Camwhores (2020)


If you are someone who admires watching real-life sex where teens get together and want to drizzle off in front of a camera,

then Camwhores serves as an incredible platform for you.

It has more than 100000 videos and 200000 photo sets where you can turn off the lights and dive deep into the hottest porn collections ever made.

Camwhores has amazing navigation options to hit off your adult journey.

You can read this review which will tell you what to expect and whether choosing this site will be fulfilling or not.

Camwhores is the perfect destination for all those people who love to watch real-life sex. This website offers an excellent opportunity to porn lovers to watch real sex in the form of an adult film. Camwhores is the real deal when it comes to enjoying some 18+ teens live sex.

Camwhores is not only about young good looking chicks though; if you would like to see some hot and mature women, then you are in luck because Camwhores has mature ladies as well.

All of the babes that you are going to see are thirsty and horny. They want you to come Live so that they can have some fun too! Unfortunately, if you are looking for BDSM Live sex videos, extreme or rough sex, then Camwhores doesn’t have such content.

Camwhores has more than 1,00,000 videos to watch and round about 200,000 photos as well. This site uploads content every day, which means viewers will never get bored watching the content again and again on this site.

Because Live adult webcam is quite a popular genre, be prepared to see horny girls from all over the world. All the models perform passionately for their fans, and are willing to do anything to get your attention.

There will be a solo performance where chicks play with interactive sex toys and also have group sex. You are never going to get bored with Camwhores because the content of this webcam site gets better and better with every video.

Why is Camwhores popular?

This website started its journey just four years ago. Now it has three and a half million group members. Every single day, this site gets more than twelve hundred nude and sexual pictures uploads.

More than one hundred thousand natural sex video is downloaded and streamed on this website in every couple of minutes. People love this website. Let’s find out the reasons behind the massive popularity of this site.

The main reason why the Camwhores is enormously welcomed among porn lovers is the charm of a hundred percent natural sex that the website offers its visitors. The second reason is that the videos are uploaded by the members only. There is no porn star with implanted giant boobs faking her orgasm.

Instead, a hundred percent amateur teenager shares her sexual fantasy with you. There is no fake moaning. Instead of this, you get to watch the natural beauty of women of all ages and shapes. At one point in life, everyone wants to watch porn that is similar to his/her real life.

In Camwhores, people like us share their videos where there are no painted artificial pussy or implanted boobs. You will get the sex videos precisely like your own sexual experience. Isn’t it damn thrilling?

Thirdly, there are a lot of people who are eager to make their sex videos and want to be popular this way but no established adult filmmaker will give them the chance to be casted in their high-class porn videos.

Thus, it is the best way for those amateurs who aspire to be a famous porn star to shoot their sex videos and become famous.

And last but not least, this website doesn’t charge a single penny to be a member. All you gotta do is hit their sign up page and register. Create a username, password, re-confirm your password, and finally add your email ID, and you are done!

Don’t forget to check the link sent in your email ID, though, and don’t skip the spam box. Confirm your membership and start watching some fresh porn videos.


Website address -

Estimated Visits Last Month - 268.0K

Camwhores is the dream place for those porn audiences who are bored of watching high quality but superficial adult films.

It provides the visitors fresh, homemade, and amateur porn.

This website has a bulk amount and variations of porn videos so that everyone will get something that they desire to watch.

It has gained a large number of visitors who have given reviews that they only choose

Camwhores among hundreds of voluptuous porn websites when they masturbate because only Camwhores can provide them with what they exactly want.


Just like any other webcam site, Camwhores have kept their website layout pretty simple. There are categories and tags that will help you navigate easily. When we landed on Camwhores site, we were firstly welcomed with their ‘videos being watched’ category. It was right there on the homepage.

Just below that is their new videos section where you will find more than 100 new video collection.

At the bottom, we could see all the tags, for example, anal, cam, bj, solo, couple, big, bute, blonde, showup, MFC, tits, naked, pussy, and more. Right on the thumbnails of these videos will either be a private tab or nothing at all. If there is nothing, then it is free to watch.

We clicked on the thumbnail, which didn’t have the private label and the video was right on point where  a girl was fingering herself and playing with a sex toy. The model in the video was gorgeous, she had a beautiful body and an even better ass.

And when we clicked on the private show, we got a notification that only members are allowed to watch it. So, for that, you will either have to sign up or log in. Most of the videos are available in private mode, and there were only a few which were free to watch.

Random people run this adult website; still, it can easily compete with the prominent porn sites that showcase costly porn stars. The kinkiness and experimental mentality of simple girls and boys are not inferior to professional and big-budget porn stars.

You will get all kinds of natural and real exploration of sex here. Blowjob, anal, threesome, foursome, group sex, submissive sex, femdom videos of all sort are waiting there for you. If you are a novice in sex, then you should preferably go through this site.

Only this site will be able to give you a proper idea about the physical shapes of male and female as the body shape and the outlook of porn stars’ private parts are often far different than real ones as they use a lot of cosmetics and artificial things to beautify your fantasy.

But in real life, no porn star is coming to have sex with you, no? If you get habitual of seeing “more than perfect body shapes” of models, then in your real life, you will only get disappointment while having sex with your partner.

So, I will suggest you cut the drama of the porn stars and get into reality. Only Camwhores can make you know how real sex is.

Pricing & Membership Fee

The best feature of Camwhores is that they provide exciting porn videos for free. All you have to do is register your name and email, and afterward, you are welcome to the kingdom of kinky sex videos without spending a single penny.

You can enjoy nice-looking chicks playing with their private parts and teasing themselves with some sex toys for free.

Even though they don’t have any pricing policy, still, to watch the private videos, one has to become their member. To access Camwhores, one must be an age of 18 years and older.

The users and models make all the video submissions of Camwhores, so you can be assured that you are going to see some really fine asses and boobs.

Site Performance Score: (Out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

9.5 / 10

Image / Video Quality

6 / 10


8.5/ 10

Content Amount

8 / 10

Download / Streaming

10/ 10


7 / 10


8 / 10




8/ 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Porn Stars: As this website is run by amateur people, there are no such famous porn stars.
  • Live Cam Shows: countless Playdate category
  • Models: 923+ models
  • Total Number of Videos/Movies: Over Twelve thousand videos
  • HD quality: Not always
  • Average Length of Videos: 20 minutes
  • Maximum Resolution of Videos: 1400 x 1000
  • Download Limit: unrestricted
  • Picture Sets: Over 4177359 high-resolution images
  • Format: www (320x240), MPEG (320x240 ), Flash (480 x 360)
  • Zip Sets: Not Always
  • High Resolution: Sometimes, not always
  • Pictures Per Set of Videos: 200,000

Competitors of Camwhores

The concept of opening the gateway to new people who aspire to be a porn star is quite attractive. Camwhores has created its authentic place in the hearts of many porn enthusiasts.

Whenever the idea behind the website is super hot and very easy to follow, then there is no wonder that many people will develop and execute a plan to make a profit for themselves. Thus, there are similar websites like Camwhores.

These are Fuqer, Your Amateur Porn, Hotscope, Nudez, Motherless Amateur, Your Amateur Tube, Cam Whores, and HomeMoviesTube. HomeMoviesTube, Your Amateur Porn, and Cam Whores are very popular among them.

Still, when it comes to the variation in the collection of exciting and experimental porn videos, the Camwhores is the big fish among all of these similar websites. You will get everything here.

It doesn’t matter whoever you are and whatever your extreme sexual fascination is, the key to your one hundred percent satisfaction is here!


  • Camwhores provides you more than twelve thousand super hot sex videos with just a few clicks on your system.
  • It has no robust registration procedure. All it requires is filling a secure online form with your name and email address.
  • It gives regular membership for free. It doesn’t charge money for it. You can enjoy super sexy nudity for free.
  • You can upload your video here if you want. Camwhores is a fantastic opportunity for those women who want to let people enjoy the beauty of their naked bodies.
  • You can comment here if you like a video or image.
  • You can easily watch over 200,000 high-resolution images
  • The best thing that Camwhores provides you is natural sex. There is no artificial beauty, no fake orgasm, and no overacting. All you will get here the clips of real-life sexual activities of people.
  • The women who desire to be a famous porn star but don’t find out the gateway, for them, Camwhores, is an excellent platform to become famous very quickly. They can reach more than 4.2 million people by uploading their nude beauty on Camwhores nudes.
  • This website provide you all kinds of porn acts such as blowjob, anal, threesome, foursome, group sex, submissive sex, femdom, etc.
  • The website is designed very well so that you can easily find out your favorite category and favorite sexual content.
  • This website gets more than 1300 contents every day to upload. You will get 1200 new lustrous videos and images in every twenty-four hours.
  • The users of Camwhores only make all the video submissions.


  • The video quality is not always HD.
  • As the content is created only by novice and amateur people, sometimes they do lack professional skills.
  • The pictures do not always capture perfectly. The resolutions are still not satisfactory. Some snaps have been clicked by digital cameras even. You will get a lot of blurry pictures here.
  • It is not easy going like Xvideos. It needs to open your account first by registering your name and email. Then only you can access the contents of the website.
  • Don’t forget that it’s an amateur porn website. So, please cut down your expectations. Be prepared to watch the nudity of a girl who is hardly shaped like Mia Khalifa. This website is run by random people only. They will look like the girl you watch going to college every morning or the handsome hunk that passes you with his two-wheelers.
  • The videos can be interrupted sometimes as the novice porn players shoot these by holding the camera by the hands while they are having sex. Then sometimes, they get out of the focus of the camera.


The website always tends to make its visitors know what is new and what’s next. They provide a timer so that the audience knows when the original content will be uploaded. If anyone finds any video or image objectionable, the authority promptly removes the material.

They are running the website for the last seventeen years. Thus, they know how to keep up a user-friendly ambience. They have kept the option to directly contact them on their website. They have provided their phone numbers and are always ready to assist their customers.

There is a support tab right at the footer page, click on that and you will see a pop-up box. Type in your message and email ID and the message will be sent to the support team.


The concept of providing natural sex videos by random people of their own life is pretty attractive. The amateur ones are no less attractive than professional ones. We have visited the site regularly for the last few years, and we still get amazed by them just like the way we felt for the first time.

It’s like watching people having sex in real life. The considerable variation of the category of sex videos has made the site enriched. We will highly recommend you to explore Camwhores to give it a try because the contents uploaded are excellent and many models do have HD webcam as well.

Parting Words

We have been visiting this site for a very long time. We studied a lot and gathered the information to get you a genuine review of this website and added my own opinion about it. If it helps you, please get back to us to read our reviews upon other popular and new porn sites.

All we want is to help you in having an excellent experience of watching incredible porn videos. We value your fantasy more than anyone. Keep coming to our website to cum often.

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