Book of Matches Review (2020)

Book of Matches

Book of Matches is a dating site which is pretty evident from its name. However, it does not entertain only a particular religion or dating niche.

It is essentially a matchmaking service for singles, but there are lots of married, divorced, and single parents here as well.

Moreover, here you will find members of different preferences, religions, and races.

If you are seeking dating service for free then Book of Matches, popularly known as BOM would prove to be a splendid choice!

We have seen many premium dating sites until now that provide numerous basic and advanced features. However, today we will be looking at a site that provides all these features without any price tag. The name of this site is Book of Matches!

Many dating sites on the internet claim to be free but they have hidden costs inside.

Some of the most important features come with a price tag and therefore, you cannot call them a free site. However, that isn't the case with BOM. It offers everything for free, including instant messages, email messages, and much more.

Also, it will never ask you for your credit card details. Therefore, you can register on this site without any preconceived notions. It provides many privacy options to the members, which enables them to keep their information away from strangers.

The quality of the matches is also up to the mark, and they even provide a quality score for every profile, which depends on how they utilize this dating platform. Book of Matches supports straight, gay, and lesbian relationships.

Also, you can indulge in online dating, casual relationship, a serious relationship or even friendship on this site. It supports both short time and long-time relations. Therefore, it pretty much works for everyone.

What are the noteworthy features of the Book of Matches?

The Book of Matches is a dating platform that works as a social media platform as well. It allows members to send requests to each other. You can see certain details like blogs, images, personality tests, etc. only when that person accepts your friend request.

This even keeps your private data safe from scammers. Moreover, you can add members to your favourite list as well. BOM is a free dating site, but some of its features are better than premium dating sites. For example, you can set certain preferences in your profile based on gender, age group, location, etc.

Now, only the members that match these preferences can contact you via email or direct messages. Thus, Book of Matches helps you to stay away from people who do not suit your dating requirements. Members can even send winks to each other.

This not only acts as an icebreaker, but it also can be used to flirt with members who are already your friends. Each member is associated with a quality score. The quality score is calculated based on whether you are using all its features or not.

This score can range from zero to a hundred and is always displayed on your profile. Members with a better-quality score are likely to receive more requests and winks. Users who achieve a quality score of 100 get a mark of certification which is displayed near your display picture.

The quality certificate provides numerous benefits to the users. For example, members who have a quality score of 100 can exchange email addresses and numbers with each other. Not only that but it also provides several other benefits.

You can add more pictures, write blogs, participate in personality tests, create a detailed profile, and message to maximum members to increase your quality score. Currently, Book of Matches allows you to upload as many photos as you want your friends to see.

book of matches

Your friends can view your photos and like them and similarly, you can also see and like their photos. Currently, only members of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States can create a profile on this portal. However, it might try to reach members of other countries in the future.

Its official language is English, but they might try to include other languages in the coming time. Registering on BOM is very simple, and you will need only a couple of minutes to complete this process. Also, you can choose to fill the additional details once you have created a profile.

You will have to choose a unique username while registering and it will be used as your name on BOM. Therefore, be careful while selecting a username. If some of the details are too personal for you or if you are not comfortable in entering that particular fields, then you can leave them blank.

This avoids the sharing of crucial information with anyone. However, we recommend you provide as many details as you can because people with detailed profiles appear in more results and their profiles match with more members.

As a result, they have a better chance of meeting a person that suits their dating preferences. Book of Matches allows you to enter your physical stats such as eye colour, height, body weight, body type, hair colour, etc.

You can also enter your relationship status and the relationship that you are looking for in your profile. For example, if you are already in a relationship and have come here only for finding friends, then you can update these sections likewise.

You can also add your educational background and salary details if you are comfortable in sharing these details. Users can add many other details to attract matches of the same or opposite gender.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Instant messenger, blogs, forum
  • The average number of users at a time – 10K
  • The average monthly visitors – 322.80K
  • Fake profiles – Yes
  • Transgender profiles - No
  • Bisexual profiles – Yes 
  • Is it safe? – Yes
  • Dating niche – Casual Dating, friendship, and serious relationships

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Ease Of Use

10 / 10

Real Profiles

9 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

10 / 10


9 / 10

Search And Filter

10 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10 (Free)

Value For Money

10 / 10


10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

95 / 100

Website Overview 

Website address –

Average visits per month – 322.80K

The website of BOM looks old-fashioned. However, the layout is clutter-free, and navigation is seamless, and that's what matters the most.

It was launched in 2002, which means that it has been around for the last 18 years.

book of matches lp

It was founded to help like-minded people to come close and engage in a fruitful relationship. Book of Matches was one of the earliest introducers of live video chats, but sadly, this feature isn't available anymore on this site. 

It matches profiles based on different criteria like sex, religion, smoking habits, fitness, work habits, travel preferences, pet preferences, and much more. Therefore, there is a high chance of meeting someone who matches your preferences exactly.

Many individuals have found true love and have married after meeting through this site if you want to read more information than you can access the 'About Us' page. The homepage is mostly a registration page with bits of information about the site's features here and there.

There is a login option at the top where you can enter your username or email id and password for logging into your profile. There is a section on the homepage named 'find someone local'. It lets new visitors browse the profiles that are living in or near their city or region.

Book of Matches Review

It is a good feature to check out the quality of matches. You can also see how the type of information that the other members have provided in their profile through this section. After that, you will find some details regarding the features of BOM.

The pages like login, contact us, about us, etc. are provided at the bottom of its homepage. New visitors do not get to access or have a look at its dating services and features. Every member gets a scrapbook in his/her profile where they can enter their photos. The upper limit of the photos is 14.

You can allow everyone to view your photos or you can make it visible only for your friends. Users can even add background colours, borders, and frames to their images. Members can post a daily bulletin to let other members know about the current events and happenings of your life.

The bulletin gets added to your profile, and you can also share it with your friends via email. The creators of this site haven't provided a dedicated page for support services and are expected from most of the free sites. Members can also suggest matches to other members who are on their friend list.

It has many more interactive features that we will be discussing in the coming sections. Overall, it is a cool site with dope features.  It provides more features than most of the free dating sites and therefore, you can think of becoming a member if you live in one of the three countries mentioned above!

Pricing & Membership Fees

All the features and options of Book of Matches are offered at a zero cost. Therefore, there is no need to subscribe to any premium plans. You just have to create a profile and start interacting with other members to see if you find your dream date!


  • Members can write their blogs and post on the forums. These blogs are also featured on their profile page.
  • Your friends and other members can comment on these blogs. It provides a cool way to interact apart from regular chatting and messaging options.
  • Members can chat via instant message, or they can participate in group chats. If you don't want to use the instant messenger, then you can turn it off so that your friends do not find you online.
  • The mailbox allows members to send and receive email messages from each other. They can even send emoticons through these emails.
  • The mailbox can be made private so that only your few selected friends can access it. This can be done by using the privacy options provided by the site.
  • The Book of Matches allows you to send friend requests to other members.
  • Members can write some blogs or upload photos only for some friends. For that, you will need to inform them via the instant messenger first.
  • You can give a shout-out to other members to make them famous. You can either praise them or mention some cool things that you like about them. However, these testimonials or shout-outs get posted only after getting approval.
  • Users can add unlimited members in their crush or favourite list.
  • Book of Matches provides a forum that has 22 different threads or topics. These topics allow members to discuss friendship, relationship, interests, etc. and also permit them to share their dating experiences with other members.
  • If you find a post or photo inappropriate, then you can report them.
  • If a person troubles you by sending emails, then you can block them from your mail list.
  • BOM allows you to browse profiles of other members discreetly. This means that you will not be visible to other members while you are checking their profiles or any other profile.
  • Members can search for other members using multiple filters such as age, location, online status, and gender. They can also set the location range of searches between 50 and 200 miles.
  • Users can also set the filter that only searches the profiles that have profile pictures in them.
  • Users can also take up personality tests that analyze the nuances of their emotions and behaviour. It has 20 personality tests as of now.
  • Members can also play flash games to spend their leisure time.
  • You can enter your relationship expectations, interests, and hobbies, etc. in the essays section of your profile.
  • Users can also select a headline to impress other members and friends. This headline appears on the top of your profile.
  • Members can use both basic and advanced search tools to find the profiles of their choice.
  • It has thousands of online users at any given time. This means that you get to mingle with multiple users at a time to examine which among them suits your dating needs.


  • Book of Matches offers dating services to only citizens of the United States, Canada, and the UK. As a result, members of other countries cannot use this dating portal.
  • This also limits the dating options of the members as they are not able to mingle and interact with people of different ethnicities, communities, races, and countries.
  • The website looks old and incompetent. It seems like the makers of BOM have stopped upgrading it, and therefore you might not get any new and modern features anytime soon.
  • BOM works fairly well on Android and tablets, but they haven't launched their app yet. This limits the overall experience of mobile users.
  • The male to female ratio of this site is 4:1. Therefore, male members might not find enough options as compared to female members.
  • The video chatting option is not provided anymore to users. The audio chatting option also seems to be missing.


Many websites are offering free dating services on the internet. However, few among them are as good as Book of Matches. Connecting Singles is a free dating site that has thousands of active users. 

Moreover, its male to female ratio is 3:1, which means that male members have more options as compared to BOM. It also provides a huge number of features like blogs, polls, forums, quizzes, etc. which makes it much more interesting. Its website is also much better as compared to BOM.

Flirtbox is another dating site that runs well on both desktops and mobiles. Moreover, it allows members of many countries to date, find friends, and mingle with each other. Also, its website has a much better interface and layout.

Therefore, users can communicate with each other without any disturbances. You can also download its android app to access all its features. All its features can be accessed without purchasing any premium plan, and this is perhaps its coolest aspect!

These are the websites that are on par with Book of Matches.

Customer Support & Other Services 

BOM does not have a page reserved for customer support services. However, you can share your issues, complaints, or express your suggestions or feedback through an email. This is the email address that you can use for contacting them - [email protected]

Final Verdict

Book of Matches is a free dating portal that has plenty of amazing features. It lacks in some areas such as website design, modern dating features, etc. However, as a free user, you get many options to find a romantic partner or friend. Therefore, we will certainly recommend it to all our readers.

Parting words

BOM has introduced a new dimension to relationships known as an activity partner. Register today to explore it and all of its other features!

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