BoyFun Review


If you are searching for a dedicated pornographic site where the users could immerse all their attention into premium gay porn videos, BoyFun should be your first destination.


  • Uploads frequently happen on this site; new video contents are upload thrice a week.
  • They give attention to video quality; they have mostly high definition videos and 4k videos.


  • However, the trial version costs $4.95, which lasts for mere days. Older videos are not available for mobile streaming due to their low quality.
  • Moreover, the site has many advertisements which could be easily mistaken as content.

This review will offer you more insight into its performance.

Every human being deserves to have fun, and if you are a guy who is into guys, then gay porn videos must be your absolute favourite. Well, lucky you, because there are tons of gay porn videos available online.

There are dedicated pornographic sites, which will help you to spice up your life with their unlimited videos and the best part is, some of the sites even have live sessions waiting for you too! Since we are talking about boys having fun, you can check out BoyFun.

Most of the pornographic sites have a lot of categories, but there are only a few who are dedicated to boy fun, but now you have a name. BoyFun started way back in 1998 in November. This site is committed to providing some of the best videos.

There are about 4000 exclusive videos, high-resolution photos, 4k featured movies, and also 24 x 7 live viewing action. BoyFun is at present the best gay porn website where you will get to see amateur boys. This site offers 720p content, and the good news is, there is no download limit.

Which means you can download as many videos as you want to watch later. So, let’s first give you all the details about BoyFun, before you hit the subscription button on their website.

What makes BoyFun popular?

Being one of the oldest gay porn websites, this is the largest and the longest-running site available today. It was launched in 1998 as BF Collection. However, they started adding videos only in 2005.

Being such an old site, they have videos from the early 2000s, and they have continuously added new videos.

There will be some mix action videos, as well as solo action too. The website is easy to navigate, it has an attractive layout where you will see the performers, it’s sleek, and all you got to do to know about a model is to click on the link, and there you go.

Once you click on any of the models, you will be redirected to their preview page. You will know who the model or models are, what is the rating, and when that video was added. Every detail will be available on that page. If you browse more, you will also get to read the description as well.

These descriptions are quite useful to know who the models are and whether they match with your taste or not. The guys' age will range from 18 to 24. Some of them are amateurs, some are slim and cute, and some are very handsome.

Whether you are into blonds, brunettes, or redheads, BoyFun has every one of them.

Just pick the one you would like to see, and you are good to go. To download the videos, they will be available in three of four sizes, and they will be saved on your computer in zip format. They can either be 640x360 or 1920x1080, and all of them are of good quality.

You should try the 4K videos though because the video quality is phenomenal. The videos under 4K section will be huge in terms of file size; they will be available in 3840x2160. Get ready to fantasise these dreamy boys because each video is tempting.

Don’t forget to watch the videos in full screen to enjoy more.


Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 271.93k

Looking at the estimated visit of 271.93k, you can see that this site has pretty good visitors.

Those who love to watch gay action, BoyFun is a dream come true for them.

This site post new scenes three times a week to make you feel tempted to become a member. 

boyfun porn 2-min

There will be two hardcore videos and one solo. And they upload these scenes on Tuesday and Friday, and finally on Sunday. It feels great to know that BF upload scenes pretty frequently to keep the audience entertained.

Not just this, if you go to the home page, you can see a coming soon tab as well, where you will get an idea about what is coming up next!

Along with the thousand tempting videos, there is more for you. There is a bonus content right under the Extra tab. This option is only for the members though, which means if you want to get access to bonuses, then you will have to become their member.

So, here, you can get full-length streaming videos, which are from different gay porn sites. Not just this, if you click on the links of those sites, you will get exclusive discounts as well when you sign up. Since gay porn is your taste, you can think of buying sex toys and movies too.

This site definitely has a boyish charm. There are boys as young as 18 years of age; their awkwardness is adorable. The main highlight of BoyFun is undoubtedly its video collection and the number of gay models they have, but we will have to give credit to the easy interface.

It is well organized, simple to use, and sleek. They have separated everything correctly and have different sections as well, which makes it a lot easier for the viewer to get access to what they want. Apart from this, you will get an advanced and a basic search as well.

Once you go to their website, you will see around 100 scenes. You can click on the one that interests you the most, and watch a small preview.

Read about the description about the ones who are performing, add comments on the videos, you can rate them, and if you would like, you can mark them as your favourite too. The model index tab will give you the basic stats about the model like where he is from, their size, and more.

BoyFun ensures to upload new videos three times a week so that the viewers get to enjoy more and more.

The reason why BoyFun is different from the other gay porn sites is that they have a lot of contents, and they hire new faces frequently as well. The way these young boys seduce you with their tempting moves will want you to watch them again and again.

The solo videos get uploaded on every Sundays, while the hardcore videos get uploaded on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Knowing that there are more than 4000 videos, there is a lot that will keep you busy for sure. We have talked about the bonus feature; let's talk about it a bit more. Under the Bonus Section, you will get to enjoy 22 videos and around 96 pictures.

These contents will be from different member sites, and these contents will also tempt you to join the member sites as well. However, you don’t have to join them to watch these bonus videos or check out the photos.

You can also try our BoyFun Live which is a third-party live cam site. Here you can chat with the models, that too for free; however, if you want to get into some action with them on a one-on-one, then this will cost you money per minute.


The price structure of BoyFun website is rather straightforward. To begin with, you will first have to become a member. To do that, you will have to enter your email ID and add a username.

Here’s the detail price structure for BoyFun:

  • 1 Month special- $19.95 per month
  • 3 Months special- $18.32 per month ($54.95 billed in one every 90 days)
  • 6 Months special- $14.95 per month ($89.70 billed in one every 180 days)
  • 12 Months special- $9.95 per month ($119.40 billed in every 365 days)
  • 3 Days trial- $4.95 for days (limited access trial offer)

If you are just a viewer, then you can only watch the preview of the models, however, if you would like to see their videos, then you have to register and become a member. Also, they don’t offer any free trial; however, 3-days trial pack is not bad at all.

Within three days, you will get access to everything, and you will be able to judge the site in and out. There are no downloading limits; you can download as many videos as you want to fantasize later.

Once you are satisfied with the videos and the content of BoyFun, you can then decide to choose any of their membership schemes. There are many cute boys, and regularly, you will get to see new faces.

If you are not looking for any hardcore action, then don’t worry, there are plenty of solo videos available to satisfy you. BoyFun currently has more than 3000 models, and there are more than 4000 videos and over 7000 photos, which are ready to get downloaded.

This site is mobile compatible, which means you will not have to rely on the computer to get into some actions. The best part about BoyFun is its superb mixture of solos and hardcore actions.

All the newer videos come in MP4 format, and they will be of 1920x 1080 resolution, but if you would like to download smaller sizes for your mobile phone, then that option is available as well.

Other than that, 4k videos with 3840x2160 HD resolution for better viewing experience are ready to be streamed as well.

But if you click on the older videos, then they will only be available in WMV format with 320x240 resolution. Not that they are not decent, but probably, you would like the newer stuff better. To talk about the pictures, there are more than 7000 pictures available currently on their site.

The newer images have two sizes with 684x1024 and 2000x3000 resolution. All the pictures are exceptional, and you can download as many as you want.

After you go through the sample content and some of the photos, we are sure that you wouldn’t be able to control your lust and end up watching a lot of videos because they upload quality content. Don’t forget to rate the model that you like and hit the favourite tab never to miss an update from them.

If you would like to know more about this site or want to check out the payment details, then don’t hesitate to visit

Site Statistics

  • Most popular models: Lucian Fair, Jean Gilliam, Ross Lawson, Noah Pierce, Maxxie Rivers, Liam Butler, Daniel Hausser, Alexander Light, Alex Faux, Tony Milak, Austin Cook, Dimitry Adamkov, David Swanson, Carlos Costa, Curtis Cameron, Ethan Wilder, Roman Capellini, Noah Blake, Drew Huxley, David Mannix, Justin Stone, Jacob Dolce, Brain Lambert, Axel Bolt, Jordan Jones, Alan Caine, Taylor Mason, Lucas Drake, Max Steven, Oliver Morgenson, Kaleb Cross, Cain Hale, Tobi Tease, and more.
  • Models: More than 3000 models. Ages from 18 to 24.
  • Model Appearance: Mainly whites, but there are a few blacks as well.
  • Body Type: Thin to athletic
  • Total number of videos: More than 4090
  • Average Length of the video: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Format#1: MP4 in 1920x 1080 resolution and 4k in 3840x2160 HD resolution
  • Bandwidth: Many bandwidths available
  • Image Quality: High definition images available at two sizes: 684x1024 and 2000x3000 resolution
  • Live Cam: Yes, but the third party
  • File Size: 1 GB to around 5 GB for HD quality, more than 8 GB for 4K
  • Buffer: Not more than 2 seconds
  • Download Limit: None
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Image quality






Content Amount






Streaming or Download




Bonus Score


Overall Score


boyfun porn 1-min

Competitors of BoyFun

BoyFun was started very early, and since then, gay porn lovers have visited this site regularly to watch gay porn content. This site is an absolute favourite among men who are into boys. They have a lot of models and even better content. You will enjoy your journey with BoyFun.

However, since there is not just one site which provides gay porn, it is evident that there will be competitors as well. These competitor sites are, SeanCody, RealityDudesNetwork, Bromo, Str8ToGay, Str8Chaser, BelamiOnline, RagingStallion, and more.

SeanCody seems to be the toughest competitor of BoyFun at present. This is called the powerhouse because it has the most extensive video collection for more than 5000 videos and has some of the hottest gay men as models.

The models that perform for SeanCody are of high quality, and that’s their benchmark. SeanCody started its inception in 2011. The videos will begin with some sequences, while the solos will begin with an interview. This site undoubtedly knows how to turn you on.

The next fierce competitor of BoyFun is RealityDudesNetwork, another gay porn video site, where fun never ends. Once you become their member, you will get access to seven different sites. The models for RealityDudesNetwork range from 20s to 30s and they are hot and tempting.

They offer 958 exclusive videos in high resolution, and one can play these videos easily on their mobile phone as well.

Just in case, if you are looking out for more fun, then hang on, don’t miss checking out Str8ToGay. This site is fun if you like a story in a porn video.

The models will pretend to come to meet his sister’s boyfriend and seducing her boyfriend or else there will be a boss who is getting served exclusively by a gay employee. Every video will have a storyline, and that’s what makes their videos highly entertaining and exciting as well.


  • Thrice a week new video content upload.
  • More than 4000 models to choose from.
  • They have high definition videos and 4k videos also.
  • The site is straightforward to navigate, and categories have been appropriately segregated.
  • A lot of guys in between 18 to 24 years of age.
  • Unlimited videos and photos download option.
  • One can watch these videos in mobile mode as well; many of them are compatible.


  • The trial service costs $4.95 for days
  • Older videos are rather low in quality
  • Older videos are not available for mobile streaming
  • Some ads can be mistaken for content


In case of any issue with video downloading or payment option, one can get a lot of answers from their support page, where they have already answered a lot of queries.

Just in case, if you fail to receive a solution for your question, then you can write to them at

One needs to include their username and password or order number. You can visit to get answers.

boyfun porn 3-min


When it comes to gay action, BoyFun is the right choice for you. The site has a massive collection of videos and photos, and along with that, there are over 4000 models as well. Even though the trial pack should have been made free, but this site will win a lot of gay porn lovers’ heart.

Parting Words

We hope this detailed review on BoyFun will help you know everything about this amazing gay porn. If you like what you read, then go ahead and try their trial subscription first. Keep visiting us for more exciting reviews because we have a lot more reviews coming your way soon!

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