Top 10 Dating Websites for People Above 50 (2019)

“Love has no boundaries”. We all have heard of this quote from an unidentified creator once in our life.

Whoever might have created this quote may have probably loved a personal deeply than anyone else.

The obstacles and challenges one must defeat to achieve true love are paramount.

Love does not limit itself because of colour, caste, creed, ethnicity, identity or even age.

Love comes in all sizes, and you should never give up on finding the right person you will end up loving regardless of your age.

Some people are lucky enough to find the right person they love early on in their lives while others are not as lucky as them.

Sadly, some lose the love of their lives due to an unfortunate accident.

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Such people who are unlucky to have not found their love or lost them in an accident should not give up because of their age.

We think people should not give up on their quest because their many cases where people have found their love after 50.

IF you are young at heart even when your age is 50 finding love should not be impossible.

However, you must keep your way of thinking aside and be ready to date divorced or widowed people.

The times have changed, and people get over the death of loved ones or divorce their existing partners to get out of the destructive lifestyle.

Life is too short to keep these sort of thinking to date around the age of 50.

Thus, take a breather, if you want to live your life again, get on a dating site specially designed for your age to feel lively again.

The warmth of togetherness and hands to hold you through rest of your life might just be the thing you need.

Do not act shy, grab your gear, start loving again and get married or remarried to a partner of your dreams with singles, divorced or widowed people above the age of 50 on these new age dating website.

We have compiled a list of Top Dating website for people above 50. Check these awesome online dating website on our list for a great start to your journey.

Top 10 Dating Websites For People Above 50



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Our time


senior match

Senior Match


dating for seniors

Dating For Seniors





ageless fish

Ageless fish


silver singles-min

Silver singles


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Cherry Blossoms-minlogo



soulful encounters-min

Soulful Encounters





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#1. Our time

The time really is ours, and we are responsible for shaping our destiny.

The "Our Time" site allows you to search people from your time to help you find the right person to date.

Do not hesitate to take the right move and register yourself on this website to find the right match for yourself right away.

Browse among thousands of user profile on the sites matching system to find the right person for yourself to spend remaining half of your life dear ladies and gents.

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    User-Friendly – The changes in computer and information technology world is huge. People over the age of 50 often find it hard to get accustomed to new trends in the industry. However, this easy site will not be so difficult to learn and get dating.
  • check
    Mobile Application – In order to ease people for getting a notification about the right match. The site runs a dedicated mobile app to keep you dating on the go.
  • Android only – The application seems to cater only Android smartphone users and leave other smartphone users lagging with their lonely lives.
  • Too many features – While it is easy for seniors to learn using this website their huge feature may cause difficulties for some seniors.

#2. Senior Match

Matchstick making and matchmaking is not an easy job for people of any age.

It takes patience, right method, perfect time and much more for both works.

The best matchmaker on the Senior Match may probably be the best matchmaking system in the whole world.

Try their ingenious matchmaking system to find the right partner for you at the simple click of the mouse on your computer.

You need not worry about spending too much on entry on this website because the entry is free grand pas and grandmas.

  • check
    Not just lovers – While the primary motto of creating an account on this website may be dating, friendship may be the drug you need to soothe your soul. The website also offers the opportunity to become friends with people along with dating.
  • check
    Not the same puppy love – We often tend to choose wrong partners while we are still young and regret it through our lifetime. Dating after the 50s is not the same because you have seen most things which life has to offer. Both you and partners are wise enough to know the demands of relationships at this point in life.
  • Expensive – When people reach the age of 50s most people are already about to enter the retirement age and hefty fee for a dating website is not a sight most people like to see.
  • Allows people under – What we mean is the website allows people of age under 50s as well on the website. The people above 50s may feel like it’s a bonus but may end up feeling sad. It is as such because the people under 50s may date someone close to this age.

#3. Dating For Seniors

The dating website for seniors may feel like you are little older for your age even when you are in your 50s.

However, do not miss out on the opportunity of joining this website designed for people of older ages because you never know the things life has in store for you.

The website is not completely aimed at people above 60s. Besides, the soulmate you choose does not only have to be someone close to your age.

He or She can be a little or highly senior to you but might carry more knowledge than you which will definitely come handy to you.

  • check
    The range of different option – The website provides a range of different communication option for a match of your liking. You can choose to flirt with a match of liking right away, or you can choose to email. If email and flirting is not your game, then you can choose to email match of your interest like the old times,
  • check
    Smooth and easy to use – The website is so smooth and easy to use with all the features developers have installed on the website with special care. The website features like a rapid match, the black book will make it easier to know more about the match of your interest.
  • Small user base – The site is dedicated to helping you get dream lover of your life even when you are in the 50s, but most are settled in that age. The small user base will get you disappointed quickly because you will end up talking to the same person again and again on the website.
  • Invisible mode – It prevents you from knowing the person who has been following your profile again and again. You may never know about the person who is intrigued about you and follow him or her back for a quicker connection.

#4. Stitch

Stitches are not just for clothes, and you can also stitch relationship.

Most songs talk of stitching a broken a relationships or mending it through the act of stitching but stitching on stitch is a different story.

Creators of stitch website have used the concept of stitching to help people above 50s relive their lives once again.

They want to see the people over dating, searching for travel partners and even matchmaking for people over the age of 50s.

So, if you are one of those seniors who love to do all the things mentioned in a few sentences before sign up with stitch for more adventure.

  • check
    Mandatory – Some people may be annoyed with the idea of verifying their identities while joining up a dating website but it's for your benefit. The act of mandatory verification helps keep fakes away from the website.
  • check
    Free plan – The website has a free user plan to help people above 50 connect to other people for purposes of dating and making possible matches. You can try before you switch to the premium website so its perks over perks.
  • Free plan – Free plan on this website is not actually free because it only lets you look at one profile a day. You cannot actually start dating if you can’t really access user profiles, Can you?
  • Limited Networking ­– The website provides travel companion option which can be beneficial for people from different places to meet up for dating. Apart from dating in and around San Francisco site does not offer many options.

#5. Ageless fish

The myths on ageless fish and evergreen animals which roam as a form of god or their harbinger of good fortune to people cover myths around the whole world.

The ageless fish is a form of such good fortune around many societies.

The over 50 dating website is a website specially designed to bring out best in ageless hearts of people over 50.

The mature and ageless heart can create a beautiful understanding relationship than younger people themselves.

Thus, if you want to bring out the best out of your ageless evergreen heart, join the website now to start creating new moments of dating.

  • check
    Greeting Cards – Remember those times where mobile phones were not around, people used to communicate messages of warmth and love with greeting cards. Well, those good days are back again, and you can now send birthday cards or greeting cards on the right day to attract your lover.
  • check
    Comment – The comment section allows you to connect with other people through profile comments. Likewise, you can also post your comments on blog post and forum for rapport building through social interaction.
  • Reserved – Most of the features on this website are reserved for people with premium accounts. If you don’t subscribe to gold membership site will not give you access to important features like unlimited email as well.
  • Basic design ­– The design of this website is pretty basic and unattractive to users using it for the first time in their life.

#6. Silver singles

Silver singles are one of the best options for the seniors which ensure to find and suggest compatible people for a deep relationship or just a date.

The members of this site can search their potential partners using custom filtering tools.

This site has a dating app which is available both on iOS and Android devices. This site is very easy to use, and all you need is to get a valid email id to start up.

  • check
    Phone compatible - This site is easy to use and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The age is rapidly moving towards mobile and world; plus, it is easier to check notification on mobile rather than checking it on your desktop.
  • check
    Huge Network – The site gives premium access to not just one network in a dating website. The site provides access to three websites on its huge network for increasing your dating prospect. The site Elite Singles and E darling are another sites which is you will have access to after logging into the website.
  • check
    Test – The test is designed to help you know people better and to prevent access of unwanted to fake people inside the website. Thus, do not hesitate to appear a long test because the pain you go through for this website.
  • Premium site - You have to pay if you want access to this site.
  • Basic – The site has a pretty basic design which can turn off users. Nobody likes visiting a premium website which is boring and dull. If you are one of those people who loves to make your match in a brilliantly designed website, then it's not the site for you.


Estimated visits: 36.12M (last month) is one of the best dating sites that you can find on the internet. ​

It's amazing that there are about 13.5 million users on the site and every day thousands of new users are joining as well.

Though is a global site, it's on the top of the list because the site has a higher reach than any other dating sites who cater to people over 50.

If you are over 50 and would like to date online and get to know the person more before you meet, you must visit probably the largest dating sites on the net,

  • check
    Free registration – You won’t have to pay for registration, it’s totally free.
  • check
    Variety of features – The site has an excellent design with a variety of features that can help you to find your match easily.
  • Pay for major features – Even though the registration is free, the only premium member can use all the major features that are available on the site.
  • Expensive – The site is expensive as compared to other Asian dating sites but it may worth every single penny.

#8. Blossoms

Estimated visits: 562.66K (last month) is one of the oldest dating sites available on the internet, which was called Cherry Blossoms before.

Though members on the site are from major countries all over Asia, they have a special section catering to people over 50 looking to date.

The site even offers money back guarantee if you don't find an ideal match. You won't be disappointed if you become a member of this site. 

  • check
    Lots of singles – You will find many singles from major countries of Asia.
  • check
    Money bank guarantee – Even if you don't find the right match, you will get your money back.
  • Primitive design – The layout of the site is the same since it’s started. It may be boring for you.
  • No mobile apps – You can only browse the site on the desktop since they don’t have mobile apps.

#9. Soulful Encounters

Looks are not the only primary thing which should matter in a relationship.​

We all know a flower like a lotus grows in mud, and those with not so pretty look may have possessed most beautiful soul anyone comes across.

Soulful encounters are exactly the kind of website where people over 50 should visit to find the soulmates of their life.

Soulful connection nurtures a good and healthy life, and it is exactly the kind of dating game site is offering.

  • check
    Strong background checks – The creators on this website are on the constant hunt for the fake and mischievous profiles which are not in it for the purpose of finding soulmates.
  • check
    Upfront Screening – The screening on the website is upfront and creator make sure only genuine people get an entry in the site.
  • check
    Radio station – The Radio station section on the site helps connect people and gain valuable insight on different dating tips for differently abled.
  • Rude – The users claim that the support staff on the website are rude and mean for some users.
  • Favouritism – The site seems to boost people who they like rather than those who are earnest at times.

#10. Zoosk

Estimated visits: 24.48M (last month)

Zoosk is an online dating site which is very popular. Since the site is a decade old, there are many users who are looking for the right match, and you can find many people over 50.

When you connect your social account with the Zoosk, the site extracts all of your detail and search for the best match according to your interests and likings.

It's pretty simple to use the site, so if you love interest is above 50, go ahead and find your dating mate here.

  • check
    Mobile friendly – You can download the app on your IOS or Android and can use whenever you feel like.
  • check
    Plenty of members – The site has plenty of members, and you can be lucky to find the right one.
  • Plenty of members – The site has plenty of members, and you can be lucky to find the right one.

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