Top 23 Best Gay Hookup Sites (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Dating platforms have always been used for hook-ups.

However, there has been a tremendous rise in recent years with websites that create features to facilitate easy hook-up opportunities.

Gay dating platforms were considered as platforms that promote only adult chats.

Thankfully, things have changed now and some gay dating sites have managed to bring gay couples and singles closer for both casual sex apps and serious dating.

gay date

While exploring this niche, we found many sites that devoted themselves to the horny guys who want to engage in sexual encounters and hot dates as soon as possible. However, we suggest you be careful about these things while using such sites:

Bots & fakes

  • Many sites including those who support gay dating use bots to seduce their members.
  • Also, some sites do not have stringent profile verification tools that allow fake members to con genuine members. You must be careful about these fake profiles and bots.

Precautions that you can take

  • If you start receiving too many messages and invitations minutes after signing-up then chances are they are being sent by bots.
  • It is hard to identify fake profiles because they are real people who pretend to be someone else. Usually, fake profiles talk smoothly and use hot and attractive profile pictures.
  • If you doubt a member, then you can always ask them to share their social media profile with you or you can also ask them to talk to you via a video chat.

Top 23 best gay hookup sites of 2020

The above precautions will help you to remain alert while engaging on gay hook-up sites.

To make it easier for you, we have provided the top 23 best hookup sites. These sites are not only safer but also come with many interesting features and options that can expedite the process of finding an ideal sex partner. Here's the list of our top 23 gay hookup sites:

Site Name

Website link

Free or Premium?

Main features

Both free and premium

Online dating and hookup

Both free and premium

Online dating, casual

hookups, chatting


Adult chatting, hook-ups

Both free and premium

Adult chatting, hook-ups

Both free and premium

Adult chatting, hook-

ups, online dating


Adult chatting, hook-ups

Both free and premium

Adult chats, hookups,

flirting, sexual encounters

Both free and premium

Adult chatting, hook-ups


Hook-ups, casual dating


Sex chats, porn

videos, hook-ups


Flirting, hook-ups


Casual encounters,

hook-ups, true love


Adult chatting, serious and casual relationships, hook-ups


Hook-ups, adult chat


Adult personals,

chatting, hook-ups


Adult personals, hook-ups


Chats, hook-ups

​​All Male

Both free and premium

Sexual encounters,

chats, and flings

​​SuperMen Cams

Both free and premium

Live shows, private and

public shows, sex shows

Both free and premium

Casual sex and hook-ups

Both free and premium

Live chats, hookups, sex chats

Both free and premium

Live shows, private shows,

public shows, sex toy activator


Affair dating, hook-ups, chats

1. Hornet

Hornet is a social platform dedicated to gay individuals.

It specializes in online dating and hook-up opportunities but also creates a community-like environment to develop deep friendships and meaningful relations among the members.

It boasts of having more than 4 million users active every month.

Registration can be done via a Facebook account and you will get a five-letter username automatically once your account is created.

  • Hornet has a huge collection of stories, news, articles, and other reading material. Many users have described their experiences in them and any member can submit his story here.
  • News about the latest LGBT events is posted in the form of a bulletin. However, there are no longer any privacy policies and terms once you attend these events.
  • Premium users can check the profiles who visited their accounts.


cost per month

total cost

1 Month



3 Months



12 Months



  • Messaging feature can be used by free users as well.
  • Free users are also entitled to unlimited blocks and profile visits.
  • The premium plans are cheap.
  • Free account holders might see some adverts while using this site.
  • The mobile app is rigged with ads and bots.
  • The quality of the profiles can be poor at times.

2. focuses on men who are interested in casual relationships, hook-ups, chatting, flirting, and dating.

It provides a live chat feature that can be availed by all users irrespective of using a free or premium account.

The majority of the members are from the United States, Australia, UK, and Germany.

Most of the men fall in the age range of 25 to 34 on this site.

  • Both singles and couples can register on this site. Facebook registration is allowed and you can also register with an email.
  • It has an active community that has forums, magazines, and many other entertainment options.
  • Speed dating i.e. the profile left/right swiping feature is provided to the users.

membership type

1 month plan

3 month plan

6 month plan

yearly plan


9.90 €

22.49 €

35.90 €

53.90 €


16.90 €

35.90 €

35.90 €

89.90 €

  • Free users can use advanced search filters to narrow down their match results.
  • Premium subscribers can start a chat room for their friends and interests.
  • Premium users can also surf porn content through this site.
  • is not available in mobile app but you can access it via a mobile browser.
  • Members using a standard i.e. free account might need to deal with adverts.

3. Gaydar

Gaydar is a happening dating platform for gay and bi-sexual guys. It already has over 5 million registered users from across the world.

Gaydar caters to different requirements of users such as social networking, finding hookups, chats, hot dates, etc.

Therefore, it serves as a complete platform for the gay community.

  • Both android and iPhone users can access their mobile app.
  • Gaydar has its radio where users can listen to their favorite music tracks or they can even upload their preferred songs in it.
  • A feature called ‘Gaydar Travel’ enables guys to inform the local members about their arrival. This can enhance their chances of arranging casual hook-ups and meet-ups.


total cost

cost per month

1 Month



3 Months



12 Months



  • The private chat option is applicable to free users as well.
  • Free members can also join multiple chat rooms of this dating portal.
  • Premium users can access advanced search options to make their searches easy.
  • Free members get exposed to ads.
  • Some pages of this site do not load correctly.
  • Advanced dating features are simply not available.

4. Gay Cupid

Gay Cupid is run by the Cupid Media Network which is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to dating.

It was launched in 2002 and already has over 200K members across the world.

Members who own a free account can send messages only to paid users. However, they can send interests and browse unlimited profiles.

  • The message translation feature is provided to facilitate the easy translation of foreign languages.
  • Android users can also access this portal through a mobile app.
  • The profiles contain a lot of information about the members.

membership type

1 month plan

quarterly plan

yearly plan









  • Just uploading a picture of yours will make you eligible for a free trial plan. This trial plan remains active for a full three months!
  • Paid users have the freedom of chatting through an instant messenger.
  • Paid subscribers get matches through a modern and highly precise matchmaking algorithm.
  • Gay Cupid also allows gay women to register.
  • The mobile app is not available for iOS users.Fake profiles on this site can be found.

5. Scruff

Scruff is not just a site but a dating app that can be used by bisexual, queer, trans, and gay men.

It provides many hook-up opportunities to the members seamlessly.

Launched in 2010, this app can be used for dating, networking, sexual encounters, and friendships.

  • Sending and reading of messages can also be done by guys who do not own a premium account.
  • Premium members can browse the profiles discreetly.
  • An advanced grid searching facility is provided to the premium subscribers.


total cost

cost per month



$14.99 per month



$13.33 per month



$10.00 per month

  • Sending and reading of messages can also be done by guys who do not own a premium account.
  • Premium members can browse the profiles discreetly.
  • An advanced grid searching facility is provided to the premium subscribers.
  • Scruff had been blocked by the Google Play Store on multiple occasions. However, it is available for download there.
  • Naked and half-naked photos cannot be uploaded on this app.
  • Free users might have to cope- up with frequent ads.

6. Grindr

Grindr is one of the most awesome platforms for Trans, bisexual, queer, and gay men.

For using it, you will need to download a mobile app from its official website.

The app is available for both iPhone and android phone users. It matches members based on their phone's location services.

  • Over 27 million registered members are using this platform from different parts of the world.
  • Over 3 million men use this platform daily.
  • The high-user activity ensures that you find your potential dates easily.


total cost

cost per month

Monthly plan – Grindr Xtra Lite



Quarterly plan



six month plan



yearly plan



  • The mobile app is designed meticulously to provide unlimited hook-up opportunities to the members.
  • Any member can create a group chat irrespective of whether he is using a free or premium account.
  • It understands your desire to set-up your dates quickly. Therefore, it encourages members to complete their profile as soon as possible to find matches easily.
  • Free users have to face many ads.
  • The desktop version is just for downloading the app. As a result, you cannot use it for accessing any of its dating features.

7. Men Nation

Men Nation is an online dating platform that caters to the relationship requirements of gay men.

It can also be used to arrange quick hook-ups and dates.

Registration is open for both singles and couples. Men can join many interest groups to find hot dates as per their preferences.

  • Members can read blogs to get more knowledge about the gay dating scene. They can even publish their blogs on the site.
  • The instant messenger provides features like cam-2-cam chats and live video calls.
  • Members can upload a video in their profile. Moreover, they can also invite their connections to watch these videos together.


total cost

cost per month

1-month plan



Quarterly plan



yearly plan



  • Free users can read blogs and they can even see the people who have liked them.
  • Members can contact each other via emails or IMs.
  • Members also get access to the messenger of FriendFinder.
  • It does not conduct a thorough background check of the registered users. Therefore, scammers and fake people can easily sign up.
  • Only premium members get to explore the entire profile of other members.

8. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison focuses on committed and married individuals who are looking to hook-up or date outside their relationship.

It even allows gays to register as well.

This site is available in the mobile app form. Both iOS and Android phone users can download the mobile app.

  • You can send winks to the members whom you find attractive.
  • Members can create a friend list of 100 members in their profile.
  • By using the credits, members can pay only for the services that they want to avail.



100 credits

$59.99 i.e. $0.59 per credit

500 credits

$169 i.e. $0.34 per credit

1000 credits

$289 i.e. $0.29 per credit

  • Members can keep their albums and photos locked. Moreover, they can allow their connections to view these locked photos and albums.
  • ‘TravelingMan’ is a feature that can be used by men to find and arrange hot dates with local men whenever they are traveling to that specific location.
  • Only female users get free access to the site's features. Men have to spend credits to find suitable matches for casual encounters and hookups.
  • The quality of the profiles is not up to the mark sometimes.

9. Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder is a site that is exclusively used by gay men for finding hot dates and hook-up opportunities.

Dedicated customer service and multiple dating features make it one of the best options for gay men who are looking for complete entertainment.

  • All the profiles are verified. Therefore, you will not see any fake profiles here.
  • Singles, couples, and even groups can register on this site.
  • Most of the users use their photos as their profile image.

membership type

monthly plan

quarterly plan

yearly plan



$13.99 per month

$8.99 per month



$13.99 per month

$7.99 per month

  • Blogs and forums can be used to mingle with like-minded gays.
  • Members can use email, chat, and instant messenger to connect.
  • Profiles can be found based on location, relationship preference, and age.
  • The free users get only a limited access to their features.
  • The members aren’t as active as you expected.
  • The filtering options are quite limited.

10. Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam caters to the relationship preferences of men who are looking for quick hook-ups and casual encounters.

It doesn’t charge you anything and you can also download its app from App Store or Google Play Store.

The app is available in several languages such as German, Arabic, Russian, English, etc.

  • The photos get uploaded on your profile only after they get an approval by the support team.
  • Email verification is necessary for completing the registration process.
  • Free users can save 3 search settings.

vip plans


cost per month







  • Sending, reading, and receiving messages does not require a premium account.
  • Premium subscribers can add unlimited profiles to their friend's list.
  • Free users can also organize events for members of the LGBT community and post them on this site.
  • The mobile app does not have all the features available on the desktop version.
  • Only premium users can enjoy an ad-free interface on their mobile and desktop.

11. Blued

Blued is a dating platform stuffed with many advanced dating features.

It is a mobile app that can be installed on Android, iOS, and other devices.

One of its popular features is the 'Go Live' feature that enables the members to stream their daily activities while chatting simultaneously.

Most of the members are looking forward to hook-ups and sexual encounters on this app.

  • Virtual gifts can be sent only by premium users. Premium users can also post comments on the live streams (both public and private).
  • Face recognition system is used for verification purposes.
  • Members can join chat groups even if they are using a free account.
  • Location services of your smartphone are used in the matchmaking algorithm.
  • Conversations that are left alone from more than ten days get automatically deleted.


Cost per bean in $

(US Dollar)

Total cost is $ (US Dollar)

42 Beans



125 Beans



420 Beans



550 Beans



1,106 Beans



1,386 Beans



1,695 Beans



2,540 Beans



4,116 Beans



  • Most of its features can be explored by free users and for additional features, they can also purchase the credits to pay only for the features that appeal to them.
  • Sending and receiving messages is free.
  • Free users can also keep their photos and albums private. They can also view the private album's photos of other members if they allow them to do so.
  • The quality of matches is mediocre on this app.
  • Beans i.e. credit purchased on the android app cannot be used on the iOS app if you switch the platform.

12. Bros4Bros

Bros4Bros is a dating site that can be used by gay singles and couples for finding true love, friendship, hook-up opportunities, and much more.

It can also be used by bisexual couples and singles for similar purposes.

It uses the location of the member while suggesting matches that complement their dating preferences and interests.

  • Here you can find detailed profiles.
  • It not only provides dating and hook-up opportunities to singles and couples but also acts as a social community for the guys who are seeking friendship and companionship.
  • It uses the geo-location of the members for pairing them with each other.

It is a free site!

  • Sending and reading messages is free on this site.
  • Members can interact and date the guys living in any part of the world.
  • It has an appealing website with an easy-to-use interface.
  • The site is inactive for many days. The chances of it being closed down are quite high.
  • The registration process is a bit longer than usual.

13. Man Play       

This dating platform can be used by gay men who are looking to have casual sex and fun with other guys.

Users can create a free profile and send interest to their crushes for free.

However, for accessing other lucrative features, they will have to purchase a premium plan.

  • Thousands of men are active daily on this site.
  • Users can search for different kinds of gay men such as bears, twinks, gym enthusiasts, nerds, etc. through this dating platform.
  • Two types of premium membership viz. gold and silver are offered to the registered users.

membership type







$23.32 per month

$12.50 per month




$19.98 per month


$1.95 for 3 days

  • Gold members can watch porn clips and live shows of other members.
  • It is ideal for those men who are interested in hook-ups and flings.
  • Both gay and bisexuals can use this platform for finding sex dates.
  • This site is banned in a few countries.
  • Man Play does not have a mobile app yet.

14. Taimi

Taimi is a breath of fresh air for the guys who are fed up with traditional dating platforms.

It is a gay dating app that is cool, user-friendly and ideal for gay, Trans, bisexual, and queer individuals.

Many members also use it for chatting and sexting purposes. Standard membership is free and offers most of the basic features.

  • Premium users can access advanced search filters for searching for their dream matche.
  • The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • The quality of matches on this app is quite impressive.

Weekly plan

1-month plan



14.99 USD

41.99 USD

53.99 USD

71.99 USD

  • If you find interesting profiles, you can send them a chat request instead of waiting to get matched with their profiles.
  • The profile swiping feature is provided to connect with your preferred matches instantly.
  • Premium profiles can boost their profile to get more attention from the other users.
  • The free trial offer is not provided.
  • It does not contain any additional features.
  • Many times minors are found on this website.

15. All Male

All Male is a platform for gay men who are interested in sexual encounters and flings.

An account can be created on this site by signing up using either an email or through a Facebook account.

Men use it for finding true love, companionship, and friends as well. Members can filter the profiles according to their interests.

  • The quality of profiles on this site is quite good. You will mostly find buff and athletic guys here.
  • Profiles can be searched as per their location or interests.
  • You can follow All Male on social media platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks.

It is a free site and even though some premium features require coins, they can be earned by simple activities like completing a profile, logging in, staying active, etc.

  • A separate ‘blog’ section is provided for the individuals who are looking for dating advice and tips.
  • Instead of buying premium plans, members need to spend coins to access the premium features.
  • Interest-based chat rooms are available for men who are interested in dating like-minded gays.
  • All Male does not have a mobile app.
  • The user database is small.
  • Most of the members use this site for chatting only.

16. Out Personals

Out Personals is a fun dating platform for gay men who are looking for sexual encounters and hook-up opportunities.

It allows men to interact through different interest groups as well.

It is only used by men who are interested in sexting and real encounters.

  • Free registration is offered to new users. They can upgrade their membership whenever they want to buy a subscription to a gold membership plan.
  • A separate section is reserved for the active blogs where you will find some unique and interesting responses of the readers.


cost per month

total cost

1 month



3 months



12 months



  • The prices of premium plans are affordable.
  • Members can join chat rooms to interact with online members.
  • Members can read blogs leisurely or they can even post their blogs.
  • The mobile app is only available for iOS users.
  • The website has a worn outlook.

17. Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin proves to be a great portal for individuals who are looking to engage with a live performer.

It mostly includes adult talk, live masturbation, and striptease.

Hundreds of gay men are willing to expose their bodies in front of their webcams to provide a titillating and sensuous experience to the users.

  • Members can view the initial ten minutes of the shows without paying anything.
  • The interface is clean and user-friendly.
  • Instead of purchasing premium packages members have to purchase tokens or credits to access the premium options.


total price

cost per token













  • Free users can interact with live models during their live shows.
  • Hot models can be added to your favorite list without spending any tokens.
  • Multiple payment options are provided to purchase the tokens/credits.
  • Private shows are expensive at times.
  • The mobile app is not available on App Store or Google Play Store. However, you can download it from the official website of Live Jasmin.

18. Gays Go Dating

Gays Go Dating is a dating platform that provides a safe and user-friendly interface for gay men.

Many members use this portal for hookups and casual relationships as well.

It dedicates itself to gay men only. Matches can be searched based on location and age preferences.

  • The features of this portal can be accessed via a mobile browser as well.
  • Adult pictures and photos can be shared on chats.

plan name

total cost

cost per month

1-month plan



Quarterly plan



6-month plan



  • Bulk messages can be sent to matching profiles by using Flirtcast.
  • A free 3-day trial plan is offered to those members who are interested in beta testing.
  • Premium users can make use of the extended search options to find their potential dates.
  • Gays Go Dating has yet to launch its mobile app.
  • Messaging options are only provided to premium users.

​19. Gays2Fuck

Gays2Fuck is a site that helps gay men in finding easy ways to engage in sexual encounters and hookups.

It suggests matches based on your location and preferred age range.

Its features can be accessed via mobile browsers. It gives you the accessibility to use the site from any remote device.

  • The profiles contain a lot of details.
  • The registration process can be a bit slow as a lot of information has to be provided while signing-up.
  • The website is modern and has an attractive touch to it.

It offers a monthly recurring premium plan at $49.99.

  • A free one-day trial plan is provided for the interested users.
  • It provides suggestions for local matches in real-time.
  • Members can post their personals details/photographs for advertising their sexual offerings.
  • The premium plans are quite expensive.
  • The mobile app is not available yet.

20. FlirtLoft

FlirtLoft is a great site for singles who want to engage in casual sex and hook-ups.

It offers its services to straight men, straight women, gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals.

Registration is a 7-step process and you need an email to verify your account.

  • Registration will cost you nothing. but you will have to provide your credit card details to complete this process.
  • Over 32K members use it for chatting, flirting, hook-ups and other purposes. Many members also use it to find  a long- term relationship.


  • You will not find any bots or fake users on this site.
  • It has an impressive and user-friendly interface.
  • The privacy of the users is ensured by the creators of this platform.
  • Free members do not get access to many features.
  • People don’t prefer submitting credit card details while registering for the website.

21. SuperMen Cams

SuperMen Cams is an interesting portal that connects you with gay models.

These gay models are extremely hot and willing to expose on the webcam.

Categories according to ethnicities, age-groups, and sexual preferences are provided to make the process of finding a perfect match easy and simple.

  • Some straight models are also performing on this site for quick bucks.
  • Ladyboys and transgender models can also be seen here. However, they are rare.
  • A separate page features all the new models of the site..

Private shows can be booked by spending tokens and this will cost you roughly $1.50 per minute.

  • Cams can be found as per your sexual preferences. For example, you can find a separate category reserved for gay couples and anal performances.
  • Premium users can watch exclusive clips and nude images.
  • Members can also control the vibrators of the models to tease or seduce them.
  • The chances of landing any real encounter are slim.
  • Private chats can be too costly.

22. Tinder

Tinder is the best option for gay and bisexual men who are looking for sexual encounters.

You can register for free and many basic features do not need a premium account.

It is available as a mobile app and can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play Store. Millions of gay men have registered on this platform.

  • The profile swiping feature is probably the most popular feature of Tinder.
  • Registration can be done with an email or Facebook account.
  • Members need to confirm their mobile number or email for completing the sign-up process.

plan name


cost per month

Weekly Plan



1-month Plan


$34.95 each month

6-month Plan


$11.66 each month

Yearly Plan


$6.67 each month

  • Members can notify their matches if they are planning a trip nearby.
  • Most of the members do not mind revealing their past.
  • Options like video chat, voice, and text chats can be availed by premium users only.
  • The profiles do not provide a lot of information about the members.
  • Most users only use it for sexting and sharing nudes.
  • You might come across many fake profiles.

23. OkCupid is a dating platform that supports all types of relationship preferences.

People belonging from the communities of Gay, bisexual, queer, and Trans can register on this site. can be used for hooking-up since most of the members are open-minded when it comes to sex.

  • A section is reserved for blogs where you can read interesting articles on relationships and online dating tips.
  • The mobile app is provided for individuals who wish to enjoy a more personalized experience.

plan name

1 month plan

quarterly plan

6 month plan

Basic membership




Premium membership




  • Messaging options are accessible by everyone.
  • Even the free account holders can see who all have visited their profile.
  • Premium subscribers can use a daily boost to enhance their chances of getting noticed.
  • It is not dedicated completely to gay singles and couples.

Final Verdict

These were some of your best options when it comes to gay hook-up sites. You can also share your experiences if you have used any of these sites. Also, let us know if we have missed out on anyone. Follow the dating rules, stick to your preferences, and get hooked-up frequently!

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