Top 10 Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Every advancement in technology is making the world lonelier, because people now love interacting with their gadgets and apps more than with real people.

Many youngsters and adults of both genders are alone, and they need warmth and affection from someone, yet they are unable to express their feelings, or they perhaps do not want to deal with the fuss of a relationship.

The loneliness of this new world has affected  everyone, especially females of different age groups who happen to be introverts.

This is where these virtual boyfriend apps come in handy.

virtual boyfriend

If you are a female who is shy and an introvert by nature and are not ready to tackle the fuss of new relationship or are too cared of the opposite sex, but still want to share your feelings with someone then you need a virtual boyfriend.

virtual boyfriend will bring you an experience that will make you feel exactly like you have  a real boyfriend but in the virtual world. It is great to have a virtual boyfriend because you can be free of all the drama of a real-life relationship and yet enjoy the attention and care.

But if you think that you will get a loyal puppy in the name of a virtual boyfriend who will do everything as you say then you are mistaken.  Virtual boyfriends are not 100% obedient, and they will still argue with you and can have their own opinions too.

Thus, if you are an unsocial person, and you need to learn some socializing tricks, then virtual boyfriend apps are great to polish your social skills. These apps and their characters will teach you how to deal with real people in real life.

The one reason for the popularity of these apps is that they allow people to have exactly what they want. Whether you are looking for a loving guy or you want a witty and sarcastic boy who is in the football team of the school, these apps will never dismay you.

Moreover, there are many more fun activities in these gameplay apps that keep you engaged and entertained. For example, you get the option to customize your boyfriend, and you can choose his face, eyes, colour, and hair, his clothing style and personality.

When you are only looking out for a guy who chats with you, makes you laugh, outsmarts you at times or just compliments you when you are low, then finding him in the real world can be tiring. But virtual boyfriends do it all.

But if you are new to this virtual world then worry not! Start your journey to this new world with us as we have curated a list of 10 best air virtual boyfriend apps available online, just for you.

1. Animal Boyfriend

With 4.5 star ratings, the animal boyfriend app is one of the most downloaded apps. It is designed especially for animal lovers.

This unique app allows you to turn your pet into a handsome boyfriend. All you have to do is select any living being and turn him into a real guy.


You also get to choose from a wide range of clothes and accessories for your virtual animal boyfriend.

You can also select their eyes, hair, and personality features such as caring, loving, and calm.


The app gives you so many customizable options that you will never get bored with your animal boyfriend. 

Do not be afraid of trying this app because it will only make your leisure time a lot more fun. 

  • Select your animal: Choose your favourite animal and grow him into a human being. You get to choose your boyfriend from 5 regular and 2 secret species.
  • Select clothing: Make him look the way you want and with a wide range of clothing and accessories options. 
  • Select personality: Build his personality the way you want, make him energetic, loving or calm. 17 different personality options are available to choose from, for the man you desire.
  • The artwork and the graphics of the app are outstanding.
  • You can change his looks and clothes with new outfits available every week from the clothes shop.
  • You can choose from a wide range of hairstyles from the salon. 
  • You can talk to your man and get close to him in seasonal events.
  • Enjoy the in-game bonuses by socializing and recommending the app to others.
  • You can also make friends with other players on the app.
  • Some users have suggested to chang the dialogues, as they get boring after a point.
  • It is tough to reach new levels and that can be disappointing for a few players.
  • The app does not allow you to add friends or send personal comments.

2. Invisible Boyfriend

Worry not if you are single, an invisible boyfriend has been designed for people like you.

This beta app allows you to create a significant other, someone who will send you text messages and even appear in the pictures with you.

The invisible boyfriend sends you private details and real-time messages that brings you a realistic experience.

The website proudly claims to create a boyfriend for you who your friends and families can believe in.

To build your invisible boyfriend, all you have to do is apply for the private beta version and start playing once you are approved.

  • Text messages & voice mails: The app allows you to get approximately one hundred texts, ten voicemails and handwritten notes as well.
  • Create your story: You get to make a ‘meet-cute’ story that you can share with your friends and family.
  • Take Selfies: The app will let you have fake selfies with your virtual boyfriend. To do so, it asks you to feed in the zip code so that your fake virtual boyfriend does not resemble any real person near you.
  • Multitudes of options: More than 35 levels in the game to play and you can choose from hundreds of cute guys.
  • Customizable: You can customize your boyfriend the way you like. You can choose his face, hair, skin colour, eyes, clothes, and more.
  • Photo face mapping: Take a photo of any guy, with the help of your iPhone. Then, using Photo face mapping, place the picture of that guy on your virtual boyfriends face.
  • The app is so real that it feels like dating a genuine guy, and the best part is you can date him without any strings attached.
  • You can build a man the way you like and select his looks, personality, age and more.
  • The app allows you to set the scene for your new dates.
  • The app conversations are not automated.
  • The fees of the app is under $26, and it is a one- time only payment.
  • Graphics on the app are not as good as other apps on the list.
  • The activities in the app are less, which makes it a little bit boring after a time.

3.  My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

This Boyfriend Simulator is so good that you will hardly notice any difference between a virtual and real boyfriend.

You can discuss anything with your boyfriend simulator, and he will answer you confidently.

His replies are neither illogical, nor do they seem automated.

His conversations will include adventurous stories of his experience and many more exciting topics.


  • Intelligent character to interact with: You can discuss anything you wish and your virtual boyfriend from this stimulator will always cheer you up and be by your side.
  • Interesting conversations: He will share fascinating stories about himself – such as his tragic story. He will ask you to tell him about the human world.
  • You can create your profile and find an ideal match for yourself as per the zodiac sign.
  • You can choose from 12 different guys.
  • Chatting experience with the boyfriend in this app is as good as real.
  • You get three days free trial.
  • The app does not have free version.
  • Too many ads can be disappointing for players.

4. My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a boyfriend simulation app that allows you to create sweet memories with a cool virtual guy.

The app is specially designed for teenage girls who enjoy flirting with boys, but in reality, they are shy.


You get to discover a new and enthralling love story. You get to please the boys and win their hearts with each choice you make.

Your preferences can either make your love story or destroy it.


Every episode of Candy Love has options for different endings. You can discover them all and experience the fun in each chapter.

  • School life:  You can live the high school life of a new student at Sweet Amrois High school. Where you get to meet the new boys with different personalities.
  • College life:  You can also find your boyfriend at Anteros Academy University. You get to play the college life in which you can meet the man of your dreams at different places. He can be a co-worker at your part-time job or your old- school friend. You have a choice of different personalities and stories.
  • Make choices: The scenario in the game will change with the choices you make. You can learn about the characters by spending time with them and make your choices based on what they like.
  • The app uploads new episodes regularly.
  •  You get to collect the outfits and illustrations.
  •  If you make the right choices, you get to unlock beautiful pictures.
  • You get to choose from thousands of clothes and different looks at special events.
  • Explore colorful events and play exclusive mini-games several times a year.
  • Brilliant artwork and super cool characters.
  •  You have to buy everything from coins that may cost you some real money.
  • You have a choice to collect coins, but it is a prolonged process.

5. Dream Boyfriend

Are you tired of being single? If yes, then here is an app that will ensure that you get the man of your dreams.

Here is a boyfriend simulation app that allows you to create the man you always dreamt of.

You get to build your dream guy from top to bottom and, believe us when we say, you have hundreds of options to choose from.

You can pick his hair, eyes, build, and character and make him look the way you desire.

  • Quick response: The technology used in the app is Motion Live 2d which makes your boyfriend move and respond to the conversation and actions.
  • Options to select: You get to create three animated boyfriends in one go.
  • Fashionable Avatars: You can choose from a stylish avatar collection to make your guy look the most fashionable one.
  •  Personality selection: You have eight different personalities to choose, and you can also select the way he speaks.
  •  Walk in closet: You get a walk-in closet that includes 15 different categories of clothing.
  •  The app makes sure to add the events regularly so that you are never bored.
  •  You can play this game in both iOS and Android mobiles and tabs.
  •  Brilliant artwork and superb graphics.
  •  You can unblock new events.
  •  You get to earn in-game money.
  •  You can grab unique avatars in regular exciting events.
  •  Chat is not interactive.
  •  Mini-games do not have too many variations.
  •  The events in the app are few.

6. Boyfriend Date Craft: Love

It is one of the coolest games that excites teenage girls as they can find themselves a boyfriend in a cool, virtual world.

You can choose from a school love story and a workplace romance.

Seduce your boyfriend, or make him jealous or become the school's coolest girl by selecting the best challenger.


You can do everything that you always dreamt of doing in your real college life.

This app is not just a usual game, it builds you an entire life story where you can marry your beloved, arrange the wedding you had always wanted, make the house of your dreams and have your babies.

So, you live the love story of any girl's dream in this magical block world.

  • Build a love story: You get to create the best love story with your virtual boyfriend in a blocky craft.
  • Have pets: Along with your boyfriend, you can enjoy pets like a kitteny or a puppy or a pony.
  • Prom queen: You also get to become a princess in the prom party.
  • Crafting: Enjoy the hobby of crafting and building small houses and build it into a complete city.
  • More features: Other cool features of the app include – love calculator, my love story mode, mini-game –cooking in the kitchen, spa mode, fashion craft for girls, my unicorn mini-games, decorating a dollhouse and more.
  • You get a boyfriend who will make your ex jealous.
  • You live a dream life and build a beautiful story and memories around it.
  • Make everyone believe that you are in a real relationship by sharing the messages of your virtual boyfriend.
  • The best part is that the app is free.
  • It is one of the best game apps for android users.
  •  The app could have more options for boyfriends and personalities.
  • Needs to add some exciting events regularly.

7. Virtual Boyfriend Joke

If you hesitate in talking to the guys and your life is boring and needs some fun, then you should download Virtual Boyfriend Joke.

If you are a girl who loves humour, then this app is just right for you.


The game belongs to the comic simulators category and might not be significant enough to replace a real guy, but it does make you laugh and feel light.

In today’s hectic life, we all need some sun and fun moments, and this is precisely what this app provides you with.


You get an option to choose from a couple of boys available in the app. Once you make a selection, you can start a conversation with your guy. The guy will reply to you in a comic manner that will leave you amused.


You can prank your friends by pretending to them that you are conversing with real man and share his witty replies with your friends and amuse them.

  • Witty replies: Virtual Boyfriend Joke is an application that allows the virtual boyfriend to reply with witty answers.
  • Selection: You get to choose the guy from several options in the app.
  • Get answers: Your virtual boyfriend will answer all your questions.
  • Safety: The app is a hundred per cent virtual app, and you do not have to fear dealing with real guy behind the scenes.
  • The response of your virtual boyfriend is rapid.
  • The app size is small and requires little space.
  • The app is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later versions, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • The app could do better in terms of graphics and replies.
  •  The game has no events and extra activities.

8. Pocket Boyfriend GO

This game is inspired by one of the most popular cartoon- cum- game Pokemon GO.

The game allows you to catch up with the most handsome guy in the town.

The app has a built-in radar that lets you find young guys on the streets.

You can read the description of the guys and if you like any of them, then throw a red ball at them and add them in your collection.

You have to hunt down your dream boy on the streets, and this is where the real fun begins.

Thus, the app ensures that you also meet your daily exercise requirements.

  • Real world:  The app allows you to catch boyfriends in the real world with the help of smartphone camera and radar.
  • Move around the city: You get to move in on the streets of your city, squares, parks, inside buildings and find the guy for yourself.
  • Collection: Once you find your guy, throw a red ball on him and collect him.
  • The game is based on Augmented Reality technology,; therefore, you will have to move around to find the man of your dreams.
  • Despite playing an app game, you get to get out of the house, and have a physical work out.
  • The game is available on both iOS and Android.
  • Because you are on the actual roads while playing the game, you will have to be careful about the traffic.
  • Many people do not like the idea of getting on the road.

9. Talking Boyfriend

If you are a woman who is looking forward to have a quality conversation with a guy, then you must go for this boyfriend stimulation app.

This virtual boyfriend app has been designed only for you if you do not like to get confused with so many options.


If you want to settle down for one perfect mate, then this app is for you, as it has only one guy in the app 22-year-old Bradley from the UK.

This guy is intelligent, smart and always ready to share his opinions and knowledge on any topic you choose to talk about.


You can speak to him about the weather, alien conspiracy theories, romance or anything else Bradley will make sure that he always has something interesting to share with you.


He is also not so stubborn and would love to learn something new from you.

If you are an introvert who needs a virtual guy to chat with you without being judged, then Bradley is the perfect choice.

  • Intelligent character: You get to chat with the animated character Bradley, a 22-year-old English guy, who loves to talk on any subject and is equipped with excellent knowledge.
  • Flirty: Bradley also loves to take his girl on a date and flirts with her.
  • Always available: You can chat with him anytime you want on topics like romance, love and dating.
  • You feel like you are in a real relationship, as sometimes, Bradley may get upset and like any real relationship, your virtual relationship may have some ups and downs. So be careful when choosing your words. 
  • Your virtual boyfriend will never forget to give you great compliments.
  • The app is small in size,; and easy to use. It does not require any individual permissions or in-app purchases.
  • Bradley may ask too many personal questions that can make you uncomfortable.
  • If you are looking for too much excitement and events, then this app is not for you.

10.  Smart Virtual Boyfriend


As the name suggests, you can chat with your virtual boyfriend.

The exciting part is that it allows you to modify the name, age, and looks of your boyfriend as per your choice.

The best part is that he will be available to please you, talk to you, and answer all your queries without getting bored, 24x7.


Moreover, unlike a real boyfriend, your virtual boyfriend is also caring. He would also want to keep a tab on your whereabouts.

Smart virtual boyfriend is one app that will give you the feel of an actual relationship, so be ready to be committed and take out time to care for the feelings of your virtual boyfriend too.

  • Realistic conversation: You get to engage in a real conversation, where even the virtual boyfriend will ask, as well as answer, your questions.
  • Customizable: You can customize the name, age, and looks of your boyfriend.
  • The boyfriend will always reply to you and is available for you no matter what time it is.
  • His response is fast, and you do not have to keep waiting to get the replies.
  • The app is so satisfactory that you will not require any other man to chat with in real life.
  • Some users are not satisfied with the dialogues of the app.
  • The app does not have too many exciting events. 

Final Words

There is’s nothing wrong with having these apps, and they do not n’t make you nerd or socially awkward. On the contrary, having a virtual boyfriend app will not just help you to pass your time, it will also increase your confidence.  It can also help fight loneliness and depression.

Virtual boyfriend can polish your social skills and train you in dealing with a different set of people in the real world.

Moreover, creating a boy who matches the idea of your perfect boyfriend is quite fun. So, instead of worrying about what the world will think about you, download your favorite app and enjoy the fun ride of this whole new realm.

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