Enjoy Slippery Sex with the BEST LUBES for Women (2019)

There are several factors you should take into consideration to choose the best lube for women.

For instance, you should check whether the lube is water based and cannot expose you to any form of irritation.

Checking the ingredients used to make the lubricant before you buy is very necessary.

Some manufacturers are known to manufacture the best lube for women. Always check with the manufacturers before buying.

To make your work easier, we have taken the task to research and list for you top 15 best lube for women so that you can make an informed decision in your buying process.

best lubricant for women

Top 10 Best Intercourse Lubricants (2019)

Lube Name

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Super Slick Lube

Water Based


Water Based


Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant  

Silicone based


ACVIOO Natural Personal Lubricant 

Water Based

Victoria's Secret Pink Water Based Personal Lubricant

Water Based

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lubricant 

Water Based

K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant 

Water Based

LubeLife Anal Lubricant 

Silicone Based

Penchant Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin 

Water Based

Do Me Premium Female Arousal Gel 

Silicone Based

Wet Silicone Lube

Silicone Based

Anjou Personal Lubrican

Silicone Based

Kinkly Long Lasting Personal Lubricant

Water Based

BOMBEX Water Based Personal Lubricant

Water Based

Pjur WOMAN Nude Personal Lubricant

Silicone Based

1. Water Based Super Slick Lube

The lube is long lasting hence it will assure you the best lubrication during the intercourse even if it will last long.

It is clinically tested to ensure it is safe for you to apply in your sexual endeavors.

Ingredients are carefully chosen to maintain the ph. of the vagina while enhancing the pleasure.

It is long lasting but not too sticky to interfere with the pleasure.

There are no dark stains on the clothes or smell which can irritate you. 

You have a lube which you will always enjoy your sexual fantasies. The manufacturers took time to balance the ingredients so that you can always achieve the best results in your sexual performance.

  • Clinically tested to be safe
  • Long lasting
  • No weird smell or stain
  • Highly optimized ingredients
  • Dries fast

2. Isabel

The lube has a great balance of ingredients to serve both men and women.

If you are couples who engage in different sexual adventures like the use of toys, then both of you can enjoy using the same lube.

It is condom safe and can be applied to all sex toys.

There are no parabens or glycerin which can irritate you while having sex. 

Odorless as well as colorless so that you can engage in sexual adventures without fear of stains or odor which can be developed after sex. 

If you would like to keep your matters secret, then it is the right lube to buy. It comes in a discreet package so
that nobody can know what you have just received upon delivery.

  • Condom safe
  • Compatible with all sex toys
  • Manual pumping is not required at all.
  • Odorless and colorless
  • Not designed for sensitive skin

3. Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant 

It is a water-based lube you can buy and enjoy your sexual life.

It is the most recommended lubricant gel for females.

It is designed for smooth sensation on the soft skin. Easy to clean and develops no stain on your private parts or clothes.

Highest quality ingredients are applied to make the lube among the best in the industry.

The choice of ingredients assures you the best sexual encounter.

If you feel too dry and sensitive while engaging in sex, the lube offers you the best solution. 

It has a careful design which makes it easy for you to achieve the best seven if your skin is too sensitive.

  • None staining
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Designed for smooth skin
  • Not designed for use with sex toys.

4. ACVIOO Natural Personal Lubricant

It is a high-quality lube for men, women and even couples. If you are a woman who loves sex with toys, the lube can work well for you. 

For couples, you can enjoy using the lube so that the sexual encounter can be smooth.

Men can as well apply the lube when having sex with toys or couples. It is a versatile lube.

It is FDA certified. If you are looking for a safe product to apply, then buying the lube will assure you peace of mind.

It is free of parabens, silicone, glycerin, and oils.

It lasts long so that you can enjoy the sexual intercourse for long without feeling irritated. There is no burning or is comforts felt upon application of the lube. It is safe for all skin types. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can use the lube for maximum pleasure.

  • FDA certified
  • Long lasting
  • Clinically tested
  • Not designed for use with toys

5. Victoria's Secret Pink Water Based Personal Lubricant

It is designed for women to enjoy sex. Purified water used ensures you are not exposed to any form of risk.

Easy to apply design makes it an excellent choice if you are starting with lubes. 

Extracts of Aloe Vera and oat minimizes irritation.

Ginseng and guarana used increases sensations as well as blood flow so that you can achieve the highest level of orgasm.

Women with sensitive skin find it very helpful.It is polyurethane condom safe. If you love sex toys, you can as well apply the lube with different sex toys available in the market. 

Natural smooth texture increases the sensation as you play with toys or your partner’s dick. Advanced water-based ingredients allow you to achieve intense intercourse or masturbation. Condoms or sex toys can be used.

It is one of the top rated personal  lubricants.

  • High-grade ingredients
  • Minimizes irritation
  • Natural smooth texture
  • For women with sensitive skin
  • Not shower friendly

6. Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lubricant

It is a high-quality edible lubricant for both men and women.

If you engage in different sex positions, for example, after vaginal penetration you end up having a blow job,

and then having the lube will be a great idea because it is formulated out of edible materials. 

It is staining free and silky smooth for unforgettable sexual adventure.

Cadabra is toy friendly hence you can apply to your toys and enjoy sexual adventures. You can use it on toys, latex condoms among other sex tools.

Doctors recommend the lube for different reasons. For instance, if you experience painful sex after menopause, you can apply the toy for great pleasure. 

Your vaginal dryness can be cured through the application of the sex toy.

Pure natural ingredients are applied to make the lube safe for both men and women. The smooth sensation is felt upon application of the lube. There are no additions of ingredients which can compromise the quality such as parabens.

You can even try it for anal sex, and the experience will be great. Other lubes have hormones and natural flavors which can expose your body to reactions.

The lube has all natural ingredients which can make you start enjoying sex even after a prolonged period of vaginal dryness which is making you have feuds with your partner.

  • Natural ph. balanced
  • Toy friendly
  • Manual pumping is not required at all.
  • Doctor recommend
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not shower friendly

7. K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant

It is a lubricant recommend by doctors in the United States.

It enhances sexual intimacy as well as helping in easing the discomfort brought about by vaginal dryness.

The Ky lube is specifically designed to allow women enjoy sex irrespective of the level of vaginal dryness.

A gentle warming and non-greasy feel are developed upon application. It is compatible with latex condom only. 

Ingredients are carefully selected to make the sexual intercourse very enjoyable.

  • Doctors recommend
  • Gentle and warming
  • Nongreasy
  • Compatible with latex condom only

8. LubeLife Anal Lubricant

It is the best lubricant made from thick silicone that you can apply to achieve the best in your sexual adventures.

You develop a thick feel upon application of the vaginal
lube. It is ideal for men, couples, and women.

It is best applied for a shower or anal sex.

LubeLife supplements the body’s lubrication for you to enjoy anal sex. Pleasure during intimacy is highly enhanced upon application of the lube.

It is not sticky or even tacky due to the careful selection of ingredients. It is water resistant and condom safe.

You can enjoy an adventurous play while in the shower room, Jacuzzi or even tub. It is compatible with natural rubber and
latex so that you can enjoy safe sex.

You don’t have to worry when applying polyisoprene or polyurethane condoms because it is made to be highly

The silicone-based lubricant is long lasting. It can serve you for more than water-based lubricants. It is made from high-quality ingredients. The design allows for maximum sensation when having anal sex.

LubeLife manufacturers took time to come up with the purest form of ingredients. You will realize value for money upon buying the female vaginal lubricant. There is no use of parabens which can compromise the quality.

  • Develops thick feel
  • Develops thick feel
  • Condom compatible
  • Water resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed for anal use only

9. Penchant Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin

The lubricant is designed to help those with sensitive skin enjoy sex. It is silicone based to assure you the best sensation when penetrating.

The discreet label allows you to order with peace of mind because nobody will know the contents of your pack.

The lube is uniquely concentrated to last longer than most water based lubes in the market.

It is a high-quality silicone lube designed for sensitive skin. There are no glycerin or parabens applied in the manufacture of the lube making it high quality.

It is manufactured in the USA with FDA approval. You can shop for the product with peace of mind knowing test have been carried out to ensure it is safe for you to use in your daily sexual adventures.

Penchant is odorless and easy to use. There is no development of stains due to the careful formulation of the lube which puts your comfort at the forefront of the design.

When in hot tub or shower room, it repels water so that you can continue enjoying your sexual endeavors. For those who love having sex in the tub or bathroom, it is the right formulation which ensures you have the necessary lubrication in place for long to satisfy your sexual needs.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lasts longer
  • FDA 510K accepted
  • Odorless
  • Does not stain
  • Not ideal for condom use

10. Do Me Premium Female Arousal Gel

It is a lubricant designed to assure her natural sexual arousal. It intensifies the orgasm due to carefully selected ingredients.

If you have been trying to reach orgasm without success, then you should think of the gel.

It is easy to apply, and it will make you reach the climax you have been trying to reach without success.

It is easy and safe to apply to your sexual adventures. It is safe to ingest.

Your partner can use his tongue, hands and even the dick to penetrate and there will be no issue.

Do her has been tested to ensure only the right ingredients are included in the pack. You will have a lube which will make it slide comfortably.

Her satisfaction is taken into consideration in the design of the lube to ensure she enjoys the act
from the start to the end. She will reach the best orgasm upon application of the lube.

  • Allows you to reach an intense orgasm
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Not shower friendly

11. Wet Silicone Lube

It is a silicone lubricant you can apply to achieve the best results in your sexual adventure.

Premium and pure silicone are used to make the lube. Each penetration you will make will be different upon application of the lube.

It is paraben free so that you are not exposed to any form of irritations upon application.

You enjoy a long-lasting and silky feel upon application of the silicone lube.

FDA approved to be applied to all types of condoms. Some women prefer prolonged sexual intercourse.

Even if you dry up after a certain number of strokes, you do not have to fear provided you apply the lubricant.

It is long lasting to allow you enjoy the sexual encounter for long without any irritation.

  • Pure silicone used
  • Paraben-free
  • Long lasting
  • FDA approved
  • Not suitable for use with adult toys

12. Anjou Personal Lubrican

If you are looking for a water based lube, then you will find Anjou a great addition to your shopping list.

It is suitable for couples, men, and women. Hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly products make it stand out.

If you are a vegan and will still need to maintain your lifestyle while engaging in sex, you are not left behind because the lubricant adheres to all vegan practices and standards.

The natural water-based lubricant brings the pleasure you need to enjoy your sexual life.

It relieves vaginal dryness and discomforts while having sex. It adheres to FDA regulations hence it is a safe product for you to try in your sexual

 There is no use of silicone or formation of stain after use. You have a vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic product which you can have in your bedroom to enjoy those sexual fantasies.

The formulation assures you no odor or stain. You can quickly clean it off with a flush of water.

It works with all toys and condom types. Men, couples, and women find it very helpful. The selection of ingredients makes it highly smooth. You will enjoy a smooth sensation each time you will have the lube in place ready for the sexual encounter.

  • Natural Water-based
  • FDA approved
  • Odorless and stain free
  • Soothing formula
  • Compatible with toys
  • Not water resistant

13. Kinkly Long Lasting Personal Lubricant

It is a water based lubricant you can have in your sexual adventures.

Kinkly lubricant is compatible with rubber, polyurethane, latex condoms and silicone sex toys.

Premium lube materials used ensures a smooth sensation so that you can achieve ultimate comfort. It is safe and hypoallergenic.

The nonstain design ensures you are always clean even after application.

There is no use of harsh chemicals such as estrogen.

You enjoy natural sex because the lube has no chemicals or anything which can irritate. It is free from parabens and petroleum products.

If you are looking for a lube which can assure you great comfort, then you should think of buying the lube. It has excellent formulation to allow you achieve the best sexual sensations.

  • Compatible with rubber and latex
  • Premium lube materials
  • Safe and hypoallergenic
  • Estrogen free
  • Not water resistant

14. BOMBEX Water Based Personal Lubricant

The lubricant is easy to clean and long-lasting.

It can be used by both men and women to achieve the best lubrication ever.

Unflavored hence you will not have to deal with odors as you engage in lovemaking.

There are no oils stains, just wipe using a piece of cloth, and the lubricant will be washed away.

Highest quality ingredients are used to achieve the desired results.

It is a natural formula which is not too sticky to ruin your fantasy. Compatible with all types of condom and sex toys so that you can always enjoy your sexual adventure. No scent or flavors which can compromise your sexual adventures.

  • Easy to clean
  • Nonsticky
  • Compatible with all condoms
  • No odors and scents
  • Not water resistant

15. Pjur WOMAN Nude Personal Lubricant

The personal lubricant is water-based and safe for your sensitive skin.

There are no added ingredients which can make the lube irritating.

If you are a woman who does not like having glycerin or parabens, the lube can be the best choice for you.

It is designed for soft and sensitive skin. No perfumes or preservatives which can compromise the quality.

Pjur is hypoallergenic and latex condom safe so that you can enjoy all types of sex. It is odorless and ideal for women with sensitive skin.

Even if you have tried several other lubricants without success, the careful selection of ingredients
in the making of the lubricant makes it ideal for your daily use.

  • Natural and water based
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic and latex compatible
  • Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Dries fast
  • Vaginal lubricant buying guide

Buyer's Guide

There are different types of lubes for women available in the market. You should choose the best so that you can enjoy maximum satisfaction. Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying the best lube for 

1. Ingredients - There are some ingredients which can irritate and others can lead to infections. Some of the ingredients you need to check out and their effects include the following:

  • Glycerin - It can create yeast infection hence avoid it.
  • L-arginine - Used in arousal lubes but it can encourage herpes outbreak.
  • Parabens - Can be absorbed and metabolized in the body leading to side effects.
  • Menthol - Used for cooling effects but can lead to drying out soft tissue in your vagina.
  • Polyquaternium-15 - Can damage the rectal lining.
  • Nonoxynol-9 -  Used in spermicidal lubes but can lead to abrasions in the vagina.
  • Petroleum - It blocks pores.

2.PH BalanceThe vagina has a pH between 3.8 and 4.5 hence you should look for lube with the right pH.

3. Types of lube - There are three type lubes for women which include:

  • Water Based Lubricants - They are ideal when looking for one compatible with sex toys, cheap and does not stain. Downsides of the water-based lubes include: drying fast, sticky and are not shower friendly.
  • Silicone Based Lubricants - They are long lasting lubes which work in the shower because they are water friendly and long-lasting. Downsides include being costly, hard to wash and not compatible with silicone toys.
  • Oil Based Lubricants - They are made out of petroleum products. Oil based lubes are suitable for anal sex. Advantages include slick and great for masturbation. They are not good for vaginal sex and condom use. They are hard to wash.
  • Hybrid Lubricants - They are made from a combination of silicone and water-based ingredients. The result leads to a long-lasting, thick and condom safe lube. They are not effective for the massager.
  • Anal Lubes - They are ideal for those who love anal sex.
  • Spermicidal Lubes - They help in killing the sperm hence prevent pregnancy.
  • Sperm Friendly Lubricants - They are lubed with ingredients which encourage fertilization.
  • Warming and Cooling Lubes - They provide extra sensation. Use of menthol brings about the cooling sensation.
  • Flavored and Edible Lubes - They come in different flavors and ingredients can be eaten during oral sex.


From our careful analysis of the different lubes for women, we recommend Isabel Fay Natural Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin. It is compatible with all sex types, odorless and made out of high-quality ingredients. The price is also reasonable.

Having said that, hope that the article lets you decide the what is the best lubricant for sex among the best lube brands.

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