Top 10 Best Remote Control Vibrators (2019)

Remote control vibrators are one of the most luxurious vibrators available in the market today since they provide perfect controlling options to the users and they provide a perfect combination of leisure and pleasure to the users.

These wired or Bluetooth controlled vibrators are also ideal for naughty and kinky couples who wish to play with their partners by switching the vibrations in such a way that it becomes impossible to resist.

These vibrators can come in the form of vibrating bullets, eggs and even dildos of sufficient sizes.

Most of the remote controls have the power to control the vibrators across the room, and some of them are even designed to stimulate a particular spot such as the G-spot.

There are both anal and vaginal vibrators offered to the buyers so that they can choose which of them can be the ideal companion when no one is around. Today we are presenting to you some of the best remote control vibrators that are manufactured by top brands of the world.

These remote-controlled vibrators are not only safe, but they induce a different type of thrill which cannot be achieved by using regular dildos and pegging toys. Let us see these top 10 remote control vibrators in detail:

Top 10 best remote control vibrators



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Lovehoney Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

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Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator


Lovehoney Booty Shaker 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug



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#1. Lovehoney Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

This Love Egg vibrator manufactured by Lovehoney is a discrete vibrator which can be used for both solo sessions and during foreplay with your partner.

It looks stunning and gives sensational bouts of pleasure after inserting it.

It comes with a wireless remote control which allows you to use it in a hands-free manner and the range of vibrations is excellent too.

Overall it is an ideal buy for those who are willing to spend a few extra bucks for experiencing divine pleasure. 


  • Three variable speeds and seven variable vibrating patterns are good enough to give you a heck of an experience.
  • You can even use it to pleasure yourself in a crowd as it is discrete and does not make a sound at all.
  • It is designed with a loop so that you can remove it easily after use.



  • The sensations of the vibrations are powerful enough to give you shuddering orgasms.
  • It is ideal for vaginal play, but you can also use it for stimulating your prostate if your rectum has enough room.
  • This device can be used both the beginners and advanced users. However, the beginners will have to get used to the vibrations slowly and steadily and so it is not advisable to them to directly jump on the fastest speed and higher vibration levels.
  • The egg is waterproof but the remote needs to be kept out of water at all times.
  • Some people might find the cost a bit too much.

#2. Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator

If you want to experience the thrill of using a soft and smooth vibrator playing endlessly with your sensitive spots, then this remote control vibrator will be perfect for you.

The vibrations produced by this egg vibrator are deep, intense and powerful enough to give you the big orgasm you have been waiting for since a very long time.

Like most of the egg vibrators, this too can be used for solo masturbation or to stimulate your partner.


  • The seven levels of vibrations provide nice variations to the users to play with.
  • It has to be used after applying water-based lubes since the silicone based lubes will react with its surface.
  • The wireless remote control can handle the egg till up to 4 meters of distance.



  • The texture of this device is silky, and therefore you will not feel inconvenient at any point.
  • It is perfect for first times and experienced users as well.
  • This egg vibrator is water-resistant, and therefore you can also use it underwater.
  • The discrete nature of this vibrator allows you to carry it on holidays.
  • The remote control is not water-proof.
  • You will not be able to use silicone based lubes with it.

#3. Lovehoney Booty Shaker 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

If you love to experience a vibrating bullet in your booty, then you might consider this booty shaker because it is devised with ten levels of intense vibrating patterns which will force you to cum harder than ever!

It can be considered a little costly, but due to it's high-quality and super smooth texture, we consider it to be a good option for all those who are craving for some anal penetration.


  • With six levels of speeds and ten levels of vibrating patterns, this device provides a lot of variations to the users.
  • This anal plug is made from silicone and is completely safe to use due to its soft and smooth texture.
  • You can either use the vibrating butt plug, or you can remove the bullet to use it separately.
  • It is completely waterproof, and therefore you can get naughty in water as well.
  • The remote control can be operated till up to 5 meters.
  • It performs like a pro and can be used with a water-based lube for extra pleasure.
  • It provides intense and blissful pleasures to the user.
  • You cannot use it with silicone based lubricant since it is made up of silicone.
  • The remote control cannot be immersed in water as it is just splash-proof.

#4. Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

With its vibrant colour and top-notch performance, the Lelo love egg vibrator is among the best remote control vibrators in the world.

It provides you with spasmodic orgasms if you are willing to spend extra bucks.

It is a luxurious egg vibrator as there is nothing ordinary about it.

It is one of the few wireless remote control vibrators that have an awesome remote control that can be operated from up to 12 meters of distance. 

All these features make it one of the best egg vibrators in this list.


  • You can enjoy yourselves with eight levels of vibrations from this egg vibrator.
  • You can use it inside your pussy, and you can also be used it to stimulate your clitoris from above.
  • The string integrated into the egg allows you to remove it safely after its use.



  • This egg vibrator looks appealing and performs in a superior way as well.
  • It is capable of providing you with divine and blissful pleasures.
  • You can stimulate both G-spot and clit one at a time by using this vibrator.
  • It is super expensive if we compare its price with the other vibrators.
  • The vibrant colour of this toy makes it easily noticeable.

#5. Vibease Bluetooth Erotica Rechargeable Responsive Panty Vibrator

This panty vibrator which helps men to play with their partners even when they are miles away by using a mobile app is one of the best in the market when it comes to providing stimulating performance as well.

It is designed to stimulate the clit and can be used discreetly since it is controlled via a smartphone app.

Moreover, it can be tuned with a steamy audiobook for experiencing intense orgasms. 


  • It is made from high-quality silicone and therefore it is safe to use.
  • It is lightweight and discrete as well which make it a travel-friendly device.
  • This vibrator is small but powerful enough to make you squeal with joy.



  • It massages your clit in such a way that you will not be able to hold your orgasm for long.
  • There is no need of controlling it as it automatically vibrates to provide you with perfect stimulations and sensations.
  • It provides a completely new way to enjoy for the ladies.
  • It is quite an expensive remote control vibrator.
  • There are better vibrators that provide more intense pleasure to the users in its price range.

#6. We-Vibe Bloom Rechargeable App Control Vibrating Kegel Balls

If you want to gift a perfect sex toy to your girlfriend or wife, then nothing can get better then these Kegel balls which are capable of massaging your Kegel muscles and prostate perfectly to provide you with an explosive orgasm.

You can also use it to strengthen your backdoor muscles, and it provides a great way of relieving your stress after a hectic day.

It stimulates your pelvic muscles erotically and gently, and you are not able to sustain the pleasure for long.

It is specially made for women, but men who like to tickle their prostate can use it too for unlimited fun!


  • Enjoy a nerve tickling and powerful orgasm with the help of these remote controlled Kegel balls.
  • They are made from smooth and rich quality silicone which make them secure to use.
  • These balls are integrated with ten different vibrating patterns which enable you to milk your prostate gland to perfection if you insert it up to 3 inches deep.



  • You can even create your vibrations by using its mobile app.
  • The stimulation provided by these ball vibrators are too steamy and hot to handle.
  • It is ideal for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Many people will find its cost to be a bit too high.
  • Silicone lubes cannot be used since the balls are made from silicone too. 

#7. Cupid's Perfect Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

It is a buzzing bullet vibrator that can take your breath away by inducing mind-blowing sensations.

Also, its affordable price and special features make it one of the most desirable options for the customers.

The erotic buzz created by this vibrator is too hot to handle, and you will finally succumb to the pleasure once the intensity gets beyond your handling capabilities.

It is ideal for beginners who are new into using vibrators.

The special wired remote control of this vibrator allows you to use it from quite a distance which makes it ideal for both solo and couple play.

Special features:

  • It looks simple and discreet which helps you store it with complete privacy. 
  • The remote control operates with the help of batteries, and you need to buy them separately.
  • It is one of the most affordable vibrators on this list as you can avail it under 35 U.S dollars.



  • The six modes of vibrations are good enough to tantalise and stimulate your senses.
  • The remote control is easy to operate and can be operated till up to 7.5 meters.
  • Its lightweight and compact size make it portable as well.
  • It gives you to option of choosing between both wired and wireless controls.
  • The AA batteries are not included in the package, and therefore you need to buy them additionally to make the remote control work.
  • New users might require some time to master its operations.

#8. Lovehoney Rabbit Rocker 10 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

With an ingenious design that stimulates the clitoris of the women and the erection of the men at once, this vibrating cock ring is one of a kind.

With ten levels of vibrating pulses, it is sure to rock your world, and the soft bunny ears delicately nuzzle your clit to drive you towards an intense orgasm.

Moreover, it is affordable as well and provides tickling sensations that are too hard to resist.

The design of this sex toy is unique, and therefore you can conveniently carry it while travelling as well.

All these features make it a must-have sex toy for the couples and the ladies can also use it for solo play during masturbation.


  • You can use water based lubes with this cock ring to make it more fizzy and stimulating.
  • It is completely waterproof which enables you to use it under a shower or in a bathtub as well.
  • The vibrations and sensations are so intense that you cannot help but crave for more.



  • It is suited for both beginners and advanced users. 
  • The silicone used in this ring vibrator is of high-quality which means it is perfectly safe for you as well.
  • The soft and gentle nuzzles of the ears give immense pleasure to your clit.
  • Silicone-based lubes cannot be used with these vibrating rings.
  • is not too costly, but it is not cheap either.

#9. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

This is a pulsating remote control egg which has to power to make your shake and tremble with pleasure.

With a wireless remote control that can be even used from the other room and a mind-boggling design, this has to be one of the best egg vibrators in the market today.

It may be slightly costlier than the other vibrating eggs, but when we look at its quality and performance, we have to give it a thumbs-up.

It also comes with a storage bag which helps you to carry it along nicely while travelling.

It is more suited for the beginners since the vibrations are not too crazy, but they are perfect to introduce your lady to heavenly pleasures.


  • The perfect smooth exterior of this vibrating egg is made from silicone, and it does its job like a professional.
  • With two vibrating speeds and five different patterns this device was made for beginners, and intermediate level users too can enjoy its sensations.
  • To carry it around discretely you get a rich looking satin making.



  • It is a rechargeable device which provides more than 90 minutes of play once fully charged.
  • The remote control remains in charge till up to 10 meters of distance away from the vibrator.
  • It can be used for solo masturbation sessions and is a pro at teasing the sensitive points of your partner. Therefore, using it for foreplay doesn’t seem to be a bad option at all.
  • The price is a bit on the higher side, and this might be the only major drawback of this device.

#10. Nexus Ace Medium Extra Quiet Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

It is a dynamic and sexy looking vibrating anal plug which can drive you crazy by exposing your anus to a variety of new sensations.

It operates in a noiseless way and takes care of privacy. 

It is not too costly, but when you wish to enjoy a stimulating anal ride, then you will have to spare a few extra bucks.

The flat rear end of this butt plug enables you to retrieve it safely once used.

It can be used by both men and women who are fond of anal pleasures.

Special features:

  • The high-quality silicone used in this butt vibrator is soft and hypoallergenic as well. Therefore, you are completely safe while using it.
  • It is a USB rechargeable device which means that you can use it in any corner of the world.
  • It needs to be used with a water-based lubricant which is meant for anal penetration purposes.



  • It can be inserted up to many inches in your butt, and with 5.1-inch girth at the centre, this toy is meant only for the experienced users.
  • This anal vibrator vibrates in six different ways and provides you with divine pleasure. As a result, it proves to be ideal for massaging and stimulating your prostate as well.
  • It remains quite during vibrating which helps you to use it conveniently.
  • The remote is designed to be discrete as well.
  • The wireless remote operates well to provide a user-friendly experience to the users.
  • It is made to be water-resistant, and therefore you can use it freely in the water.
  • There are better anal plug vibrators in this price range.
  • It is not suitable for the use of beginners.

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