Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Looking for the Best Pool Parties in Vegas?

Annually, from March to September, there are many pool parties on The Strip in Las Vegas! 

Most of these pool party events may be similar to a nightclub during the day. 

Some of them even have international DJs and big spenders who want to attend this huge event with lots of free-flowing alcohol.

For daytime entertainment, it’s not going anywhere because the younger crowd still enjoys themselves along with celebrity appearances (somehow).

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Top 15 Best Pool Parties in Vegas (2022): COMPLETE GUIDE

If you're looking for an upscale, sophisticated pool lounge to enjoy some sun and some topless women in a more relaxed, chill environment; Bare is just the place for you. Located at the Mirage hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard South Strip, it offers guests who can afford its $400/night room rates access to European-style "topless" (aka nude or semi-nude) sunbathing with six plasma screens that show content from around the world. 

There's also a full-service bar with well-appointed cabanas that range from four-person daybeds lined up along a wall near one of two pools on-site as well as lush daybeds all over this intimate venue which lacks wall-to-wall frenzy like other venues provide.

 Monday night features industry parties where guest DJs take turns spinning tunes all night long!

Bare began as an intimate topless pool but has downplayed that image in recent years.

 Bare is surrounded by palm trees and has a secluded feel with its tropical layout surrounding the rectangular pool. 

The see-thru wall offers a glimpse of what's going on below the surface of the water--a tease for potential swimmers! Bare is easy to get around, with chairs and cabanas surrounding it from all angles providing ample space for even those without their cottages or villas.


  • 3400 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 791-7111
  • Google Rating: 4.1

With an idyllic setting and a beautiful venue, Ayu Dayclub Las Vegas is entirely unlike anything you've ever seen before. It truly has the feeling of a Balinese oasis with its flowing palms, cool breezes and warm sun beating down on you as it sets in the middle of Sin City. 

The scenery will leave your jaw dropped to the floor - not only because it's so amazingly gorgeous but also because this nightclub is modernly luxurious with many conveniences like daybeds for hours upon hours of lounging time. This club does have something for everyone: those looking for fun nightlife must visit Zouk Nightclub while those seeking laid back party vibes should come here!

As per its tradition, Ayu is back this summer as the number one day club in Resorts World. This time around, it has a lineup of top-notch DJs including Zedd, Tiesto and Deadmau5 who will make your weekend complete with their eclectic mix of music styles-you can't go wrong! 

The party moves poolside on Sundays for Moonbeam: an original concept designed for working parents to have fun with their kids. It's by invitation only from September - to November so if you've been waiting to be part of something exclusive then now's your chance!


  • 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Google Rating: 3.8

Daylight Beach Club is the ultimate Las Vegas pool party, and it can help you see the light. The famous wave pool and lazy river are just part of what makes this venue so extraordinarily spectacular to be at.

More than 50,000 square feet for performances by DJs, musical acts or those simply wanting to enjoy themselves with a drink in hand await guests at Daylight's Mandalay Bay location. 

This extravagant beach club features 70 daybeds that have 25 cabanas attached to them (which house 6 large LED screens), 5 restrooms including 10 VIP rooms as well as the main dance floor with hip-hop dancers on top of steel spindles performing below nothing but waterfalls everywhere!

To ensure its place among all other extravagances present within LV, Daylight offers frozen cocktails right off their menu - which includes 18 different kinds!


  • 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, NV 8911
  • Phone number: (702) 632-4700
  • Google Rating: 4.2

If you are a sun-worshipper, then the best way to get closer to that luminescent orb is at Drai's. This rooftop hotspot - located in The Cromwell Resort Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard - provides stunning views of almost the entire Strip plus brilliant displays from Bellagio Fountains. 

It also boasts some of the best poolside dinings including avocado toast and internationally-themed hot dogs (Just say no to nachos) on its spacious main deck alongside two large swimming pools --- plus five smaller elevated pools shared by their VIP bungalows above for ultimate relaxation or indulgence.

For those willing, they can rent one of fifteen mezzanine cabanas with private pools and showers as well as restrooms that overlooks all this splendour!


  • In The Cromwell Hotel 3595 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 632-4700
  • Google Rating: 4.2

Elia Beach Club is a day club in Las Vegas, located on the site of what used to be Rehab.

The name is inspired by a beach off the Greek island Mykonos which was known for its relaxed atmosphere and turquoise waters.

 Despite this new resort replacing an old trendsetting club, there will still be lots of energy at Elia with house music being played at the DJ booth.

 In addition, don't hesitate to dip your feet into the pool's hot sand- it takes about 30 minutes for it to get up to cooking temperatures!

Elia Beach, which is a brand-new beach club at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas in 2021, will debut this month.

It uses music from DJs and guest performers that have knowledge of tropical house, world house and deep house. The mindset of escape will be implemented with good vibes all around.


  • 4455 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169
  • Phone number: (702) 693-5570
  • Google Rating: 3.8

This pool club is reserved for Hotel Members only and those who are staying at this beautiful location on the Strip.

The pool is a beautifully structured piece of engineering, with curves smoother than molten butter and the shape being of a starfish (sort-of), this is even more appealing to the eyes, especially when you can see the setting sun alongside it.

There are 18 romantic cabanas here that come with a fruit plate, water and soft drinks, seating for up to eight people.

They include an LCD TV with cable service at one end of the pool area and ceiling fans and misters in both areas.

Deluxe lounge chairs are included for your comfort as well as our helpful staff who will be there from 9 am - 5 pm. 

Our rental price ranges from $140 - $300 per full day or you can rent out just the daybeds; they're available upon request starting around $45-$75 depending on what time you'd like them rented!


  • 3300 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Google Rating: 4.2

The Garden of the Gods is a sprawling pool deck in Las Vegas. One such attraction is Venus, an adults-only enclave tucked away in a corner of the area that has music and drinks for swimmers and guests to enjoy. 

The intimate little spot keeps things low key with lounge beats played loudly enough to be felt underwater, but there are also sandwiches and wraps available as well as items from Caesars Palace Food Court

 if you want something on your plate quickly or takeaway for later! Night Swim events run Thursday-Sunday from 7 pm until 1 am.


  • 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 731-7110
  • Google Rating: 4.4

There is only one hotel Downtown that captures the essence of this movement - The Downtown Grand. Our modern rooms and suites feel like a centre-strip location but at an affordable price point.

Take our award-winning industrial chic casino for a ride! How about launching some sort of party on top? 

And what's better than pool time when you're downtown! Upstairs, there is Citrus Pool Deck with its sexy design and expansive views; flow through to Freedom Beat for Americana cuisine or activate the entire block (we own it)! 

There are also signature bars and restaurants along 3rd Street as well as amazing cocktails served anywhere in your favourite bar/club/eatery so you can enjoy this superb property all day long or night after night.


  • 206 N 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Phone number: (702) 719-5100
  • Google Rating: 4.5

The tropical feel of the pool at Go Pool is one of its most popular features. It's open seven days a week and has more than 50 daybeds to choose from, making it an ideal place for weekday evening entertainment. 

The 14 cabanas aren't fancy - so save some cash by opting for one of the many available daybed specials, which includes free food and drink specials as well.

 Maximize your time with made-to-order drinks like punches or Dole Whip cocktails in order to get through your whole stay at Go Pool without having to visit other attractions on the Strip!


  • Flamingo Hotel 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 697-2888
  • Google Rating: 4.1

Located at the Aria, Liquid is an adults-only pool area tucked behind the other three pools of the resort.

While it may be small and intimate, this venue still offers plenty to keep guests entertained: a bar with an extensive champagne list ranging from $15 for a house glass to $17,500 for a 1.5-litre bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label; eight private cabanas; two pools - one public and one private; bananas infused cocktails served on deck by DJs spinning tunes across multiple decks while fruit floats in their drinks surrounded by beautiful people lounging around chaise lounges or day beds near them on both pools.


  • 3730 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 590-9979
  • Google Rating: 3.3

TAO Beach is an Eastern-inspired oasis of sun, sand and water located at the Venetian.

 Luxury-focused partygoers can lounge poolside in one of twelve cabanas that have such amenities as air conditioning, high def plasma screen TVs with gaming controllers, WiFi and customized minibars. 

Other services available include sunglass cleaning or a therapist on-site to give you some much-needed relaxation time by giving you a massage while lounging poolside.

There are also daybeds dotted around this 18000 square foot space where guests can order their TAO cocktail - which has been created using fresh exotic ingredients carefully crafted by our mixologists.


  • 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 388-8588
  • Google Rating: 4.6

Changing the theme to "Champagne Season" at the Wet Republic in 2019, expect total debauchery with champagne showers, a giant video wall and A-list DJs including Steve Aoki, Kaskade and Martin Garrix.

Dip into one of two large saltwater pools to cool off; order a scintillating blueberry martini from an 85-foot-long marble bar. Of course, if you prefer just hanging out in 10 bungalows or cabanas during your stay there are waitresses who will serve you drinks from moulds of models wearing bikinis all day long!


  • 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 891-3563
  • Google Rating: 4.2

One of the most impressive things about the Circa resort on Fremont Street is the Stadium Swim rooftop pool deck.

The whole thing is staggered in levels on a slope to face a massive 14-million-megapixel LED video wall—making it the best tool for catching a big game.

A DJ booth is centred directly underneath. Sometimes the atmosphere is like a sports arena. 

Sometimes it's like a frat party.

 The cabanas feel like mini-apartments and there are a couple of swim-up bars to spare the nuisance of getting out of the water to order booze. There's no "season" here. Stadium Swim's six heated pools are open year-round.


  • 8 Fremont St Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Google Rating: 4.2

The expansive 60,000-square-foot deck at Encore Beach Club offers something unusual in Vegas: a pool with space and room to breathe. That made social distancing easier the past couple of years, but now things are picking up with the return of headliners like the Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Kygo, and David Guetta. 

The Wynn kitchen team has done a great job of putting together an elevated poolside food menu. The action carries over to late evening hours for regular NightSwim events.

 Think of it as a way to go nightclubbing without dressing fancy. You can even try your hand at the poolside blackjack tables and win back some of that front door admission charge.


  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 770-7300
  • Google Rating: 3.8

The Marquee Dayclub has two pool areas, a gaming area and bars for you to enjoy. It is one of the most renowned spots in Las Vegas where people can come to have fun without breaking the bank! 

They offer five new cabanas which include infinity-edge glass dipping pools, and flat-screen TVs with personal cocktail service.

The 2021 season also sees an exclusive new section by DJ David Guetta as well as a Full Bloom Sunday party series that brings together some of your favourite DJs!


  • 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd Level 2 Boulevard Tower Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone number: (702) 333-9000
  • Google Rating: 3.8

Final Words

No matter where you host your pool party, there are some key things to keep in mind to make it a success. First, you’ll need to choose the right location. Then, once you’re there, think about what type of pool party atmosphere you want to create. Once you’ve got those down, you’re good to go! Happy hosting!

If you're going to Vegas, remember that pool parties are an essential part of the culture. One key tip is not to buy tickets in advance. Instead, explore on your own and see what type of party appeals to you most! Be prepared for long lines at some pools because the majority of guest lists for women will be "crowded." Also note that Las Vegas day clubs make their money from cabanas and other exclusive seating areas - so if it's a prime time slot or a hot spot where people want to go with their friends, expect it'll cost more than just an entrance fee!

It might be hot in Las Vegas, but the summer takes it up a notch. These are some of the biggest and best pool parties to take place all year long. You can enjoy EDM or go big with a private table or cabana at these events, which can even make you feel like royalty! It's sure to be an unforgettable night in the town this summer so don't miss out on your chance to party like no one is watching.

Pool parties go viral every summer, and for good reason. They’re the perfect opportunity to get friends together, enjoy the outdoors, and have a little fun. But where do you go to throw a pool party in Las Vegas? The answer is as varied as the pool parties themselves. Here are five great places to host a pool party in Sin City.

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