Top 10 Best Lube for Fleshlight (2020)

Women in this modern era are quite specific about their choices wherein they want full freedom to enjoy themselves.

Nowadays, the  sex toys have already reached the handbags and closets of the modern-day women.

Yet, one needs effective lube to make the intimate sessions truly pleasurable.  Multiple  online portals offers a wide variety of lubes.

Mainly, the water-based, silicone and some other lubes are preferred by most women. 

When the lube is applied on your fleshlight, it will slide inside without creating much friction and the slippery surface of the fleshlight will improve your overall pleasure.

lube for fleshlight

To know more about the lubes designed for sex toys, go through the attached video: Click here to see the video!

When you decide to buy lube for your fleshlight, proper guidance for choosing the right product is quite essential. We have ranked the lubes taking the following factors into account:

  • The formulation: The ingredients of the lube play a vital role in making it useful for an application on fleshlight and other toys and therefore, the water-based and silicone lubes are  preferred over the other varieties.
  • Safety: The lubes must be safe enough to be in contact with internal skin of the intimate areas. You need to insert the fleshlight inside the pussy to feel the sensation. If the lube is body-safe, there would be no chances of infection, allergies  or other kind of skin issues.
  • Sliding: The chosen lube  should create a free flow of fleshlight or any other sex toy. The lube is supposed to enhance the experience of masturbation  as well as other intimate acts to a delighting level.
  • Frictionless and igniting experience you receive: When you apply lube on the fleshlight,  insane sensual pleasure should be obtained. The lube is supposed to minimize friction and  also assist with the tickling sensation a toy produces.
  • Ease in cleaning: The best lube for fleshlight would be non-sticky.  So, when you are done with the play, you can easily clean the surface using wet tissue or soapy water. This is a significant factor  that makes the lube truly user-friendly.

The following video takes you through some of the best lubes for fleshlight:

A Guide to Secual Lubricants

Based on the criteria explained above, following is the list of Top 10 Best Lubes for Fleshlight:

product name


Price Range

product link

Fleshlube water-

based lubricant

Compatible with fleshlight

$10 - $15

Astroglide Liquid

Designed similar to

natural body fluids

$15 - $25

Adam & Eve Lube

Superslick and long-lasting

$8 - $15


Collection of 15 lubes

$8 - $15

JO H2O Foe Women 

A quality uncomplicated product

$5 - $10

Doc Johnson TitanMen Hydro Play Water-based Lubricant

Multipurpose lube

$15 - $25

ID Glide Water-

based Lubricant

Versatile lube in a bigger bottle

$20 - $30

Pjur Med Natural Lubricant

Plant-based ingredients

$12 - $20

Gun Oil H2O

Water-based Lube

Additional health benefits

$15 - $25

Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant

Delivers long-lasting slip and slide

$15 - $25

As you would like to know more about these top-ranking lubes, let us figure out the additional information about these products sequentially:

Fleshlube water-based lubricant

This is among the most appreciated lubricants, suitable for a variety of sex toys including fleshlights.

You can rely on this popular lube for fleshlight, formulated by the experts.

The lube is designed to enhance your experiences during  the intimate sessions.

This water-based lube delivers a better amount of sliding motion taking your experience to the next level.

You can apply this lubricant on the fleshlight  or other types of sex toys used for masturbation, teasing, and various other erotic pleasures.

Fleshlight Fleshlube Water-Based Lubricant 3.38 fl oz-min

This water-based lube doesn’t  react with the material used for the toys and hence there is no complication. Thus, you can rest be assured about the safety of your intimate body parts in all aspects.  This product  stands out from the rest because of its features and benefits.

  • Creates slippery surfaces for enjoyable play.
  • Leaves your fleshlight soft and supple for a better experience.
  • This is a condom-safe lubricant.
  • Available in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle.
  • This lube is suitable for vegetarians.
  • Available in a travel-sized bottle.
  • Suitable to most of the male sex toys.
  • It increases the life of your fleshlight by keeping the surface softer.
  • The formula is gentle on skin.
  • Completely body-safe
  • Some of the users may find this lube very wet.

Astroglide Liquid

If you wish to make your erotic rides smoother, this water-based lube would be perfect to enhance all your  encounters.

Astroglide is a cleverly-designed lube considering the need for viscosity when you play with the fleshlight.

When it comes to pure exhilarating sex, you must be cautious about the choice of your lube.

Astroglide is gaining tremendous popularity due to the results it delivers. It lubricates the fleshlight and other toys to make things easy going and exciting.

Additionally, the water-based lube also moisturizes the surfaces it is applied on.

Astroglide X Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant 2.5 fl oz-min

This feature drastically improves the feel you get through your fleshlight or any similar toy. Using this lube, your masturbation or other teasing sessions can last longer and be more pleasing.

  • Water-based lube with glycerin and other ingredients.
  • You can easily clean it after use.
  • Small quantity lasts for longer periods.
  • This lube is compatible with condoms.
  • It creates the ultimate pleasure through slipping and sliding.
  • Completely body-safe.
  • You can avoid irritation issues.
  • It moisturizes the skin in contact.
  • It doesn’t stain fabric.
  • Best for a perfect lovemaking experience.
  • Some users may feel it is sticky.

Adam & Eve Lube

This is among the bestselling lubes for fleshlight.

This lube is perfect for that sleek slippery surface and for enhancing your pleasure during masturbation and other sensual activities.

You can make the fleshlight slide inside effortlessly using this lube. This is a condom-compatible formulation.

So, you can apply it to the condom for a fascinating intimate encounter with your male partner.

It is available in a squeeze bottle so  you can take it out using one hand and the other hand can be free for foreplay.

This is a long-lasting lube as it stays on the surface and keeps it slippery throughout your sexual act.

Adam & Eve Lube-min

Thus, this can be the best  product for prolonged lovemaking sessions with  your partner, or even for applying on your fleshlight.

  • This lube is compatible with toys and condoms.
  • This produces great slick for the ideal glide during lovemaking and masturbation.
  • It keeps you on by keeping the surface wet and slippery.
  • This is very easy to clean.
  • Available in a squeeze bottle for ease in application.
  • Versatile lube.
  • You can apply it on your partner’s skin for an erotic massage.
  • You can also use it for anal sex toys.
  • Non-staining.
  • Made of purified water, glycerin and other ingredients.
  • Some users may miss the friction during their lovemaking endeavors.

Sliquid Naturals (H2O)

This popular brand offers a wide range of  variety in fleshlight lube including different fragrances and flavors.

There are 15 different types of personal lubricant products.

So, you have a lot of choices to decide the most suited personal lubricant for yourself.

H2O is the most favorite fragrance of most of the users so far. The lubricant is made with 5 ingredients.

Thus, the formulation is very simple yet effective. The product is suitable for the lubrication in fleshlights and sex toys too.

So, you can enhance the  exciting experiences in your sexual play by applying this incredible lube.

2 Sliquid H20

This  pH-balanced formulation offers  complete safety to the internal and external parts of your body. Another significant reason for its popularity is the affordable price. So, you can have a great lube for your fleshlight and other toys without even getting a hole in your pocket.

  • This is a purified water-based formulation.
  • This lube is completely non-toxic and body-safe.
  • The lube imitates the natural body fluids.
  • The pH is balanced between 4 – 4.4
  • This is free from animal testing.
  • This is a complete vegan-friendly formula.
  • This lube doesn’t have any odor.
  • This is non-staining, hence will  save your apparels from stain marks.
  • Glycerin-free and paraben-free.
  • This lube dissolves in water easily.
  • If you are looking for a decent to harsh scent, you may be disappointed as the lube is odorless.

JO H2O For Women

System JO offers this fantastic lubricant for women that lets them enjoy the slippery experience during masturbation and many other sensual activities. 

This is a unique formulation that supplements the natural body fluids in women. So, this lube is ideal for your intimate plays.

The formulation of this lube suits fleshlights and other toys used for sensual pleasure. So, this can be the best partner for any kind of toy.

Then again, this formulation is completely safe for the internal and sensitive parts of your body.

You can rest be assured that there are no chances of allergies and any other reactions.

You can choose from original, warming and cooling lubes that are designed to deliver the desired effect most precisely.

jo h20 women

The Original formulation contains purified water, Cellulose Gum and other ingredients. When the lube is applied,  you can get easy sliding and less friction during your sexual play.

  • Pure palm plant-based glycerin is used for a natural feel.
  • It is available at selected online portals. So, order wisely.
  • The lube bottles are offered in different sizes.
  • This formulation is ideal for toys.
  • Compatible with condoms.
  • Supports the silky-smooth drives.
  • It supplements the original fluids dispensed from your body.
  • It is designed to enhance the pleasure of intimacy.
  • You can play safe as the lube is compatible with most of the materials used in fleshlight and other toys.
  • Some users found it difficult to clean up.

Doc Johnson TitanMen Hydro Play Water-Based Lubricant

Your search for a multipurpose lube, to satisfy all your needs about sex should conclude here.

Doc Johnson offers this incredible lube that suits fleshlights, other toys, condoms, and human skin and when applied, it lets you have a completely mind-blowing experience.

This water-based lubricant brings a slick and slippery surface and makes the intimate encounters using fleshlights  or even along with your partner, quite enjoyable.

So, this is a must-have lube to take your plays to the next level of smoothness.

Doc Johnson TitanMen Water-Based Lube Glide 8 fl oz-min

This is a non-sticky formulation that can be cleaned quickly and without any fuss. So, as your intimate encounter is over, you can hold the toy below flowing soapy water to clean it. You need to let it dry before the next use.

So, this lube brings a lot of convenience in meeting your sensual requirements.

  • It is safe to use with all kinds of toys and condoms.
  • This is a water-soluble formulation.
  • The lube is non-staining.
  • It is designed to condition and moisturize your skin.
  • The lube is made of body-safe materials.
  • The lube enhances your pleasure during the plays.
  • It reduces friction up to a greater extent.
  • Free from parabens and sugar.
  • The lube is FDA-Approved.
  • The lube stays on for a prolonged duration.
  • The seller needs to avail the different sizes of packaging. Presently it is available in 8oz and 32oz packaging.

ID Glide Water-based Lubricant

ID Glide presents this water-based and water-soluble lubricant  that delivers a pleasant, slippery sensation during your intimate plays.

This lube is made of purified water, glycerin and other ingredients for the perfect frictionless glides.

So, you can rely on it to make your plays smoother than you ever expected.

As this lube is fragrance-free, you can get a natural feel as you apply it to your fleshlights and other toys during your sexual activities.

This is a hypoallergenic formulation that keeps you safe from any reactions, allergies or other skin issues.

The lube is compatible with the fleshlights, condoms and different other  toys.

id glide

So, altogether this is a fantastic lube with the best quality ingredients, designed for an excellent performance. You can get a reliable companion to enhance the sliding by reducing friction to a greater extent. This lube can be a great addition to the collection of your devices for intimate play.

  • A perfect water-based lube for fleshlights.
  • The formulation dissolves in water.
  • It suits condoms and other sex toys.
  • A reliable partner.
  • It is sold as a novelty product, yet, it enhances your experiences.
  • It is easy to clean off.
  • Serves for all your intimate lubrication needs.
  • Free from unpleasant odor.
  • It lasts longer for satisfying intimate encounters with a great slide.
  • There are slight chances of irritation. The sellers recommend consulting a doctor if irritation occurs.

Pjur Med Natural Lubricant

If your skin is dry and if you need an effective lubricant for all your intimate lubrication purposes, this product can be a perfect choice.

The makers have developed this formulation, especially for dry skin.

So, this can be a great solution for the lubrication of fleshlight, condom, and other toys.

You can apply this lube to any area of your body to moisturize the skin. The formulation is designed for daily use.

Thus, you can have a lube that moisturizes your dry skin to leave it smooth and supple.

Pjur Med Natural Lubricant

This feature can enhance your intimate pleasure as you  will overcome the dryness of your internal skin as well. As you apply this lube on the fleshlight and insert it in your intimate area, you can feel less friction and a rare kind of wetness that complements the smoother and slippery plays.

So, this lube serves as one of the most effective companions for intimate lubrication needs.

  • This lube is perfect for dry skin.
  • It offers gentle moisturization to the intimate internal skin.
  • You can apply it anywhere on your body for daily moisturization.
  • As per the name, it offers truly natural glide.
  • Natural or nature-like ingredients for added safety.
  • Pure vegetarian glycerin is used in this formulation.
  • It provides additional moisturization and the desired glide.
  • Safe for fleshlight, other sex toys, skin, and latex condoms.
  • This lube protects and soothes the dry skin.
  • It is available in the packaging of 100ml.
  • As the lube serves as an extra moisturizer, it may not be suitable for oily skin.

​​​​Gun Oil H2O Water-Based Lube

The formulation of this lube is similar to the silicone lube of the same brand.

This is a highly-concentrated formulation that serves all your needs in intimate lubrication.

To feel the orgasm effectively,  this reduces the unwanted friction during your plays  and lets you enjoy the slippery glides you desire.

Though the formulation is highly-concentrated, you can clean this lube off quite conveniently.

So, no sticky residue and stains after your encounter.

This lube is safe for use on fleshlight and other sex toys  used for seducing and foreplay.

Gun Oil Personal Silicone Lubricant 4.0 fl oz-min

This formulation is glycerin-free and has no pigments. Thus, it is made of body-safe materials. So, you can apply it to the fleshlight, dildo, vibrator and other toys securely. This is also compatible with latex condoms.

So, when your partner feels horny, massage some lube on his condom for those bangs with superior glide within your intimate area.

  • Aloe Vera used in this formulation adds to restorative and healing properties.
  • This is a light yet long-lasting lube for prolonged lovemaking sessions.
  • Extreme intimate pleasure assured.
  • It provides natural moisturization.
  • Friction-less reciprocation for complete pleasure.
  • Your reliable partner for all the lubrication needs during sensual activities.
  • It is compatible with fleshlight and condoms.
  • The lube is available in a packaging of 8 oz.
  • Paraben-free and glycerin-free.
  • Great lube for masturbation and intercourse.
  • This lube is a bit sticky so it requires some effort to clean off.

Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant

Lovehoney has been a trusted brand for intimate lubricants, sex toys, and so on.

The popular brand offers this phenomenal lubricant, ideal for fleshlight in various sizes of packaging.

You can choose from 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml packaging. So, if you think that bigger is not better, you need to think again!

Thus, you can stock for long-lasting slips and slides during the intimate encounters with or without your partner (obviously with your favorite sex toy to ignite your senses).

This is a water-based lube designed considering the lubrication needs, during your intimate play.

lovehoney enjoy lubricant

This water-based contains purified water, Propylene Glycol, Benzoic Acid, and other ingredients. The formulation is perfect to provide the ultimate and long-lasting slide to enhance your excitement during your intimate encounters.

  • This is a water-based lube for a long-lasting slide.
  • Compatible with different materials used in sex toys.
  • Goes good with latex and PU condoms.
  • It is available in an easy-squeeze bottle.
  • Serves all intimate lubrication purposes.
  • This is a vegan-friendly and suitable-to-vegetarian lube.
  • Simple yet effective formulation.
  • Get the best slippery and smooth surfaces.
  • Enjoy long-lasting glide during intimate plays.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • The pump dispenser works well. Yet, it offers less control over the volume of lube being dispensed.

The Final Verdict

Enhancing your pleasure during intimate encounters is a significant requirement. The lube you choose to apply on the fleshlight plays a critical role in the kind of pleasure you attain.  Hence, in this article, we have brought together the most appreciated lubes for fleshlight.

We have gone through various products, tested them and arrived at the conclusions regarding the quality of the formulations. The level of excitement you can attain during the intimate encounters is another factor here. We have attempted to take you through the best lubes available in the market today.

We are confident that our suggestions would assist you with the purchase decision, and you would land up buying the most effective lubricant to add to your collection. So, you can browse through the phenomenal options we have presented here and buy the one that appeals to you the most.

Happy Shopping!

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