BiggerCity Review (2020)


Biggercity is a dedicated site for chubby gay males who are looking to connect with likeminded people.

The site started in 2018 and is just two years old. Biggercity is not a typical dating site where you plan for a hookup.

However, it facilitates a community that has their preferences and needs and looking for a platform where they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

What makes Biggercity unique is that it assists people to find their one-stand partner, lovers, and allow people to make new friends.

The platform provides a safe zone for each member to strike a conversation, share stories, talk about their experiences, and more with like-minded people without being judged.

So, Biggercity is not only for people who are looking for hookup partners and is perfect for anyone looking for something extra and more meaningful. The site is also ideal for bisexual and gay men who have a thing for chubby gay men. However, no one has to be a chub to join this platform.

The site has over 257,000 members. Even though people from every part of the world can join Biggercity, the primary target audience of this platform is from USA. Most of the members of Biggercity are gay men aged 30-50.

Looking at the popularity of Biggercity, we thought of reviewing it. We hope our review will help you make the right decision.

What makes Biggercity popular?

The first thing that any new member of an adult site will do is take a look at the kind of members the site has. Luckily, there are many profiles on Biggercity which are public. This means you can check out their profile thoroughly. Biggercity is free for new joiners.

You don't have to pay anything to become their member. If you like someone and the profile is public, rest assured you will not have to pay anything to go through his profile. It is worth mentioning that Biggercity encourages each member to be as open as possible.

The site allows users to post media content on the profile page. Also, it is up to the members whether they would like to keep their photos public or private. However, this feature is available for premium members only.

Biggercity is 100% free, but to try some of its fantastic features, members will have to choose a premium membership account. When we visited Biggercity, we saw many public photos, and some were private.

If you become Biggercity's premium member, you will gain access to every private photo and video content. So, don't worry!

Apart from this, there are a lot of things that a free member can do. For example, if you wish to communicate with someone, you are free to do that, and yet again, you will not have to pay anything for that. There are different chat rooms that you can join and you find many active users.

You can drop them a private message if you want to strike a conversation.

There are forums that you can explore, blog entries, and a lot of erotic stories. Biggercity, as we said, is very different from other gay dating sites. 

Members often post their erotic stories on Biggercity, and some of them are sensuous.

The website frequently hosts weekly and monthly raffles and events.

We recommend you to join them because through these events; you may find new people to talk to. 

gay bears

Standard members can enjoy a lot of Biggercity's features, but premium members, as we can imagine, will have better options for communicating with others. The real reason why Biggercity is so popular is because of its unique features. 

The site continually works on making the experience of its members worth staying. It organizes avenues to let members have a richer experience. The site has a separate gallery where members can upload their videos and photos. Photos and videos on this site are quite sexually explicit.

Not just this, you can even upload drawings, and fanarts also. If you go for a free account, you can check out the thumbnail, and those who are paid members can click on the thumbnail and take a look at the whole image. Another reason that makes Biggercity one of a kind is its blog and site directory.

The site allows its users to upload their blogs. You can expect the content to be mature; however, you will also find some informative blogs as well, for example, cooking recipes, and more.

The site has a public chat room where everyone is free to join and discuss an event, share their personal experiences, talk to one another, and more. One last thing, Biggercity lets you see who has visited your profile recently.


The home page of Biggercity looks nice. You can find the members of Biggercity, who are referred to as citizens in three different ways.

First, through a standard search, second is through recommendations and the last one on any of the communities.

We liked the first option, which is the search function. It's pretty simple to use. 

bigger city lp

You can find a member based on their active status, location, community tags, and there are various filter options as well, for example, facial hair, weight, height, eye color, hair color, and more. Also, if you know someone's username, you can search for the username to find their account.

On the home page, the site also shows you the birthday boy's profile too, which is yet another great feature! If you would want to look out for someone based on their education, lifestyle, and career background, then you can turn on the matchmaker function.

We also recommend users to take part in the community activities too to find the ideal match. There are different chat rooms and forums where you will find people participating in the discussion. Just click on their profiles and let them know that you are interested.

The site enables you to send an e-note or a personal message to those who you find interesting and would like to know more about them. The profiles of Biggercity members are basic, and the site follows a simple template.

The profiles will have members’ biodata, lifestyle, physique details, interests, location, education details, employment details, profile photo, and finally, their preference in bed. On the profile of a member, you will also see a section that tells you whether the person is willing to relocate or travel.

The reason behind this is simple; the users of Biggercity are scattered all over the country and in 160 countries to be precise. All the profiles are free for viewing, but some users may keep some of their photos locked, and they can be unlocked only by premium members.

The site may also take a reasonable amount of time to approve the pictures because the site receives more than a thousand photo submissions daily. If you wish, you can change the profile details later. Biggercity is also available in an app mode. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

In the app version, though, you can only do match-finding and chat. The photos will be listed in a photo grid layout, and you can select whichever photo you wish to see. We recommend you to stick to the website version of Biggercity because the app version doesn't have a lot of members.

Even though the app is free to download, it lacks a lot of features.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The site is free for everyone who wants to become a member; however, to try some of their features, one needs to buy their premium plan. Biggercity is not based on coin plans, and the site doesn't offer any trial plans/plan either.

If you want to try their basic features, then you may skip the premium membership plan. But it is worth mentioning that premium membership comes with many advantages. All the plans that we have discussed below are recurring, and Biggercity only accepts credit cards as the payment mode.

  • 1 Month costs $7.99
  • 3 Months cost $19.99
  • 6 Months cost $29.99
  • 12 Months cost $49.99

Once you become a premium member of Biggercity, you can upload your content. But with standard or basic membership, you can only explore other content. When it comes to galleries, a standard account member can only see the thumbnails and not the real photos or videos.

For free account, chat, matchmaker option, and search options are free to use.

If you choose the 12 months plan, you will be able to enjoy a lot more features. For example, you will get access to all the private photos; you can use the incognito mode to check out others' account without letting them know that you have visited them, and also explore private galleries.

You can write blogs and leave comments on different forums. These features are available for premium members only. The sign-up process is easy-breezy, and within a few minutes, your account will be set up.

For the sign-up, a new user will have to enter their email ID, preferences, age, and physical attributes. The site is an adult site and is available for 18 years and above. Biggercity contains a lot of sexually explicit content, and that's why it is for adults only.

After your account is created, Biggercity will send a verification email. Click on the verification link to confirm your account, and you are good to go. We won't say that Biggercity is expensive or cheap.

For us, the price is quite average, and for this price, Biggercity is offering a lot of features that users will enjoy. Unlike other gay dating sites, Biggercity doesn't ask you to fill a lengthy form. The sign-up process is straightforward.

After you sign up, you can click on any of the profiles that you find interesting and click on the "Message" icon to start messaging them. A messaging option is available for members only. Send a private message to strike a conversation and have a good time! Simple, right?

Site Statistics

  • Most popular models: Biggercity doesn’t have any models as such. There are only members.
  • Models: Members are in between 30-50 years of males
  • Model Appearance: Chubby
  • Body Type: Most of the members of Biggercity are bigger. You can expect to see chubby males between 30-50 years of age.
  • Total number of videos: 3,633
  • Average Length of videos: 5-10 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: High definition
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes

Website Performance Evaluation



Image Quality

7 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


8 / 10


6 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Competitors of Biggercity

We all have someone or the other in the family who is a little heavy or considered to be chubby. They might have already joined some of the online dating sites, but you might have heard them complaining about not finding an equally chubby partner.

Knowing that there are many chubby people out there, it is not difficult to imagine that Biggercity will have some competitors in the market. Because we are talking about competitors of Biggercity, we could figure out three online dating sites that are giving a fierce competition to the same.

Let’s know about them too and find out why they are fierce competitors of Biggercity.


The first one on our list is LargeFriends. The site has more than 190,000 members, and LargeFriends is an old website.

It was launched in 2002 and is known to be one of the best BBW dating sites. The site allows free registration and offers many attractive features. Members can communicate with one another, get to know what they like and dislike, plan to meet, and more.


Any chubby person who is looking for a romantic partner can try BBWRomance.

The moment you will visit the site, you will understand why the site has over 150,000 members. The home page will show you the profiles of all the new joiners that you can connect with. The site is an excellent platform for everyone who would want to connect with like-minded people.


BBWLocalHookup is ideal for every chubby person who is looking for some naughty and adult activities. The platform allows users to find the right date. You can find someone for some casual encounter, one-night stand, and more. BBWLocalHookup is perfect for active singles.


  • Biggercity is great for chubby singles who are looking for like-minded people
  • The site allows you to chat with other members, get to know them, explore their profiles, look at their galleries, and more.
  • The platform has 257,000 members
  • You can send flirts to any member
  • You can read erotic stories, blogs, and participate in community forums
  • Biggercity organizes monthly and weekly events and raffles, another appropriate way to meet new people
  • When a member uploads a photo, it goes through a review
  • The profile pictures of every member are visible to everyone
  • Standard membership allows free members to send messages to everyone
  • The site offers a chatroom
  • Sign up process is simple and it hardly takes a few minutes to complete it
  • The site is dedicated to gay and bisexual chubby men
  • Most of the men are in between 30-50 years
  • The site has more than 3000 videos and photos to explore
  • Biggercity allows you to see the members profile who visited you
  • The platform offers a lot of impressive features
  • The site is easy to use and navigate


  • Biggercity doesn’t have any free trial schemes
  • For some people, the price could be on the higher side
  • Only paid members to get to use all the features
  • Most of the old members don’t initiate a conversation

Customer Support & Other Services

Biggercity has a “Help” tab right on the bottom of their home page. If you want to contact Biggercity or need their assistance, click on “help” to find their contact details. Biggercity’s customer support department is very responsive, and they usually respond within one or two hours.


We recommend Biggercity to anyone interested in chubby gay men.

You don’t have to be overweight or chubby to be their member, and the site offers a lot of excellent features. We liked their search feature because it is easy to use, and a user can search for a person by entering physical attributes detail, locations, sexual preferences, and more.

The purpose of this site is simple. It helps gay chubby men find the right partner for a one-night stand or long-term relationship.

Biggercity has an exceptional amount of adult content, and with its simple tools, any user can find the right person with just a few clicks. You can join the site for free, and if you wish, you can try their premium membership account for a month.

Parting words

Biggercity is an ideal platform for gay chubby men, and it is becoming popular day-by-day. We hope our review on Biggercity will help you make the right decision and will prompt you to join it and explore what the site has to offer.

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