Top 10 Dating Apps in Bangalore to Date Around in 2022

Looking for the best dating app in bangalore?

You are at the right place.

All of us are in search of love. While some are lucky enough to find their soulmates in their school or college, some have to work really hard to find that one person who'll fit into our lives like a lost piece of a puzzle. And they are not always easy to find. 

Banglore is a known tech hub, as you know everyone is busy there.

So, in such places, you can always rely on dating apps. But all dating apps are not suitable for everyone, it could be possible that you are looking for something serious or maybe just a hookup.

 Therefore, we have meticulously curated this list of dating apps which can help you find the right partner for yourself in Banglore. Without wasting any time, let's dig into it:

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Top 10 Best Dating Apps/Sites in Bangalore (2022) : FREE/Paid

Tinder is maybe the most popular and most heard dating app available in the market. All the millennials have used this app once in their lifetime. 

Using Tinder is quite easy, you just have to build your profile by adding some pictures which represent your personality the best and add a quirky bio to attract females. This is it and you are ready to swipe on ladies!!


  • There are zillions of features that you can add to your Tinder account if you spend a few more rupees on its premium version. The Tinder platinum version will cost you Rs. 1050 for one month. However, you will receive heavy discounts if you buy their subscription for a longer period. Check out its premium features:
  • You can add a small note to the person you like before the match
  • Unlimited likes
  • You can control who can view your profile
  • Hide ads
  • They'll prioritize your likes and messages

You may have often met some fake accounts on dating apps. We know guys, how disappointing it is.

On Trulymadly, you will not have to deal with this problem a lot. Trulymadly is similar to Tinder in usage, however, this app is made for India. Indian couples have some different values which are a bit different from foreign couples.

Moreover, the more secure profile you have, the more chances you have to get matches.


  • There are two kinds of subscriptions that you can buy: Spark and Select plus. You will have to pay Rs. 699 to get 5 Sparks and Rs. 1599 for a 6-week subscription to Select Plus.
  • It boosts your profile and you'll find 3x more matches.
  • You can control who can see your profile if you turn on this option.

Spark Features

  • You can send messages directly to the person you like
  • It will keep your messages on top in the chatbox to make you stand out.
  • If you are using a Spark, it means you'll get 5 times more matches.

3. Woo

Woo is a matchmaking app which connects you with those single individuals who have interests similar to yours. This feature is similar to other dating apps, however, it doesn't let you reject anyone.

If you like them then give them a heart or not then simply move forward. They will customize questions based on the information that you have provided to them.

And then show you, like-minded people. For example, they have asked you for your favourite singer and you have answered Shaan.

Then, they'll show people who have answered Shaan. Moreover, you can directly search for people who have answered Shaan and you'll have a long list of people with mutual interests.

You can also listen to their voice as they give you an option to record their voice for 7 seconds.


  • The benefits of Woo plus are quite similar to other dating apps such as checking out the profiles of people who have liked you, unlimited likes, first messages and so on. You can buy Woo Plus 1 month subscription for $12.99.

4. Happn

Happn became popular among Indians because of its different features. In Happn, you can actually like people with whom you've crossed paths.

However, due to the Corona pandemic, the app paused its main feature as the whole world was under lockdown. Then it started working as Tinder.

Its past feature will surely make a comeback till then it's not very different from Tinder. So, it's your choice whether you want to keep this app on your phone or not!


  • Just like any other dating app, if you want matches then buying its premium version is necessary. You can buy one monthly subscription for Rs. 599. Check out its premium features:
  • Check out those who have liked you
  • You can use 5 calls per month
  • Receive notifications from your favourite happners
  • Use filters to find people of your type.
  • Unlimited likes
  • No ads

5. Aisle

Aisle is for people who are in their mid-30s or 40s. Here you'll find serious people mostly, this app has an intuitive UI which helps beginners to use this app without any struggle.

One of its features is found mostly in paid versions of dating apps: you can connect with people from different countries and even cities for free.

It's a great app for those Indians who are tired of being played and now want to get settled.


  • Just like other dating apps, it has a premium version too. You'll have to spend Rs. 899 to take advantage of its paid version. Its features:
  • Check who has been keeping an eye on you.
  • Send unlimited likes
  • 5 invites daily

6. Badoo

Badoo is more than just a dating app. You might be wondering by now that all of these apps are quite similar, however, Badoo is a dating app which is available in around 190 countries and 45 plus languages.

 You can chat with people all around the world. 

They ask about your preferences, likes and dislikes and location and then match you with people of the same interests.

Moreover, they'll provide you with a list of people around you who are open for dates.


  • Its premium account makes this dating experience a lot more interesting. You'll have to pay 12.99 USD per month if you want to uplift your social life. Let's check out its features:
  • You can meet individuals as soon as you join Badoo
  • Chat directly with the famous accounts on Badoo
  • Surf Badoo in invisible mode so that no one can notice you.
  • See who liked you.

7. Bumble

It's okay, we know you are tired of swiping and still not finding any matches.

What we have observed on Bumble is that here you can find real girls, real girls mean girls with verified profiles, not some fake ID.

 You can set filters for your ideal relationship so that you'll find like-minded people.

In Bumble, matches are done by the women. That means, only they can initiate the conversation if they are into you! This app is made by a woman for women.


  • You need to pay Rs. 699 for its one-month subscription. Following are the features of the premium version:
  • Like people as much as you can
  • One spotlight per week: Stay in the Spotlight for 30 minutes
  • Super swipe 5 times per week.
  • Unlimited rematches.
  • Check out the profiles of your admirers.

8. Hinge

Another dating app which helps you find the right partner. Its interface is kind of appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

Once you start checking out people, it's tough to hold yourself back from it.

This app is made for those single people who are tired of being in casual relationships and are looking for long term commitments.

They don't use any scientific techniques to match your profile with the right person; think of it as a platform to meet beautiful single people.


  • Finding your soulmate is not cheap, you'll have to lose some cash if you are in search of a life partner. Just like any other dating app, they have a premium subscription too. You can buy its one-month subscription for Rs. 2600. Check out the benefits of Hinge Premium
  • You can check the profiles of people who liked you.
  • Like people as much as you can. Unlimited likes are available
  • You can set advance preferences in this version.

OkCupid is quite popular in the US and now it's building its fan base in India too.

They are more of a research-based dating app, you'll be matched with people who would be your potential soulmates based on an MCQ. 

You'll have to answer a few questions in an MCQ test which will reveal your personality, likes and dislikes, and hobbies.

Then, they will match you with people with the same interests


  • hey have two paid versions: Basic and Premium. The Basic version has features like: 

    • No ads

    • Unlimited likes

    • All of the intros will get unlocked

    The monthly subscription to the basic version will cost you $11.99. Whereas the premium version has all the features of the basic version and some additional features too. Check them out:

    • Check the profiles of people who have liked you before you like them.

    • The Public's answer to their question will be available to you before you answer their question. It will give you an edge.

    The premium version is $39.99 per month. You can buy the subscription for a longer period too if you want some discount.

10. Grindr

A dating app made especially for people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

This app is world-renowned and now the Indian Queer community have started finding people for hookups on this app.

You can filter your searches and they'll show you people in your area who are available for dating and meeting. 

Grindr is a safe space for the Queer community, you'll find like-minded people here. Therefore, you can feel more comfortable and connect with people of your sexuality!


  • It offers some premium packages which will speed up the process of finding hookups and make the whole experience hassle-free. It has two versions: Grindr Xtra and Unlimited. The Unlimited version is the topmost version of Grindr, it has all the advantages that you'll need. You can get a monthly subscription for $25. Check out the benefits:
  • The photos that you'll send will be erased after 10 seconds of view time
  • You can unsend the pictures and messages.
  • You can view as many profiles as you want
  • You'll be able to check who has checked out your profile
  • In chatbox, the message can be translated into your native language

Final Words

These apps are some of the widely used dating apps, however, if you are looking for something reliable and reputed dating app then Tinder and bumble are the most trusted dating apps in India.

Try them out all, and it will augment the process of finding love for you. Happy dating!!

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