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Looking for the best lesbian dating apps ?

You are at the right place.

Dating apps have been on trend for a while now. We all might have heard, seen, or made memes, jokes, film references and so much more about dating apps by now, but mostly they use to be for straight people or cisgender people.

Now with the change in thought process and regulation across the globe, the LGBTQ+ community is being accepted little by little.

Although as a species we have a long way ahead and a lot of changes are still required but now we are moving slowly in the positive direction.

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Top 13 Best Lesbian Dating Apps for FREE (Upd 2022)

This was founded in 2007 by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr and currently lives in more than 80 countries and is available in 25 languages. Zoosk has its behavioral analysis system for matchmaking which helps people connect through their habits and likes.

For example: if someone does not like pets, they would not be shown the profile of people with pets. Z

oosk has a huge LGBTQ+ audience which can help in meeting someone new every day.

As such this is a freemium service, with the basic membership being free and has almost all features and a premium service if you are interested in more. This app is all to go with relationship advice and is available across Android and iPhone. With 12 million visitors every month, we are sure you can find someone who matches your behavior.

2. Match

The match was founded in 1995 by Gary Kremen, Peng T. Ong, and Simon Glinsky are currently managed by the Match group.

Having more than 39 million visitors every month, the match has so far the most number of visitors and is responsible for most of the romantic connections. 

As such this app offers diversity as singles here are from everywhere. You can have your choice from different ethnicity, background, religion, and personality. Match also offers match events offline just in case people want to meet other romantic interests in a safe environment.

The match is free to be used by everyone for meeting people of similar personalities or communities or just to meet new people.

As such the case with everything match has its fair share of struggles with cases of sexual predators and more. Due to all this, the match started screening individuals joining the match in 2011.

3. HER

This was developed by Dattch Ltd. and was first released in 2013. It can be used on iPhone and Android platforms and has 4 million women using it currently.

One of the important factors to note would be this dating app was created by queer women and for women. 

Over the years this app has gained a lot of popularity and as such created by queer women, who know how to provide a safe environment for everyone. No cis man is allowed to sign up for the app.

Connecting to social media is one other noteworthy feature of this app, with this connection you can post or chat with like-minded people.

It is not always necessary to meet someone with a romantic interest if you are looking for your travel buddy or someone nice to be friends with or meet someone different from you.

You can use this app as a platform to answer all your queries. HER also gives options of offline connection with various events like speed dating, offline gatherings, and parties.

With a mature audience and a good number of signs up globally, this app can easily give you diversity and match according to what you are looking for.

They have individuals from serious relationships to casual relationships and all age groups. As per location, preference, and choices, one can browse through all the profiles available. 

Although this app was not created by the LGBTQ+ community, you will find it specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community. But this community offers a good number of lesbian communities among other features.

It is very easy to use the app and browsing through profiles is free, you can also click on that heart button in case you like someone’s profile.

This app offers both free and premium services. This is also good for local dating.

Founded in 2018, this is another popular LGBTQ+ application that can be used to meet like-minded women. With conscious attention to small details, LesbieMates is easily one of the most popular and safe dating apps for women.

Although this is not available to download for mobile, the easy-to-use website can be used on mobile phones. With no indecent or adult content on the homepage, this app is safe and secure to use for every woman across the globe.

This is also a freemium service with premium service.

Creating a video profile feature also adds a good level of personalization to the profile and helps find the match more easily. With five free messages every day, you can utilize this app for anything between casual hookups and committed relationships.

6. Fem

Users in Fem are encouraged to submit video profiles to avoid inauthenticity and catfishing. With a video profile, it can be certain to some degree that the girl you are chatting with is a girl only. 

Although with this also there is a chance that one can steal videos or create fake videos, this scale is much less than creating a fake photo.

The other aspect of having a video is that with video one can tell the style, preference, and manner of speaking of the other person and be more confident when approaching them.

These all features make Fem easy to use and even better to interact with. On the off chances that you did not meet your romantic interest on this app, you can always get a friend or movie buddy or know about cool places to hang out or purchase anything you like for example lesbian t-shirts.

Based on the results of personality tests this site provides psychological matching of women. The general response time is quick as compared to some of the other websites and apps. T

his is a mobile responsive application and can not be downloaded. Sometimes this application also shows sexually explicit content as well as a graphic image.

They provide chat rooms as per location and topics so it is easy to navigate to these chat rooms and reach the one you like the most.

The best part of this application is it is 100% free to try and can help you with your regular dose of casual hookup and romantic connections.

With plenty of options to choose from different ranges of personality and ages, if nothing else then you can find good friends and have plenty of fun while using this app.

8. Tinder

Mostly a  lot of people know about tinder, although tinder is not specific to the lesbian community tinder does offer around 50 gender options and approximately 9 different orientations.

Although your preference is set to women you can always get options of straight women and straight men.

There are a lot of success and failure stories regarding tinder but without a doubt, tinder is responsible for a lot of successful romantic relationships.

Tinder was founded in 2010 with headquarters in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States and comes under the Match group with CEO Renate Nyborg. It is available on android and iOS and has a lot of users so you can get to meet a whole lot of new people.

OkCupid was first launched in 2004 and is currently managed by a matched group. This app has 12 orientations of 22 genders and was popular before Tinder. With more than 3 options to choose from for an individual.

When you join OkCupid they ask for your preference whether you are looking for short-term dating or long-term dating or hookups and friends.

There are a lot of queer women available on Okcupid with more options for a person to choose from according to preferences.

In 2010, OkCupid claimed around 3.5 Million active users across the globe. As of late 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, OkCupid reported a 23.4% decrease in its active users. Registration is free and matches are made on answers to multiple-choice questions of individuals.OkCupid also offers user-generated questions which mean questions from people who are using it.

There are two versions of OkCupid available: free and premium. Depending on your requirement one can choose from either of these options.

10. Hinge

Hinge has been owned by The Match group since 2019, it boasts about its long-term connection and has had a huge audience of young generations. 

Although not specific to lesbians this app offers a lot to anyone looking for long terms commitments or romantic ventures. 

This is one of the few apps which allows scrolling through your potential matches instead of swiping. You can never miss a potential match with this feature and are highly unlikely to make errors like a match you are not interested in.

The algorithm where this app aligns your Facebook profile and then finds a potential match is one of the best features of this app.

This app uses this feature to promote that instead of meeting someone random, you can meet someone from your extended friend circle. This can be troublesome in cases like if most people in your friend circle are straight.

Lesly is strictly a women's community application with a no men or boys allowed policy. This was developed because back then only gay men has Grindr and Scruff while gay women had nothing of that sort to connect with other gay women in their locality. 

The reasoning behind this Lesly was introduced and now is popular among lesbian and LGBTQ+ community.

Although it does not have a magnanimous user base like tinder, Lesly has its charms when it comes to providing for lesbians across the globe or right beside your locality.

This app provides similar features like swiping up for your potential match. They have more security around data and authenticity. One can always download the app from the google play store.

 Lesly is good to find like-minded people to interact with or go on a vacation with, who knows you might find your soul mate in one of these matches.

This is a free to use app for everyone interested in meeting new people or forming new connections.

Plenty of fish has helped many after its introduction in 2004 to create their own happily ever after story or find them their eternal soul mate.

This app must cater to a mature audience and would not be a good idea for the young generation. As most of the features are still free to use with negligible security barriers, this app can have scammers or spammers.

But if you are not interested in spending money but also want to experience online dating, this app can be for you.

The only downside with free service is pop-ups as they can be annoying sometimes. Other than that plenty of fish is quite a popular name among free dating sites.

13.  Lex

Lex is like a traditional newspaper ad or article, where you can text first and if you like the text and the connection then maybe, later on, can share your pictures or photos. I

f you are a person who wants to meet people who are not interested in looks but in inner beauty, Lex can be the place for you and can be very beneficial. 

Lex is for everyone from women & trans to lesbian or bi even aടexual and queer or two-spirit and non-binary people They offer matchmaking or dating services to all and is solely best on message. 

Inspired by a women-run erotica magazine, lex is consciously focused on women's desires and romance.

Lex has no tolerance for people with hate comments or transphobia or ableism. Any kind of comment promoting the feeling of hate can be immediately removed by lex staff and is liable for strict action.

 Lex promotes a healthy and active community of fun-loving individuals who like to meet and greet new people every day.

Final Words

With the change in mindset and increasing awareness, these dating apps have provided a lot for women to connect with other women who might be in a similar situation or have the same liking. These apps not only give relationship advice but are also good for getting any kind of advice. As there are lots of women and with chat rooms or topic-oriented rooms we can talk about anything or any query or any insecurity. These online applications have given more in terms of making confidence and understanding themselves. It always becomes easier to talk to someone similar to us than to those whom we know nothing about or have nothing in common with.

If you have not yet tried any of these dating apps then this might be your chance to try one of them or all of them depending on your mood. But be always conscious of your choice as with every online presence, on dating sites also there can be spammers or scammers or people looking to simply harass you or fake profile. Always take a look at small details before clicking on that heart button or swiping them for a positive response or liking their profile or liking their message.

As per the research of TIMES in 2018,7 out of 58 couples who married met on online dating apps. Grindr and Scruff were one of the early dating apps for the gay community which help the men meet the active men around a specific radius. This app was launched in 2009 and 2010. By 2012, the current popular dating app Tinder was launched for iPhones and later on for android apps. Gradually many more dating apps were coming live for everyone to meet and greet other people with similar likes.

Although there are a lot of successful stories like she liked the funny joke in her bio and then they finally met and now are married to each other. Although I can not remember what the funny joke was. There are equal cases of being stood up or not showing up at the designated and discussed place. As such there are many success and failure stories of dating apps across humanity. 

Over time we have been more reliant on the digital world for most of our needs be it buying groceries online, going through clothes, or finding a suitable match. There is no end to online features or online offered activities. With so many options it becomes essential to find the correct choice and write a success story. With this in mind, we have created a list of free dating apps for lesbians where you can be find the one for you:

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