Top 10 Best Dating Sites for A Serious Relationship (2020)- Review & Comparisons

Most people fantasize about being in love because that is something we are always bombarded with.

Popular culture has made sure to keep reminding people of it, making it mainstream. This, unfortunately, gives a lot of people the ‘fear of missing out’. 

Some of us might think of finding a suitable partner in our college or at the workplace, but that is not always possible.

Not everyone we meet might want to get into a serious relationship. It  can be difficult to predict the behavior of our partners when we seek commitment.

Moreover, the impact of social media and the internet is so deep in our lives that we have started to understand each other better through the digital world these days.

As a result, we have seen significant growth in the use of dating sites.

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All dating sites are not meant for serious, committed relationships as some of them also cater to the requirements of casual dating, hookups, flings, and other non-serious forms of relationships.

However, we have seen that the portals that support serious relationships have always managed to bring like-minded individuals closer.

People have started trusting each other on online platforms these days and therefore, you can find  many guys and girls  getting hitched through matchmaking sites.

Today, we are going to review the best dating sites that are focused on serious relationships  that can further result in love and marriages.

These dating sites are not only the most effective in suggesting potential matches as per your dating preferences, behaviour, and interests but  are also designed to provide convenience to the users. Let us see what we have in store today!

1. Zoosk

Average monthly visits – 23.80 million

All the love stories do not revolve around straight men and women.

The social acceptance of gay and lesbian couples has increased significantly over the past few years and therefore, people have started following their dreams and instincts when it comes to love.

  • Zoosk is a dating site that supports both straight and gay relationships. Over 1 million gay and lesbian users spend time daily on this site in search of true love. The database of straight men and women is even bigger!
  • It has an effective matchmaking algorithm that suggests profiles based on your likes, dislikes, behaviour, preferences, and much more.
  • It allows you to fill all your details related to appearance, profession, hobbies, sexual preferences, etc. in the profile.
  • Anyone can create an account on Zoosk without choosing a premium plan.
  • You can sign-up via your Facebook account as well.
  • It provides convenient and hassle-free search options to members.
  • You can also download its mobile app to use its features discreetly.
  • For accessing features like advanced search tools, profile highlighting, etc., you  need to purchase a premium plan.

monthly plan

quarterly plan

6 months plan


$19.98 per month

$12.49 per month

With over 40 million users and millions of messages getting exchanged daily, Zoosk might be the ideal place for finding true love. However, the overcrowded scenario might not always work in your favor as people have too many options to choose from.

However, you can trust the powerful matchmaking system and user-friendly features of this site.

Moreover, it can be used on both Android and Applei devices. In case you are skeptical about this site you can read the testimonials to see how people have managed to find a soul mate through this portal!


Average monthly visits – 32.90 million

It is impossible to ignore when we are talking about dating sites that support true love and companionship.

People all over the world trust this site as it provides legitimate ways to find soul mates and attractive marriage worthy matches.

  • Creating an account is free on but you will need a premium plan to access the advanced options.
  • Allows you to add 26 images to your profile and suggests daily matches with the help of a perfect matchmaking algorithm.
  • It also has a mobile app and people from over 24 countries are using this platform as on this date. Moreover, you can operate this site in 14 other languages apart from English.
  • You can search profiles based on their looks, lifestyle, behaviour, interests, and a lot more.
  • It is one of the oldest and most trusted matchmaking sites across the globe.
  • You will mostly find well-educated individuals who are looking for a committed relationship on this site.
  • Over 15 million people use this site every month. Therefore, you cannot ignore the chances of your profile getting sidelined especially if you are using the standard, i.e., free plan.
  • Only premium users can communicate with everyone using the private chat and other options.

standard plan

premium plan

Quarterly Plan - $38.97

Quarterly Plan - $44.97

Half Yearly Plan - $59.94

Half Yearly Plan - $68.94

Yearly Plan - $95.88

Yearly Plan - $107.88

Browsing profiles is completely free and  the users can also engage with a limited number of people every day. The members of this site are quite selective while choosing a date because they only want to indulge with people who are good enough to be considered as life partners.

Most users have a premium plan which leaves very little scope for free users. However, there is no harm in spending some money if you are going to get quality matches  on  every day!

3. Elite Singles

Average monthly visits – 1.10 million

Elite Singles entertains only quality matches and you will mostly find doctors, engineers, bankers, and other dignified professionals in its database.

  • Most of the members come from good families, and are well educated. Therefore, you need to be a well- educated professional too, in order to get involved in a serious relationship with somebody on this dating platform.
  • Users can specify their requirements such as height, income, religion, age, education, habits, etc.
  • Many questionnaires determine your behaviour and personality. The results of these tests and questionnaires come handy for matchmaking.
  • It uses a personality-based matchmaking algorithm to pair you with your potential matches.
  • It provides a user-friendly and secure dating interface to the users.
  • Elite Singles caters to the dating requirements of all the age groups.
  • It has a smaller database of members as compared to sites like and Zoosk.
  • People who do not have a formidable career might not get much preference on this site.

plan type

total cost

Quarterly Plan


Half Yearly Plan


Yearly Plan


Sites like Elite Singles provide plenty of dating opportunities but only to those individuals who have a strong educational and professional background. However, that does not mean that people who earn decently get ignored here.

Many individuals place values like faithfulness, commitment, and character over money and you might come across many such  people on Elite Singles!

4. eHarmony

Average monthly visits – 4.60 million

eHarmony is one of the best sites that place your happiness and satisfaction at the top of its priority list.

  • Some people might get annoyed by the long list of questions they have to answer when registering. However, it only helps you later to find people who are similar to you when it comes to relationships.
  • It engages you in some personality-related tests and quizzes to gauge your relationship expectations and preferences in a better way.
  • More than 2 million people have already found their true companions on this site and even you might feature on that list one day!
  • Most of the members look forward to meet people they can marry.
  • Members can set their daily recommendations as per their location and age.
  • Registration is completely free and can be completed within twenty minutes.
  • It only entertains straight men and women.
  • You won’t find features like swipe matches here.
  • Monthly and quarterly premium plans are not offered to the members.

plan type

total cost

Half Yearly Plan


Yearly Plan


Two-Yearly Plan


eHarmony allows you to browse profiles of other members discreetly and also shows the list of members who visited your profile. You can add members to your favorites list and even browse profiles that do not come under your prescribed preferences.

Therefore, it can prove to be a cool site for finding true love.

5. Bumble

Average monthly visits – 6.70 million

Bumble is a dating platform that is more centred around the dating preferences of women.

For example, men cannot initiate conversations on Bumble as only women have that privilege.

  • Premium members can re-connect with the connections that have expired due to time-lapse or they can even extend their connections by one day.
  • You cannot operate this site on desktop as the site only provides a dating app that can be used on your mobile phone.
  • It has a feature called Bumble Bizz which allows you to meet people who pursue a career that is similar to yours. Therefore, this platform can also be used for enhancing your career opportunities.
  • A feature named Bumble BFF enables you to expand your friend circle in your city. This helps those individuals who are new in a particular city.
  • It only entertains men and women who are interested in meaningful relationships.
  • Users can sign-up only through their Facebook accounts.
  • Men have to play the waiting role on this app.

plan type

total cost

Weekly Plan


Monthly Plan


Quarterly Plan


Half Yearly Plan


Bumble is a great chatting and dating platform, especially for women.

The quality of matches is excellent and the premium services are top-notch. Moreover, payments can be done via bitcoins as well. All these options and features make it a desirable site for individuals who seek serious relationships.

6. OurTime

Average monthly visits – 8.90 million

If you are a senior and still searching for a life- partner then you can try your luck on

It is a dating site that dedicates itself to mature singles who are above 50.

  • You can register on this site for free and find people who are  matches with your preferences, beliefs, interests, age-range, and much more.
  • Send a like or message if you find an attractive profile on this site and start your love life afresh!
  • Moreover, it supports both casual and serious relationships equally.
  • Millions of people visit this site every day to find some cool matches.
  • People who are above 50 years can register on this site for free.
  • The website design looks a bit old-fashioned.
  • Some modern dating features are unavailable on this site.

plan type

total cost

Monthly Plan


Half Yearly Plan


Value Subscription Plan


Both iPhone and Android users can utilize its features by using  this app. However, most of the features are provided only to premium users. You can either purchase a premium plan or you can buy tokens to access the premium services of your choice.

Premium members can highlight their profile in the search results. All these features make it a beneficial site for seniors.

7. Christian Mingle

Average monthly visits – 1.10 million

Christian Mingle is dedicated to Christian singles  who are looking for lifelong companionship or marriage.

It is a perfect dating site for Christians who are looking to meet someone who shares the same values and religious ideas or beliefs.

  • People can register via email or through their Facebook profile on this site.
  • It has a huge database of members and most of the users visit this portal daily.
  • Moreover, it entertains straight, gay, lesbian, and other types of relationships and you  can also find Methodists, Baptists, and every other type of Christian groups here.
  • Over 3.5 million people visit this site every month. Thousands of users  can be found online at any given time on this site.
  • Christians from various countries have registered on this site. Therefore, you can also consider it to be an international dating site reserved for  Christian communities.
  • The number of female users is more than the number of male users on Christian Mingle. As a result, we can say that  male members will have a lot of  options here.
  • It is only reserved for Christian singles.

standard plan

premium plan

Monthly plan - $19.99

Monthly plan – $49.99

Quarterly plan - $59.97

Quarterly plan - $104.97

Half yearly plan - $89.94

Half yearly plan - $149.94

It is considered to be one of the best dating sites for Christians across the globe.

Around sixty thousand individuals register on this site every month which attests its popularity. It is only meant for individuals who are interested in committed relationships or marriage.  Hence, it  is an ideal dating site for Christians.


8. Black People Meet

Average monthly visits – 3.80 million

Black People Meet is a dating platform that can be used by black singles or people who are interested in dating black singles.

You will also find many bi-racial members on this site.

  • You will not have to answer any question to complete the registration process on Black People Meet.
  • Only some details like age, gender, location, sexual orientation, etc. need to be provided, and registration is free as well.
  • Free users can even mark favorite profiles or send likes to attractive members. However, to access advanced features, you will have to sign up for a paid subscription.
  • Members can send virtual gifts to each other. Premium members can ask their profile to be written by professional writers if they are not good at this task.
  • Premium profiles get highlighted and premium members can use features like PromoteMe and MatchMe to get featured at the top of search results and match suggestions.
  • The quality of profiles on this site is quite impressive.
  • It allows all black singles and people who want to date black people to register. fact check recommended
  • The website lacks a modern-looking design.

standard plan

premium plan

Monthly plan


Quarterly plan


Half yearly plan


Members can either purchase premium plans or they can buy tokens to avail its premium services. It is a recommended site even for people who are interested in serious interracial relationships. Therefore, you can surely consider becoming a part of this multi-cultural dating platform.

9. OkCupid

Average monthly visits – 28 million

OkCupid entertains both casual and serious relationships but here you can find a variety of people from different parts of the world.

It has a huge database of singles and it supports both gay and straight relationships.

  • It is designed specifically for broad-minded people who do not mind flirting before becoming serious in life.
  • A lot of people here look for serious relationships, and potential matches for marriage so you won't be disappointed if you are searching for your soul mate on this site.
  • It connects people based on their beliefs, interests, hobbies, and other preferences. You can also download its app on your iOS or Android device for a more personalized experience.
  • Most of the dating features can be availed by free users.
  • Thousands of members are active at any given time on
  • It is most beneficial for people who fall in the age range of 25-35.
  • Free members do not get to see the individuals who have liked them.
  • There might be few fake profiles on this site.

basic subscription

premium subscription

Monthly plan - $7.95

Monthly plan - $24.90

Quarterly plan - $19.05

Quarterly plan - $68.70

Half yearly plan - $23.70

Half yearly plan - $119.40

Account  registration is free and takes a few minutes to complete.  It provides a basic and premium membership to the users and that too at reasonable prices. Overall, it is a great site for everyone and you can even use it to find your true love or lifelong companion.

10. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish supports all types of dating and has the biggest database of members that you might not find on any other dating site.

Therefore, it is pretty obvious that many individuals might be looking for true love on this site.

  • It is almost a free site that doesn’t charge you for accessing most of its features. However, users can opt for a premium membership if they do not want to get pestered by ads.
  • Profiles of premium members get highlighted in most of the search results. Premium users can upload sixteen photos whereas free users can upload up to eight pictures on their profiles.
  • Premium members can also view the date and time  at which someone viewed their profile.
  • Free users can send and reply to all the messages.
  • Free users can mark their preferred matches in the favourites list and they can also see the members who have added them to their favourites list.
  • You can block any user from searching or communicating with you.
  • The matchmaking algorithm is not as good as we found on some other premium sites.
  • Not all members are looking for serious relationships here.


total cost

Quarterly plan


Half yearly plan


Yearly plan


Plenty of Fish is not a bad site if you are looking for serious relationships or marriage. It has millions of members and  hence, you can meet plenty of users who complement your behavior and interests perfectly.


These are some of the best dating sites when it comes to serious relationships. You can choose any one of them to explore the endless possibilities of finding your ideal life partner. However, do not expect much with free memberships as the  they provide very limited options to connect.

Most people use  these sites for online dating but millions have also benefitted from  their matchmaking services especially when you look at the top 5-6 sites that are mentioned in this list. Therefore, we will suggest those sites that provide maximum security and dating opportunities to you.

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