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Some countries in the world are known for their eventful and happening nightlife. Countries like Thailand, the USA, and several other European countries top this list.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Florida, Georgia in the United States are some nations that are popular for the wide range of adult entertainment options they offer.

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Top 15 Best Strip Clubs in Atlanta (2022): Gentlemens Club Atlanta

Atlanta’s oldest strip club should be on your list at all costs.

Clermont Lounge is one of the world’s best dive bars and has been featured on Travel Channel’s “The Layover”, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Comedy Central among others.

 Clermont Lounge is an award-winning strip club and is one of the favorites of many celebrities like Bill Murray, Morgan Freeman, and Robert De Niro, among others.

Now, wouldn’t it be cool to bump into a celebrity on your visit to a strip club?


  • Phone Number- (404) 874-4783
  • Modes of payments- Clermont Lounge does not accept credit cards or Apple Pay. It is advisable to carry cash with you.
  • Google Ratings- 3.9

Cheetah Lounge is an LGBTQ-friendly bar and strip club which is appropriate for both couples as well as groups.

 It has a full bar and also provides sports on TV. 

Cheetah also offers fine dining for those who want to enjoy it.

Cheetah Lounge is a strip club that offers nude performances.

Be it fine dining, sports, or strip tease performance, Cheetah Lounge offers them all.


  • Phone Number- (404) 892-3037
  • Modes of payments- this place accepts credit cards.
  • Google Ratings- 3.6

Blue Flame Lounge is a wheelchair accessible strip club where strippers perform dance on stage.

also offers liquor and hookah. You can request for mixed flavor hookahs. 

Blue Flame Lounge has blasting music, excellent DJ, and is a great place for groups.

Blue Flame allows smoking inside their premises and has a full bar. If you like to dance, this place should be on your list.


  • Phone Number- (404) 794-1446
  • Modes of payments- they do not accept Apple Pay or credit cards.
  • Google Ratings- 3.7

Is one of the world-famous strip clubs that have good food, better liquor, and the best strippers.

If your goal is to experience the best of everything, that is food and beverage, alcohol, and the strippers, you should head over to this place.

 Magic City’s best nights are on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays

. So, if you want to get over your Monday blues or get ready for a kickass weekend, this could be your place, to begin with.

Magic City is a good place for dance lovers and is appropriate for groups


  • Phone Number- (404) 584-5847
  • Modes of payments- you can easily pay using your credit card
  • Google Ratings- 3.9

5. Onyx

Onyx is one of the most popular strip clubs.

It is so popular that sometimes you will struggle to find a seat if you go there late.

The best way to make the best of the experience here is to arrive a little early.

Onyx is very strict about pictures. 

Ensuring the privacy of the customers as well as the staff members, clicking pictures is strictly prohibited.

Its best nights are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, making it an excellent choice to spend your weekends at.

They have a full bar and DJ and are a great choice for people who love to dance.


  • Phone Number- (404) 876-9992
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit card payments
  • Google Ratings- 3.2

One of the staple choices among strip clubs in Atlanta, Pink Pony is known for offering exotic views, a full bar, an excellent DJ, and to-die-for cocktails. 

Their signature T-bone steak is a must-try.

Pink Pony has their best nights on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

It is accessible by wheelchair making it a great choice for everyone. They also have Wi-Fi and a TV.

Smoking is also allowed inside their premises.


  • Phone Number- (404) 634-6396
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards but Apple pay is not allowed
  • Google Ratings- 3.2

Is one of the clubs in America that offers full nudity.

If you want to experience that, Strokers Club is your place to be.

 Strokers Club also has the most beautiful Black Strippers, making it a great choice for people who want to enjoy a performance by Black strippers.

They also have hookahs, and e-hookahs and their shisha collection are amazing with over 60 flavors of Shisha.

If you fancy yourself some hookah while enjoying a stripper’s performance, you should surely check out the Stroker’s Club.


  • Phone Number- (770) 270-0350
  • Modes of payments- you can easily make payments through cash and credit cards
  • Google Ratings- 3.5

Trapeze redefines luxury and entertainment with its extravagant ambiance and above-par services. It strives to cater to sensually charged couples as well as singles.

You can dance, or just sit back and enjoy a lap dance. Trapeze has an intimate lounge with open as well as private rooms.

It also boasts three spacious Jacuzzis along with a posh and comfortable setting in plush surroundings.

Apart from these, its amenities include a complete BYOB bar service, open party rooms, and private lockers and showers.


  • Phone number- (404) 699-0100
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards
  • Google Ratings- 4.1

If you want a lap dance, this is your place. Peaches of Atlanta are known for the lap dances by their strippers.

Dancers are 18 and above and are respectful of the customer’s expectations.

They have a full bar and a TV and are a great place for groups as well.


  • Phone number- (404) 758-4099
  • Modes of payments- they do not accept credit cards and therefore it is advisable to carry cash
  • Google Ratings- 3.9

Although not a good choice if you like to dance, it is a good place to chill and enjoy.

They have a full bar, TV, and DJ. Oasis has an open club and also a VIP room.

Their best nights are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The age limit for entry to Oasis is 21. 


  • Phone number- (770) 454-8065
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards to ensure ease of payments
  • Google Ratings- 2.9

It is one of the classy gentlemen’s adult entertainment clubs and features beautiful entertainers grooving to the latest urban, hip-hop, and rap music.

They offer happy hour special drinks and also have three pool tables apart from four flat-screen TVs.


  • Phone number- (678) 528-8958
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit cards
  • Google ratings- 3.2

Everything about this place is amazing.

They have a full bar and DJ, bike parking, and is an excellent place for dancing. 

They offer the best nights on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

This is a must-visit place because their staff is very friendly, the music is extremely amazing, and the food is scrumptious. Goldrush is one of the best places if you want a lap dance.

They have beautiful girls here who are friendly and cooperative.

Tips motivate them to keep you entertained and they have plenty of space.


  • Phone number- (404) 766-2532. You can call them for bookings and reservations, and inquiries about special celebrations like birthdays and bachelor parties.
  • Modes of payment- they accept credit cards
  • Google ratings- 4.4

Dream destination of gay men around the world who fancy themselves some striptease show and full nudity.

They have a full bar, DJ, and TV. 

Their best nights are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Their upscale, state-of-the art club draws men from all over the world to come to experience the best of a strip club exclusively for men.

 However, you need to be at least 21 to enter.


  • Phone number- (404) 352-0532
  • Modes of payments- they accept cards.
  • Google ratings- 3.7

One of the popular bars with a full bar, DJ, and TV. They also have VIP rooms. Their best nights are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

 Along with liquor and great music, they also offer paid Wi-Fi.

However, this place can be a little expensive and their VIP rooms can cost up to $300.


  • Phone number- (404) 873-2294
  • Modes of payments- you can make payments via credit cards but android pay is not allowed.
  • Google ratings- 3.4

Club Blaze offers complete nudity, nude strippers, and dancers. They have amazing hookahs and an extensive, impressive food menu. CB offers free Wi-Fi, DJ, a full bar, and a TV. They do not mind smoking inside their premises.

It is an excellent place for groups and is inclusive of people with disabilities. 

Club Blaze is wheelchair accessible and is couple-friendly as well. Here, you can enjoy beer for $3, drinks for $5, and lap dance for $5 as well.

 They also have an upstairs as well as a downstairs Billiards table. You should also check out their specialty which includes:

Lunch Specials- 11AM- 3PM

Happy Hours- 12PM- 8PM


  • Phone number- (404) 366-5243
  • Modes of payments- they accept credit card payments
  • Google ratings- 3.5

Final Words

These are the top-most strip clubs in Atlanta. If you are willing to explore strip clubs on your stay or trip to Atlanta, we recommend picking one or more, or even all the clubs for this list. These clubs are some of the best hand-picked clubs in Atlanta that fall under different price ranges and are different from each other in terms of services.

Most of these clubs are affordable and all of them are safe for people of all genders and faiths. However, since strip clubs involve a lot of alcohol consumption, you must ensure the safety of yourself as well as that of others. 

Here are some things to keep in mind before going to a strip club:

  • Keep your cash safe- strip clubs involve a lot of tip-paying. Make sure you keep your cash safe because strip clubs are crowded places and pickpocketing is a common phenomenon in packed spaces in general.

  • Do not get violent- people tend to lose their calm quickly under the influence of alcohol. Drink responsibly and do not engage in violence or rage of any sort. Remember, you are there to make memories and have fun, not cuts and bruises.

  • Respect boundaries- people often confuse a stripper’s job as consent. Remember that the entertainer in front of you and her consent matters as much as yours. While physical touch is bound to take place if you are receiving a lap dance, ensure you do not make the entertainer uncomfortable purposefully.

  • Be mindful of the rules- many strip clubs have a strict policy of no cameras. This rule is made keeping in mind the privacy of the customers as well as the strippers. Do not break rules and adhere to the policies or else your phone can be confiscated. In worst-case scenarios, you might even end up in jail.

These are some of the basic things to keep in mind when visiting a strip club. A strip club visit can be an exciting experience for a lot of people but some people might not find themselves comfortable with the overwhelming crowd or explicit nudity, if you happen to be one of them, do not panic. In such a case, the best thing to do is to find the way out and take the exit. 

If you or your friends are about to visit Atlanta, check this list out before you set out to explore strip clubs. We are sure that this information and insight into the various strip clubs will help you pick the best club as per your need.

Casinos, discos, pubs, etc. play a huge role in the entertainment opportunities offered by these countries. While Las Vegas is the most common choice for people visiting the United States and willing to see what a casino is like, they usually feel sad when they cannot make it to Nevada, either due to a shortage of time or whatever the reason may be.

Another popular adult entertainment option in the US is the availability of strip clubs. Most people already know what a strip club is. We have seen it either in some movie or TV series or heard about it from a friend or family member who has been abroad.

Strip clubs are fascinating for different reasons. Albeit strippers are usually women, in recent times, many male strip clubs have come up as well. Strip clubs are different from ordinary nightclubs.

A strip club is a nightclub where there is an additional element of strip performances or strip tease apart from the ordinary dancing, music, and liquor.

A lot of people wonder if women visit strip clubs as well. Well, they do. Although the concept of strip clubs seems very explicit to people of the East, it is a common occurrence in the West.

A strip club is a place where a stripper gives stage performances, strips in the literal sense of the word, and offers lap dances to those willing to receive it. All of this is done in exchange for money which is called a “tip”.

It is important to understand what exactly a strip club is because some people confuse it with a normal nightclub and feel uncomfortable once they are in the strip club. 

Strip clubs offer various services and most of them offer striptease performances as their most popular service. 

Strip clubs are a common venue for bachelor parties for men and hen’s parties for women. In both cases, the idea is to have a little fun fooling around with people stripping for money, consuming alcohol, and dancing until the legs hurt, before finally “settling down” with one person forever after the wedding.

Strip clubs are not only a destination for pre-wedding fun but also for tourists wanting to experience and blend the adult entertainment culture of the US. Strip clubs are so popular that many a time, people especially plan a trip to these cities to visit strip clubs. Ask your friends and you will be surprised to know how many of them have it on their bucket list to visit Sin City, that is, Vegas, or a strip club in general.

Strip clubs are visited by young adults and middle-aged people alike. The experience and memories made at a strip club often require a lot of money as tips or because liquor is expensive as compared to a normal bar but people who enjoy visiting strip clubs often feel satisfied after the visit.

If you are visiting the US with your friends, it doesn’t matter if traveling for work or leisure and feel like exploring strip clubs, you should do your research online. 

Do not enter any strip club you happen to find first. Here is a list of the top strip clubs in Atlanta, along with the services they offer. Make sure to check it out before you go out to explore so you do not find yourself at the wrong place or do not end up spending more money than you should.

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