Top 20 Best Native American Dating Sites – 2020 – (Reviews & Comparison)

America is a mixed bag of cultures as people from different parts of the world come here to achieve something in life.

Therefore, different people who come from different cultures and backgrounds live together happily in the U.S.

However, when it comes to dating most people wish to date someone who has a similar origin and culture.

Therefore, if some Native Americans who think like that there is nothing wrong in it. It is their choice of dating where they prefer to date or have a casual relationship with another Native American. 

Today we are discussing those dating sites which are only meant for Native Americans. Some of these sites allow them to post their personals free of cost whereas some sites charge a premium fee for it.

Therefore, the choice is entirely up to you whether you wish to opt for a free dating site or a paid one.

Let us see some of these Native American sites:

Top 10 best Native American personals/dating sites

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#1. Native American Personals

Estimated visits last month – 71.93K

Native American Personals is an ideal site for the Native Americans who wish to date only Native American men and women.

They provide a free account for the new visitors to get a feel about the look and features of this dating site.

It is a dream site for the people who wish to flirt, date or engage in a serious relationship with other Native Americans.

The standard account will not cost you anything.

Scam Management

  • To provide scam, the moderators of the site keep checking the profiles. Therefore, complete your profile the first thing. Your profile can't contain a few details, such as a home address, email ID, and phone number. You might may personally share with other members, but your profile can't have them.


  • It has a huge database of over ten thousand Native Americans.
  • It is ideal for both serious and nonserious relation seekers.
  • Native American Personals has an attractive layout and design if you compare it with some other dating sites of this niche.


  • The site lacks a fully functional matchmaking system.

Estimated visits last month – 24.8K is a perfect dating site for Native American as millions of Americans have registered on the site over the years.

It is also one of the leading American sites when it comes to matchmaking and marriages.

Therefore, Native American men and women can make complete use of its features and services. for 12, 6 and 3 months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month respectively.

Scam Management

  • As per the site, they check each of the profiles. But despite that, we came across quite a few fake profiles. The site allows you to block any user, and you can complain about a user to the customer care team too.


  • There is a huge database of Native Americans on this site.
  • It is a safe website and suggests precise matches to its members.
  • The site is ad-free and clutter free which provide a superb dating experience to the users.


  • It is an international dating site which focuses on different niches and therefore does not contain only Native Americans.

#3. E-Snag

Estimated visits last month - NA

E-Snag is home to thousands of Native Americans, and this is one of the main reasons why Native Americans prefer it.

It provides numerous features with its basic site and is one of the more decent websites when it comes to the overall layout, look and feel.

Scam Management

  • If someone posts inappropriate posts or photos, the site's moderator suspends or the worst deletes the site. Security is the site's primary concern.


  • The basic site also includes basic search feature which allows you to explore as many profiles as you like.
  • The sign-up process is simple and easy to complete.
  • There are many alluring and attractive features which make this site a perfect option to the Native Americans.


  • The site has maintenance issues sometimes.

#4. Elite Singles

Estimated visits last month – 469.4K

Elite Singles is an American dating website which is popular across the world.

However, it is not meant only for the Native Americans.

Despite this fact, there are millions of Native Americans on this site which makes it an interesting prospect for the Native American men and women.

You will have to pay $59.95 for one month, $104.85 for three months, $149.70 for six months and $215.40 for 12-month subscription plan on this site.

Scam Management

  • During the sign-up process, a detailed personality test has to be given. This helps the moderators to identify the fake profiles. The site claims to detect spammers efficiently.


  • All the members of this site are elite as its name suggests.
  • This site also targets other niches which can be a good option for the members who wish to explore different niches.
  • The site is designed to be smooth on navigation and user-friendly as well.


  • It is not specifically meant for the Native Americans.

#5. Native American Date

Estimated visits last month - NA     

If you want to check a free Native American dating site, then this site will be a perfect choice for you. It is a free site where you can register using only a few of your credentials.

The site is simple but effective enough to help you find Native Americans who are willing to date someone of their kind.

Scam Management

  • Unfortunately, there isn't any way to prevent fake people from joining in.


  • This site is ideal for those who are looking for a quick date or a causal relation.
  • There are no hidden charges for availing the membership of this site.
  • It has thousands of Native American men and women who have registered on the site.


  • The look and layout of the site are quite ordinary.
  • Nothing is appealing about the homepage as well. It also needs to have more information.

#6. Native Crush

Estimated visits last month - NA

A relatively new dating website launched in 2015, Native Crush is a hugely popular dating site which is only meant for the Native Americans.

It is a free website to register, and therefore many people prefer to date, flirt and romance using this site.

Scam Management

  • Fake profiles are available, but members can contact the customer care team to complain about a member.


  • The site is designed to be simple and features numerous pictures on the homepage which are the pictures of the latest profiles that have registered on the site.
  • You can also view the new members in the separate section which is featured on the homepage itself.
  • You can sign-up on this site using easy steps.


  • There are a few ads on this site that affect your experience a bit.

#7. Meet Native Americans

Estimated visits last month - NA

Meet Native Americans is one of the many sites that believe that dating sites work the best when they focus on a particular niche instead of jumping around different niches.

This site is meant for Native Americans who wish to date only those people who have similar hobbies and interests.

Scam Management

  • This one is a good dating site, and they have a dedicated cookie policy, privacy policy, and terms and condition page. If a fake profile is found, the account will be deleted.


  • All of the members here are Native Americans who share a common cultural and historical heritage.
  • It is an ideal site for those Americans who do not get much time to date and flirt in real life due to their work or some other reasons.
  • It provides a healthy working environment for people who like to date, flirt and romance.


  • The site can be designed to be more impressive and appealing.
  • The homepage looks dull and boring.

#8. Native American Passions

Estimated visits last month - NA

Native American Passions is a site which is suitable for those individuals who are looking to enjoy the experience of dating and social networking at once place.

It is this perfect blend which makes it more special and alluring apart from the fact that it is an exclusive site for Native Americans. It is a free dating site.

Scam Management

  • Because it is a free dating site, and anyone can join in, you will encounter many fake profiles. Identifying fake people is challenging.


  • There are several groups such as Cherokee, Apache, etc. which allow the Native Americans to engage with other members freely.
  • Numerous features such as group messages, chats, etc. can be done with the basic site which is available at zero cost.
  • The site contains thousands of Native Americans, and most of the matches are of high-quality.


  • List Element
  • This website gets a tad slow at times.
  • There are lots of disturbing ads featured on the site.

#9. Find Native Americans

Estimated visits last month - NA

If you are looking forward to date Native Americans, then you can register on Find Native Americans as it has numerous quality matches that could suffice your dating needs to perfection.

It is a cool website if you consider the numerous options of dating it provides to its members. Sign-up is free on this dating site.

Scam Management

  • People below 18 years of age can't join the site. If someone does, the account will be cancelled. In some countries, 21 is the legal age to join a dating site. The site has strict terms and conditions page.


  • The profiles of new members are added on the homepage to initiate your dating experience immediately.
  • There are a lot of options for sending emoticons and flirty messages to the members you find attractive.
  • Registration can be completed in a couple of minutes, and therefore you need not waste your time.
  • The huge community of this site allows you to express your views and opinions without any inhibitions.


  • The default language of this site is not English.
  • This site is poorly designed, and the layout looks ancient.

#10. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 54.8 million

Tinder might not be an exclusive Native American dating site, but it provides lots of options to the Native Americans when it comes to casual flings, flirting, hook-ups, etc.

It has a huge database of quality Native American guys and girls which makes it a good option to those who are open-minded about relationships.

Tinder is free but Tinder plus will come at $9.99 if you are under 30 and members of 30 and above 30 years of age will have to pay $19.99 per month.

Scam Management

  • Even though the site is very popular, people can easily do a security breach and create fake profiles.


  • The clutter-free and clean design of the site impresses one and everyone.
  • If you are looking for casual dates and affairs, then you must surely try this site, and it also consists of a lot of Native Americans as well.
  • You can target many niches on this site which is an advantage to members who like to experiment with their dating styles.


  • Tinder is not suitable for serious relation seekers as it is only meant for fun and sex.
  • There are many other Native American dating sites which concentrate only on the Native American men and women.

#11. Native American Dating Service

Estimated visits last month - NA

Native American Dating Service is a perfect site for those who are strictly looking for matches who are Native Americans.

They also provide free trial for the new members which are a great way of letting the users get a feel of the site.

Scam Management

  • The site isn't doing much to keep the privacy of the users secured and safe. However, you can block members.


  • Joining and searching is completely free on this site.
  • Native American Dating Service is a mobile-friendly dating site.
  • The customer support service is quick and co-operative.


  • The layout of the site needs to be improved.
  • Premium features cannot be used by free users.

Estimated visits last month – 9.1 million

If you are a senior Native American, then few sites meet your dating requirements. is a site which can meet the dating requirements of senior Native Americans since it consists of millions of members and a huge share of it belongs to the Native Americans.

The only condition to be a member on this site is that you should be more than 50 years old and single.

For one month you need to pay $29.96, and for the 6-month plan, you need to pay $107.76 on

Scam Management

  • The site isn't doing much to keep the privacy of the users secured and safe. However, you can block members.


  • There are millions of members who are looking to date, romance or love someone of their age.
  • Some people might find it lucrative to explore the other niches which are provided by this site.
  • The site is user-friendly, and the search options are quite good on this site.


  • does not specialise in the Native American niche.
  • Weekly payment option provided by this site can upset many users.


Estimated visits last month – 101.36K might not be a great option for people who are looking for other niches, but it is certainly an ideal site for the Native Americans since it is meant only for them.

Moreover, it does not cost you even a single dollar which means that it is completely free of cost.

All these features make it a cool site to explore especially for the Native Americans.

Scam Management

  • The site uses the TruPic photo verification system, making sure that there aren't any fake profiles.


  • The quality of matches on this dating site is quite good. Therefore, if you are looking for a handsome Native American man or a beautiful Native American lass then if you can find them easily on this site.
  • It is suitable for people looking for casual relationships and flirting, but it also can be used to find your soul mate.
  • This site also members to post their ads for free.


  • The look and appearance of this site are ancient.
  • The layout of this Native American dating site needs to be revamped.

#14. Native American Dating Connexion

Estimated visits last month - NA

Native American Dating Connexion is a dating website that contains numerous Native Americans who are looking to date and have fun.

It explores the different tribes and cultures that are prevalent among the Native Americans since ages and therefore is a strictly Native American site.

You can sign-up for free on this site.

Scam Management

  • The site has a privacy policy page, which states that they take security policy very seriously.


  • If you are looking for casual flings and open-minded relationships, then you can use this site. Also, if you are looking for a strong connection with a Native American girl or guy then too you can explore the features of this site.
  • Blackfoot, Chippewa, Navajo and many more other matches can be found on this site.
  • They allow you to search the matches by location so that you can find someone who is living close to you.


  • The site is old-fashioned and needs a redesign.

#15. Mingle2

Estimated visits last month – 6 million is a great website for Native Americans because there are plenty of members here who are genuinely Native Americans.

Also, the site does not charge you for anything from registering to sending messages which makes it a worthwhile option to everyone since it is not a dedicated Native American dating site.

It is a free site that does not cost you a penny.

Scam Management

  • As per the site, the moderators check each of the profiles to keep it secure. You may block members as well.


  • All the gay, lesbian, straight or transgender Native Americans can find their ideal match here.
  • The sign-up process can be completed in quick and easy steps.
  • It targets many niches apart from Native American dating niche.


  • Ads can be a cause of concern on this site.

Estimated visits last month – 3 million is a huge site which focuses on a wide range of dating niches of all kinds.

They have a fair share of Native Americans as well, and therefore Native Americans who are looking for a fresh dating option can think of using this site.

There are handsome and beautiful matches out here waiting for you to date, romance and love them!

The monthly fee from a premium account is $24.99, but if you want to opt for the 3 or 6-month plan, then it cost you $16.66 and $12.50 per month.

Scam Management

  • No verification method. However, safety tips are available.


  • It is completely free to register on this site.
  • It has a huge database of Native Americans, and most of them are good quality matches.
  • You can directly connect with Facebook if you wish to skip the sign-up portion.


  • The app form of this dating site can be downloaded from both Google Play and App Store. Therefore, you can use them on your smartphones and iPhones easily.

Estimated visits last month – 1.07 million

Native American love using Cupid because it is easy to use a whole lot of quality matches and its basic version does not cost anything.

Moreover, it is also available on the App Store, and therefore people who use iPhones can easily afford them.

The premium membership cost starts are 27.99 pounds (U.K) per month and the monthly rates for three, and six-month plans are 20.99 and 13.99 pounds respectively.

Scam Management

  • Even after verification, many fake profiles are found. Blocking users can be done.


  • You can try a whole lot of other niches apart from Native American dating niche on
  • The look and feel of this website are quite impressive.
  • The blogs of this dating site are fun to read, and a lot of dating tips could be learned from them.
  • You can even sign with Facebook on this site.


  • There may be quite a few fake profiles here since there aren’t many validation tools here.
  • Cupid does not dedicate itself to Native American dating niche.

#18. Meet Up

Estimated visits last month – 36.2 million is not dedicated to the Native American niche, but they have almost 12K Native Americans who are registered users of this site.

All these members are divided into 31 different groups which make interactions fun and easier.

Therefore it operates more like a community than a dating site. The monthly fee for a premium account is $30.

Scam Management

  • A popular dating site with robust scam management policy. Fake profiles get deleted instantly.


  • The communities of Native Americans can be chosen according to your preferences.
  • The interactions in communities are simpler, and you get to know each other before you start chatting and messaging them in private.
  • It has some of the biggest Native American Meetups which make it a happening site.


  • The community discussions can sometimes be dull and too intelligent to the fun-loving audience who love to flirt and have fun.
  • The layout and overall design of this site can be improved a little bit.

#19. Plenty Of Fish

Estimated visits last month – 83.3 million

You might have heard about the Plenty Of Fish which has more fishes in the form of dates than you can ever imagine.

A sizeable size of these members consists of Native Americans as well which means that you can get to engage in dating, casual relation, sex and much more on POF even if you are only interested in Native Americans.

You will have to spare with $5.95 per month if you are availing the one year plan and $9.80 per month if you are availing the three-month plan on POF.

Scam Management

  • The site has millions, and millions of users, so fake profiles are high in numbers. However, you can report an account as a scam, and block it.


  • POF provides many dating opportunities to the Native Americans, and they also can mingle with other Americans for friendships and casual talks.
  • It supports friendships, relationships, love and even marriage between like-minded individuals despite the site being more suitable for casual affair seekers.
  • It is a leading international dating site which also means that it is safe and secure to use.


  • There can be some fake profiles on this dating site.
  • It does not focus on only Native American dating niche.

#20. Interracial Dating Central

Estimated visits last month – 861.4K

If someone is looking for Native American men or women for serious or casual relationships, then they can register on Interracial Dating Central.

Though they support mostly interracial dating, Native Americans who are willing to date another race can find this site quite good.

Also, it supports intercultural relationships as well.

The premium fee for one month is $19.95, and if you opt for three or 6-month plan, then you will just have to pay $13.16 and $5.82 respectively.

Scam Management

  • The site has a dedicated online safety page and claims that the platform is safe to join.


  • A lot of single Native American men and women are available on this site for dating purposes.
  • The site is user-friendly, and members can join free of cost if they wish to take a look at some of its basic features.
  • The site is user-friendly, and members can join free of cost if they wish to take a look at some of its basic features.


  • The site has quite a simple layout and design which make it appear dull.
  • It is not a suitable site for Native Americans who are not looking for interracial and intercultural relationships.

Native America Personals vs

If you are serious about meeting someone from native America, it is always better to go with Native American dating sites. These are the platforms where you can be sure to meet someone that will be from Native America.

There are two major sites where you are guaranteed to meet lots of people from your desired location, which is Native America. One website is Native American Personals, and the second-best is 

Let's throw some lights on these two dating sites' main features, and then we will tell you which one is the best.

Native America Personals

Native American Personals is a dedicated website where you will meet exclusive Native Americans. You can sign up for free and start meeting genuine singles. You will surely get to meet real singles.

The site firmly believes that dating should never be difficult, especially when it comes to exclusive Native Americans, and this is the sole reason they are here.

This site is ideal for non-native Americans wanting to date Native Americans. No matter who you are, if you have respect for this ethnicity, and you would like to date one, go for it.

The site currently has more than 10,000 registered users. Because it is a dedicated site, there will be considerable chances to meet someone from Native America.

Just because the number of registered users is low doesn't mean this site is not worth it. The number of registered users is low because it is a targeted site, and the numbers will always remain low than a generic website. is a more generalized site catering to people of all ethnicities, regions, caste, creed, colour, and language. You will not only find native American people but people from every nook and corner. 

The site is suitable for international dating, but when it comes to only native Americans, the number of specific users is very less. And that's why, we say, Native American Personals is your go-to site.

How to set the perfect profile?

Whenever you plan to join a Native American dating site, always make sure that you respect the people. These people are introverts and ambiverts, and they take time to open up.

Be gentle. You must make sure to create a profile that will have all the details. For example, complete your profile and answer all the questions asked.

Your profile will have many categories; it is better to fill them all. And also, be honest while filling up the details. The more accurate you are, the better the chances of being seen and contacted. Today or tomorrow, people will get to know that you have been lying to impress them. Hence, be loyal and honest from day one.

In your profile, tell the world about the type of person you are looking for. The qualities that you want, and whether you are here for a casual fling, friendship, or serious relationship. People will want to know.

How to effectively date a Native American?

To date someone from Native America, you will first have to understand first that their customs are different from yours. If you are thinking of dating an Indian woman, never forget that she would like to follow her traditions.

Also, she is always connected to her heritage, meaning no matter where she goes, she will carry her legacy with her. She has a past to be proud of, and she is not afraid to flaunt it, hence always respect her history and heritage.

One must also know that natives are entirely spiritual. You don't have to believe whatever she does, but being open to her rituals and traditions will make the lady feel good that you are at least accepting her with all her differences.

The woman from Native America will always remain close to her family, and you must not interfere with that. Be kind to all of her family members, and she will be happy. Plus, the bonus is, native women are always good and humble to people.

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