Top 20 Best Christian Dating Sites – 2019 – (Reviews & Comparison)

Many individuals across the worldwho follow Christianity sincerely and do follow the ideas mentioned in the holy book Bible.

Therefore, such people prefer only Christian men and women when it comes to dating as well.

The main reason behind is the similarity in nature and goals of life which they find only in the Christians.

Though the society is open-minded to a lot of things, there are many things which people of other religions may find repulsive when it comes to Christianity, and similarly, the Christians may also find it appalling to follow the food habits, culture, and norms if their partner is from other religion. 

Therefore, it is always better to stick to their castes and religions when it comes to the people who are sensitive about their religion even if it is just dating someone.

Today we are providing you with the list of top 20 best Christian dating sites which provide dating and mingling opportunities to like-minded Christians.

Not only that, if a person is finding it hard to find a suitable Christian dating partner in their region or locality, then they can opt for such sites as they consist of plenty of Christians.

Here’s the list of top 20 best Christian dating sites:

Top 10 best Christian dating sites




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Christian Mingle


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#1. eHarmony

Estimated visits last month – 5.3 million

eHarmony was launched in 2000 and since then has been a great dating platform for the Christians who are looking for casual or serious relationships.

People also use it to find their perfect match and has directly been responsible for hundreds of marriages in the United States every day.

It is a safe and user-friendly website and it quite popular among the people.

For one month you need to pay $59.95, and for the three-month plan, you need to pay $89.85 on eHarmony. 



  • The matchmaking process enables you to find your perfect partner.
  • It is designed to motivate and engage individuals in long-term relationships.
  • You will find a vast Christian population active on this dating site.
  • It is not a free dating site, and its membership charges are quite expensive as compared to other sites.
  • They do not have direct chatting options for gay, transgender, lesbian, or bisexual individuals.
  • The searching options can be enhanced.

Estimated visits last month -9.1 million

If you are more than 50 years old and looking for a suitable companion or date, then is a perfect site for you.

This site is exclusive for the aged men and women who are finding an ideal partner for themselves.

It is developed to be search friendly and hassle-free website which suits everyone.

For one month you need to pay $29.96, and for the 6-month plan, you need to pay $107.76 on



  • The offer free membership as well as premium membership to the users.
  • There are countless Christian individuals on this site.
  • The layout is simple, and the navigation is smooth.
  • The free membership does not include all the premium features.
  • The weekly payment system can irritate many individuals.

#3. Christian Mingle

Estimated visits last month – 82.4K

Christian Mingle is one of the most sought-after sites by Christian men and women, and as a result, it is hugely popular as well.

Launched in 1997 this site has been directly responsible for numerous marriages of Christian couples over the years.

It is easy to use and access this site, and it also comes at reasonable membership fees.

One month fee for this site is $29.99, the three-month fee is $50.97, and the six-month fee is $83.94.



  • There are millions of users who visit and register on this site every month.
  • If you have any issues regarding your account, you can directly contact their customer support team which is available 24/7.
  • The hassle-free design and super smooth navigation of this dating site give a pleasant experience to the users.
  • This is not an exclusive site for Christians.
  • The verification of the registered members is not done thoroughly.
  • Members who are using the free version of this site can contact with only a few members.

#4. Elite Singles

Estimated visits last month – 469.4K

If you are looking for a qualified and well-educated match or date, then Elite Singles can prove to be a perfect place for you.

Most of its members have either masters or bachelor's degree, and this site is hugely popular among the people as it is a secure and safe dating site.

Also, most of the members on this site are single Christians, and therefore it is a great site for the Christians who are single and wish to date with a like-minded individual.

You will have to pay $59.95 for one month, $104.85 for three months, $149.70 for six months and $215.40 for 12-month subscription plan on this site.



  • The membership charges are affordable, and lots of options have been provided to the subscribers.
  • The background verification of new members is done thoroughly.
  • You will find a lot of informative blogs that educate the singles about relations and ways to strengthen them.
  • The registration is a long process as it includes a thorough personality test as well.
  • Only premium members have access to all of its features.
  • It is not suitable for singles who are looking for non-serious relations and hook-ups.

#5. BeNaughty

Estimated visits last month – 204K

If you are looking for a casual date or a hook-up, then you must subscribe to BeNaughty.

It is a fun website for all the singles who want to engage in non-committed relationships and dates.

Also, it is available in over 27 languages which make is hugely popular around the world.

On Be Naughty you will have to spend $24.99 for one month plan, $16.99 each month for the 3-month plan and $11.99 every month for the 6-month plan.



  • A large population of Christian members is active on this site.
  • It is upgraded with lots of chat options and flirty methods through which you can entice your partner.
  • It is designed to be a hassle-free and clutter free website.
  • Only premium members can connect and chat.
  • The site generates numerous spam emails and notifications which can prove to be a real nuisance to some people.
  • The premium subscription is set on an auto-renewal which you will have to turn off manually.

Estimated visits last month -28.4K is one of the best dating sites for Christians since it comprises of a large population of real Christian members who are thoroughly checked and verified from their end.

It is a completely safe and secure website to use and is loaded with many exciting and alluring features as well.

Also, it is suitable for both casual relations, long-term relationships and has also contributed to numerous marriages in the past.

For 12,6 and three months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month respectively on this site.



  • Users of over 25 countries are active on this site.
  • There are numerous search options available on this site which provides ease to the users while finding a suitable date or match for themselves.
  • You get match suggestions daily depending upon your preferences and likings.
  • Messages can be sent and read only by the premium members.
  • You are not able to view a premium member, and therefore there is a possibility of you sending messages to people who are unable to respond due to non-premium account.
  • New users can find the site to be a bit confusing since it is loaded with features.

#7. Zoosk

Estimated visits last month – 25.6 million

Launched in 2007, Zoosk is a unique dating site that merges the feature of online dating with social media networks so that you can have a more trustworthy and reliable relation.

It is suitable for both non-serious and serious relationships and comes with a plethora of customisation tools for communication.  

On Zoosk, you will have to pay $29.95 for a one-month subscription plan, $19.95 each month for a 3-month subscription plan and $14.98 each month for a 6-month subscription plan.



  • You can read stories of couples who share the secrets of their relationship on this app.
  • It is trending in over 80 countries with more than 25 global languages.
  • You will find a mixed crowd here, but most of them are Christians.
  • Apart from the registration cost, it also comes with a one-time fee which is charged for activating your account.
  • You cannot cancel your membership in the mid-way unless your subscription period expires.
  • A lot of systems generated invitations and messages can confuse new users.

Estimated visits last month – 3.8 million is a recommended site for the black Christians who are looking for a date or a partner who has similar choices and preferences in life.

It is a hugely popular site and is well-known for its smooth user-interface and hassle-free experience it provides to the users.

It is suitable for individuals who are looking for non-committed relations as well as for those who prefer deep relationships.

The plans start at $16.75 for one month, $13.95 each month for the 3-month plan and $11.95 each month for the 6-month plan.



  • The design of the website is user-friendly, and the layout is perfect.
  • With lots of customizable options, you can narrow down your searches to a large extent.
  • There are millions of people who visit and register on this site every month.
  • It is not as popular as it should have been.
  • The premium features are only available for the paid subscribers.
  • The options are limited when it comes to finding local matches.

Estimated visits last month – 464.4K

If you are looking for a cool Christian dating site, then is the perfect site for you.

Also, it is one of the few exclusive Christian dating sites on the internet which is owned by Christians and dedicated to Christians.

It comes with a 10-day free trial after which you will have to pay $34.97 for one month, $47.97 for three months and $77.97 for six months respectively.



  • It is also available in a smartphone app.
  • There are many search options which can be customised to find your ideal match.
  • The quick matches section allows you to find matches for yourself quickly.
  • It is quite affordable as compared to the other premium sites.
  • The dearth of premium features can affect the experience of the users.
  • There are a lot of unnecessary options when it comes to finding a match which suits your preferences.
  • This site has to catch up when it comes to online visitors.

#10. Marry Well

Estimated visits last month - NA

Marry Well is another dating site which is dedicated for Christian couples and singles.

It is one of the few Christian dating sites which comes at an inexpensive rate and is focussed towards those individuals who are very conservative and strict in their approach.

As a result, people looking for casual dates and hook-ups might find it boring.



  • This site is exclusively for Christian members and therefore a good choice for people who are seeking only Christian partners.
  • You need to pay only $5.99 for a one-month subscription which makes it quite reasonable.
  • It has interesting conversational starters for new visitors.
  • The site lacks in numbers and is more suited for people who do not mind engaging in long distance relationships.
  • It is not suited for people who seek casual relations.
  • It does not target specific age groups precisely.

#11. Christian Crush

Estimated visits last month – 44K

Through Christian Crush we have found another particular Christian dating site which is loaded with cool search filters and fresh look.

Comparatively, this is a new Christian dating site, and therefore it can catch up with many of the big names in the future.

It lets you know which people think the way you think about the Christian faith, church and other aspects which can make it a perfect Christian dating site for many individuals.

They charge you with $12.99 per month for availing premium membership.



  • Finding like-minded dates on this site is easy.
  • It is suitable for both casual and long-term relationship seekers.
  • The site is hassle free and does not contain unnecessary preferences like preferred hair colour.
  • The number of visitors on this site is limited.
  • It does not target a specific age group precisely due to the lack of numbers.
  • It is not suited for people who wish to date local members.

#12. OkCupid

Estimated visits last month – 34.4 million

OkCupid is not exclusively for Christians, but it has a sizeable Christian population which makes it an attractive site for the people who are seeking Christian partners and dates.

However, there are some complaints related to the genuineness and quality of the matches available here.

The premium fees for are $9.95, $23.85 and $29.70 for one, three and six-month plan respectively.



  • You can connect this app with your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • It comes as a mobile app as well.
  • You can access almost all the features without a premium account.
  • You have to pay if you want to access features like advanced search or for seeing the likes on your profile.
  • If you consider the premium membership charges of this account, then there are far better options available when we compare it with the other Christian dating sites.
  • You can get frequent e-mails and notifications from this site which is irritating most of the times.

#13. Christian Connection

Estimated visits last month -646.6K

Christian Connection is an ideal site for the Christians as you will find genuine Christian matches here.

It is a fun portal for those who are new to online dating and comes with numerous innovative and user-friendly features as well.

The free trial period lasts for three days after which you will have to pay $12 per month.



  • If you have some issues regarding your account, you can always contact their customer relations team.
  • The easy icebreakers prove to be great conversation starters for the new visitors.
  • There are a lot of single Christians here waiting for you!
  • It comes only with a three day free trial period after which you will have to bear the subscription charges.
  • It is more suited for the open-minded Christians.
  • The overall look and appeal of this site can be improved.

#14. BigChurch

Estimated visits last month – 26.3K

BigChurch is a perfect site for you if you want to find interesting Christian singles seamlessly.

Also, the premium subscription fee of this site is affordable which makes it a preferable site for everyone.

It is loaded with numerous features and matchmaking options which make it a desirable site for the users.

They charge $15.99 for one month and $29.97 for three months.



  • The user interface of this website is fun and easy to use.
  • It is available for both the iPhone and Android users.
  • There are a lot of new visitors on this site every month.
  • Finding an ideal match can be difficult especially since it lacks a thorough checklist of preferences and tastes.
  • There are fewer options to describe yourself on this network.
  • This app lacks the last seen feature.

#15. LDS Singles

Estimated visits last month – 181.2K

Launched in 1996, LSD Singles has proved itself to be an elite matchmaking site which is also suitable for the individuals who are seeking non-committed and casual relationships.

Moreover, you can also find the matches by your faith which allows the Christians to find their perfect partner. The charges of LDS Singles is $15 per month.



  • The registration process is lucid and easy.
  • It comes with a compatibility test tool which helps you to find matches according to your personality.
  • he numerous search and filter options help you to narrow down the searches.
  • The design and overall appearance of this site look traditional and outdated.
  • It is not available in the form of an app for smartphones. However, the site is fully functional on mobiles.
  • The users had a better experience on mobile as compared on their desktop.

#16. Christian Matchmaker

Estimated visits last month - NA

Christian Matchmaker is a good site for the Christians who want to experience a hassle-free and engaging online dating experience.

It allows a person to date by their faith and religion which is a good thing for the people who like to date people who have similar faiths when it comes to God and religion.

The two-year plan is affordable, and you need only to spend $13.95 per month for this subscription.



  • Members who are using a free account can still send messages to the people who they find attractive.
  • The premium membership is available at an affordable price.
  • You will find many members on this site who are serious about dating and finding true love.
  • This site lacks in numbers which makes it a bit hard to recommend it as a perfect premium site.
  • The design and look of this website are lacklustre and plain.
  • It does not have any unique feature of its own and seems to be replicating the features which other premium sites already have.

Estimated visits last month - 1.07 million is a cool site for those who want to make new acquaintances, friends and date someone whom they find special.

It is an ideal site for Christians as there are a lot of Christians singles active on this site.

The premium membership cost starts are 27.99 pounds (U.K) per month and the monthly rates for three, and six-month plans are 20.99 and 13.99 pounds respectively.



  • It is suited for both casual and serious relationship seekers.
  • It is not an exclusive Christian dating site, but it has a dedicated Christian chat room where you will find genuine Christians.
  • It also provides numerous fun-to-read and interesting blogs on couples and relations which help the singles as well as the couples.
  • The user interface can be improved, and the site looks ancient.
  • The site is not exclusively meant for Christians.

Estimated visits last month – 137.9K is a completely free and interesting Christian dating site meant only for Christians.

It is also owned by Christians and provides all the premium services free of cost.

It has been providing its exceptional dating and matchmaking services from more than 15 years which makes it a reliable and secure site.



  • There are no hidden charges and premium accounts which mean that all of its services are free.
  • They maintain the confidentiality of the members and do not share the data with any other dating site or matchmaking portal.
  • Seniors, singles, divorced people, single parents are all active on this site.
  • The site looks ancient when we talk about its overall looks and appearance.
  • Even though it is site meant for Christians, you can find different fake profiles as well.

Estimated visits last month - NA

Christian Date is another free dating website which consists of a lot of Christian singles belonging to different races.

It allows you to find and search your ideal partner and suits both the casual and serious date seekers. The premium charges of this site are just $10 per month.



  • It has a huge database of Christian singles.
  • The registration method of this site is quick and easy.
  • The portal is simple to navigate and use.
  • The design and overall appearance of this site are plain and boring.
  • It lacks premium features that the other sites offer.
  • It is more suited for casual dating and hook-ups.

#20. Funky Fish

Estimated visits last month – NA

Funky Fish is a cool and casual dating site for Christian singles. It has more than 23K Christian singles and is an exclusive Christian dating site.



  • This site is completely free, but you can also avail its premium features by paying only $4.5 on a monthly basis.
  • There are many personal stories shared on this site which is fun and interesting to read.
  • There are all types of Catholic, Protestants, Baptist and other types of Christians active on this website.
  • The ads on this site can be a nuisance sometimes.
  • The active members are far less when we compare it with other sites.

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