BlackPeopleMeet Review (2020)


If you are an African-Americans looking for an online site where you could find people to establish partnerships of any kind, Black People Meet will wholeheartedly cater to your needs.

Black People Meet is a niche dating website, so it will specifically focus on the needs of the African-American community. 


  • It does not restrict people of other communities to join. 
  • The signup process is fairly simple, and the website layout is organized and clean. 


  • However, even the most basic services of a dating site, like messaging, need to be paid for. 
  • Also, the website does not ensure proper screening of the users. 

The review shall further inform in detail some of its basic features.

As millennials, we live in a digital age, and all our actions revolve around technology. Why should finding love be any different then? Dating sites are all the hype amongst youngsters today, many of us join them daily to interact with strangers in the hope of finding someone we like and can date.

Launched in 2002, Black People Meet is one of a kind dating site that has been created especially for African-Americans who are looking for partnerships. Be it a new friend or a casual date, a long-term relationship or even the prospect for marriage,

Black People Meet connects all of them under one roof. What is pleasantly surprising about this dating site is that anyone can register on the website, even if they do not belong to the African-American community because love and friendship knows no bounds.

Let’s understand how Black People Meet creates a safe dating environment and why it has gained so much popularity amongst its audience over the years.

What makes Black People Meet popular?

There are so many dating sites out there today one can’t think of something new or interesting happening in any of them.

Black People Meet has been breaking this perception with its foundational concept itself, the website is dedicated to providing a platform to African-Americans who wish to look for dating prospects in a safe environment.

It’s not that other dating websites and applications do not allow the people of this demographic section to connect. But, it is still difficult for black people to find partners, especially if they are looking for someone from within a similar ethnic group.

Black People Meet removes this issue because it puts all the attention towards a single ethnic group that wishes to meet new people the digital way. The website has an easy sign-up process and ensures that detailed profiles are created by the users so that they can find suitable matches.

The website itself has a clean layout and an easy-to-use interface. It has no restriction in terms of signing up on the website and is open to users regardless of their sexual preference, who may currently be single, divorced or widowed.

This is why the website is not only popular amongst African-Americans, but also amongst people of other ethnicities who may have an attraction or inclination towards black men and women.


Website link –

Estimated Active Members (weekly) – 30,000

Black People Meet is the biggest dating website for African-Americans and has been providing its services to users since 2002.

It is a niche-website and is closely related to, which is its parent website. The members over the website largely include African-Americans.


Still, a noticeable group of users belong to different races and ethnicities, who are interested in finding a partner that belongs to the black community.

While some of the services provided by Black People Meet are free, others are paid, because of which two groups of customers are currently using the website.

The users who have not paid any fee can use the essential website but do not have access to chat options. On the other hand, the complete range of services are available to users who pay a monthly fee to access and use the website.

Multiple options have been provided over the site to interact with other users. A user can not only message to another user but can also send ‘flirts’, ask questions of their choice, like their pictures and even get notifications of others being online.

There are also different ways of customizing one’s profile to attract more suitors and matches. There is an extensive range of filters available on the site that can be applied based on location, age, preference, etc. to find a suitable match.

Multiple paid features can be used by users to get better results. For example, the PromoteMe feature allows users to promote their profiles and gain more attention from other users by appearing at the top of their search results.

The ConnectMe feature can be used by those people who wish to connect with their matches over call but aren’t willing to share their numbers. In such a situation, they can use the paid services provided by Black People Meet and connect with their match through a disposal phone number.

Along with these features, a user can even check profiles of users who have checked their profiles. The MatchMe feature is also interesting as it allows the users to appear more often in the list of daily matches.

Virtual gift can be bought at the website through tokens, which can be gifted to show interest and attention to the matches.

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Comparison Chart 

In the below comparison chart we will see the difference in weekly logins and US memberbase of AfroIntroductions, Black People Meet, and Zoosk:


Site Statistics

  • 16,000 daily logins
  • Over 5 million users of the website across the globe
  • About 30,000 members are active daily
  • 45% of the members are males, while 55% members are females
  • 90% of the members belong to USA
  • Sign-up process takes about 2-3 minutes
  • A maximum of 30 photos can be posted by users
  • Photos can be imported from Facebook Profiles
blackpeoplemeet members


  • Black People Meet is a niche dating website with a specific focus upon the users belonging to the African-American community.
  • There is no restriction or bar upon the people from different ethnicities to sign up on the website.
  • The website layout is organized and clean.
  • The signup process is fairly simple, and so is it to use the website post-sign-up.
  • Multiple options are available to the users through which they can customize their profiles.
  • Many options for messaging and communication have been provided to users.
  • The ‘message ideas’ available on the website will help users in choosing customized questions and lines to break the ice and start a conversation the smart way. The messages can be questions such as ‘What is your hidden talent?’ or interesting pick-up lines.
  • Apart from normal messages, questions and ‘flirts’ can be sent to other users.
  • A notification of being online can also be sent to another user when one is available to interact.
  • Virtual gifts can be sent to the other user.
  • Multiple filters have been provided through which profiles can be sorted, and a suitable match can be found to chat with.
  • The feature of an instant live chat is available on the website.
  • The privacy of pictures or videos uploaded in the profiles can be changed by each user to suit their needs.
  • Profiles can be promoted on the website to attract more matches by paying through tokens.
  • Paid services can be used for creating the profile by users who may not be good at it. The representatives of the company will create and write a profile on your behalf using the ProfilePro option. 
  • The site also provides a ConnectMe feature through which a user can connect with another user on a phone call without having to share their numbers.


  • Even though profiles can be edited in multiple ways, some basic and necessary detail options remain missing.
  • The most basic services of a dating site, like messaging another user is only available if paid for. The website is of not much use for users who don’t wish to pay for the services.
  • No refunds can be accessed on the cancellation of subscriptions.
  • All the payments, be it monthly fees to access the website or the tokens used for different services, are auto-renewable. This means that users have to keep a check on their payments and renewal dates constantly. Also, users who may no longer be active over the website have to make special efforts to go back and unsubscribe.
  • There isn’t any extensive security policy over the site because Black People Meet conducts no proper screening of the users.
  • The customer service of the site, as well as the option to ask basic or general questions about the site, are not up to mark.
  • The matchmaking algorithm of Black People Meet is not very efficient and exciting.


Black People Meet is a site where most of the services, both basic and premium, are paid. The users who do not pay a monthly or half-yearly fee can only browse the website but cannot use it for interacting with other users over the website.

The subscription rates of the website are cheaper than most online dating sites. Still, one of the issues is their deceptive pricing since they have mentioned weekly pricing instead of monthly or quarterly plans.

It can be very common and obvious for the users to assume that the weekly pricing is actually for a whole month in the first look. The monthly price of membership at Black People Meet is $16.75 U.S., whereas the quarterly plan comes up to $38.97, i.e. $12.99 for each month. 

If a user pays for six-months, they are charged $65.94, which comes down to $10.99 for every month. These payments are made in lump-sum each time and are auto-renewable. 


  • Monthly plan - $16.75
  • Quarterly plan - $38.97
  • 6-month plan - $65.94

Credit package: 

  • 25 credits - $0.99
  • 110 credits - $3.99
  • 280 credits - $9.99

Apart from the monthly, quarterly and six-monthly plans, ‘tokens’ can also be bought by the users to use for specific services such as promoting your profile or buying virtual gifts for your matches.

These tokens can be bought at the cost of $1 for 25 tokens, $4 for 110 credits or $10 for 280 tokens, where most the services accessible through tokens are a minimum of $20 each. Like basic plans, the tokens are also auto-renewable. 

The payments at Black People Meet can be made through credit cards, PayPal or cheques. The prices are inclusive of taxes, though the users are required to pay a one-time processing fee of $3.99.

The only upsetting part about Black People Meet and its payments methods is that all payments are auto-renewable, and it is expected from the users to take care of their subscriptions constantly to avoid any deductions or charges.

Competitors of Black People Meet

Several other dating websites are available across the world. A few of the competitors of Black People Meet are highly popular dating sites such as Tinder, Match and Bumble that are being used by millions of people across the world to find someone they can connect with.

Other websites such as Zoosk and Elite Singles are also dating platforms with a different ideology.

For example, Elite Singles not only helps you meet a partner with whom  you can connect emotionally but also in terms of intellect and ambitiousness which is done by using specific algorithms to match singles with similar characteristics and traits.

Despite having a lot of competitors, Black People Meet stands out only because it specifically targets the singles from a specific community and provides them with a platform to meet one another.

Victoria Milan


Victoria Milan is a dedicated dating platform for those who are interested in cheating their partners. Both committed individuals and married couples can use this site to meet interesting partners for hook-ups and casual encounters. 

In case your partner starts doubting you, you can use the panic button to delete your profile automatically. The registration process is easy and straightforward as well.

This site provides a special feature that enables you to interact with members of specific countries.  Messaging options are provided only to premium members and you can also use a mobile app to explore its features.

Overall, it is a perfect site for illicit and casual relationship seekers. However, it is not a dedicated site for African singles like Black People Meet and its premium plans are slightly expensive as well.


AfroIntroductions is a dating community of African singles that is a part of the Cupid Media Network. More than 2.5 million people have registered on this site till date and most of its members come from USA, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, etc. 

Email verification of profiles is not done and therefore, there is a possibility of coming across some fake profiles while using this site. You can even sign-up using your Facebook account. 

Overall, it is a good site for connecting with men and women of African origin and the quality of profiles is also satisfactory.


Zoosk is not a dedicated site for finding suitable African matches but it has millions of members from various regions of the globe. As a result, you will find many eligible African men and women who use this site for making friends or meeting someone special. 

The website has a modern interface and the interface of mobile is also user-friendly. Messaging option is only offered to premium users but sending a heart or smile to attractive profiles will not cost you anything.


Black People Meet does not have an extensive range of options through which they can be contacted by a customer or a user of the website.

They have a list of basic questions available on the website that constitute the most commonly asked questions and queries of the customers, along with the relevant support and answers for each of them.

Such questions can be scanned and filtered through categories such as matches and searching, account info and settings, technical issues, etc. The company is active on some social media platforms and can be contacted here –

No phone number or contact email has been provided by the company through which customers may be able to contact them with their queries.


  • How to check who likes me on Black People Meet?

It is easy to find if someone likes you on this site. For that, you just have to click on the ‘Activity’ section on the homepage and in this section you will find the list of members who are interested in you. 

  • Why does Black People Meet employ a photo verification system?

Once you upload a photo it takes 24 to 48 to get the approval from the admins since they verify whether your photo meets all the guidelines. This system ensures that the members do not upload offensive or sexually explicit images. 

  • Is this site only meant for Black singles?

No, anyone who is above 18 years of age can join this site. Therefore, this site is also useful for individuals who are interested in dating men and women of African origin. 

  • Do I have to pay anything for accessing its trial plan?

No, all the features of the trial plan are offered for free. 

  • How can I pay for the membership plans on Black People Meet?

Payment can be processed via a credit card or PayPal. 

  • Black People Meet sounds racist. Is it true?

Even though there are a lot of speculations about BPM being a racist site, it is completely false because men and women of all races can join it. 

  • How to cancel the premium subscription of this site?

For cancelling the premium subscription, you only have to go to the ‘My Account’ section by clicking on the icon that can be found on the right side of the top corner of your monitor.

After that, you need to select the ‘View Account Status’ where you will find the option of cancelling the auto renewal of BPM’s premium subscription.

Love stories

Megan Ray - " I always found dark men handsome and cute at the same time. Therefore, when I joined Black People Meet I was clear about the fact that I wanted to date an African guy who is tall and looks decent.

Finally, after a week of scrolling through profiles, I met Roy who looked perfect and when I contacted him I found him to be very down to earth and polite. 

In fact, I fell for him within 2 weeks of our first interaction and I took the initiative to propose to him. We eventually decided to meet after a month or so and found that we connected with each other.

After a year we both married and I’m so happy to have registered on Black People Meet that I cannot define it in words! "


Sleth Ruther - " Being a man of strong African roots, I was always keen on meeting somebody who believed in African culture and traditions. Luckily, I met Ana who was born and brought up in the US but her Afro-American ancestry allowed her to take good things from both the cultures. 

After a few months of regular texts and calls, I wanted to propose to her for a date but ended up asking her for marriage. My ears went dumb with disbelief when she agreed and we married in 2017.

Three years have passed happily and I’m very thankful towards Black People Meet for making us fall in love! "


Black People Meet is, without a doubt, one of the unique dating sites that is available to people across the globe. It is great for African-Americans who are looking for partners with similar ethnicities or even others who may be interested in African-American men and women.

Apart from having a unique concept, the website of Black People Meet is highly user-friendly with an easy and quick signup option.

There are a myriad of options and features available on the website that can be used by the users such as getting your own profile written from the company itself, highlighting your profile to gain more matches, connecting with your matches on phone calls without actually sharing numbers and sending virtual gifts to show interest in other users.

The users can create their profiles in different ways and add a large number of pictures (maximum 30).

BlackPeopleMeet Review

Facebook pictures can also be imported in the profile. Another highlight of the website is that it allows the users to send specific notifications to matches when online and helps them break the ice through previously created yet relatable messages that can be sent to other users.

With so many options and features available, the chatting experience becomes more fun and better for the users. There are multiple filters available to be used to find a perfect match and using such services are bound to enrich the experience of those who are keen on finding love for themselves.

The more time and money you invest in this dating site, the more you are likely to find matches of your choice.

There are only a few drawbacks attached to the dating site such as the requirement to pay for both basic and premium services, auto-renewal of these payments and next to no customer support available for the users.

If these factors do not bother you, there is no reason why you should not sign up on Black People Meet right away!

Parting Words

There are a large number of dating sites available to be used by people today. There is bound to be a lot of confusion and hesitation in joining such sites, especially when one like Black People Meet requires to be paid to access their services.

This is why we reviewed the site and platform for you, and we hope that we were able to clarify all of your doubts about Black People Meet. We also hope that now you will be able to make an informed choice about joining this dating site.

If you liked our review, stay connected with us for more of similar reviews. We assure that you only invest your time on the best dating sites to find love and connections. 

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