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Over time these strip clubs have enhanced themselves in providing various services for the people visiting these premises such as adding food or beautiful seating arrangements.

The performers who perform in these clubs are often called Strippers, exotic dancers, or simply performers.

At times, these performers will be required to have a permit to work in clubs or any adult entertainment establishment.

Not every country has lenient laws for strip clubs.

While it is rare to find strip clubs in some countries, it is quite common to find these clubs in other countries. These clubs are established most commonly in industrial areas with sufficient space.

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Top 15 Best Strip Clubs in Boston, MA (2022): Gentlemens Club

Centerfolds is one of the most popular gentleman’s clubs in Boston. It has around 100 beautiful performers with a huge supply of delicious food.

It has three floors which offer a wide range of entertainment. Centerfold has an intermediate level that opens to the first floor. 

The second floor offers a bar, stage, and a shower show. The third floor offers a private setting with custom booths. They offer street parking.


  • Address: 12 Lagrange St, Boston, MA 02116, Tamworth St & Washington St Chinatown
  • Contact Number: (617) 292-2600
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card
  • Rating: 3.5

This establishment allows individuals above the age twenty one. Foxy lady has an excellent reputation among couples, men as well as women. With its wide range of architecture, this club provides three stages, VIP rooms, and three bars with three magnificent champagne rooms.

Foxy Lady was first introduced in 1979, currently, with 10.000 sq feet and brilliant architecture, they are capable of serving customers quite exotically.

Not only this, one can find delicious food such as Eggs or grills to eat. Foxy Lady has a palatial patio that allows a person to eat food as well as enjoy in peace in the club’s outdoor seating.

This club also provides private parking as well as valet service for convenience.

They boast wheelchair accessibility among other features. Not only this, the club's happy hours are quite popular. The busiest days for them are weekends.

With their military discounts and offers this club is overall a good destination if one is planning to visit a gentleman’s club.


  • Address: 318 Chalkstone Ave Providence, RI 02908, Smith Hill
  • Contact Number: (401) 331-9145, (800) 536-3699
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card
  • Rating: 4.1

This gentleman's club is located south of Boston. With the layout of the club, they have seven exclusive VIP rooms to choose from for a person.

Not only as a strip club, but they can also be a destination during game nights with the club's huge tv and of course the newly renovated bar There is no admission fee for customers before 7 pm. It is believed to be less active during the day.

On top of this, their specials include a boardroom T-shirt extravaganza which simply is a combo offer where one can get two private dances, a pass to the club, and of course as the name suggests a t-shirt.


  • Address: 265 N Pearl St The Foxy Lady Brockton, MA 02301
  • Contact Number: (508) 894-4040
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and Credit card
  • Rating: 3.7

This gentleman’s club is not only limited to providing services for gentlemen only.

They have an extensive menu of food as well as a good place to chill for people from the LGBT community. The nature and crowd visiting here are most non-judgmental as well as fun, a person can find.

These clubs provide regular events for the patrons such as the visit of Tiny Texie who is also among one of the smallest entertainers in the world. Their Jell-O shots are quite popular among the patrons visiting this club.


  • Address: 99 Bridge Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952, USA
  • Contact Number: (978) 463-1782
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash
  • Rating: 5

The Hardbodies men are the exotic male dancers who can make you laugh as well as enjoy a good time with their performances.

The hardbodies men went mainstream in 1995 as a private dance company.

Now they also boast a strip club, but their main source of revenue is private parties or bachelorette parties.

There is a good collection of exotic men, one can choose for having a beautiful time. The main attraction is their magic mike performances.


  • Address: 1290 N Shore Rd Revere, MA 02151
  • Contact Number: (617) 399-8143
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash
  • Rating: 3

As the name suggests, this place has few but very talented performers. With its quiet and chill environment, if one is looking for a place with beer and an exotic and beautiful dancer this can be on your destination list.

They have two floors with a ground floor boasting a very beautiful bar. They offer garage parking as well as street parking for their patrons.

 They offer special edition reservations for events such as bachelorette parties or any other special event.


  • Address: 22 Lagrange St Boston, MA 02116
  • Contact Number: (617) 338-2290
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit card
  • Rating: 2.5

Aga’s can be considered one of the oldest establishments which are family-run and is still in existence.

They offer a wide range of delicious food and are one of the bikini bar-style clubs. 

With drinks having a reasonable price, this club can fit very easily in any budget if visiting a gentleman’s club is on the list.

 Although they do not offer a wide selection of drinks, one can always pay a visit to their history and see the glory of clubs in the past.


  • Address: 2128 Washington St Boston, MA 02119
  • Contact Number: 617-427-6514
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash
  • Rating: 4.2

They offer a wide selection in terms of performance with three beautifully set up stages and appealing ladies.

In terms of performance, the squire lounge offers everything from strippers to exotic dancers.

Their wide range of drinks is also the talk of the town as they not only give cocktails and beer but also some premium quality imported alcohol bottles.

This is a 21+ only club so having an id that says you are 21+ is most important for gaining entrance.


  • Address: 604 Squire Road, Revere, MA 02151
  • Contact Number: (781) 289-7000
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash
  • Rating: 2.9 (Google rating)

Apart from having excellent exotic dancers, this club provides a wide range of short girls and services such as backrub.

Previously known as “The Fuzzy Grape”, this place was opened on Memorial Day weekend in 1999 and has been operational ever since.

 The club can accommodate any kind of party be it a bachelorette or bachelor party or a corporate event.

Their wide range of food and all three-course meals are a delight for the stomach and the beautiful performers are a feast to marvel at when in Boston.


  • Address: 147 Thompson Rd Webster, MA 01570
  • Contact Number: (508) 949-6800
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 4

Betty’s has been in business for over 18 years, with its knack for maintaining a clean and beautiful place. 

This club can be easily termed as one of the popular clubs around Boston.

They not only provide exotic dancers but make sure you enjoy your time with polite and beautiful interaction.

The staff is very breath-taking and polite.

They provide a good range of alcoholic beverages with a polite smile.


  • Address: 350 Southbridge St, Worcester, MA 01608
  • Contact Number: (508) 799-4422
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 3.9

11.  Kings Inn

This establishment has upgraded its look from the 90s, as opposed to having a run-down bar and a building.

Currently, they have a new siding and storefront on the ground floor. Although not much has changed in terms of everything else.

King’s Inn offers different events like amateur nights.

They provide a private parking lot and a good collection of alcohol.


  • Address: 635 State Rd North Dartmouth, MA 02747
  • Contact Number: (508) 997-3113
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 2

With the club’s motto “It is built for you only”. This club provides beautiful dancers as well as delicious food.

One can visit this place for multiple things like if you are desiring a good lunch or dinner with a side of beautiful companions and alcohol.

 This can be the place to fulfill this desire if one is looking for interaction and spending quality time.

Rhode Island dolls are also available on their Facebook page. If you have someone specific in mind and would like to know their schedule, you can directly connect with them through Rhode Island's official Facebook page.


  • Address: 579 Front St, Woonsocket, RI 02895
  • Contact Number: 401-765-6624
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 4 (Google rating)

This place exists on 12,000 sq feet of land, which enables the club to have multiple stages, a billiards lounge, and VIP lounges.

Not only this if someone is looking for some private time then Millennium cabaret offers a private executive suite for such occasions.

 They also have a full menu prepared for lunch and dinner respectively.


  • Address: 390 South River Road, Bedford, NH 03110
  • Contact Number: 603-668-7444
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 4.2 (Google rating)

Leather & Lace Southend is also popular with the name “south” among the patrons who visit this establishment on a regular basis.

 With its friendly staff and beautiful interiors, this place is your home away from home.

They have a very cheerful non-judgemental crowd which makes this a very chill place to hang out.


  • Address: 919 Lafayette Rd, Seabrook, NH 03874
  • Contact Number: (603) 474-8332
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 3.0 (Google rating)

Having Boston's best DJs and a state of art light and sound system, this place has the potential for making any fantasy a reality.

As per usual golden bananas offer an exotic range of alcoholic beverages and an even wilder range of dancers. 

This place does not host only men but also women and couples which can be a bonus if one is looking to give their partner a surprise or celebrate any special occasion. 

Current sports are always running on the huge tv installed around the club which can be a dream of many sports-loving persons.

You can enjoy a cool alcoholic beverage while watching your favorite sport and getting a backrub from a very exotic performer.


  • Address: 151 Newbury St Route -1, Peabody, MA 01960
  • Contact Number: (978) 536-9700
  • Mode of payment accepted: Cash and credit cards
  • Rating: 3.8 (Google rating)

Final Words

Strip clubs are places that offer adult entertainment in various forms. Every strip club has its specialty touch such as glass slippers with its history of existence at the time Boston favored combat zones to centerfold which has opted for modern ways to earn revenue. 

Each strip club has its uniqueness and history. Some of the clubs have architecture very old and run down to some have a modern look.

Boston strip clubs offer something for everyone who visits them. If you ever had the curiosity or an adventurous streak then be sure to visit one of our recommended clubs. Lastly, we like to add, have fun, party hard and enjoy life to its fullest.

After World War II, strip clubs began to appear all across the globe. Although one can find texts talking about these clubs for as far back as 400 years, such as a comedy written by Thomas Otway “The soldier's fortune” which was published in 1681. Strip clubs were initially a part of traveling carnivals where a performer will perform the act of disrobing or an enticing dance for the people visiting these places. 

Around 1895, the first film showcasing strip clubs or stripping was shown by female director Alice Guy who lived in France. Although the idea and acts of striptease have been around for a long time. In those times, some carnivals or theaters used the common plot of searching for bugs while wearing limited clothes on stage. Over time, these plots changed, upgraded and dancing was added along with many more options to choose from for an individual. 

The famous dutch dancer Mata Hari who was later claimed as a spy by french authorities and shot dead has also performed a striptease performance as her debut performance. Her most popular act in this performance involved removing articles of clothes throughout the act until she was in her jeweled bra and some more jewelry. Acts like these became popular with time for their brilliant choreography. As they almost kept the audience captivated till the very end of the act.

The Rise in the Popularity of Strip Clubs in the United States of America

As per the recent, it is said that the strip club business is developing at a very fast pace. Around 3000-4000 strip clubs are active in and around the United States as of 2009. Factors such as location and revenue often determine the opening and closing times of these clubs. As a common trend, it has been observed that strip clubs are active mostly at night time, but some of the clubs opt to be active during the daytime also. The clubs working during the daytime mostly follow a shift schedule so every person gets some rest.

Although strip clubs are present in most of the United states. San Francisco is home to the famous Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre which initiated the first-ever lap dance in 1970. The early 1990s saw the introduction of a Gentlemen's club which has beautiful women, fashionable interiors as well as delicious food.

From the 1960s to 1993, Boston was popular for its combat zones, which was a hub for people from various walks of life. Be it college students or suburban people if for nothing then just to satisfy their curiosity. Unlike today, in past days performers were not scantily clothed all the time, at times off stage these performers just used to mingle and increase the alcoholic sales revenue by being fully clothed. Even though most of the clubs have closed over time, the combat area is still popular for adult entertainment.

With the coming of the 2000s, the occurrence of showing strip clubs or stripteases in movies became very frequent. From the movies like Dancing at Blue laguna to documentaries such as The Raymond Revuebar the Art of Striptease, we saw quite a lot of occurrences and a steady increase of showing strip clubs in movies and series.

Depending upon the location, these clubs can either be named Gentle men’s clubs or skin bars. Throughout different locations, these bars have different names but these can broadly be classified into three types:

  • Nude bars: Performers remove every article from their body in the course of the performance.

  • Go-go bar: Performers do not remove any article and remain scantily covered throughout the performance.

  • Topless bars: The performer removes the clothing from the upper part of the body during the performance

Although there can be other different types of performances depending on the performers and the club authority. Some of these establishments can also provide services such as chatting or an online striptease to earn revenue. 

Previously, the strip club business used to advertise mainly by word of mouth, but now there is no such boundary. VCGH, Inc. a U. S based entertainment company reportedly used all kinds of marketing advertisements from hoardings to newspaper advertisements. Although it varies from locality to locality what they can use in such advertisements when advertising. Some localities do not approve of the word nude or striptease when advertising these clubs.

Although there are not many rules in strip clubs, all these clubs are obliged to maintain state law. Sometimes clubs have their state of law which is being maintained. Some clubs offer entrance to 18+ while others offer 21+. Be sure to check on the minimum entrance age before planning a visit. Most of the time, one can find these clubs a bit expensive. But bear in mind if the services provided there are worth the visit or not before planning.

Safety is also a major concern when planning a visit as sometimes a rowdy crowd can make patrons lose their bearing. Although most of the clubs have bouncers who are a great help in maintaining cheerful situations among patrons.

Given the variety in strip clubs like go-go clubs or striptease clubs, it would be considered less practical to give an accurate list of strip clubs around any locality. Strip clubs mostly gain popularity by word of mouth from everyone who has the benefit of visiting these establishments.

Stripclubs are places of an unprejudiced, fun-loving crowd who visit to unwind and have a good time. Being a person who complains or has a judgment will only hinder you from having fun and a good time. So while visiting these establishments be sure to have an open mind. Being accountable for one's actions is also an important factor when making beautiful memories and always being respectful towards the performers. Like any other business industry, the adult industry is also a workplace of many and should be treated with as much respect as any other business.

Best strip clubs in Boston

In modern times, strip clubs offer something for everyone. Be it a bachelor party or a bachelorette party. These days everyone can pamper themselves with a visit to these premises or have a private performance. One can always liven up a retirement party with a few exotic performers.

If you are a person who loves dancing and some little adventure then, you must try to pay a visit when in Boston to these clubs. Maybe you can make some beautiful memories to look back at or just have a beer among the most open-minded crowd.

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