Top 13 Mini Sex Dolls – 40% Discount Inside (2020)

You cannot even imagine the variety of sex dolls available in the market today. Every individual has his preferences and fetishes when it comes to sex.

Therefore, while catering all the kinks and fetishes of men, the sex doll industry has grown tremendously in the last decade or so.

Different types of life-sized dolls and mini-sized dolls are being introduced every year, and with such a variety it often gets confusing for the buyers.

If you consider my opinion, I go for the mini-sized dolls because they are lightweight, compact and their weight and body parts can be handled easily.

Top 13 Mini Sex Dolls

Also, they are much cheaper than the life-sized dolls and provide convenience as you try different sex postures and positions with them. These mini sex dolls are kind of cute, and their light weight allows you to ride them at a faster speed.

They are small sized which means you get easy access to all their body parts during intercourse. This proves to be beneficial especially to the smaller guys who have to stretch a bit more to grab the tits while penetrating the sex dolls in doggy style or missionary positions.

Due to all these advantages, mini sex dolls prove to be a smarter option especially for those men who cannot afford real sized sex dolls. Therefore, we decided to find the best mini sex dolls that available in the online market.

We went through hundreds of models before finalizing these ten by quality, performance, price, and looks. Let us see these top 10 mini sex dolls in detail:

Top 13 mini sex dolls

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#1. Minisex Doll Silicone Sex Dolls – 65cm Akira

It looks like a Barbie doll from a distance, but she is a sex doll who comes straight from the manga comic books. Designed to look like a young fairy, this sex doll has everything which you seek in life-sized sex dolls.

Also, it is available at an affordable cost which makes it a great option for men of all ages. Akira is priced at $680. However, the rates may vary as you customise the doll as per your preferences.

A perfect doll for those who cannot afford life-sized dolls, this mini doll has a smooth and flawless skin that resembles a teen girl.

Her breasts are huge as compared to her tiny frame which is a typical characteristic of Hentai girls and women. It is a great sex doll for beginners, and therefore we recommend it for the first-timers.


  • Height – 65 cm
  • Type – Mini sex doll
  • Category – Manga sex doll
  • Material – Silicone


  • She looks adorable and can satiate your various kinks and fetishes with ease.
  • It is made from non-toxic material so that you can use it safely.
  • The internal part of her vagina is designed to look and feel like real to stimulate your sexual urges.


  • Anal and oral sex options are not available in this model.
  • Men with a bigger penis can find the vagina too tight at the start.

#2. New Mini Japanese Love dolls White Skin Real Sex Dolls – Silina 125cm

Made from high-quality TPE and silicone, this mini sex doll looks cute and enchanting.

Its petite frame and slender legs make it look like a fairy, and its thick, dark and long hair complements its overall appearance.

You might have to spend a few extra bucks, but when we get a mini sex doll of this quality, we usually tend to ignore the price tag. It is offered at $1039

A cute sex doll to look at, she is a real performer who gives you the ultimate pleasure of life in every which way you desire.

The smooth and flawless skin of this sex doll makes it appealing, and its illustrated body allows you to carry out different sex postures with ease.


  • Height – 125 cm
  • Weight – 20kgs
  • Figure - NA
  • Material - TPE


  • It is made from premium quality materials which are non-toxic and odourless. As a result, you can use it without any apprehensions.
  • She is equipped to provide oral, vaginal and even anal pleasures to the user.
  • The hair and eye-colour of this doll can be customised according to your requirements.


  • It is a bit pricey when you compare its price with some other mini sex dolls.

#3. Mini Sex Dolls Silicone Love Doll – 85cm Maiko

Do not underestimate this petite mini sex doll as she is capable of providing you with orgasmic pleasures. Her realistic body and private parts enable you to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Moreover, it is gorgeous enough to excite your visually as well. This mini sex doll is priced at $750. Not many sex dolls can perform like this mini sex doll, and therefore it is a smart option.


  • Height – 85 cm
  • Weight – NA
  • Figure- NA
  • Material – TPE


  • It is made from a unique rubber which is much smoother and softer than silicone. Therefore, it feels like real skin when you touch and caress this lovely doll.
  • You can change the hair and eye-colour of this doll according to your choice.
  • It has got heavy busts and a curvaceous figure that can turn any male on.


  • Customisation options add up to the total price quickly and make it much expensive sex doll than expected.

#4. Mini Doll Love Sex Doll Japanese Love Doll – Milo 111cm

If you have a crush on a Japanese teen, then this mini sex doll can be your ideal sex mate.

She has big eyes, inviting lips and a stunning figure which can turn anyone on. Moreover, she is lightweight and can be easily stored when not in use.

This Japanese mini sex doll is priced at $899. However, the different customisations and accessories can make her a little more expensive.

Japanese sex dolls are the best because they look attractive and feel fantastic. This mini sex doll follows the same trend and entices us in every which way possible.

It is a better option than most of the life-sized dolls because of its affordable price tag. We would recommend it to beginners and intermediate level users.


  • Height – 111 cm
  • Weight – 17kgs
  • Figure- 64 * 39 * 69 cm


  • You can change her hair colour, eye colour and much more according to your wish.
  • Her skeletal structure is flexible and allows you to try out different sex postures seamlessly.
  • She is made to look and feel very realistic.


  • The customisations can make this mini sex doll a bit costly.

#5. Mini Silicone Love Doll 3 Holes – Miho 135cm

This mini sex doll is so cute and adorable that she almost looks like a school girl. However, she is a delightful teen who can satiate your sexual hunger in all the possible ways.

Moreover, you get multiple customisation options which make it even more buyable. However, you need to spend a bit extra for purchasing a sex doll of such exquisite quality.

This mini sex doll is offered at $1599, and the charges may exceed if you customise the doll as per your needs.

This doll is a pro when it comes to oral sex as she will replicate the sucking action without much effort from your end.

Also, it is easy to carry, and you can store it in confined cabinets and boxes when not in use. All these features make it a buyable mini sex doll for sure.


  • Height – 135 cm
  • Weight – 25kgs
  • Figure- 65 * 54 * 75 cm
  • Case included – yes


  • You can use this sex doll for anal, oral and vaginal sex as well.
  • It looks innocent and feels like real.
  • It is made from medically certified silicone, and therefore you can use it without any worries.


  • It is expensive than most of the mini-sized sex dolls.

#6. Fantasy Elf Sex Doll / Mini Anime Sex Doll – Milly 140cm

If you fantasise about Hentai and anime characters but do not want to spend that kind of money, then this Fantasy Elf sex doll would be a perfect choice for you.

She is a mini sex doll who looks like a fairy or a princess but has all the skills to go down and please you. You can avail this mini elf sex doll at $1299.

However, the customisation options will cost you more. If you fancy about Hentai and fairies with bright-hued hair and divine attributes, then you will certainly love this mini sex dol.

Moreover, many customisations options and accessories can make it look stunning. It satiates your sexual appetite as well, and therefore there is no harm to try this sex doll once.


  • Height – 140 cm
  • Weight – 25kgs
  • Figure- 65 * 54 * 75 cm
  • Case included – Yes


  • You can dress-up this elf doll in numerous ways, and it will still look the best.
  • It is a perfect silicone doll with sexual organs simulated to look like real ones.
  • The internal parts and sections of this sex doll are textured to provide you with orgasmic pleasures during the intercourse.


  • It is slightly expensive than some of the sex dolls.

#7. Manzoku Doll MSD046H

Manzoku Doll is an extremely delicate and flexible mini sex doll which is structured with a metal frame. As a result, you can align her in different positions without any inconvenience.

Also, her breasts are squeezable, and her touch is realistic which make her even more interesting. However, this mini doll can be used only for vaginal sex since it has only one opening.

Manzoku Doll is available at $1432. It is suited only for beginners. Men with huge dicks will find its opening small as it can only be inserted up to 5 inches.

Also, it seems to be quite costly for a mini sex doll.

Considering all these features, we would recommend this sex doll only for beginners and that also only for those beginners who would not mind spending extra bucks for a cute love doll.


  • Height – 65 cm
  • Weight – 2.6kgs
  • Vaginal depth – 5.1 inches
  • Figure – 13 * 8 * 14 inches


  • It is a special mini sex doll that can make users go rough and wild while having sex.
  • It is made from premium quality silicone which is medically certified as well. Therefore, it not only has a soft and superior texture but is also safe to use.
  • This mini sex doll is ideal for those who would love to own a Japanese sex doll.


  • Only vaginal pleasures are offered by this sex doll.
  • It is far too expensive for a small-sized doll.
  • Men with a large penis will find the vaginal hole quite small.

#8. Mini Realistic Doll Love Doll with Heating and sound feature – Melly 111cm

It is an innovative sex doll which gets heated up from inside and also produces exciting sounds that can make you hornier than ever.

Therefore, it does not feel cold during winters, and you just need to charge it with a USB charger before an hour so to get her hot and horny.

It is a sexy mini doll which has voluptuous breasts and sharp facial attributes. Moreover, it is affordable as well. All these features make it an attractive choice for mini sex doll lovers.

You can buy it at $899. If you prefer customisations, it can cost you a little more. If you are looking for a lightweight and an affordable sex doll, then you can check this specimen.

It has a perfect size which tempts you to nail her with amazing speed and its squeezable assets only make you hornier than ever.

This mini sex doll looks and feels great, and therefore I recommend it for beginners and intermediate level users.


  • Height – 111 cm
  • Weight – 17kgs
  • Figure – 64 * 39 * 65 cm


  • You can explore her anus, vagina, and even mouth as you please and she will only encourage you by producing seductive moans. If you do not want the sound effects, you can even turn it off.
  • It is made from high-grade silicone which looks and feels like real skin.
  • It is lightweight and flexible. Therefore, you can get her in different positions seamlessly, and her flexible body also allows you to store it easily when not in use.


  • Customisations get the final price over $1000.
  • It is more suitable for beginners and first-timers.

#9. European Sex Doll, TPE Sex Doll #14 – Nadia 105cm

Nadia looks European, feels fantastic and performs like a pro.

You will be enchanted with her girl next door looks, and her light weight will allow you to nail her in different postures without breaking a sweat.

She is affordable if we compare it with life-sized sex dolls and therefore a good option for those who do not feel like spending that much money on a sex doll.

You can get Nadia at $899.

If you have a taste for European babes, you will find this mini sex doll quite attractive.

It’s luxurious looks and smooth skin couples up with its busty assets to ensure that you have a great experience every time you spend some time with her.

We would certainly recommend this sex doll especially for those who want a refreshing change after using Japanese sex dolls.


  • Height – 105 cm
  • Weight – 17kgs
  • Figure – NA
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 18 cm
  • Oral depth – 13 cm
  • Material – TPE


  • Her boobs are soft and squishy which make them good enough to rest your head after a tiring day at the workplace.
  • The skeletal structure is made from metal which enables you to try out various sex postures.
  • It is made from medically certified silicone which is non-toxic and odourless as well.


  • Nadia does not look so real.

#10. Quality Realistic Love Dolls Real Sex Doll – Yoyo 111cm

Yoyo is a Japanese mini sex doll which looks super cute in traditional Japanese attire. She has a perfect blend of classic looks and modern style that can make any man weak in his knees.

Her glowing white complexion and articulated body make her your ideal companion in bed.

This mini sex doll is offered at $899. However, the customizations can take the overall cost up to $1000 or even more.

Japanese sex dolls are always a hit, and when you get all the features of a life-sized sex doll in a mini sex doll, then it certainly becomes a great deal.

This mini sex doll fulfils your carnal desires, and its small size enables you to store it conveniently when not in use. Therefore, we recommend this mini sex doll and consider it one of the best dolls in this list.


  • Height – 111 cm
  • Weight – 17kgs
  • Figure – 64 * 39 * 65 cm
  • Type – Realistic mini sex doll


  • The eye colour and colour of hair can be chosen according to your preference.
  • This sex doll is suitable for anal sex, vaginal sex, and oral sex as well.


  • The overall price can make it a bit pricey.

#11. Lana: Japanese Sex Doll

This is a Japanese TPE sex doll which can mesmerize you with her seducing looks and voluptuous figure.

You can have both vaginal and anal pleasures with her and it has been built to give you the perfect pleasure of you enjoying with a real girl.

They have options of pubic hair for the ones who love it hairy over there. Both vagina and anus have a depth of 6.7 inches which gives you real pleasure. 

Lana: Japanese Sex Doll

#12. Beth: Premium Sex Doll

The manufacturer of Beth, WM Dolls are the most famous player in this sector has been awarded for their artistic work of giving pleasure to people through their erotic dolls.

You can customize the dolls as per your requirements so that you can enjoy with her and do all sorts of naughty stuff with her. They provide with extra accessories as well.

Beth: Premium Sex Doll

#13. Anastasia: Russian Sex Doll

Everyone has a fantasy towards Russian chicks and when you get to have a Russian sex doll, you know that you are in for a mind-blowing sexual pleasure session with her.

With her young, well-built body, perky boobs, and sexy pussy, Anastasia is bound to give you the pleasure you have always dreamt.

She is a hot, young, ski instructor who can do all the naughty stuff with you. Be prepared to be blown away by her.

Anastasia: Russian Sex Doll

Buyer's Guide

One of the most common questions that men often ask themselves is, ‘how to know if the mini sex doll I am going to buy would be worth the money spent?’ Got similar questions like these, don’t worry, we have got you covered! 

We have prepared a dedicated buyer’s guide that will help you in understanding the things that you must keep in mind before you invest in any of the mini sex dolls. 

You already know what a sex doll is, and we have also talked about the best ones already. Hence, we will not waste your time talking about them again. 

Quality and Price  

It is better to go for a mid-range doll. This will ensure to keep the quality/price ratio intake. First-timers usually go for the least expensive one without going through the features. The cheap ones available online will typically be made of plastic and porous material. 

That is not something that you should insert your penis into. A good company would manufacture a mid-range mini sex doll. The materials used would be excellent and will be affordable as well. You can check the list of mini sex dolls that we have shared here, and pick the one that suits you.

If you are taking a leap into the world of mini sex dolls for the first time, take our advice and go for a mid-range sex doll. 

How to Clean Sex Toys and Sex Dolls?


Just like any other products that you buy, ensure to avoid scammers and fake products. Some sellers are selling fake mini sex dolls. Read reviews of genuine buyers; you will gain a lot of insight into the products. 

Reviews will let you understand the experience of other users. You will come to know how genuine the product is, and whether it would be feasible for you to buy it or not.

Weight of the mini sex doll

Most people skip this essential part. But you might feel surprised once you start using it for the first time. The point is, you must be able to move the sex doll easily. Plus, you will have to store it as well somewhere too. 

Read the product label carefully and go for a mini sex doll, which is not too heavy. Any right supplier will list the necessary features of the product on their website. 


Manufacturers and suppliers are different. Manufacturers are the ones who will design, create, fabricate, and make the mini sex doll. At the same time, the supplier would only sell the product. 

So, the one that you should be reading and doing research about is the manufacturer. A proper manufacturer would try to keep the price within the affordable range. The manufacturer would also make sure to use quality materials while designing the product.

Go for a manufacturer who is here in the industry for a long time. 

Material used

Sex dolls are very complex. They are marketed as the real deal by different companies. There are two major kinds of materials used while manufacturing mini sex dolls. One is silicone, and the next type is TPE. 

Silicone is not that soft, while TPE is. Silicone is heat resistant and robust. While TPE feels soft, but you can’t take your doll with you for a hot bath. It means it is not resistant to hot-water or even water in that case. 

A silicone mini sex doll would be easier to clean.  

We recommend going for a silicone mini sex doll even if it is more rigid than the conventional TPE. 

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