Best Stoner Movies On Netflix to Watch while HIGH

Looking for the best movies to watch high ?

You are at the right place.

A long day of work is finally over, and now you get to relax in your comfy clothes, turn on a little Pink Floyd, grab some popcorn, and watch some TV.

So what should you pick? Reality shows? Sports games? No! You deserve better. You deserve something that makes those dreary moments worth it: the best stoner movies on Netflix. 

For this blog post, I am going to talk about some of my favourite movies from this category, in no particular order.

If you like any of these movies, please comment and let me know what your favourite stoner movie is and why.

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Top 15 Best Stoner/Weed Movies to Watch While HIGH (2022)

1. Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams-

A must watch if you are exploring the stoner movies genre, Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams is an unmissable movie. The movie revolves around two friends who are superlative smokers.

These two friends, Cheech and Chong, come to realize that one of their friends is developing a pot whose strain turns people into reptiles. 

Cheech and Chong thus get on a mission to spy on the distinguished hawk. Cheech and Chong disguise themselves as ice cream sellers to attain the results of their mission. However, the policemen are extremely suspicious of their mission.

Movie’s famous dialogue “Come one ice cream” is of special notice in the film and as the policeman sneaks “ice cream” from the boys, must go into a hit and beat.


  • IMDB rating- 6.10

2. Big Stan- 

This one is a little different from the rest of the films on this list. Yes, the movie centers around marijuana, but it tells a very different story.

This movie follows a man, played by Adam Sandler, as he grows weed for his friends who aren't allowed to buy it legally. 

The film features appearances from other film stars like David Spade and Phil Hartman and truly shows how hard it is for growers to get their product into Mainstream America.

Not only does this movie showcase incredible buds in all its glory, but it also reveals the real meaning of "them thar hills."


  • IMDB rating- 6.1

3. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle-

If you've never seen this classic stoner flick, don't bother reading any further. You need to put on some comfy clothes, crank up "Light My Fire," and watch this movie now.

The movie follows two potheads who travel to New York City for a bachelor party and end up missing the whole thing due to their pot smoking.

Unable to get on the plane and return home, they go out for a night of adventure.

They end up getting stoned and eating some delicious food at White Castle, before having an all-out bong rip-off at the Country Music Festival… all while getting chased by the cops. If that doesn't make you smile, then you've got no soul.


  • IMDB rating- 7.0

4. Fistful of Dollars

Released in 2015, this is a relatively new stoner movie that has quickly become a classic. The film centers around a young man who finds himself in jail after being caught with drugs and marijuana.

While he's inside, he discovers it has a fully operational weed farm run by the inmates themselves. He then begins to grow the "dankest of dank" and starts selling it on the outside.

The movie is perfect for anyone who loves the feeling of being behind bars, while also getting high and making a profit.

The movie may also inspire you to take up a career in the prison system. It's definitely worth a watch.


  • IMDB rating- 7.9

5.Dazed and Confused-

If you are a stoner I am sure you watched this movie when it first came out, if not, I would consider the question: “Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” Dazed And Confused is about a group of high school students in Texas on the last day of school in 1976.

It's a story about growing up, being young, and making the most of a situation.

Dazed And Confused, this movie has everything that I was talking about with “Dazed and Confused”: good characters, realistic situations, and nothing stereotypical.

 But this time the characters are in high school instead of the '70s, but I still feel like there are many similarities between those two movies.

There is only one real reason why this movie has been considered one of the best stoner movies ever made: because it takes place on the last day before summer vacation and we have all been there. I have personally watched this movie more than 10 times and each time I watch it, I try to find something new in it. The characters are so realistic and relatable. 

There is nothing like rolling down to your friends' house and smoking a joint with all your high school friends in the same room. Honestly, this movie sparked the transition into being a stoner for me.


  • IMDB rating- 7.6

6. American Ultra-

This one’s a special treat for those who travel to a completely different zone during a smoke session. American Ultra is the story of Mike Howell who realizes that he is a part of a special agent team.

Howell is a drug addict and upon realizing his CIA connection, he uses the special powers bestowed upon him to save his partner, his girlfriend from their enemies.

 Let the story unfold and find out how these drug addicts counter the adverse situations they fall into.


  • IMDB rating- 6.1

7. Starsky & Hutch-

This buddy cop American film is a must watch. Set in the fictional Bay City, two undercover cops bust drug criminals.

The biggest role in this drug criminal bust is that of the underworld’s known name, Huggy Bear. If you are onto watching a great stoner film that will also make you laugh your hearts out then this movie should be one of your picks. 

Here, Snoop Dog, whose very name is closely associated with weed and marijuana ironically plays Huggy Bear, the underworld boss who helps the cops.

Apart from Snoop Dog, the film also stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.


  • IMDB rating- 6.1

8. Sausage Party-

Sausage Party is an animated movie about food items that believe humans are god-like who take them on exciting adventures. The food items are naïve and foolish and wish to be taken home.

However, soon they learn the purpose of their existence and are disheartened. 

The movie is a raunchy animated movie which is considered inappropriate for kids because of the use of curse words.

 In the movie, you will see several smoke-filled sessions. Though viewers are divided on its reviews, we would recommend you try this movie and see if you like it.


  • IMDB rating- 6.1


Dude is the story of four high-school friends and the circumstances in their life. The movie mainly revolves around the end of their high school years.

The four main characters Chloe, Lily, Rebecca, and Amelia are friends who spend the better part of their school days fooling around, with boys and in general. 

They are all dealing with their family problems and like most kids their age, their problems are dealt with their friends, smoking weed and so on.

Dude depicts how their life changes after school, both for the better and worse. Watch this movie if you miss your own friends or school life.


  • IMDB rating- 5.1

10. Bad Trip-

Bad Trip is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now. As the name suggests, this movie revolves around two friends who embark on a wild trip. The friends indulge in fun activities of several types. 

However, the trip becomes bad when a hidden camera catches them pull pranks, indulge in weird activities and so on.

The trip keeps getting worse to keep the audience more entertained. If you are up for a good stoner watch, pick this movie and watch the two friends have fun as usual.


  • IMDB rating- 6.5

11. This is the End-

Yet another classic stoner movie for Seth Rogan, this movie revolves around the horrific disaster that James Franco and his celebrity friends get stuck at. Celebrities often meet up at intervals to have fun and catch up with each other’s latest news. 

One such night of revelry, of lively and noisy festivities, of drinking and recreation turns their worlds upside-down when a disaster strikes and the boys have to fight for survival. This is The End is surprisingly mysterious, funny, and suspenseful. 

It is also occasionally disgusting. Rogan is known for other stoner movies like Sausage Party as well. It is a fact that Rogan himself is fond of smoking weed and therefore it is not at all surprising to see so many stoner movies coming from him. If you are going to explore the stoner movies, you cannot miss out on Seth Rogan’s This is The End.


  • IMDB rating- 6.6

12. Friday (1995)

There are days we feel so bored that the day feels never-ending. Everyone starts to feel that their life is a drag and dull at some point. While we usually are unable to come up with a solution to deal with the boredom, the characters in this film are fortunate.

Friday revolves around the lives of Craig and Smokey. 

Craig and Smokey are best friends and spend their day wishing for their life to be fun and eventful.

Their dreams of an eventful life are granted when regular encounters with their neighbours add flavour to their rather boring life. In the film, Craig is a drug dealer and works for Big Worm Smokey. Smokey too is a heavy smoker and they spend an afternoon together. Watch the movie to find out how things unfold for Craig and Smokey.


  • IMDB rating- 7.2

13. Weed The People

In case you didn’t know, weed is used for medicinal purposes as well as recreational.

While marijuana is banned in several parts of the world, it is also not allowed to use it for medicinal purposes by yourself. Marijuana’s use and bans imposed on it have been a hot pick for debate for decades now. 

Weed The People is not a movie but a must watch documentary. It is one of the finest documentaries on marijuana and depicts the struggles of families who are dealing with some sort of illness.

 Parents will simply go to any extent to protect their children. 

This documentary assesses the poor parents and their struggles as they embark on a journey of treating their cancer-stricken children with the help of marijuana. In some cases, the parents and children achieve astonishing results. Watch the documentary and be a part of their extraordinary journey.


  • IMDB rating- 7.2

14. Grass is Greener-

Grass is Greener is yet another unmissable documentary that is available on Netflix. The documentary premiered in 2019 and since then has been watched and loved by several people.

 Grass is Greener is a documentary on Cannabis and follows Fab Five Freddy as he unwinds the history of banning of cannabis in the United States. 

The documentary contains interviews of several other popular artists and celebrities who are fond of smoking weed and do it openly. One of these popular people, whose name has been associated with cannabis for too long now is Snoop Dog. 

The documentary starts in the era when several noted celebrities were targets of racially discriminatory policies and fast forward to now, when marijuana is a growing and popular industry.

 Watch the documentary to know more about the journey of cannabis along with your favourite artists’ journey in the United States.


  • IMDB- 7.1

15. Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics-

Another unmissable documentary from 2020, Have a Good trip: Adventures in Psychedelics is a popular documentary film by Donick Cary. The documentary involves the appearances of several popular celebrities like ASAP Rocky, Carrie Fisher, Rosie Perez, and Adam Scott among others. 

Here, these celebrities share their stories and experiences with the usage of hallucinogenic drugs. As we know, several American artists are fond of smoking weed and they even claim that smoking pot inspires their artwork, makes them more creative, and helps them write better. 

Marijuana is known to cause hallucinations and here, these stars are sharing their anecdotes with you. Watch the documentary and see if they can inspire you to smoke if you don’t do it already, and see if you can relate if you already consume cannabis.


  • IMDB rating- 6.8

Final Words

Movies have been entertaining people since centuries. While there are several movie genres, stoner movies are a distinct category. Stoner movies usually refer to movies that revolve around the recreational use of marijuana. 

Marijuana or cannabis are natural recreational drugs found and obtained from plants naturally. The natural drug is found in many parts of the world but is illegal to procure and use in several countries. 

Marijuana is used for both medicinal as well as recreational purposes. However, in most countries, marijuana is banned for recreational use. 

Stoner movies are movies that involve the use of marijuana. In stoner movies, there are either scenes with use of marijuana or the storyline itself revolves around the use of cannabis. 

Stoner movies usually romanticize the use or marijuana and subtly promote its consumption. Cannabis is smoked for experiencing the high it offers. Different people experience things differently after a smoke session.

Stoner movies promote the idea of cannabis consumption and highlight how people can enjoy themselves after getting high. 

There are some amazing stoner movies that continue to remain an all-time favourite of the smokers. 

Some of the best stoner movies of all time

While there are several stoner movies, some of them remain all-time classics. Pineapple Express, Big Lebowski, etc. are some of the most popular stoner movies of all time. However, most of these are not available on Netflix. 

We have mentioned some of the most popular stoner movies available on Netflix. We hope you’ll enjoy yourself watching those. 

Watching news can be exhausting because of all the war news and crime reports being telecasted all the time.

 After a hard day at work, we all feel like enjoying something nice and refreshing. This is why Netflix is preferred by several people as their favourite pastime. 

If you too are a movie buff and are looking forward to watching a nice movie but are bored of the ordinary rom-coms, aren’t in the mood for thriller or murder-mysteries, are too tired to enjoy comedy, and romantic movies are simply not your thing, you can try a new genre today.

How about stoner movies? We bet that this is not your usual genre choice. Stoner movies can be great for a change and if you are someone who likes to watch a variety of movies, then this might actually prove to be a good choice. 

Best stoner movies available on Netflix

There is no dearth of movies on Netflix. Similarly, there are several stoner movies as well. If you are unaware of where to start from, here are some of the most popular stoner movies on Netflix that you should definitely watch.

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