Cam Soda Review (2020)

Cam Soda

Have you given up on finding that curvy, sexy body to satisfy you because of long searching hours on the internet? Then your search stops right here.

Cam Soda is a place where you can glue your eyes on live streams; be it a girl, a boy, or even a couple.

All the models are categorized based on certain factors to ease out your search.


  • It allows people who are interested to join in the cam shoes by signing up on the website for free.
  • The video and streaming quality are exceptional. Since the webpage is not very heavy, the videos load in no time.


  • Ads create an unnecessary distraction from the main content and if you accidentally click on them, some even redirect you to new websites.
  • Cam Soda is not updated with advanced search features. So, searching as per your preferences can still be a task.


It is one of the best sites for witnessing live porn from any genre.  You can even switch between quality modes in ongoing sessions.

 In addition to this, the review will shed more light on its uniqueness and excellence and drag you straight to the website.

Are you tired of wasting time on the internet while trying to find a sexy body to beat your meat and get a completely satisfying feeling? Then you need not to spend your time or your efforts. Cam Soda is a place where you can watch live streams of hundreds of sexy people.

Be it a girl, guy, couple, or a Trans; you can always count on Cam Soda for the number of choices. All the models are categorized according to age, hair, ethnicity, and body type as well. They are waiting to get naked in front of you, play with themselves, and talk to you.

You can go through many cams for free and enjoy the hot experience, but registering and getting tokens is always a better choice. Tipping the girls and asking them to do the stuff you want to see is something you would love.

The moment you visit Cam Soda, you see various tiles and thumbnails featuring some of the hottest videos from their collection. By default, the website features the latest or the live cams on the homepage.

Scroll down the page, familiarize yourself with the content, and then decide for yourself if you need those tokens or not. Cam Soda has some top models, porn stars, amateur models, who talk dirty to you while having a shower, sleeping, or even while having sex!

And all of this is for free! It might be a bit annoying when a pop-up appears asking you to buy coins. Just ignore and skip if you don't want to buy anything and stick to the free content.

So, let us take a tour of how Cam Soda can turn out to be a website that will make its place in your bookmarks.

Why is Cam Soda better than other cam porn sites?

Opening a chilled soda can on a hot summer day, and drinking it in one go is always refreshing and satisfying. Maybe that is the reason why they named their site 'Cam Soda.' People can always quench their thirst present in their hot body by opening Cam Soda and get satisfied by the hot rich content.

The website has a comfortable layout, which will let you browse through various videos in a short amount of time. It is needless to say that the chicks on this site are sizzling hot and they are down to do anything that you ask for.

Be it playing with a toy, messing around, teasing, moan, or anything that comes to your mind. If you register, which is free, you can follow your favourite models and watch their shows whenever they are online.

The registered members are notified whenever their favourite model is online so that they do not miss even a second of the heavenly view. Cam Soda features both amateurs as well as professionals. Some models on the site are new, and some have been doing this job for an extended period.

Cam Soda will feature the best professionals for you so that you need not to do a lot of effort finding the pros. Some porn stars do camming on Cam Soda. So, check it out and see if your favourite is on the menu. The best thing about Cam Soda is the number of online performers.

There are enough live performers to satisfy you at any time of the day. Early morning, warm afternoon, cold evening, or chilly night, you will always have someone to jerk off to. Some viewers are kinky and want to have it their way.

Many models usually have the feature to accept tips, and if you tip them handsomely, they might share some interesting facts about themselves. Maybe some private nude pics or videos will be your prize if you have enough tokens in your hand.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As already discussed, the website works based on tips. There is free access to many videos and live cams, but you can just watch, and you cannot ask the models to do something of your choice. You have to get registered first, which is free.

Then you will be able to access the payment portal if you want to see the price of the tokens. The rate is as follows:

number of tokens












Cam Soda provides an extra option for a premium membership. If you avail of the membership, it will give you a bonus of 200 free tokens. Not just that, you will get the power to private message the sexy girls out there. So why not go for a jackpot like this one instead of paying just for tokens?

Some models also provide their social media like Snapchat. Check if you can afford it and enjoy the one-on-one encounter with the babes online.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month – 16.24 million

Cam Soda provides an extra option for a premium membership. If you avail of the membership, it will give you a bonus of 200 free tokens.

Not just that, you will get the power to private message the sexy girls out there.

camsoda bbw

So why not go for a jackpot like this one instead of paying just for tokens? Some models also provide their social media like Snapchat. Check if you can afford it and enjoy the one-on-one encounter with the babes online.

If you are in the mood to talk to some crazy hot girls, and you are single, then this is when cam sites help you the most. Cam Soda is a platform where you can chat or have fun with some of the sexiest and hottest women on the internet. You will find girls ranging from teens, adults to older women.

Not just girls, but you can also see men if you are into gay content. Many couples come live on Cam Soda and entertain the viewers who are into live porn. With the help of tokens, members can ask for whatever they wish to see. It is almost like your entertainment platform.

You can offer anonymous tips just in case you want to stay incognito. Cam Soda provides a wide variety of content, and you can choose according to your kinks and tastes. Due to this wide variety, you can find models who match your specific fantasies.

Most of the women on the website belong to South America, but there are also some professionals and porn stars who love to be here to satisfy their fans. So, viewers do have the choice to select amateur chicks or real pro babes.

Most of the busty babes on Cam Soda use sex toys and stimulants for the sake of their viewers. They perform various things if you tip them and will be willing to abide by your words. It is a unique and kinky thing to do. The website also has some games you can play, of course not free.

The games will order the models to do certain naughty or dirty things, which might spice the mood and add some fun to the viewer's enjoyment. If you are willing to pay even more, you can take advantage of private shows where the model will stay one-on-one with you.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Cam Quality

9 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Unique Girls

10 / 10

Bonus Material

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

91 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Total number of videos – 301k+
  • The average length of videos – 120 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Download limit – Yes
  • Total number of photosets – 36k+ (20 pcs per set)
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1800 x 1192 pixels
  • DRM protection – No


  • If you are new to the world of cam sites, Cam Soda is the best place to browse. It provides free live shows of some of the best models. If you like the content, you can always pay to experience the best of it.
  • The overall layout of the website is quite simple to understand and interact with. New visitors will never find difficulty handling the website. On the very first page, you will see around 70 shows, which are either live or the latest uploads.
  • The models range from young to adults, which makes it even more interesting to watch. Most of them are amateur and teenagers, which adds spice to your mood. Their smooth white shiny skin will make your eyes spark with lust.
  • Cam Soda allows the interested public to participate in the cam shows by registering themselves on the website for free. If you have got the skills and passion, it is an amazing opportunity to earn some cash.
  • Cam Soda features anyone who registers as a model. If you are bored of watching newbie cam models, you can always find some professionals and even porn stars to make you hot enough.
  • There are extra features at the top of the homepage where you can get access to exclusive videos that are already uploaded on the website. Click on 'top videos and pics' to see some of their most rated content.
  • Who doesn't like free stuff? After you register to the site and become a member, you get free 100 tokens, which can be used for tipping the models or purchasing their private Snapchat pics and videos.
  • If you are budget conscious, then Cam Soda is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy free tokens as an award if the models give you enough likes for the week. If you treat the models nicely, their equivalents can help you get a reward of free tokens.
  • The support provided by Cam Soda is exceptional. They help with billing support, technical support, and much more. Isn't is satisfying for the users? Any kind of issue or query is solved as soon as possible by their team.
  • There is an extra feature of support on the right side of the homepage. Click on it, and you can report any kind of technical difficulty right away without wasting any time to find the report options.
  • The video quality and streaming quality is brilliant. The webpage is not that heavy to load, and you can watch all the videos very smoothly. Even the stream buffer fast and provide uninterrupted fun.
  • While watching a stream or any video, you can switch the quality of the video. There is an option to turn the HD quality on and off. If you want to save your data and don't want to waste it on the videos, you can always turn off the HD mode.
  • The website is well built and easy to understand. The user interface of Cam Soda is quite catchy with all those colours, especially blue and pink, which reflect the girly and naughty side.


  • Cam Soda is not yet updated with advanced search options, which are very common now. But they have given enough possibilities for sorting and filtering to help in some way. However, viewers might not be satisfied with some old-fashioned stuff while seeking salvation.
  • Not all the models on CamSoda are professional actors. Most of them are amateurs and newbies, who just started cam shows. So, the videos are not much entertainment for the people who love to see something professional.
  • There are only two options to set the video quality of any video available on their website. It is kind of annoying to watch a video in HD or SD. You would not want to see a video with a moderate quality, as most of the data conscious users want.
  • Not many models are live at any one particular time of the day. Due to the low number of models, you might not be able to see your preferred type of models. However, you can always have access to their pre-recorded videos if they save it on the site.
  • Users can have access to the professionals, or porn stars' private cam shows only if you are willing to pay them separately. It is costly as you have hired them just for yourself. So, you need to be worth leaving their public cam shows.
  • Most of the performers on the site ignore primary users who do not have any membership upgrade on the site. It is kind of disappointing to see all the rich people take fun away from basic users.
  • Ads create an unnecessary distraction from the man content. Some ads even redirect you to various sites if you accidentally click on them. These sites can often lead to fraud or data stealing.

Competitors of Cam Soda

Now, let us have a look at some websites which feature cam porn shows other than Cam Soda. After knowing so much about Cam Soda, you might think that it is the best website for cam shows.

But there are other websites out there that have some extra features which cover the limitations set by Cam Soda. For example, Chaturbate is a website where you can have fun on cams with individuals. It connects you randomly to a person on the other side.

They might be professional or just amateurs, but you are the only people interacting at that moment. It is not like a cam show hosted for all the people visiting the website. This way, you can have your private session free of cost.

Also, Camsters provide a large variety of content with more categories and genres than Cam Soda. The website is free and features more videos than Cam Soda on the homepage itself.

They feature the 'model of the week' on the homepage so the users can directly choose the best out of the menu without any kind of hesitation. Best categories are displayed at the top, and there is so much to choose from.

Customer Support 

The customer support team of Cam Soda is brilliant and helpful. It is an easy way to report any type of difficulty you face on your visit. From billing issues to technical issues, they are always ready to help you guys.

The separate option to report technical problems right away is one of the best features of Cam Soda. We can say that no other website will help their users the way Cam Soda does. You can chat with the technicians or team individuals to solve your problems.

There are links to every kind of technical difficulty that users face or the most frequently reported complaints. You can always contact them by email to get your doubts cleared.

Final Verdict

After taking a tour of Cam Soda and discussing the features and limitations of the same, I think I count Cam Soda as one of my favourite websites for cam porn. I enjoyed almost everything that they have to offer and found minimal minuses. They provide many great benefits and bonus stuff.

The features are cool and help the user throughout the experience. The only thing which I think is a big turn off is the quality settings. You can only switch between HD and average quality. But still, they are doing better than most of the websites out there who stream live cam porn.

As far as the price is concerned, it is a free website as long as you just want to watch videos of hot models. For access to more features, you need to pay some amount, which is quite reasonable, I think.

It also allows performers to register as models and start earning for themselves by doing cam shows now and then. Numerous reviews on CamSoda reflect that they provide excellent service, and those who like to chill after a tiring day can find everything with a free or premium membership.

Parting words

So this was all about Cam Soda and some of its eye-catching features as well as some drawbacks. It is a decent site for cam porn show lovers. The sexy and hot models will surely catch you off guard, and you won't regret the outcome at all.

If you have any experience surfing around the corners of Cam Soda, do let us know. I hope that I have covered most of the required features as well as limitations, but if you are still curious to know more and wish to solve your queries, just look for customer reviews online.

Contact us if you want any other site to be reviewed. So, no need to look for any other cam porn when Cam Soda has so much to provide!

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