Top 29 Best Muslim Dating Sites – (Reviews & Comparison)

Muslim men and women are considered to be naturally gifted with good looks and passion.

However, things like dating, sex before marriage, etc. are considered to be a taboo in orthodox Muslim families.

Therefore life can get pretty monotonous for such individuals who want to explore the joys of life and companionship.

Especially the ladies and women have to suffer a lot as they are mostly suppressed in such orthodox Muslim families.

However, things have changed dramatically in the past few decades, and there are more open-minded Muslim men and women who prefer to date, engage in hook-ups and have fun.

Top 29 Best Muslim Dating Sites

These sites are interesting because the mere restriction of the society makes this process that much more thrilling and exciting for the Muslim boys and girls.Today we are talking about the top 20 best Muslim dating sites that gave a new voice of expression and freedom to the Muslim guys and girls.

These dating sites help them to find an ideal date who has interests, beliefs, and faiths which are similar to those that they follow and practice in their lives.

There are around 1.7 Billion people of the Muslim faith around the world.  Like any other religion, Islam also has certain restrictions. The primary problem that the followers of Islam face is finding a suitable match for marriage. Dating itself is a complicated process for Muslims. In the following article, we will go through 20 best Muslim dating sites.

The following is a complete guide to Muslim dating sites.

It is taboo for Muslims to indulge in premarital sex. Dating is not the norm in many countries. These dating apps will help you find a suitable person of your ethnicity that you can think of marrying later.

As marriage is sacred in every religion, Islam allows you to make love only after tying the knots. Therefore, the majority of these dating sites focus on the wedding of its users.

In these sites, you can fill in your biodata and compare it with other users if you like the person who matches your requirements. Then you can go ahead and set a meeting with them. Otherwise, the options are endless. Let us go through the list now.

As a result, finding a compatible partner gets more easy for them through these dating sites.

Let us see these Muslim dating sites in more detail:

Top 29 best Muslim dating sites

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Estimated visits last month – 353K

This site is also meant for the Muslims who are seeking a husband or a wife.

The site has been built according to the Islamic rules and regulations, and therefore it is much preferred by Muslims around the world.

Moreover, it is a free website which is an additional advantage to its users.

Helahel is a hardcore Muslim dating app that follows the teaching of Islam. The site follows the guidelines to the maximum level and does not allow causal relationships.

The main aim of this site also is marriage. Join this site and meet some of the authentic profiles.


  • You can find your exact match easily by using the many filter options such as age group, location, etc.
  • This site is completely free, and you need not provide your credit card details at any point.
  • You can message and contact the people who are interesting according to your interests and faith.


  • It does not support casual dating and relations.
  • Though the site is clutter free, its overall look and appearance can still be improved.


Estimated visits last month- 261.8K

If you are just interested in flirting and casual relationships, then is the perfect site for you.

It has a unique news feed feature which lets you know about new and interesting profiles.


  • You can register, add photos, browse profiles, and receive messages for free. You also receive chat invites with this free account.
  • The site is beautiful and impressive by any standards.
  • The messages and conversations between individuals are kept private, and therefore it is safe for messaging as well.


  • It is more suited for the Arab Muslims.
  • The layout of the site can be improved.


Estimated visits last month- NA

Salaam Love literally means “Hello Love” in Urdu, and we can understand from its name itself that in made to help Muslims from around the world to find their true love and match.

Also, it is a completely free site which does not cost you anything for using the features.

Salaam Love focuses on the personal details that the users can share in their profiles. This site is simple in its layout and is user friendly.

You can register for free and also use the services without spending anything. Some users may find the webpage to be a bit laidback and slow.


  • It is easy to register and use this Muslim dating site.
  • It supports community interactions and friendships.
  • You can describe yourself in great detail as the site provides more than 100 questions that are related to personal interests, hobbies, etc.


  • The design of the site is lackluster.
  • The site is a bit slow sometimes.
  • List Element

#4. Gay Muslim Dating

Estimated visits last month- NA is a dating site meant for the gay Muslims who wish to form a bond and relation by using the online platform.

There are thousands of gay Muslims on this site which makes it a good option for guys who are looking for a like-minded partner.

Dating is already a taboo in Islam. The concept of homosexuality is not acceptable to the majority of Muslims. Gay men who are looking for a Muslim gay partner can register in this app today.

This site is one of the very few dating apps that focuses on Muslim gay males.

The monthly fee for this site is $29.95.


  • It is exclusively meant for Muslim men who are gay.
  • The four-step sign-up process is quick and smoothly joins you in their community.
  • The registration is completely free.


  • The layout and look of this dating site can be improved.
  • The site lacks advanced filter and search options.


Estimated visits last month- 55.6K is a superb website meant for the single Muslim men and women.

There are thousands of profiles available here using which you can find out your ideal match.

The Muslim guys and girls who have registered here come from various parts of the world and therefore you can even date girls and guys who are not from your city or country.

It is a completely free dating website.


  • The photo galleries can be viewed even without registering on it.
  • There are lots of chat rooms and forums which assist you in interacting with like-minded people.
  • This site is growing at a rapid rate, and hundreds of profiles get registered every day.


  • This site is not suitable for casual relationships and hook-ups as it is only meant for match-making and marriages.
  • The site looks simple and outdated.
  • List Element

#6. Islamic Marriage

Estimated visits last month- 55.6K

This site is known for being genuine and finding good Muslim girls and boys. You can chat with your desired Match through Islamic Marriage.

As the name suggests, most of its users are the ones who are willing to tie the knots shortly. The site is free of cost. You can use it without hesitation as the data is kept safe.

As the primary purpose of this site is marriage, do not use it for casual flirting. Islamic Marriage is a great option for Muslim girls and guys who are looking to get married.

Most of the basic features such as receiving messages, browsing profiles, etc. are absolutely free.

Also, it consists of genuine Muslim guys and girls.


  • It is a reliable site as all your details and messages are kept private.
  • It allows you to transfer 20 photos from your PC or mobile to your profile.
  • Free service also includes free incoming messages and chat invitations.


  • It is strictly against casual dating and flirting as only people interested in marriage can use the features.
  • Navigation can be a little stiff at times especially when the network is low.


Estimated visits last month- 24.8K is not an exclusive Muslim dating site, but considering the millions of registered members on it, we can easily say that there are lots of Muslim girls and guys who are using it.

Therefore, it would not be a bad choice if you create your own profile on it to search Muslim girls and men who complement your faith and interests. is quite popular around the world for dating. The site has members of every ethnicity and beliefs. Similarly, a lot of Muslims are also attracted to Match because of its fantastic features. 

For 12, 6 and 3 months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month.


  • Over 30 million registered users provide plenty of options to the newly joined members.
  • It is suitable for both regular dating and marriages.
  • The site is super responsive and user-friendly.


  • It is not an exclusive Muslim dating site.
  • Some of you might feel the premium membership fees a bit too much.

#8. Muslim Marriage Solution

Estimated visits last month - NA

Muslim Marriage Solution is only meant for the single Muslims who are seeking marriage.

It is a completely free site which also allows you to communicate with each other without paying anything.

It is a good option for Muslims who are looking for compatible partners.


  • Your pictures are password protected on this site.
  • The inactive and unused profiles are deleted regularly to enhance the experience of the members.
  • All the features are free of cost including the free video call option.


  • It is not meant for Muslims who are looking for casual relations or hook-ups.
  • The site lacks premium features and looks a bit outdated as well.


Estimated visits last month- 4.6 million is an ideal dating site for the Muslims who are looking for single or divorced men and women.

It houses more than 4 millions of Muslims who hail from various parts of the world.

As a result, it proves to be a great option for those who want to settle in their lives after getting divorced.

This site breaks the taboo of getting married after a divorce. You can find suitable divorcees who are looking for a serious relationship with this application.

You also can upgrade your membership on it by purchasing various plans. USD 35 for Gold and USD 40 for Platinum. 

The charges for one month plan for these memberships are $34.99 & $39.99 respectively.


  • This dating site is good for both singles and divorced men and women.
  • It comes under the Cupid Media network which means that you will have access to advanced search tools as well.
  • The registration part is completely free, and you can also find its Android app on the Google store.


  • The look or appearance of this website is dull and unappealing.
  • The layout is plain, and the navigation is not as smooth as you would like.


Estimated visits last month- 884.6K is a site which has Muslims belonging to different age groups, cultures and countries.

Therefore, this site is ideal for all the types of Muslims, Arabs, etc. It is a popular site amongst the Asian and African Muslims and is very popular in all the parts of the world.

The basic membership is free and lifetime membership comes at $99.  

The monthly fee is $9.90, and if you opt for the three or six-month plan, then you will be charged $17.90 & $23.90 per month respectively.


  • Muslims belong to different age groups, backgrounds and preferences could be found here.
  • It is open towards friendships and casual relations but also encourages true love and marriages.
  • The look and feel of this website are awesome, and you can find the recently joined members on its homepage.


  • The layout and navigation of this site need a bit of improvement.
  • It does not look like a site that adheres to Islamic principles of courtship.

#11. Elite Singles/Muslim Dating

Estimated visits last month – 429.6K Dating is a perfect site for all those Muslims who are looking for marriage or committed relationship.

The site was launched in 2009 and consists of millions of followers of Islam despite not being an exclusive dating site for Muslims.

You will have to pay $59.95 for 1 month, $104.85 for 3 months, $149.70 for 6 months and $215.40 for 12-month subscription plan on this site.


  • A large database of Muslim girls and guys who are ready for a committed relationship or marriage.
  • All the members of this site are educated and come from a good background.
  • It is a premium dating site which is well-known to cater the dating requirements of everyone.


  • It is not a dedicated Muslim dating site.
  • The premium charges of this dating site are quite high.

#12. eHarmony

Estimated visits last month – 5.3 million

 eHarmony has a separate dating niche for singles who are Muslim and are keen to follow the rules of Islamic Courtship. 

It is a hugely popular dating site which targets different dating niches, but few of them know about its dedicated section for followers of Islam. 

Also, with millions of users around the 

world chances of meeting someone suitable are great when you register on eHarmony.

This dating app is quite popular among the masses. Not only Muslims, but followers of any faith can register on eHarmony.

With millions of users worldwide, you are more likely to meet a suitable match on this site than any other dating app.

Because the site is well known, some people might find it expensive as the monthly price for a three-month plan is USD 60.

For one month you need to pay $59.95, and for the three-month plan, you need to pay $89.85 on eHarmony.


  • The users can create detailed and attractive profiles with all the necessary bits of information.
  • Their matchmaking algorithm is perfect and caters you the right matches every time.
  • It is suitable for members who are looking for a committed and serious relationship which adheres to the Islamic rules of courtship.


  • The premium membership charges are very costly and perhaps the highest in the dating industry.
  • It will take quite some time to get your profile ready with complete details.
  • It does not suit individuals who are looking for casual flings and hook-ups.


Estimated visits last month – NA

Muslim & Single is a decent site which is gaining popularity these days due to its premium features, quality matches and their professional approach towards matchmaking.

Moreover, it comes at an affordable premium membership charges that do not drill a hole in your pocket.

It is a professional and well-organized site which is dedicated to Muslim single girls and guys who wish to marry or engage in a long-term relationship.

The premium fees for three, six and 12-month plan are $32.33, $44.77 and $57.20 respectively.


  • The membership charges are affordable.
  • Their database consists of more than 30k Muslims from around the world.
  • There are different types of Muslims on this site as some of them have liberal while some have strict values. Therefore, you can choose the type which suits you the best.


  • It is more suitable for the residents of U.K as it is a U.K based site.

#14. Muslim Friends

Estimated visits last month – NA

Muslim Friends is a super cool portal when it comes to Muslim dating websites.

It is suitable for people looking for romance, flirting, friendship or even marriage in the Muslim community.

A dedicated dating site for Muslims it is getting quite popular these days because of the exclusive features they provide to their members.

A wholesome Islamic dating website, Muslim Friends, contains users from every walk of life. You can find a suitable match for casual dating, serious relationships, or even for marriage.

You can fill in your profile requirements so you can quickly commence further with your desired Match. 

One month premium plan will cost you $29.95, and the six-month premium plan will cost you $95.95.


  • The overall design and layout of the website are appealing, user-friendly and attractive as well. Therefore, you are able to use it easily to locate your ideal match and friends.
  • The quality of matches is excellent which makes you feel comfortable right from the start.
  • The forums allow you to interact freely with others which help you to find a suitable match for yourself.


  • Some people are looking for just friendship. Therefore, you need to confirm if they are really into dating and relationship before advancing further.
  • The mixed crowd of Muslim singles can confuse new members.

#15. Qiran

Estimated visits last month – 198.3K

If you wish to subscribe for a Muslim dating site which is internationally relevant, then you must check out sites like Qiran which are hugely popular among the single Muslim boys and girls.

It is also an ideal place for people who are new to the world of dating and courtship. It is a premium dating site, but its charges are quite affordable for everyone.

This site is relatively new in the dating world but is slowly gaining popularity. Sign up on Qiran and receive requests from suitable Muslims around the world.

This site has a large number of singles waiting for a perfect relationship. You can join with a monthly fee of USD 49 for three a three months subscription.

The three month, 6 month and 12-month plans of this site are offered at $49, $79.99 and $129.99 respectively.


  • There are plenty of features which help you to find your ideal match easily.
  • There are thousands of profiles who are seeking courtship or marriage. Also, the quality of the matches here is quite good.
  • You can use net banking, PayPal and even a debit card for making payment.


  • List ElEven though a majority of the members are Muslims, there are few non-Muslim individuals on the site as well. Therefore, if you are a strict follower of Islamic courtship, then you might not feel that comfortable while using it.ement

#16. Ayi

Estimated visits last month – 3 million

Ayi is a reliable and secure site when it comes to Muslim dating sites. It is now known as First Met and is not an exclusive site for Muslim singles.

However, they have a majority of Muslim men and women on their site which makes it easy for you to find your ideal partner or match. It has over 25 million members which enable you to find like-minded individuals easily.

The one month, 3 months and 6-month plan of AYI come at $24.99, $49.99 and $74.98 respectively.


  • You can use both the free or premium version of the Muslim dating site.
  • The premium users can see who visit their profile often, can unlock e-mails and get other superb features at a reasonable rate.
  • It is suited for singles, divorced, single parent and everyone who is looking for a date or marriage.


  • It is not meant exclusively for Muslim singles.
  • The premium features are only accessible to the premium members.

#17. Muslims 4 Marriage

Estimated visits last month – 993.3K

Muslims 4 Marriage is an ideal solution for Muslim men and women who are looking to marry within their community.

It has pretty good features, and the quality of matches is quite good here which make it a good site for the members who are looking for long-term relationship or marriage. 

Also, the free membership covers most of its features that also includes reading of received messages. However, you can upgrade to a premium plan if you want to access all the features.

This website matches Muslims from around the world. You can use this app for free and purchase the premium membership for USD 35 per month.

This site emphasizes on marriage among its matches and follows some strict regulations. The monthly charge is $34.95, and the 6-month plan comes at $99.95 on this site.


  • The price of premium membership is quite reasonable. Therefore, you need not to worry about the pricing part at all.
  • There are more than a million Muslim members who have registered on this site.
  • The Muslim crowd here hails from different corners of the world which helps you find a match which is the most suitable for you.


  • Some of the rules are quite strict on this site. Therefore you need to be sure at all times while using this site.
  • Sometimes you are not able to read received messages if you have not upgraded to a premium plan.

#18. Half Our Deen

Estimated visits last month – 209.2K

Half, Our Deen, is an interesting Muslim Matrimonial site which pays huge attention to maintaining the privacy of the members.

Therefore, nobody would ever know that you are using this site even though they themselves might be using it.

It is a premium Muslim dating site, but its cost is quite affordable for everyone.

The monthly fee is $19, but the quarterly fee and yearly premium fees are $13 and $7 per month.


  • This site adheres to the Islamic rules as there are no winks, poking or chat rooms on this site. Moreover, you are unable to view the profiles of the same gender.
  • They also provide services like Marriage advice videos, matchmaking and much more which make it easy for you to find your ideal match.
  • There are no ads on this site to bug you.


  • The rules of this site are very strict. Therefore, Muslims with liberal values might find it a bit difficult to adjust here.
  • It is a bit expensive

#19. Cupid

Estimated visits last month – 1.07 million

Cupid also allows like-minded Muslims to connect and bond with each other.

Though it is not completely dedicated to Muslims, there are millions of Muslim boys and girls who wish to date, form, and bond or even marry a Muslim match.

Therefore, chances of finding your ideal match or date are great on this site. A world-renowned dating app, Cupid has members from every background. 

With over a million monthly visitors, Cupid has also attracted a large number of Muslims. Find a date easily by its prominent search engine and filters.

The monthly subscription cost is USD 26 for membership of three months (this is the starting rate, you will first have to buy a membership for USD 35.)

The premium membership cost starts are 27.99 pounds (U.K) per month and the monthly rates for three, and six-month plans are 20.99 and 13.99 pounds respectively.


  • Millions of Muslim members have registered on this site which means that you can easily find the match of your choice.
  • Their customer support team is excellent and are available 24/7.
  • You can even look for a casual date or fling here which is a bit difficult to find on other dedicated Muslim sites. It is also an ideal platform for you to find someone to marry to.


  • It is not a dedicated Muslim dating site, and therefore they do not follow most of the strict rules of Islamic courtship.

#20. AfroRomance

Estimated visits last month – 989.5k

AfroRomance is an ideal dating site for Muslim singles who wish to connect and form a bond with like-minded people.

It is not a dedicated Muslim dating site but an interracial dating site which consists of many Muslims who are looking for a casual date or serious relationship or even marriage.

They have a separate section of Muslim singles which will make it easy for you find your ideal match.

The premium charges for are $19.95, $39.50 and $69.95 for one, three and six-month plan respectively.


  • A separate category for Muslim singles helps you to streamline your searches.
  • They have a huge database of Muslim single men and women.
  • The site is simple and easy to use.


  • It lacks some premium features.
  • The look and feel of the site are regular, and there is nothing special about it.

#21. Zoosk

This website is the most recognized Muslim dating app. With over 4 Million users, Zoosk has become the flag bearer in Islamic dating.

The website also features impressive features that make it easy to use. Zoosk is the number one dating site in the USA, Australia, UK, and Canada. This website also has a mobile application.

#22. Arabian Date

You can sign up on Arabian Date for free. The additional services like chatting will require some fee. This site is available globally.

You can get matches from any part of the world. This site has shortened the borders for Muslims around the world.

#23. Buzz Arab

This site allows people from any religion to use it. Predominantly an Arab website, Buzz Arab is now famous around the globe.

Many Muslims find their search engine very efficient. The site is free of cost, and you can send or receive messages without any worry.

#24. Arab Lounge

This site has broken the monotony and focuses on casual hookups. Arab Lounge is an app that lets its users indulge in dating freely.

The site has more Arab users than the dwellers of other nations. Arab Lounge does not charge anything to sign up and chat with other members. 

#25. Best Muslim

You can chat with strangers from almost any part of the world on This site focuses on relationships and matchmaking.

Therefore, do not visit the app for hookups. You can get requests from thousands of users once you match your profile with them.

#26. Muslim Marriage Solutions

MMS is again a Muslim dating site that concentrates on marriage. You must not subscribe if you are looking for a fling.

This app is free to use, and you can chat with other profiles without any charge. Some users might find the website a little dull.

#27. Love Habibi

You can find suitable matches of all age groups on Love Habibi. Muslims around the world, especially in Asia and Africa, visit this popular website daily.

You can register for free, but this site has a lifelong membership charge that costs USD 99. You can choose between three months and a six-month plan, which costs 18 and 24 USD, respectively. 

#28. Zohra Dating

Zohra Dating is a straightforward dating app. It lets you meet single Muslims for a serious relationship or marriage. You can register for free, and chatting also is uncharged.

You can apply numerous filters while searching for a profile, which allows you to look for the Perfect Match quickly. 

#29. Our Time

If you are above fifty years and are looking for a suitable Muslim life partner, then Our Time is the ideal site for you.

This app is straightforward to access as it suits the requirements of the senior folks. You can add selective details to your profile so that you receive the desired Match more efficiently.


Online dating has come a long way in the past years. Muslim centric dating apps are easily accessible, and you can indulge in the same by going through the points mentioned above.

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