Best Male Masturbators: When You are Missing Your Partner (2023)

Need For a Great Male Masturbator In the past decade, women’s sex toys have seen a revolution as their needs are considered nuanced.

Whereas the male masturbator has always been seen as a crude badly made utilitarian product. But this trend is definitely changing.

Need for sophisticated, discreet and quality devices have risen. Especially after a lot of game-changing erotic films like Fifty Shades of Grey which literally bought about a renewed sexual awakening all around the world.

Making couples want to explore their sexuality. Experiment with fantasy and sample something path-breaking together.

Male masturbatory products are definitely coming out of the closet one step at a time as there are more awareness and social acceptance around it.

Autoblow 2 Perfect fit for any size

Best Male Masturbator : Top 6 Best Male Sex Toys for Your Sexual Desires (2023)

Alive is the coming-of-age product with the best technology to satisfy your sensual desires. Alive One masturbator are designed with almost real pussy like quality and they offer maximum skin to vaginal contact regardless of what size if your penis.

With Alive One masturbator, you can witness the most real sex like sensations like you had experienced them never before. Alive devices work with dual motor synchronization and pistol stroke technique and offers best in class masturbation experience.

Alive's products have been carefully tested and are clinically proven safe to use for genital area. All of their products are phthalates free and are made up of skin-safe material.

The product is nicely packaged and comes with a very easy to understand user-manual.


  • It comes with high-speed powerful motor with dual synchronization
  • It can run for two hours long if charged only once
  • There are 10+ Vibration modes in the product.
  • Vaginal texture is ultra-realistic and you get life-like experience.
  • Product also comes with jelly lubricant.
  • It takes two hours for changing and can be charged by USB as well


  • The masturbator offers real pussy like experience.
  • The product is designed to make you reach your climax very easily.
  • It’s an auto run device with easy rechargeable unit
  • It is made up of Silicon which is considered safe for use.


  • The cost is not budget-friendly.

Onyx2 is a master of interactive pleasure more powerful and silent even before. Elegant, discreet and lightweight to travel with and store in plain sight.

It will please you without tiring your hands the old-fashioned way. By connecting to adult content on digital media with most top rated adult channels you can now feel every single movement made by your favorite porn star in real time.

You can not only witness your wild fantasies coming to life but you can also be part of your partner's fantasies by connecting with partners device ?

Kiiroo Girls’ from any were in the world. You can truly have your cake and eat it too! If you dont want to waste time in reading the entire article then buy this best male masturbator and thank me later.

This automatic fleshlight will for sure give you the best hands free masturbation pleasure.


  • Feel the real deal with Fleshlight Superskin sleeve with treat you to a mind-blowing interactive experience.
  • Powerful engine gives unparalleled stroking experience.
  • The Onyx 2 can reach up to 140 strokes per minute.
  • Once you register your product on you can access real-time experience pairing with adult content made possible.
  • Pairing with your partner’s device is an added bonus.
  • You can use the device in combination with VR glasses and Virtual Reality Porn. Experience high-quality adult videos filmed in 180-degrees, with 3D stereoscopic views from head to toe.
  • Onyx has three contraction modes: manual, fast pump and a slow pump.
  • The automatic device needs charging using the micro USB cable, supplied. 4 hours User time: 1 hour.
  • Battery Use: LIPO 2200 mAh 3.7v 10C.
  • Made of POM, ABS, and silicon.
  • Size: 246 x 90 x 80 mm
  •  Weight: 780 grams


  • Better than most available automatic masturbators.
  • Made primarily of high-grade polymer and silicone.
  • This luxury sex toy is made specifically for enhancing the sensations of intimate touch.
  • With all the loaded features and technology It’s still surprisingly lightweight.
  • This toy for men a handheld automatic masturbator is reasonably priced. 


  • The cost of Kiiro Fleshlight is not budget-friendly.

Autoblow 2+ is called the blow job robot for a reason. It is a basic plastic container with a three bead ring mounted spring to go up and down your shaft and bring you to climax.

On top is a lovely androgynous mouth of so you can imagine a woman or man. Also has an option of a pussy.

This month comes with an attached sleeve. These sleeves come in three sizes ?A’, ?B’ and ?C’. These sizes are based on girth, not on length.

Comes with a cake frosting sleeve which you can use to open up the mouth and gauge its depth before you start.

It’s a crowd-funded device so definitely it passed the popularity criteria to get funded. Comes with a discreet carrying case.

This automatic flashlight is one is the best male masturbater and also a popular one, which can easily give you the pleasure of hands free masturbation.


  • Hands-free function feels great with three sleeve system. A fit for any size.
  • Three bead rings move on a silicon latex sleeve giving an enclosed feeling to your shaft.
  • Sleeves are changeable very easy to clean.
  • It’s a plugin device comes with a power adapter.
  • The basic device gets the job done.
  • Comes in two models with a mouth and a pussy. Choose one as per preference.
  • The automatic device comes with three sleeve sizes, “A’, ?B’ & ?C’ based on girth.
  • Size A, 3'' - 4'' girth, 7.5-10cm long. Accommodates all lengths.
  • Size B, 4'' - 5.5'' girth, 10-14cm. Accommodates all lengths.
  • Size C, 5.5'' - 6.5'' girth, 14-16cm. Accommodates all lengths.
  • These removable sleeves fit in the Auto blow machine.
  • The mouth/ pussy comes on top of the device while the plug charger and a dial to on off and set the speed come at the bottom.
  • Motor rated to stroke for 1000 hours.


  • Cheap machine. A crude machine with no technology or connectivity to wi-fi or other features.
  • Comes with a charging plug to be plugged into a wall outlet. The product has to be used plugged in. Removable sleeves Don’t feel like the real thing.
  • Crowdfunded device and owned by more than 100,000 men in 30 countries. This basic device is popular with men with simple needs.


  • It is quite loud.
  • Very heavy than other sex toys, and weighs up to 2lbs.
  • The cost is a bit too much.

#4. Lovense Max :  Designed for Pleasure

Lovense products are perfect for long distance two-way lovemaking. Max one of the first ever blue tooth masturbators released in the market it was a blessing for long distant couples to feel connected in intimacy.

Lovense, Max male masturbator pairs with Nora the female masturbator to create the magic of a real coupling. Though it can be used on its own too.

Any extremely versatile patent-pending air pump design on top of the device gives a feeling of suction at the entry point of the shaft.

There is a realist skin like masturbation sleeve with perforated nodules which caress your shaft in a very real way.

While the tip of the shaft receives amazing vibrations from a vibrator placed at the bottom. You use your smartphone as a remote control to control your or your partner’s pleasure.

Your partner can also control your device from miles away. You can download the free app from the Apple Store, Google Play or Widows. 

This is recommenced as one of the best male masturbator. 


  • Get three times the pleasure, advanced design.
  • Air pump for suction and an air vent control to control pleasure at the top of the device.
  • Realistic skin feels that accommodates the shaft. With realistic motion placed in the middle.
  • Vibrator device at the bottom stimulates your tip by vibration.
  • Control the device with your smartphone and free app.
  • The basic device gets the job done.
  • Comes in two models with a mouth and a pussy. Choose one as per preference.
  • Automatic, rechargeable, with the safe compact body.
  • Comes with Bluetooth and wireless.
  • Needs 120 minutes to fully charge.
  • Gives 140 minutes of pleasure.
  • Comes with 1 years of warranty.
  • Reliable and direct customer tech support.
  • Comes with three button settings.
  • Turn On/Off: Press and Hold Button A (for 3 seconds)
  • Tap Button A: Toggles Vibration Speeds
  • Tap Button B: Toggles Air Pump Settings


  • Great value for money product.
  • Great features and made beautifully.
  • Hands-free pairing device with another toy.
  • Great range and flexibility of use.
  • Great customer and tech support.
  • Download the app on your smartphone and learn operation.
  • Great realistic pleasurable feel. Safe body, Wireless, Bluetooth capabilities to have real-time sex with your partner and enhance pleasure.


  • Some people may find the vibration a bit slow.

#5. Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator (will show you the stars)

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is definitely a big upgrade that using just your hands. What is unique about this device is it I not designed to feel like a vagina.

It’s doing its own thing in the male masturbation section. Think of your best blow job and multiply the sensation 5X times you will literally see stars on your own violation.

You slide off the plastic clip which opens up the device-wide, you can put lube over the inside and then close up the device back.

You insert your shaft in the hole and use your hands to move the device up and down. You can press any of the three buttons to give you different sensations.

And you are guaranteed to pass out. This device is not claimed to be a substitute for the real deal but is definitely stand alone in the market and taking the spot of one of best male masturbator available in the market. 


  • Nonautomatic comes with five distinct pleasure giving experiences.
  • Comes in wide openable clip held design with the soft internal core.
  • Very easy to use and clean. After use, you can easily wash it up with soap and water and leave it to hang dry on its clip.
  • The one hand control pad comes with three buttons on the device which access three different sensations.
  • Very utilitarian and simple device.
  • Comes in a clear case and three tubes of lube.
  • Nonautomatic and sturdy with easy open clip design.
  • Product Dimension: Length 6.9 inches &outside diameter is 3.3 inches.
  • Comes in soft core of silicone is extremely soft, almost jelly-like.
  • You can choose from five devices the original model is White, fitting Black, smooth Silver, ridged Red and the latest New Flip Hole Zero.


  • Nonautomatic offers the best value for money.
  • You need to use your hand. And is a bit noisy makes a moth slurping sound.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Good for 50 goes as per manufacturer. But reviews show that it outlasts other automatic toys safely without degenerating. It’s not a Fleshlight experience. Its main core of silicone is extremely soft, almost jelly-like is exceedingly pleasurable.
    Unique pleasurable feel. Safe body.


  • Tenga flip hole makes weird squishy sounds.
  • The pad buttons can attract lots of dust.

Fleshlight Stamina Pack is a sophisticated device by Kiiroo the fantasy king. You have a choice to experience manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world.

This male stroker will blow your mind :). Versatile product can connect to a number of accessories and devices for your pleasure.

Can also pair up with the Artificial Vagina which is a stamina training unit. Gives you a mind-blowing experience totally like the real deal.

With this automatic male masturbator you can take full control of important nuisances like the length of your strokes and speed.

You control it naturally by moving your fingers up and down to increase or decrease stroke length. The purpose of this device is to increase your stamina and how to last long. this male 


  • Fully automated with Fleshlight™ that connects to the interactive world.
  • Comes in manual and interactive modes.
  • The interactive mode with automated strokes can be synchronized to fantasy choices like Feel Your Lover, Feel Videos, Feel Virtual Reality, Feel Webcams and Feel Games.
  • Can be paired with multiple models.
  • It’s easy pairing this Fleshlight with wide content choices like encoded videos, virtual reality, games, and webcams.
  • Automatic innovative touch control system to just relax and enjoy.
  • Compatible with other top Fleshlight toys.
  • Comes with 4oz. Fleshlube, USB cable, and a setup guide.
  • Fleshlight sleeve warmer comes at an added cost.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Automatic sophisticated device. Comes at cost.
  • Justifies cost with features.
  • Good for 50 goes as per manufacturer. But reviews showed outlasts its use as compared to other automatic toys safely without degenerating.
  • A true Fleshlight experience. Can be used as stamina training device.
  • Touted as a sexual partner replacement device. Really don’t go there. Do you want to remain lonely and single?


  • Not happy with the opaque sleeve.
  • Some customers complained that it is quite significant.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot is termed as one of the best couples toy, is also great to use on your own. Extremely discreet and sturdy.

Perfect to use it in your shower or bathtub as it is nonautomated device free from the danger of electrocution.

Control is in your hand, experience every control and sensation hidden in the core. Comes with a swirl line orifice to enter.

Which is velvety to the touch, soft and pliable. Comes with twist base control which gives a feeling of suction.

Go loose to lessen the suction and go tighter to intensify. Must you water-based lubricant for best performance and are easy to clean later. 


  • Looks like a black torch case when closed very discreet and sturdy, lightweight to travel with.
  • Non-automated with skin safe pliable core.
  • Twist base control to maneuver suction intensity manually.
  • Comes with add on’s like shower mount suction pad for secure mounting on all flat surfaces, the vibrating bullet or the sleeve warmer.
  • Clear finish easily removable pliable sleeve for easy cleaning.
  • Hassel free easy to use and a good quality finish.
  • Comes with 61/2 inches internal length and just ? inch canal hole.
  •  Skin safe with real fill material, soft and pliable. Comes with a stealthy opening.


  • Non-Automatic simple sturdy device. Good price point.
  • Easy to use and clean. Handheld masturbator outlasts most automatic products if taken care of properly.
  • Unique experience. Fleshlight skin safe soft and pliable. Comes with multiple textures.
  • Easy and safe to use in a shower or bathtub. No over the top added features.


  • It can only be used by one person. Cleaning is time consuming.

Once you crack open the Tenga Eggs, you will find the soft egg inside. This product is one size that fits all.

For any man, who would like to entertain themselves when alone, Tenga Egg is the masturbator to go for.

Even though it is quite small, it will fit right into your penis comfortably. There is a stretchable elastomer inside, which expands when you start using it.

What can be better surprisingleasant surprise that is hygienic to use, right! Imagine pampering yourself with 13 different sensations, well, that’s what Tenga Eggs provide to you. 


  • Tenga Eggs is really affordable. It costs only $9.99.
  • One size fits all, and stretchable.
  • It is compact, portable, and also very discreet.
  • Very hygienic, and made of medical-grade material.
  • It gives you thirteen different sensations.


  • Excellent reviews online and gives you real pleasure.
  • Small and easy to use.
  • Made for solo play, and fun to use.
  • Super easy to clean.


  • Looking at the size of it, probably the cost should have been a bit less.
  • The sex toy looks like an Easter egg, rather than a penis masturbator.

Mangasm Silicone Stroker will cost you $43.57, and it was first designed for military deployed professionals.

This stroker doesn’t look intimidating at all. The material used to design this stoker is soft silicon. It looks like the real thing, and it has the right length.

The stroker is waterproof, stretchable, flexible, and splash-proof.
Mangasm Silicone Stroker is suitable for those who would like to have real pleasure. 


  • Made of medical-grade silicone.
  • Looks non-intimidating.
  • It makes you feel like having the real thing.
  • Long enough to fit long penises.


  • It is made of military-grade premium silicone.
  • 100% non-porous.
  • Small, discreet, flexible, and stretchable.


  • The price is on the higher side.
  • Needs to adjust the tightness manually.

To begin with, the name of the sex toy is really weird. However, it does the job pretty well.

The point that it has both an ass and pussy makes it a two-in-one sex toy.

The life-size replica of the female pussy and ass will make you feel like having the real thing.

The reason why it is so popular is that it gives you a realistic feeling. You need to lay down to start penetrating. 


  • Looks and feels real.
  • Quite big in size and comfortable to hold.
  • It is a life-size replica of the female anatomy.
  • Gives you realistic motion.


  • Looks and feels real.
  • Gives fantastic canals pleasure.
  • Pricing is great.


  • Not at all easy to clean.
  • Very big and weigh a lot too.

Now, who doesn’t know about Fleshlight? The biggest name in the adult industry that makes amazing artificial vaginas. 

Quickshot will let you cum in just a few minutes. It comes with realistic orifices and big masturbation sleeves with amazing sleeve texture.

Even if you have a larger penis, the Fleshlight Quickshot will comfortably accommodate it.

Yes, the size is a bit of a problem, but if you want to feel having the real thing, go for it.

There are two Quickshots available. The difference is in the material and the sleeve texture. 


  • Gives you a realistic feeling.
  • Looks and feels fantastic.
  • It has a comfortable insertion depth.
  • Quickshot is robust, phthalate-free, stable, and hygienic.
  • The sleeve is made of SuperSkin material.


  • Looks very similar to the vaginal canal.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Great for those who wish to train themselves to last longer.


  • The open-ended design can make you feel a bit uneasy.

Buyers Guide - How to Buy Male Masturbator Sex Toys


After diligently reviewing the best men/male masturbator products currently available in the market we have certain recommendations for the buyer. First, identify your intended use. Like whether you intend to use it with a sexual partner, on your lonesome or long distance. 

If your need is to use it with a long distance partner wi-fi, blue tooth capabilities of the Kiiro range of products and pairing capabilities with his and her devices will really help you. Though they are the most expensive masturbators in this showcased range.

They definitely prove value for money with amazing features like connecting you with adult content etc. enabling fantasy real-time virtual sex capabilities.

Most of these automatic masturbators try to make the real sex partner redundant by a lot of high speed, high octave vibration features for the really advanced clientele. But have a shorter shelf life. And as they are electronic devices are unsafe to use in bathtubs and showers.

While the non-automated ones not only worked fine for the single guys they enhanced the lovemaking physical pleasure factor. By actually made participation of a sex partner interesting and pleasurable experience. They were not trying to replace an important human experience but to add on to it.

Then again after going through the whole hog of products and pro- cons we arrive at a conclusion by looking for these features.

  • Whether they were user- friendly. 
  • Easy to access in the heat of the moment or when the sudden urge hits you. 3) 
  • Ready to go. 
  • Maintenance free. 
  • Sturdy, discrete easy to store and carry. 
  • The intensity of actual Sexual pleasure.

When we analyzed all the above points we found that the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator and the Fleshlight Flight Pilot emerged as clear winners. Surprisingly they were the cheapest of the range yet gave bind blowing orgasms with great sustained performance.

Were sturdy as hell, with no complicated rocket science technology used. The best part was no requirement of charging at crucial moments which could interrupt the private moment. Very easy to clean up with normal soap and warm water after every use. Easy to dry out, store and carry.

Apart from all this the main bonus definitely was they can be used safely by couples or singles in shower or bathtub to double the pleasure.

Which no automated electrical device can offer. Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator and the Fleshlight Flight Pilot are highly recommended especially because they allow the physicality as well as the contribution of a partner or self to the physical act of lovemaking.

They do not replace anyone but instead enhance the art of pleasuring for couples.

Much preferred over devices which allow you to lie there like a dead fish without moving a muscle. Any sexual release needs intensity, as well as a physical contribution to stimulating the olfactory experience for it to be fulfilling deeply.

Use Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator and the Fleshlight Flight Pilot with your partner or alone to heighten your experience of pleasure. So go ahead order your favorite among the recommended male masturbators today from

Accessories to Order

With all the above hands-free masturbators. Do order a water-based lubricant and an antibacterial toy cleaning solution with your product.

Discount & Offers

Before ordering the product of your choice to check online on respective product portal and major shopping portals to compare prices and discounts offered.

Are shipping and billing discrete?

All vendors mail their products in neutral packages. And most vendors use abbreviations for billing, making your purchase discrete.

Is there a product return policy.

Due to the nature of product returns are not possible if you have used or opened outer packaging.

Do the adult masturbator products come with a warranty?

Most products offer a warranty of 6 months to 1 year and no more. It’s better to replace them with health, safety, and hygiene reasons.

Are these products built to last?

Most motors are usually designed to last approximately 500 to 1000 hours of use. It’s better to replace them for health, safety and hygiene reasons the moment they look battered.

How do you clean the toys?

You use anti-bacterial cleansers suitable to clean plastic. You can clean products with warm water and soap safely.

Can you use the masturbation toys in bathtub or shower?

Products which are automatic are electrical devices it is not safe to use them near or submerged in water. Whereas you can safely use non-automated handheld masturbation products from which are perfect for this purpose.

What type of lubes should be used?

Water-based lubes are the best and safe to use on all devices unless specified otherwise. Most devices come with recommended lubricant products.

How can I remove the stickiness of the Fleshlight?

A thorough corn starching will before the first use will remove the undesirable stickiness.

Exploring a man’s sexuality and need is also an important human experience. Especially useful when there is no access or limited access to a sexual partner. To relieve their sexual stress promotes well being and emotional stability.

Also, these devices ensure safety to a certain level and relieve tensions without complications. Like masturbation too hard can lead to fracturing the male member. Tugging at too hard a very common syndrome can lead to snapping of this important muscle.

A masturbator device which can provide friction, vibration, and sensation without so much effort and can satisfy multi fold is definitely a lifesaver. Also, pro-masturbation movements in the UK and Europe to avert teenage risky sexual behaviors which may lead to Aids, STDs, and pregnancies are game changers in this sector.

And show the urgent need of making safe masturbatory products easily available worldwide. Moreover understanding male and female self-stimulation of their genitals in a sexual way to reach orgasm called masturbation and is completely normal and healthy human behavior.

A normal part of normally growing up and throughout life to maintain vitality as well as happiness. It is considered taboo or has a bad rep because it has been closeted and ignored as it is an intensely private sexual behavior.

Kept to self for fulfilling fantasies and unrequited energy. Women’s sex toys still dominate the market to a large extent. Finding a good quality sex toy for men is still difficult. Mainly because of supply and demand for the same.

And also because women masturbate to experience and learn what, where they like. Where actually their men encourage them to explore masturbation and are turned on by it. Women also are more discreet and do not change or access male partners that easily.

So masturbation is a good option for them. But men definitely find more pleasure with a sexual partner is a common belief. And it is assumed that men masturbate as a replacement for a lack of sexual partner which is not completely true.

So most the men’s toys are promoted as partner replacing gadgets. Here we are embarking on a difficult yet important task of finding the most perfect and best high-quality masturbator for men.

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