretty serious in dating and people who are willing to spend time and money to actually meet new people.


  • It is expensive to subscribe, as a consumer, you will value your money and look to save as much as you can. CatholicMatch is a very niche website that doesn’t promote your general wants.
  • The account set-up process is quite long and hectic and completing your profile is necessary to get matched with other people.
  • You cannot have an incomplete profile to check out the platform.
  • Even though the website was launched back in 1999, it still doesn't have an app support which can be a drawback for many users.
  • You can still access it via your mobile browser. However, it could have been more convenient if they would have built a mobile app for Android and iOS users.
  • Site is slow to load and makes the browsing hectic
  • The site will also consume great amount of your data, which can annoy many users.
  • The number of users might be more, but you know that all the users are Catholic, which overall creates a smaller database of options for you.
  • The site doesn't have an option to check when a person was active the last time.
  • We can't know whether the person is an active user of this service or not.

Competitors of CatholicMatch

If you're looking for a better alternative, and want to invest your money in some elite sites, then choose Zoosk or which are loaded with features that might come in handy for you.

These sites have a wide spectrum of users from all over the world either to pursue romance or befriend someone. CatholicMatch may turn out to be good for you if you only want a Catholic partner for you. These websites are completely secure and will keep your information confidential


CatholicMatch offers assistance for all kinds of queries and problems. A customer care executive will answer all your questions any doubts:

Final verdict

Reviews have shown that this dating site has helped people get their perfect life partners over many years.

CatholicMatch has certainly focused on the aspects of faith and religion and understands well that there are still many conservative people who only want to be with people of their religion with similar views on faith and God.

It's not another random site; it can provide potential people who are seriously interested in dating and living life with their matched ones.

Though one problem with the site is that not everyone is religious here. Many users create and upgrade their profiles just for the casual date. ​

So be aware of this fact.

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Panting Words

CatholicMatch has a huge number of users looking for casual dating and serious relationships. Still, keep in mind that CatholicMatch doesn't have as many users as other popular sites. It is a recommended site if you're looking for a Catholic partner. It is worth a try.

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