Black Valley Girls Review (2020)

Black Valley Girls

If you are looking for beautiful black girls who can satiate your deepest fetishes, then Black Valley Girls would be the best adult site for you.


  • There are tons of categories as well as a massive collection of videos and pornographic images.
  • Black Valley Girls is exceptional in terms of the design and navigations as well as offer tons of unique features to provide you a hassle free experience.


  • The navigation at the site can be difficult and confusing.
  • The content of the website does not get updated regularly.

This review covers detailed aspects of the site including analytics as well as its unique features along with pros and cons followed by other expert’s performance scores.

With the help of this review, you will be familiar with the site and can choose whether this will be a perfect fit for you or not.

Black Valley Girls is the site where black girls are the stars of their shows. It is usual to find porn videos where black girls are dominated by white men and rarely, black girls are seen in charge of the act.

At Black Valley Girls, this is changed because the site offers a large number of videos which exclusively show black girls in different sexual acts and taking charge of the story. Black Valley Girls is a niche black porn site and is dedicated to providing several porn videos of the hottest black women.

What makes Black Valley Girls popular?

Black Valley Girls is a niche black porn site which is focused upon black girls who are beautiful and powerful and can take control of the act of sex.

The site is capable of satisfying the preferences and fantasies of the people who are interested in watching black porn videos. Interracial videos excite some viewers, and they prefer to watch black girls on the screen.

Black Valley Girls makes that possible by providing full HD and high-quality videos of black girls. The allowance to download the videos and to access exclusive content is a huge attraction point for Black Valley Girls.


Website link –

Estimated Visits – 155.17K

Black Valley Girls was launched in the year 2017 and is a part of the Team Skeet Network.

The site is new and the number of uploads on the site currently are fairly low. 

black valley girls-min

The site has a few high-quality videos that have been shot professionally and have a certain theme to each one. The videos are available in different resolutions, and the highest possible resolution for the videos is 1080p in high-definition.

Currently, the site has about 45 videos that have been updated with time since the launch of the website. The frequency of updating the videos at Black Valley Girls is about one video a month.

Though, the frequency of upload at Black Valley Girls is very slow, because of which the site has not grown much since its launch in terms of the gallery of videos and pictures. All of these videos are available for both streaming and downloading. All of the videos at Black Valley Girls come with a set of photos.

These photos are available in high definition and can be downloaded by the users in zip files for their collections. Black Valley Girls is largely a paid network, which means that the videos are only accessible with a membership.

Regardless, a lot of videos are shown on the site that the viewers do not have access or permission to view. The site has a beautiful layout, but the overall navigation seems to be a little off because it can be confusing and hard to surf through.

The site is mobile-friendly, which means that it can be accessed through desktops as well as mobile browsers. There are various other features too which include tags on the videos which can be used to view related videos as well as to search for the videos that may be preferred.

There are some advanced filters as well that can be used to search for different videos based on the taste of each viewer. Apart from this, the site does allow the users to add the videos in their lists of favourites, while also being able to rate and review the videos after watching them. 

The reviews in the comments are accessible to all members.

The women at Black Valley Girls are mostly young teenagers who are both cute and hot with great bodies.

They are shown in a much different light as opposed to the various stereotypes that are attached to black women in the porn industry.

Apart from watching black couples in action, various videos can be found with interracial couples and even lesbians.

The videos on Black Valley Girls are scripted and show the black girls as rich and powerful who wish to have sex with different white men.

Since the scenes are scripted, these girls are mostly shown going after white men who they might find on the road, their stepfathers and even boyfriends. The girls are mainly in the age groups of 18-23. The content at the site is very exclusive and can only be accessed through membership.

Also, the speed of streaming and downloading videos is great. The average time for the videos is about 20-30 minutes, in which the scene is usually set with a backstory, and then the actual sex scenes emerge eventually.

While watching the videos, viewers can easily jump forward and back to watch the parts of the video that they like. Each video has a small trailer that viewers can watch before choosing to watch the entire  video. There are also about 150 pictures in each set of photos in the gallery at Black Valley Girls.

The site does not have a model index which means that the viewers can access no information or stats about the models in the videos. One of the downsides of Black Valley Girls is the fact that the site does not have a large amount of content, nor are porn videos updated regularly.

Further, the site is one of the standalone sites even though it belongs to the Team Skeet Network. This means that the membership that is paid at the Black Valley Girls site is limited to provide access to the very few videos that have been uploaded there.

Extended access to any of the bonus sites of the network is not available through this membership.

Since the quality and content of the videos at Black Valley Girls is extremely good, it would have been a lot better if the site was uploading content regularly or at least providing access to some of the bonus sites of the network. There is no limit on the daily downloads for members.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The pricing of Black Valley Girls is probably one of the main highlights of the site. Being a new site, the prices are slightly lesser than other niche sites in the porn industry. The membership can be subscribed for at the site on a monthly and yearly basis.

The price for one month of membership costs $24.87 but can often be found at a discounted price of $17.87. The yearly membership, on the other hand, costs $119.40. Each of these memberships are auto-renewed.

The membership provides entry and unlimited access to the site’s content but is limited to the content of the site only and cannot be used on any other bonus sites of the Team Skeet Network. ​

The payments can be made through different payment modes such as Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and even Discover or JCB.

Site Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

5 / 10

Image / Video Quality

10 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

4 / 10

Download / Streaming

10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

7 / 10

Overall Performance

8 / 10

Site Statistics

  • There currently are about 45 videos on the site
  • All videos are accessible in HD formats
  • Streaming and downloading is allowed
  • Average playtime for each video is 30 minutes
  • There is no limit of daily downloads
  • 1080p and 12000k formats are available for streaming and download
  • More than 45 picture sets are available with 150 pictures in each set
  • Picture resolution is 1536*1180 for each image

Competitors of Black Valley Girls

Black Valley Girls is a new baby in the porn industry and faces intense competition from the number of sites that are already providing niche porn videos to the viewers, both on a free and paid basis.

A few of the paid sites that are providing ebony porn or black porn videos are Teeny Black, Tanda Ebony, Ghetto Gaggers and Black GFs. The porn videos provided by these platforms are very similar to the videos being produced and provided by Black Valley Girls.

The only reason why Black Valley Girls can eventually become a very popular site and cope with the competition is that the site is providing excellent, fresh and exclusive content. But so far, its gallery is way too limited to compete with the other sites.


  • Black Valley Girls is a niche site with black porn videos, where black girls are being shown differently in the videos as opposed to the cliché ideologies about black women in porn videos.
  • The videos have Ddifferent scripts and scenarios that portray black girls as rich, powerful and willing to have sex with any white men around them.
  • The site of Black Valley Girls is beautiful and has been created with several features.
  • The members can add videos liked by them in a favourites list. They can also comment on the videos to share their reviews.
  • The videos are available in HD formats and are extremely high in quality, capturing the minutest details in the videos.
  • The content is exclusive and available just on the site of Black Valley Girls.
  • There are not many ads or pre-crossed sales on the membership page.
  • The membership of Black Valley Girls is slightly cheaper than similar niche sites.
  • A gallery of both videos and pictures is available for access to the members of the site.
  • The video pages consist of a trailer that can be viewed before watching the video, to get an idea about the content of the video.
  • Each video has a set of pictures with at least 150 high-resolution shots which can be downloaded by the members.
  • The members can download the videos in high quality, and there is no cap on the downloads.
  • The ratings and comments of each video are visible to all members, providing them with an idea about how good or bad the video is.
  • A discount on the price of the membership is often available and can be used by new members.
  • All the videos play for an average duration of 30 minutes, and the scene or plotline is divided well.
  • Tags and advanced filters can be used by the members to search for the videos of their choice.
  • The models at Black Valley Girls are all young, in the age group of 18-23. They are all beautiful and cute, along with being fit and toned, which is why all of them have great bodies.


  • The site does have exclusive content, but it is fairly new and does not have a lot of videos. There are barely 45+ videos on the site which are too few to buy a membership for.
  • The site does not get updated regularly. The earlier frequency of updates was once in a month, but lately, the site has been getting updated at larger intervals. This is keeping the site from growing further and is reducing the amount of content that can be viewed by members.
  • The membership of the site is limited to Black Valley Girls only and does not provide access to any of the bonus sites of the Team Skeet Network. This is rather strange in today’s time when most new sites are providing additional access to other memberships.
  • The plans are auto-renewed, which means that the members have to be very careful about the end of their memberships so that they can cancel the same before renewal.
  • The membership is only available for either one month or a whole year. There is no in-between plans for the membership at Black Valley Girls.
  • Some of the videos are very similar because their plotlines are repetitive, with different actors.
  • The navigation at the site can be difficult and confusing.
  •  No model index can provide any information and bio of the different models whose videos are available on the site.

Customer Support

Black Valley Girls has ensured that they can provide help and support to their members. This is why a dedicated customer service page has been created by the site through which the members can share their problems and issues.

The help page provides four big icons of the most common issues that are faced by the users. These include a forgot password icon, a submit ticket icon, a cancel membership icon and a FAQs icon.

Apart from these, the site has provided an email ID upon which members can email their issues and problems, and the resolution is provided to them through a reply on their mails.


Black Valley Girls is a new site in the porn market, which is focused on showing black girls in porn videos in a manner that is very much opposed to the cliché perceptions about black girls. The girls at Black Valley Girls are young and rich.

They take charge of the videos, and the content of the videos is very interesting.

The girls are not only beautiful and attractive but also fall in the age group of 18-23 years. Black Valley Girls is a site that provides high quality and high definition videos that can be streamed and downloaded by the users without any limit.

Also, the site provides huge galleries of high-resolution pictures that can be downloaded in zip files by the members. The site layout is beautiful, though the navigation can be confusing and tricky at times. There are as many downsides to Black Valley Girls as there are benefits.

The site is a standalone site, and its membership does not provide access to any of the bonus sites of the Team Skeet Network. Currently, the number of videos available on the site is too few, and it is not growing much because the frequency of uploads is really low and infrequent.

Should you join Black Valley Girls? We would mostly say no unless more videos emerge on the site in the future. This is because the membership fee is still  high in comparison to the amount of content that is available on the site.

You can access the site and pay for a one-month membership if you still wish to watch exclusive content. Do not forget to cancel the membership when you decide not to use the site anymore because it is recurring.

Parting Words

We hope that this review was useful for you and that you were able to learn more about the features being provided by Black Valley Girls. We will come up with more such reviews soon, so stay tuned. We aim at matching your expectations by bringing you honest reviews about different porn sites.

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