Difference Between Free and Paid: Top 23 Best Free Online Dating Sites (2020)

We all like to find someone who has similar tastes and preferences when it comes to dating.

Online dating has provided a wide platform for those who are not able to meet new people due to time and work constraints.

Therefore, it has become much easier for people to meet online and decide whether or not to meet in person to take their relationship forward.

Online dating sites have managed to bring more couples together than any other marriage bureaus, and it is a fact.

Difference Between Free and Paid: Top 23 Best Free Online Dating Sites

Some of the dating sites are dedicated only to those who are looking to marry a partner who suits then whereas numerous websites are meant for casual dating and fun and sometimes even just for having sex.

However, one aspect that can jeopardise your dating experience is the pricing part which is associated with most of the online dating sites. Many of them allow a free basic version, but nothing much can be done with them except for creating profiles and browsing others profiles.

There is no need to worry because there are a few websites that provide everything for free and therefore gradually there are more members registered on these sites as compared to the premium ones. Today we are providing you with the top 20 websites that offer their services for free.

These dating sites do not cost you a single penny and are amongst the most crowded websites on the internet. Let us have a look at these free dating websites in detail:

Top 23 best free online dating sites

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#1. Mingle2

Estimated visits last month – 6 million

Mingle2 is a fantastic dating site which is meant for single couples who want to date and have fun. It targets numerous dating niches, and therefore anyone can register on it.

The one alluring aspect of this site is that it is free to use and has almost all the features that the premium dating sites have to offer.


  • 40% of females. 60% of males. 
  • Free members get up to 50 matches. For paid members, unlimited. 
  • Unlimited messages can be sent. 


  • The site is free. 
  • User-friendly. 
  • Reviews available on members’ websites. 


  • More popular in some parts of the world. 
  • Straightforward and plain site. 

#2. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 54.8 million

Tinder is a free dating site, and everybody knows it.

Though a premium version is available, the free version is usable and allows you to do all the things such as contacting, browsing profiles, sending interests and much more.


  • 52% of males, 48% females.
  • Matches will be shown to you when someone swipes right to your profile.
  • You can send unlimited messages. 


  • Millions of members.
  • Attractive Tinder app.
  • Easy signup.


  • Limited profile information. 
  • Not that secured. 
  • The possibility of fake profiles is high. 

#3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Estimated visits last month – 218.2K

Coffee Meets Bagel is a perfect dating site loaded with features and does look like a premium dating site.

However, it is a completely free dating site that has collected some of the coolest features from different dating websites and has given them their touch.


  • The site is for every single who wish to meet their Bagel!
  • 60% females, 40% males. 
  • Matches depend on the number of people who have liked you. 
  • Unlimited messages can be sent.
  • Paid membership will give you access to activity reports on different matches. Unlimited woos. 


  • Easy to set-up.
  • Chat Rooms are available. 
  • Free messages for everyone. 


  • It works in popular cities only.
  • Men have to like a profile within 24 hours only.

#4. Plenty of Fish

Estimated visits last month – 83.3 million

Plenty of Fish is arguably the most visited dating site in the world, and most of it is because it is a free dating site.

Millions are users are active on this site each day, and it also ranks amongst the most visited websites in the world.


  • One of the first dating sites for singles looking for love.
  • 40% of females, 60% males. 
  • Unlimited matches for both free and paid members. 
  • Unlimited messaging option. 
  • Paid members will get an additional “Meet me” feature. Members can see extended profiles. Ad-free experience. 


  • Thousands of active members.
  • An international dating site. 
  • User-friendly. 


  • The subscription cost is more.
  • The signup process is lengthy.

#5. OkCupid

Estimated visits last month – 34.4 million

OkCupid.com is a fun website meant specifically for people who are interesting is casual meet-ups and hook-ups.

The site is loaded with features, and the free version of this site is good enough to keep you rolling.


  • One of the first dating sites for singles looking for love.
  • 35% of females, 65% males. 
  • Unlimited matches are shown daily.
  • Messaging other users is free. 
  • Paid members will get to see who likes them, and there won’t be ads. 


  • Millions of users from across the globe.
  • Clean and hassle-free site.
  • Rate profiles. 
  • A questionnaire is available to match your compatibility. 


  • Premium members have better benefits. 
  • Not for serious people. 

#6. Pure

Estimated visits last month – 191K

Pure is a free dating site which also comes in the form of an Android app.

It is suited for those who are seeking hook-ups and only casual sex. It is a completely new website which unique design and features as compared to the traditional dating sites.


  • 37% of females, 63% males.
  • Matches will be shown based on your location.
  • You can message people who are in your area only. 
  • A free dating app. 


  • Mobile-friendly. 
  • Appealing design. 
  • Strict privacy policy. 


  • Not suitable for serious people. 
  • It could be difficult for new-comers. 

#7. Book of Matches

Estimated visits last month – 932.7K

Book of Matches is a dating site that allows you to chat and socialise on the network for free.

It is one of the few dating sites that do not have to be upgraded to enjoy premium services.


  • A free socializing network site for hot singles. 
  • 70% of males, 30% females. 
  • Matches shown are not limited. 
  • Members can message anyone. 
  • A free dating site. 


  • Free site. 
  • The profiles of the new users get flashed on the homepage of the site.
  • Easy-to-use site. 


  • The site looks outdated.
  • Many fake profiles. 

#8. Date Hook Up

Estimated visits last month – 86.17K

Date Hook Up is much like POF and OKCupid.com only with a less number of users as compared to the top dating sites.

It is a free dating site which is meant specifically for people who are looking for fun and casual sex.


  • The dating site is suitable for college students and teenagers. 
  • 82% of males, 18% of females.
  • Matches are shown immediately. 
  • Messaging is free.


  • Suitable for the young crowd. 
  • Up to 24 profile images can be uploaded.
  • Easy signup.


  • Not for serious people. 
  • Too many fake profiles. 

#9. Alikewise

Estimated visits last month - NA

Alikewise is a dating site which is meant for bookworms and geeks who are very much into describing their choices and texting.

If you belong to such a category of nerds, then you should register on Alikewise as it is also a free dating website.


  • A dating site for like minded bookworms and geeks. 
  • 55% of females, 45% males. 
  • Matches are shown daily and are unlimited. 
  • Free messaging. 


  • Good site for readers and geeks. 
  • Qualified and suitable members. 
  • 100% free site. 


  • Unappealing site. 
  • Slow website. 
  • Less number of members. 

#10. Connecting Singles

Estimated visits last month – 992.6K

If you are a resident of the United States and looking for some decent friends or love then Connecting Singles can prove to be an ultimate site for you.

Moreover, it is a completely free website and has lots of cool features to keep the users engrossed in fun dating activities.


  • 60% females, 40% males. 
  • Unlimited matches.
  • Unlimited messaging. 


  • Free dating site. 
  • Lots of online members. 
  • Interactive features. 


  • Only for US members. 
  • Fake profiles.

#11. Casual Kisses

Estimated visits last month - NA

With a young and vibrant user base, Casual Kisses is one of the most alluring and tempting dating sites on the internet.

What makes it more inviting is the fact that you can avail free membership and access the top features without paying a single penny.


  • A dating platform for your young minds. 
  • 70% of males, 30% females. 
  • Stories will have a comment section. If you wish to connect with someone, visit the account, and connect. 
  • Messaging people is free. 


  • Mostly young members. 
  • Attractive website. 
  • International members.


  • Not for senior people. 
  • Not a free site.

#12. Dating.mobi

Estimated visits last month – 101.36K

Dating.mobi is one of the few dating sites in the world that runs smoothly even without an app.

This site is offered at totally no cost and has many attractive features offered free of cost.

It is an international dating site which means that you can be from any part of the world and still date using this site.


  • The site is for everyone and every age group.
  • 58% of males, 42% of females.
  • Unlimited profiles will be shown.
  • The Messaging feature is free. 


  • No hidden charges.
  • User-friendly. 
  • No ads. 


  • Looks outdated. 
  • No IMS feature.

#13. Hinge

Estimated visits last month - NA

Hinge looks a bit like Tinder, but it is much more elegant and free to use as well.

It has pretty cool features and allows you to chat and connect with new people who are within your friend circles.


  • Hinge is for mature people looking for serious relationships. 
  • 60% of males, 40% of females.
  • No restriction on matches.
  • Unlimited messages can be sent.
  • Free members can view a complete profile, while paid members can send unlimited likes.


  • 100% free.
  • User-friendly. 
  • Connects with mutual connection members. 


  • Can’t connect to outside people. 
  • Free membership has limited features. 

#14. Bumble

Estimated visits last month – 1.8 million

If you haven't heard about the Bumble, then you are missing on something which is very special.

A site that is created and operated by ladies this site is an alluring site that has a knack of entertaining only decent men and the icing on the cake is that it is completely free of cost.


  • Suitable for people from 24+ years. 
  • 65% of males, 35% of females. 
  • Only women can take the initiative to swipe left or right. 
  • Unlimited chat and messages. 
  • Free members can create a free account; paid members can re-match. 


  • Especially for ladies. 
  • Supports LGBTQ+
  • User-friendly.


  • Male members can’t do anything.

#15. How About We

Estimated visits last month – 27.2K

How About We is one of those rare dating sites which are more interested in making people meet each other to take their relationship status forward?

It has many interesting themes and ideas that cater to the dating requirements of real people who aren't afraid of meeting new people.


  • Ideal for people looking for serious relationships and meeting offline. 
  • 50% of males, 50% females. 
  • Unlimited matches. 
  • Unlimited messaging. 
  • Paid members can enjoy speed dates, editor’s pick, instant chat, and more. 


  • Suitable for serious daters. 
  • Date people physically.
  • Mostly genuine profiles.


  • Not suitable for online dating. 

#16. Meet Me

Estimated visits last month – 12.9 million

Meet Me is an interesting dating site which is designed to cater to the requirements of the people who want to meet and date new people.

It allows you to look for those members that live nearby your locality so that meeting becomes an easier option for you both.

It is also a free dating site which makes it much more appealing to the masses.


  • The site is suitable for 20 to 35 years. 
  • 40% of females, 60% males. 
  • Instant featured matches after registration. 
  • Unlimited messages.


  • Lots of members. 
  • Fun dating site. 
  • Android app available. 


  • Unattractive homepage. 
  • Free members have limited features. 

#17. Tastebuds

Estimated visits last month – 530.6K

If you have a taste or preference to some particular type of music and would like to meet and date people with similar musical preferences, then you can register yourself on Tastebuds.

It is a free dating site that comes with pretty cool and attractive dating features and options.


  • Ideal for people who are 35+ and like music. 
  • 26% females, 74% males. 
  • Unlimited matches search
  • Limited messages for free members. 
  • Paid members get unlimited messages, incognito mode available. 


  • Good site for music lovers. 
  • Tons of music brands available.


  • Not suitable for non-music lovers.
  • Some fake profiles. 

#18. Hitch.me

Estimated visits last month - NA

If you are professional and want to date someone who is from your profession or at least some other professional of your level then Hitch.me can be the ideal site for you.

It connects you with the profiles that are on your LinkedIn account so that you can find someone from your profession.


  • Good for working-class people over 25 years. 
  • 55% females, 45% males. 
  • No matching feature. 
  • You can comment on conversation topics. 
  • Free members can view profiles, paid members can chat with members. 


  • Professional people available. 
  • Free site.
  • User-friendly.


  • Only for professionals.

#19. Let’s Date

Estimated visits last month – 29.2K

Let's Date is a special dating site which allows you to connect with like-minded people with ease.

It is a free dating site which has many alluring features that make it a cool website for people who are interested in meeting and dating new people in their lives.


  • Anyone can join in. The majority of the people are 25+.
  • 30% females, 70% males. 
  • Unlimited matches. 
  • Unlimited chat and messages. 


  • Suitable for casual relationship seekers. 
  • Can create a dater card. 
  • “Let’s Date” feature to see if the person likes you or not. 


  • No premium features. 

#20. Badoo

Estimated visits last month – 147.1 million

It is a free dating site that has probably more users than any other dating site on the internet.

The interface of this dating site is cool and enables you to date in a hassle-free manner.

This dating site is also present in the form of an Android and iPhone app which enables you to access its features from any corner of the world.


  • Suitable for people looking for casual dating and friendships
  • 40% females, 60% males.
  • Unlimited matches.
  • Unlimited messages. 


  • Facebook signup. 
  • User-friendly and easy navigation. 
  • Millions of users. 


  • The site looks chaotic.

#21. HER

Estimated visits last month – 1 million+

Its the largest dating site for queer women, lesbian, and bisexual.

This dating site is based on location and age preference of the users. It shows the distance from your current location.

Your gender profile can set as female, agender, non-binary, gender fluid, intersex, FTM, and two-spirit.


  • 100% females. 
  • Unlimited matches.
  • Free and unlimited messaging. 
  • Profile creation, profile viewing, sending messages is free. Paid members will see who is online, who liked them. 


  • Easy registration.
  • User-friendly and easy navigation. 
  • Dedicated lesbian site. 


  • Looks boring.
  • Matches and messages only for paid members. 

#22. Zoosk

Estimated visits last month – 28.9 million

This dating site has 40 million members and 3 million messages being sent all over the world.

It is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App. The design platform is simple and straightforward user experiences to its members.

Zoosk has the best special features when it comes to matchmakings like Carousel, SmartPick, and Boost. It also allows you to send multiple messages at once using Super Send Feature.


  • Ideal for people looking for short and long-term relationships.
  • 45% females, 55% males. 
  • Unlimited matches for premium members. 
  • Unlimited messaging for premium members
  • Free members can send hearts and smiles. Paid members can send messages. 


  • Lots of genuine members. 
  • User-friendly
  • Dedicated lesbian site. 


  • App-only for iPhone users. 
  • Good for premium members only. 

#23. Happn

Estimated visits last month – 446.44K

Happn has the most active users in America, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands.

Matches members based on real-life encounters and preferences. The matchmaking system is only available within a 250 meter range.

This dating app is only available on the App Store and Google Play.


  • Happn is suitable for people who would like to meet people in real life. 
  • 70% males, 30% females. 
  • Free members will have limited searches only. Up to 30 per user. 
  • Free members can’t send free messages. 
  • Free members have limited features. Paid members will be shown unlimited messages, and you can send unlimited messages too. 


  • Paid members can go incognito. 
  • Ideal for people who are in big cities. 
  • Location-based dates. 


  • Only suitable for paying members.
  • Fake profiles. 

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