Bicupid Review (2020)


A straight relationship is not everyone's cup of tea.

Some people like to swing both ways, and such relationships are now getting wider acceptance from most people around the world.

Bicupid is a dating site that has been providing dating and hook-up opportunities to bisexual singles for quite some time now.

 It has a great reputation when it comes to its dating service and quality of matches.

Bicupid can also prove to be an ideal site for those who are curious about bisexual relationships. It offers free registration and also provides some basic features in the standard plan. However, a premium plan, i.e. Gold membership is a must if you wish to make faster connections through this site.

It already has around 1.97 million registered members, and this number is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, if you too are interested in bisexual relationships or even are bi-curious, then you must create an account here. Both singles and couples can register on this dating portal.

The free membership offers limited features, but it allows a member to reply to the messages of gold members. However, this membership does not permit messages to other standard members.

Also, only premium members can contact other premium members or even standard members through email. Standard members are not allowed to send mails to any type of member, but they can reply to emails received from premium members.

It has an easy-to-use website, but it looks a bit old-fashioned and rustic. A little bit of improvement in the website design and layout makes it a much more happening dating site. Bicupid is a cool option for the bisexuals as very few sites focus on this niche.

Most of the sites support both straight and bisexual relationships. However, the bisexual singles do not get noticed in those sites, and this is a bitter truth.

Most people do not understand the orientation and feelings of bisexual people. Therefore, it is a good option for them to mingle in a site in which everyone is like them. Here, no one would question or pass unnecessary comments on them, and they can date peacefully.

Which are the noteworthy features of Bicupid?

The sign-up process is simple and can be completed in no time. You do not have to go through boring personality tests and quizzes. Also, the tagline and profile details can be completed in minimum words.

There is no email verification as well. However, premium members can get their profiles verified if they wish to.

It enhances their credibility, but it depends on them whether they would like to get their profile verified or not. This is because many people would like to use it discreetly instead of revealing their real name or pictures and therefore, an unverified profile works for them.

The website has a retro look which most people wouldn't mind, and the layout is not exceptional, but it isn't cluttered as well. The makers of Bicupid have provided a separate category for bi-curious people.

Individuals who opt for this category while registering can send a broadcast message that they are looking forward to experiencing a bisexual encounter but without any further deals or commitments.

This is a good option for such people because they can withdraw from a hook-up or casual meeting whenever they feel like or if they are not sure about it. Similarly, there is a special category for bisexual couples who want to experiment with a single guy or girl.

This makes it far more convenient and simple to find suitable matches for the couples and also for those who are interested in joining a couple.

bicupid banner

Some people join this site for a committed relationship and therefore, any bisexual can also find true love through this dating portal. However, most of the members are only looking for online dating, casual encounters, hook-ups, and non-committed relationships here.

Users can create and promote their first date plans and ideas through their profile. On a dating site like this, setting up a perfect first date is the most crucial thing, and most users will fall for it if they like your idea.

Therefore, it is a very helpful feature. Moreover, you can discuss and share your opinions and ideas through a forum. The forum discussions also allow you to come across like-minded bisexual singles and couples.

Members can write their blog and publish in their profiles. Also, you will find pre-written blogs of bisexual writers that give you ideas and tips on life and dating expectations of bisexuals. Apart from that, blogs also provide useful information on various other topics.

The forum even consists of bisexual experiences shared by members and stories about their first time. Some of the topics are dedicated to providing relationship advice and tips to the users. These things make Bicupid a much more interesting and unique dating platform.

Members who use the free account get access to some search filters, whereas premium members can use multiple search functions to streamline their searches. For example, there is a filter through which they can only sort the new profiles.

Also, premium members are more visible in the searches as compared to the free account holders. The good thing is that the premium plans are offered at an economical price.

All these features make it a perfect site for bisexuals. Many bisexual dating sites on the internet are redirecting you to Bicupid. Therefore, you can reckon that it is one of the key players in this niche.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Chat, Spark, blogs
  • The average number of users at a time – 2K
  • The average monthly visitors – 158.20K
  • Fake profiles – Rare
  • Transgender profiles - Yes
  • Bisexual profiles – Yes
  • Is it safe – Yes
  • Dating niche – Bisexual Dating, casual meetings, hook-ups, etc.

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Ease Of Use

10 / 10

Real Profiles

9 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

10 / 10


9 / 10

Search And Filter Options

9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Time

10 / 10


10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100


Website address –

Average visitors per month – 158.20K

With almost 2 million registered users and thousands of new registrations,

Bicupid seems to be one of the most popular sites for bisexual individuals and couples.

The website does not look modern, but it still looks okay.

The homepage starts with a quick search feature that lets you sort profiles based on their age, dating preferences, location, etc.

bicupid lp

Anyone can register on this site as it provides plenty of matches for people from most parts of the world. You can register with an email or Facebook as per your choice. You will have to submit your mobile number on which they will send an OTP number to verify your profile.

However, details like your real name and number will not be displayed on your profile. Members who are using it's basic (free) version can send winks to flirt with other members. They can also browse profiles of all the members.

Remember that wink can be sent only after browsing at least five profiles first. Premium users can sort the profile using the filters such as age, photo count, and activity date. They can also choose to explore the newest profiles.

Members can search only the profiles that have profile pictures. However, for that, they will have to purchase a premium plan first.

Members who use the basic version can use the filters such as viewed/not viewed, winked/not-winked, and contacted/not contacted to sort the profiles. Therefore, the members certainly get a lot of filters to sort the search results as per their preferences.

The advanced search option permits the members to search the profiles according to their height, relationship status, body type, religion, educational background, and many other options. However, the advanced search feature can also be used by the paid users.

There is a dropdown menu named as 'My List' in which you can look at the profiles that have viewed you, those who you have liked your photo, those who have sent interest or photo requests, etc. Another menu named as 'Discover' shows all the search and matchmaking options that Bicupid provides.

In the 'Community' section, there is an option called 'Spark' which takes you to a list of matches. Here you get to like or dislike a match as per his/her profile picture. If you feel that the person is attractive, then you can hit the like button or else you can hit the pass button.

The 'First Date Ideas' will take you to a list of first date ideas. By default, the most recently added ideas appear, but you can also sort them based on your dating preferences and popularity. Only premium members can view the most popular dating ideas.

You can also search the ideas for a date with the help of a relevant keyword that you are looking forward to seeing in the dating idea of our potential matches. You can also add your idea or edit it after adding.

The ideas are also archived based on categories such as food and drink, cafe, brunch, drink, etc. There is a separate section for viewing all your read and unread messages. Its disclaimer section contains pages like 'About Us', 'Contact Us', 'Success Stories', etc.

The 'About Us' webpage contains important information about Bicupid and its features.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The monthly plan is priced at $29.95, which means that you only spend $1 per day to enjoy the premium services of Bicupid. The 3-month plan is priced at $59.95, which means that you only spend $19.95 per month.

The six-month plan can be purchased by paying $95.95, which means that you spend only $15.95 per month to enjoy their paid services. The default payment currency is US Dollars, but you can change it to the currency of your country or region as well.

Bicupid allows you to pay via PayPal, credit card, debit card, bank cheque, and money order. Therefore, you have multiple options to process the payment.


  • There is a Tinder-like feature called Spark where you can select or reject matches based on their profile picture.
  • The 'Success Stories' page will feature all the success stories that have been shared by the members. You can view the stories that have been newly shared and those stories that have been shared by members with photos separately.
  • At the right side of the 'Success Stories', you will see the most popular stories of the site. The members also share some relationship and dating tips with the other members at times.
  • You can even add your own success stories if you had some memorable dating experience through this dating portal.
  • The creators of Bicupid have provided the download links of its android and iOS app on the website. Any member can download these apps for free to accentuate their dating experience.
  • Members can utilize the advanced privacy settings to hide certain sections of their profile from members.
  • It provides many user-interactive options through blogs and community. Users can comment on each other's blogs, and they can also write and publish their blogs.
  • Writing blogs is a good way to express your opinions and ideas. It also highlights your profile as thousands of members who are active on the blogs. 
  • Profiles of members with fake details or fake profile pictures are immediately suspended. As a result, you won't come across many fraud people or scam artists on this dating portal.


  • The appearance of the website is a bit boring, especially when it comes to its desktop version.
  • The free members get limited profile search and sorting options.
  • You cannot create a detailed profile here as there aren't any personality tests or questions.
  • Most of the members do not have a profile picture. This seems to be a bit frustrating, especially to the free users since they do not get to sort the profiles that have profile pictures.
  • Members who are seeking serious or committed relationships might not find it very appealing as it is much more beneficial for those who are looking for casual relationships and hook-upshook-ups.

Competitors of BiCupid

Tinder is probably the coolest site to indulge in non-serious relationships and casual encounters. It also has lot of transgender and bisexual profiles. You don't have to answer a long list of questions, and most of the features are offered for free.

Therefore, millions of bisexuals around the world prefer it for dating and getting laid! OkCupid also has a fair share of bisexual profiles. Moreover, it supports both serious and non-serious relationships. People who want to experience swinging lifestyle can also register on this site.

If you are a bi-curious, queer, or bisexual, then sites like FindHrr and GuySpy can prove to be ideal for you. FindHrr is dedicated to bisexual women, whereas GuySpy is dedicated to bisexual men.

These sites are on par with Bicupid. However, Bicupid still manages to outlast most of its competitors because of its non-stringent dating rules.

Customer Support & Other Details 

The FAQs can be accessed from the 'Help' page. Here, the questions have been sorted as per the different categories like membership, profile, photo, etc. Therefore, you can use these categories to browse the questions as per your issues.

 'Contact Us' page has also reserved a section for the FAQs. You can also submit your feedback or suggestions through this page. You can also submit your complaint or issue using the feedback section.

For more details about their support services, please check this page -

Final Verdict 

Bicupid offers a lot of features to the premium members. However, the experience of free users is rather dissatisfying. They also need to upgrade their website a bit to match modern standards. Apart from these minor flaws, it is doing a good job for the LGBT community.

Therefore, we do recommend it without any concerns.

Parting words

There have been quite a few sites till date that have managed to draw such popularity with a rather rare dating niche. However, the broad-minded concept of Bicupid attracts everyone towards it, whether they are bisexuals or just bi-curious.

As a result, subscribing to a premium plan will surely bring a lot of adventure in your life!

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