Top 10 Best Dating Apps of 2019 [Tried & Tested] – 100% Effective!

Dating can be fun especially when you have a dating app installed on your mobile or tablet.

The concept of dating was limited only to the desktop users earlier, but with the widespread use of smartphones and other types of advanced mobiles and the introduction of android app development techniques, dating sites developed their apps to provide a mobile-friendly experience to the users.

This not only helped them to become more popular but also helped to reach out to the customers located in remote corners of the world.

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Dating is more exciting especially when you know that your potential matches are just one fingertip away from you.

The top dating sites have developed their mobile application, but there are many dating apps which are exclusively made from iPhone, Windows and Android phones.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the best dating apps when it comes to their features, user interface, ease of use, the privacy of users, safety specifications and much more.

These apps are used by millions of users around the world, and many individuals have managed to find their ideal date, match, and even life partners and lovers by using them.

Let us get into the details of the top 10 best dating apps in the market today:

Top 10 Best Dating Apps



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plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish


coffee meets bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel


elite singles-min

Elite Singles








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#1. Tinder


Free plan applicable?  


Tinder plus   

$2.99 per month


$4.99 per month

The heart of many teenagers and adults, Tinder has managed to impress its users despite the stiff competition in the market.

Most of the people use Tinder for hook-ups and casual dating opportunities, but many use it to find a desirable match, friends or even their soul mate.

Initially, to use the Tinder app, you needed to have a Facebook account but that it is not the case now.

You just need to above 18, and you can easily register on Tinder.

Tinder has also tried to provide a social media feel to its users as it allows them to link their Instagram account to it.

Due to all these features, Tinder has become a desirable dating app that is used by millions.

  • It has one of the coolest user interfaces among the dating apps, and the classic left-right swipes make the browsing of profiles seamless.
  • Millions of users have registered on this app, and therefore you will never feel a shortage of matches when it comes to dating.
  • You can use this app for both dating and casual flings.
  • iPhone users can download the app from iTunes, and Android users can download Tinder from the Google Play Store.
  • One cannot message a person unless he or she sends an interest and therefore, you do not have to reply to random messages on Tinder.
  • Tinder was never meant for serious relationship seekers and therefore more preferable to casual date seekers.
  • Most of the users of Tinder use it for fun and do not intend to meet in person, and the percentage of users who show interest in the meeting is quite a few.

#2. Match



$26.99 per month


$23.99 per month


$20.99 per month

Free plan applicable?

Yes is an old player in the dating scene and has been one of the most popular dating sites from many years now.

It is also available in the mobile version now, and people are as crazy for this app as they were for its desktop version.

It is an ideal matchmaking app which is meant for the individuals who are seriously looking for life partners or love of their lives.

Their matchmaking algorithm is impeccable, and they have been able to help people in finding their true love successfully.​

It is not a free site, but many of its basic features are offered for free which enables the users to understand the perks of this app before subscribing to a premium plan.

  • Millions of users in the database make it one of the most desirable dating apps in the world.
  • The members of can be from any part of the world, and it is truly an international dating site despite being more popular in the United States.
  • The user-interface of this site is user-friendly, and the design of this website is happening as well.
  • Answering a few easy questions, filling in a few details and uploading few snaps will be enough to register on this site, and you do not need to use your Facebook account for it.
  • If you like a profile, you can send a wink on his or her profile to convey that you are interested.
  • They provide you with a list of matches' every day which helps to find out which type of people are suitable according to your preferences.
  • Premium members have access to lucrative features such as they can look who is peeping in their profiles and you have liked and appreciated your picture and much more.
  • The premium packages are quite reasonable, and one can easily avail them.
  • You can date someone who is near you, or someone is thousands of miles away from you using this website.
  • There are too many features on this site which make it a bit hard to get used to and understand the process completely especially to the new members.
  • It is not a free dating app.
  • It is not suitable for those who are looking for hook-ups and casual sex.

#3. Bumble


Free version applicable?    


Weekly boost pack   


Monthly boost pack    


Bumble is a cool app which is designed especially for the women who are tired of guys bothering them and messaging unnecessarily on the social media sites and even on the dating apps.

On Bumble, only a girl can initiate a chat and therefore guys cannot start flirting and causing a nuisance.​

Its mobile app is integrated with numerous features which make it an effective dating app especially for those who are looking for serious relationships. 

However, people who are looking for friendships and casual flings also find this app useful, and its millions of users approve the fact that this app is getting a great response from the masses.

If you like a profile and wish you see more of their photos you just need to swipe up.

This is a great feature since many of the dating apps require you to send an interest or like someone if you wish to look at their pictures.

Also, it is a completely free dating app, and you can access all its features without paying anything.

All these alluring features make Bumble a perfect dating app for both teenagers and adults.

  • It is an ideal dating app for teenage girls and women.
  • People can date, make friends, find their true love or even involve in casual relationships using this site.
  • It is a free dating app which is a great bonus, especially for the teens those who have not yet started to earn by themselves.
  • The look and feel of this app are super cool, and you easily start understanding how to use it.
  • It is available in the app form, and both iPhone users and Android phone users can download it from their respective app stores.
  • Guys cannot initiate the conversation which makes it a great option for girls.
  • Most of the guys who opt for this app are decent guys who are ok with the fact that only women can take charge of the proceedings.
  • If you swipe left and reject a profile by mistake, all you need to do is shake your phone, and the profile will reappear on your screen.
  • If someone sends you an interest you need to respond it within 24 hours or else you will lose that match permanently. Therefore, if you feel tempted to type at least a "hi" if you wish that profile to remain in touch with you.
  • It is not suitable for men who like to initiate things. Also, women who like to be contacted first can also find it hard to initiate a conversation on Bumble.
  • Many premium features and a solid matchmaking system is missing on this site.

#4. OkCupid


A-list 1-month plan


A-list 6-month plan

$6.95 per month

A-list premium 1-month plan


A-list premium 6-month plan

$19.90 per month is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It is also available in the app form which means that you can access it now from any part of the world without any inconvenience.

One cool feature of OkCupid is that it can be used by casual date seekers and also the ones who are looking for their soul mate.

You can answer to a list of questions, and by that, the app generates your compatible matches which reflect your compatibility percentage as well.

Apart from these, there are many more features which make it a truly reliable and happening dating app.

  • If you like somebody, you just need to send interest, and if that gets accepted, you can start your dating journey.
  • All the required options and settings are provided on the main screen on the app, and you can find the settings on the right-hand side of the app.
  • One can make their answers visible to the other profiles if they feel that it is important or they can even hide it to maintain secrecy.
  • Your personal information and data are secure on this site as it is one of the most reliable apps.
  • Facebook account is not required to register on this site, and you can put as much information as you want on your profile.
  • It is not suitable for those who are seeking long-term relationships.
  • There are some fake profiles in its database.
  • It is a premium dating site, and only premium account holders can access the premium features.

#5. Happn

Happn is a relatively new dating app which lets you find the people that have crossed paths with you.

It has a strong geo-location tracer which provides you with a list of matches that live nearby you. It also has an interactive user interface which makes it an ideal dating app.

  • Happn is an ideal dating site for those who are shy to make the first move even if they find someone attractive.
  • The design and look of this website are good and make it user-friendly.
  • You can like a profile and even keep it secret and if the same person happens to like you back then only he or she will get to know about it.
  • If you want to convey your interest directly, then you will have to buy coins which will cost you money.
  • It is more happening for those who are active socially and realistically in their lives.

#6. Plenty of Fish


Free version applicable?    



$9.80 per month


$5.95 per month

We all know that POF is one of the oldest dating sites which have proven to be popular and effective over the years.

It is also one of the sites which have the most number of users. POF is also available in the app form now which is great news to the users who access its desktop version.

  • Over 90 million users make it one of the hugest dating apps in the world today.
  • You can find which users live nearby you using this app.
  • It has a personality test which is a series of questions about your likes and dislikes. If your answers match with the answers of others, then those profiles become your ideal matches.
  • There are lots of fake profiles floating on POF.
  • It is not a free dating app.
  • Most of the members are here for having fun and therefore; do not expect to find serious daters here.

#7. Coffee Meets Bagel








CMB is one of the most interesting apps which is loaded with features and interesting things.

It is meant for those who are in search of true love and therefore casual sex, and hook-up seekers can stay away from it. 

The app sends one ideal match on your profile each day which makes the dating experience much more fun.

  • Once the app sends you an ideal match then you will have to respond within 24 hours or else you will lose it.
  • You can start the dating process once your ideal match likes your profile.
  • It has a nice name which attracts many users and intrigues them to find out what is hidden inside the cover.
  • Once you and your ideal matches have liked each other, you have just eight days to take your conversation ahead as the chat room expires after that. Therefore, users always have to be on their toes while using this app.
  • Some people can find the pace of this dating app to be slow and boring.

#8. Elite Singles



$57.95 per month


$44.95 per month


$31.95 per month

If you are looking forward to meeting someone special, then Elite Singles can be the perfect app for you since it is filled with elite and decent matches.

It is not a free dating app, but it can be certainly a perfect date winner for you in many ways.

  • All the members on this app are well educated and groomed.
  • You can also access the basic features without paying anything at all.
  • It is a perfect app for people who prefer to be choosy while selecting their ideal match.
  • The premium charges are a bit overboard.
  • Only successful and well-educated people can date here.

#9. eHarmony





$39.95 per month


$18.95 per month

eHarmony is another international dating site which has decided to explore the mobile users as well.

Therefore it has launched its mobile app which is as seamless and effective for dating as its desktop version is.

It is a superb platform for the people who are looking for long-term partners and the love of their lives.

  • It has a strong matchmaking system which makes it one of the best dating apps.
  • There are many premium plans which allow the users to select the plan of their choice.
  • The look and design of this dating app are appealing, and the interface is easy to use as well.
  • It is not a free dating app, and the premium plans are a bit costly.
  • It is not suitable for people who are just looking to have some fun.

#10. Zoosk





$19.98 per month


$12.49 per month

Zoosk is one of the few dating sites that provide you matches based on your online profile and social networking activities.

Therefore, it is an interesting dating platform for the people who are glued to the internet all the time.​

It is now available on App Store of Apple, Goole Play Store and Amazon as well.

  • Millions of people have already downloaded the mobile version of Zoosk.
  • It has a cool interface and interesting matchmaking system.
  • It is ideal for both serious and casual date seekers.
  • It is not a free dating app.
  • People who are not much online will find it hard to explore suitable matches for themselves.

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