Black on Boys Review (2020)

Blacks on Boys

Black on Boys is an interracial gay porn website which is owned by DogFart.

DogFart is a production which is known as the king of interracial porn content. They have a lot of experience in producing gay videos since 1996.


  • The content is pretty much exclusive to this website.
  • The website is compatible with smartphones and other devices.


  • No free-trial period available for new users.
  • Frequent ads and pop-ups are very annoying and disappointing.

The following review will guide you about the website and find some of the best gay interracial videos available on the internet.

Black on Boys is an interracial gay adult website owned by DogFart. DogFart is a porn production company and claims themselves as the king of interracial entertainment. The company has been producing gay and straight adult content since 1996. Black on Boys adult site was launched in 2005.

As the name suggests, you will get to watch a lot of black men on top of vanilla boys. However, there are some videos where you will see white guys fucking black man’s tight ass. The site is one of the first choices for gay porn lovers.

If you are interested to know more about Black on Boys and want to watch nasty porn videos, go ahead and read our review of Black on Boys. The interracial porn site guarantees to update fresh content regularly. The men that you will see here are smooth-skinned and some with body hair.

But hair or without hair, all the men are sexy and good looking. The video quality of Black on Boys is impressive, and the site offers only high-quality videos. The gang bang is a niche where four to five and, sometimes, even more, have sexual intercourse with one single woman.

But imagine a white guy getting fucked by two or three black men! Most of the scenes start with BBC and deep throat before the black guys get to fuck the white males. Sometimes, Black on Boys changes the plot and make it two white men penetrating one black man.

No matter who is on top, you will have a good time watching high-quality adult content. The website has so far uploaded somewhere around 362 videos. Each video will have a photo set. The photos are great and shot with high-definition cameras, which is a bonus for you.

The videos can be streamed online, or you can choose to download them to watch gay porn later. Feel free to do whatever you wish to with the videos. Readers may note that Black on Boys offers a lot of content, and the site uploads new content quite regularly.

Initially, when they started the website, the uploading process was slow, but with time, things have become better. This is our quick brief on Black on Boys. We have reviewed the complete site for you. Let’s get going and read the full review to know whether you should check out the website or not.

What makes Black on Boys popular?

The biggest turn-on about Black on Boys is its models. They are sexy and young. All the men have a fabulous physique and tight asses. We know what you gay men want, and the site knows about it too. That’s why the models of Black on Boys are super dashing.

Most of the videos are available in 1080p HD, which we have fallen in love with, and we expect that you will enjoy them too. Let’s talk about the content of Black on Boys. The site currently has around 362 videos, which is not much looking at the year Black on Boys got launched.

All the videos are exceptional, and the quality is mind-blowing. The video format is MP4. The resolution is 1920x1080p; however, if you have a slower internet connection, you can go ahead with lower resolution. Some of the old videos are available in smaller versions.

The site offers various video formats so that the viewer can pick the right video to watch it on their mobile phone or computer. Of course, there are many other interracial gay sites available on the internet. Still, not every site is up to the mark.

Some of the gay sites have terrible and extremely poor content, while sites like Black on Boys are great in terms of offering explicit content. We loved the site mainly because of the boys. They are super-duper hot!

Once you visit the site, you will instantly fall in love with the men as they are handsome to the extreme. Mainly it’s the black guys who do most of the fucking, but we bet you would like to watch some white guys penetrating their cock inside black guys too.

Don’t worry; there are some scenes where the white males are in the leading role. These guys love to suck cock. In some of the scenes, you will see two black guys seducing a vanilla boy. One black man gets to fuck the white guy and the other moans when the white male sucks his cock hard.

This is the reason why Black on Boys is becoming famous day by day. The site is the perfect appetizer for every gay man. The last reason why Black on Boys is so famous is because of its audio and video quality. The quality is par excellence.

No one likes to watch gay men fucking each other in poor quality. Black on Boys takes utmost care of the quality. Feel free to stream the porn videos online or else download them. You can download the videos in MP4 or WMV formats. Most of the videos are 30 minutes long.

These full-length videos can make any gay man feel horny. You can watch these movies with your gay partner or watch them alone once you turn off the lights. There are photos available for you too, which can be downloaded in zip format.

Here’s a bonus fact, Black on Boys gives you access to 20+ networking sites. Now, isn’t that great?

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated last month’s visit: Not available

We visited Black on Boys site, and the main page showed us some slideshows of tempting images.

The Black on Boys website looked terrific to us, and it was easy to navigate it. The loading speed is impressive, and we found no difficulty at all from jumping from one page to another. 

Black on Boys-min

Just under the slideshows, you will see the Newest Scenes. Each scene will include the name of the models.

Below the Newest Scenes section is the Most Popular Scenes. If you scroll a little below, you will see the names of all the other networking sites which you can visit once you become their member and buy one of their memberships.

The site has many popular models, for example, Ray Diesel, Leon Redd, Mr Cali, Knockout Deepdicc, and more. These are the guys you should follow because they are the top performers. You won’t see any name of the scenes, just the names of the performers are included.

The videos typically will have a storyline, and most of the videos include hardcore duos or sexy threesome scenes. Some of the scenes don’t have any storyline, and you will see the boys getting straight into the action, while the majority of them will have a theme or topic.

In some of the videos, we have seen a white guy being picked up by a black man. They chat for some time, and soon both of them go for a ride on the black guy’s van. Later they can be seen sucking each other’s cock.

The films are shot in different locations, for example, in a bedroom, van, public places, and more. The videos are shot from different angles to give you the best experience. Black on Boys site uploads content once every week, but sometimes they don’t update content for a whole month.

However, the frequency has improved in the last few months. The site looks sleek, and no user will face any challenges to navigate the site. There are tabs for streaming and downloading. You can click on any of them.

The site also has a simple search option. In case you would like to watch a particular model’s video, you can enter the model’s name and start watching his scenes. Because the videos are available in high definition, the file sizes are usually quite large.

The site doesn’t offer any live cams, and more than a hundred models are working for Black on Boys. The models vary in ages, and they are in between 18 to 30 years.

You will see a few banner ads, men wearing condoms while fucking, members can comment and like the movies, add them as their favourites, and the site is mobile friendly as well.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Black on Boys doesn’t give you any free trial option, but you can buy the 24-hours membership. Otherwise, you will have to buy one of their memberships to start enjoying the content. The site doesn’t allow you to check any of the content unless you become their member.

Therefore, the only way to get started is by buying their 24-hours membership and evaluate whether it is worth going for the other membership plans.

  • Cheap and Easy- 24 hours: $0.99
  • Smart Savings- 90 days: $49.99
  • Best Deal- 365 days: $8.33 per month ($99.99 total)
  • Most Popular- 30 days: $29.99

To become their member, you will have to think of a username and enter it, then your password, and lastly, your email ID. We recommend you to check the inbox after registering once to ensure that you have verified your account.

To pay for the membership, you can go for a credit card, PayPal, or Checking Account. If you have a Gift card, new users can join using that. After you enter all the details, pick the right membership, click on the “Join Now” button.

It is better to start with the one-day trial, which will let you browse through the content. Take a look at the movies and photos and decide whether you should try their various membership accounts or not.

We wish the site would have allowed us to try some of the videos before going for the 24-hours membership. We have enjoyed watching the aggressive black men fucking the white males. These men have no mercy, and they enjoy each moment they spend with their mate.

Some of the models look, total nerd, while others are professional. The best part about Black on Boys is that the site caters to all kinds of taste and personality. Some people like to see innocent-looking men getting fucked by aggressive hunks.

If this is something you prefer, you will find such content here in abundance. The site has recently uploaded a lot of threesome videos, which we think is great. The threesome videos that you will find here mostly have two blacks and one white. Group sex scenes are also available but in limited quantity.

Once we landed on Black on Boys, we kept on browsing the pages. And soon, we landed on the 16th page. We were amazed by the fantastic content the site has to offer. The thumbnails will give you an idea about the story, and you will also get to know who will be starring in the movie.

From short clips to full-length films, Black on Boys has everything for you. The short clips are around 10 MB, while the full-length videos are larger and are available in zip files. The sound quality is excellent too. You will hear the guys talking, moaning, and some even screaming.

Anal scenes are shot perfectly, and Black on Boys didn’t disappoint us at all when it came to hardcore gay banging scenes.

Site Performance Scores (out of 10)



Image Quality

10 / 10


9 / 10


4 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Download / Streaming

10 / 10


9 / 10

Bonus Material

2 / 10

Enter your text here...

8 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Gavin Winters, Ray Diesel, Leon Redd, Mr Cali, Knockout Deepdicc, Beau Reed, Daniel Hausser, Zach Covington, JR Bronson, Brad Wilde, Aston Springs, Alex Chandler, Kody Rean, D-Vine, Billy Eastmore, Tyko, Tim Skyler, Trent Olsen, Drew Dixon, Zak Bishop, Alex Mason, Lain Kross, Sean Duran, August Alexander, Micheal Del Ray, Skylar Starr, Silver Steele, and more
  • Models: Black and white models, sometimes Latins
  • Body Type: Athletic and slim
  • Total Number of videos: 362+
  • Average Length of videos: 30 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many bandwidths
  • Image Quality: HD, 1920x1080; 10000k
  • Live Cams: No
  • File size: 1.5 to 2.1GB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Black on Boys

Black on Boys has many competitors. Knowing that gay porn is a popular niche, we can imagine that there will be many sites trying to make it to the top. Just like Black on Boys, we have three other websites, which we think are fierce competitors.

Please get to know about them in detail, and let’s find out the reasons why they are some of the best gay adult sites.

Gay Life Network

Let’s start with Gay Life Network. It’s a dedicated gay site where you will find only explicit gay porn content. The site is a collaboration of multiple sites, which means once you click on any of their videos, you will be redirected to the other website where you will get to see the video.

The site has more than 2000 scenes so far and many photos. The videos are available in 1920x1080p HD.

Next Door Studios

Another gay networking site that is worth your time is Next Door Studios. The site is the amalgamation of 17 different gay sites. Here you will get to watch over 3,500 porn videos and more than 3000 picture galleries. You can download the videos in MP4 or WMV format.

The video quality is excellent, and some of the top gay models that you will watch in hardcore banging scenes are Samuel O’ Toole, Parker London, Mason Wyler, Cody Cummings, and more.


Ever thought of seeing 12 of the hottest men under a single roof? Gayroom gives you a chance to take a look at some of the sexiest gay models ever! Once you become a member of Gayroom, you will get access to many other gay sites, which you will enjoy.

The site has 1,268 episodes, and the movies are available in HD quality.


  • Black on Boys have exclusive content
  • Many interracial adult scenes with a black man on top of a white man or vice versa
  • The models have massive cocks
  • The videos of Black on Boys are downloadable
  • Over 20 networking gay adult sites
  • The site is mobile phone compatible
  • Movies are available in full HD
  • Black on Boys is easy to navigate
  • More than 300 porn scenes


  • No free-trial option available
  • Frequent pop-up ads that are mistaken for content
  • Models don’t have any profile
  • Inadequate updates

Customer Support

You can’t contact Black on Boys through email or phone, but there is a support page on the website, which lets you fill a form. Once you do, Black on Boys promises to get back to their customer within three hours.

Support page:


We enjoyed Black on Boys gay porn content. Even though the site didn’t have a lot of content, the quality was on point, and the HD video quality impressed us thoroughly. We recommend Black on Boys to every gay porn lover who wants to check out interracial videos.

The hunks out here are good looking, and the scenes are profoundly seductive.

Parting words

This is our review on Black on Boys, and we hope our review will enable you to make the right decision of whether becoming a member of Black on Boys or not. Do come back to us for more similar adult sites review.

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