Brazil Cupid Review (2020)

Brazil Cupid

Brazil Cupid is an online dating site that provides you with the opportunity of meeting Brazilian beauties online.

The member base of this site is spread worldwide, and many singles have found the love of their lives on this site.

While some people use this site to find true love and aim at marriage, some use this site only for casual dating.

If you are searching specifically for Brazilian singles to date, then this site will be perfect for you.

The best part about this site is that you do not need to be physically present in Brazil to interact with eligible Brazilian singles.

Brazil Cupid allows you to connect with Brazilian singles no matter what your location is.

This feature makes this site especially popular among those who do not want their geographical location to be a constraint for dating Brazilian beauties.

What makes Brazil Cupid different?

Brazil Cupid was founded in the year 2005 and is one of the most prominent websites that are being hosted by the network of Cupid Media. The site has more than a million members now, and they are spread throughout the world. This site also works great for Brazilians based out of Brazil.

Using Brazil Cupid helps these Brazilians date people from their country, even when they are not present in the country. Besides that, due to this site’s international customer base, people from different countries can contact Brazilians singles and date them as well.

The site is good for both serious relationships and casual dating. The registration process is quite simple, and the site is also very user-friendly and provides a lot of facilities for its paid members. As the first step of using Brazil Cupid, you  need to complete the registration process.

The registration process consists of three simple and easy steps. You  need to provide a picture of yours on the site to ensure better matches.  Then you need to complete your profile by filling up the information about yourself.

Once you have completed your profile, you will be able to browse through the profiles of different users and communicate with the ones having a premium account. The messaging service gets  upgraded for people who use a paid service.

The site has almost a huge number of 50,000 people  using it regularly. An overview of Brazil Cupid is provided below.

Site Statistics

  • Payment option – PayPal/ Bank transfer/ Credit card/ Paysafe card
  • Chat History – Yes
  • Advanced search options – Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site – Yes
  • Available in almost all countries
  • 48% of users are male and 52% are female

Website Performance Scores



User Experience

9 / 10

Member Satisfaction

8 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10

Customer Service

8.5 / 10

Availability Of Options

8 / 10

Overall Score

8.5 / 10

Website Overview

Web address:

Brazil Cupid is a dating site that aims at providing people with a chance to date Brazilian single people.

The site works all over the world, and thus, irrespective of your geographical location, you will be able to date Brazilian singles.

The site is mainly used by people who are looking for long-term and serious, committed relationships.  

brazil cupid lp

Most of the members of this site consist of divorced male members who are looking for a second chance at their love lives. The signing up process on Brazil Cupid is quite simple. The site allows you to use your Facebook id to get registered.

Once you register using your Facebook details, the profile created on Brazil Cupid will automatically sync with your Facebook profile. This means that many of your information fields will be filled up automatically.

However, if you wish to keep your Facebook account out of this, then you can use your mail id to get yourself registered. In that case, you will need to provide only your mail id and create a password. Make sure your password is secure and strong.

After you have signed up using your mail id, you  need to provide general information related to yourself to create a profile for getting matches.

Once you get registered and create your profile on Brazil Cupid, you will be able to contact the other members of this site. However, if you have a free account here, then you will only be able to contact the premium account holders.

Brazil Cupid provides certain exclusive features for its premium members. One such feature is the ‘Instant Messenger’ feature. This feature includes the benefits of having live video and audio chats.

Beautiful Brazilian Profiles on BrazilCupid

You can send messages to anyone using this feature , but if he/she is not a paid member of the site, then he/she will not be able to view that message. Two free account holders won’t be able to talk to each other, and one must have a paid account to have conversations via chatting.

There is also another feature that is called “Cupid Tags’. These tags refer to the words that you can add to your profile. When someone searches the site with the words ‘Cupid Tags’ your profile will pop up immediately. This helps in enhancing the chances of finding better matches on the site.

If you are looking for serious matches on Brazil Cupid, then you need to fill out the profile information field extensively. The site does not make it mandatory to complete the profile, but for your own better chances towards matches, you must complete your profile.

Another benefit of Brazil Cupid is that you will see a green tick on the profiles that have already been verified. The authorities also review the profile pictures before getting approved to be uploaded. This makes sure that there are no inappropriate profile pictures on the site.

The profile pictures are visible to everyone, be it a paid member of an unpaid one. You can also use the mobile application of Brazil Cupid on your android or iOS phone.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The free membership of Brazil Cupid is not very useful as it lacks various features that the paid memberships offer. As an unpaid member, you will only be able to view the profile pictures of every user and send messages to only premium members.

However, you will not be able to see any audio or video message sent to you by a paid member.

You will also not be able to have any conversation with another unpaid member. Brazil Cupid offers Gold and platinum membership plans for users who are willing to upgrade themselves to paid members and avail of most of the benefits out of the site.

The paid membership will ensure that you can talk to anyone on the site you want to and  avail the benefit of live audio and video chatting.

If you are looking for serious relationships on the site, then it is better to go for a paid membership as it will increase your chances of getting better matches on the site. Both Gold and Platinum memberships are available in different plans of 1 month, three months, and 12 months .

You can choose  a specific  plan that best suits your needs. The Gold membership costs 12.50 USD/month, 23.33 USD/month, and 34.99USD/month for 12 months, three months, and 1-month membership, respectively.

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If you want to be a Platinum member, then you  need to pay 10.00 USD/month for a one-month subscription and 20.00 USD/month and 29.98 USD/month for three and a 1-month of membership, respectively.

The pricing scheme of Brazil Cupid can be said to be average in comparison with the pricing of other dating sites. If you are a subscribed member, then generally, your profile gets auto-renewed. However, you can turn the auto-renewal off anytime you want.

If you keep your auto-renewal on, then, you will be billed for the period you have taken your subscription for. The subscription scheme is commitment-free, and you can opt-out of the site anytime you want to.

To make sure that your requests related to the turning on or off auto-renewal is rightly processed, you  can make any changes in the setting at least 48 hours before your membership plan is going to  end.

The payment methods on Brazil Cupid are completely safe, and you can be sure of your financial details being secured.


  • The registration process on the site is very simple, and you can get yourself registered in three simple steps. You can use your Facebook id or your g-mail details to complete your registration process. Once registered, you will be able to complete your profile extensively to get better matches.
  • Registering with your email id will not require you to verify your id, and that would save you some additional hassle.
  • The website gives you the facility to add ‘Cupid Tags’ to your profile to help it stand out from the rest. Having a cupid tag on your profile makes it more visible, and thus, you will find better matches with this tag.
  • If you are a paid member, then you will be able to enjoy live messaging services. You will also be able to send video and audio messages to other users and chat with them via text messages as well.
  • You will be able to see which members are online at the same time as you and will chat with them instantly. You can also send likes and other interests to the  members on the site. There is also a chat room specifically for  communicating with your matches. 
  • You can easily identify genuine profiles by seeing the green ticks that are displayed on a profile. You can be certain a profile with the green tick is verified.
  • The administration team always reviews the profile pictures before approving it . This makes sure that the content on the site is not inappropriate in any way.
  • In case some profile details are in some different language that you cannot understand, you can translate it into your language. In this way, you will be able to know about people despite having the language barrier.
  • In case you want to change some details on your profile, you can always do so after setting up the profile. The website lets you change your profile information anytime you want to.
  • You can also use Brazil Cupid on your phone by downloading the application that works both on android and iOS. The application is easy to use and will let you use the service anytime you want to.
  • The payment method on Brazil Cupid is quite simple and secure. You can also opt-out of your membership anytime you want to, and there is no commitment.


  • Brazil Cupid provides very little services to unpaid members of the profile. They are only  allowed to send messages to premium members, and  do not get the feature of live chatting. Unpaid members are also unable to view any audio or video messages sent by premium members.
  • A lot of profiles on the site are incomplete or empty as the site does not make it mandatory to complete the profile information. This leads to confusion and dissatisfaction while looking for matches.
  • There can be  profiles found that provide wrong information about themselves.
  • The design of the mobile application of Brazil Cupid is bland and outdated.
  • The subscription charges might appear to be high for some users.
  • The subscription charges might appear to be high for some users.The searching facilities on the site are not very advanced and can be enhanced.


If you are looking for sites that are  similar to Brazil Cupid, then you can try ParPerfeito or Badoo.

These sites are  like Brazil Cupid in some ways and also work as serious dating sites. There are also plans of paid and unpaid memberships and the benefits you will gather from these sites depending on the type of membership you choose.

Generally, the services offered to unpaid members are quite limited, and thus if you want to find some luck on these sites, you need to become a paid member. Make sure to know the various aspects of these sites and understand their policies before signing up on any of them.

You should also make sure that most of the profiles on the site are genuine, and you will not get cheated by chatting with someone holding a fake account.

Customer Support & Other Services

The customer support team of Brazil Cupid is quite active and helps  the consumers customers with various issues that they might face. However, the site owners generally urge the users to check their FAQ section before reaching for a customer care executive.

The FAQ section of the site is extensive, and most likely, you will find the answer to your queries there. In case you still have the confusion after checking the FAQ section, you should fill out the online form to reach the customer service professionals.

For filling out the online customer support form:

For viewing the FAQ section:

Final Verdict

Brazil comes a little closer to the world with the help of Brazil Cupid. The environment that this dating site provides is safe and full of fun, and through this site, you will be able to meet new people and connect with them.

The signing up process is  quite easy, and it will take you a few minutes to create your profile on the site. The more detailed your profile is, the more chances you  have to get better matches.

If you are a premium member of the account, then you will receive various benefits and will surely find your special someone. The security system of this site is quite high, and many times, the site has deleted profiles that seem suspicious.

However, there have been many complaints of the site deleting profiles without any valid reason. If you face such a similar situation, then you can always get in touch with the customer support team of Brazil Cupid.

Besides using the website, you can also use the mobile application of Brazil Cupid to enjoy hassle-free chatting and other services. The live audio and video message sending facility for the premium members makes it an attractive bonus for the users.

However, if you send any audio or video message to an unpaid member, he/she will not be able to view it. Only premium members can send and receive live audio or video messages.

Parting words

Brazil Cupid has both pros and cons like any other  website. If you are keen on dating Brazilian singles, then this is the ideal site.

The geographical locations will not serve as a barrier here, and you will be able to connect to Brazilian singles no matter where you are. You will be able to enjoy certain services even as a free member and thus there is no harm in giving Brazil Cupid a try.

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