Top 10 Best Butt Plugs to Scream with Pleasure (2019)

As is common knowledge, sex is quite a fun and enjoyable experience. This experience tends to get even better with the use of sex toys. 

It is no news that sex toys are known to enhance pleasure in oneself while having sex. They can also be used in the absence of one’s partner, i.e. while masturbating.

They are a good way of releasing your pent up sexual energy, and to be able to easily pleasure yourself. 

Speaking of butt plugs, they work well for people who are looking to have some adventure and are willing to push their boundaries further and try new things.

Many people decide to purchase butt plugs either out of habit and regular use, or because they are curious and keen to try out something new. The shape of the butt plug is what makes it a butt plug. It’s a genius design which helps people to enjoy with hands free anal stimulation for long periods of time.

Best Butt Plugs

Whatever your reason maybe, this article will guide you and give you a gist of the best 10 but plugs that you can purchase, what factors must you consider while zeroing down on any butt plug of your choice, and what qualities you should look for in a butt plug when purchasing it. 

Are you already into anal and want to know how to use a butt plug? We've got you. Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys you can get in the market for anal play. 

Top 3 Best Butt Plugs to Scream with Pleasure (2019)

We also have a buyers guide at the end of this article, so make sure you check it out. You will be surprised and will surely love it 🙂

Top 10 Butt Plug Devices

This butt plug stands apart from all other butt plugs due to its highly incredible and stylish design.

Apart from the usual tapering design, this device even has a ring below it for easy access to the product and to be able to insert and pull out with ease.

Having said that, it is indeed one of the best butt plugs you can buy at the rate at which it is available.

It is not only reasonably and affordably priced, but is also a good steal at that rate. 


  • The good for beginners
  • Flexible
  • Small enough to wear all day


  • It is available in two colours: black and pink
  • Due to its small size and an extremely comfortable fit, it even be worn be all day long whole you carry out your daily mundane activities.
  • It is easy to clean, wear and remove.
  • Though it is quite small in size, the pleasure provided by it is intense, to say the least.
  • The size is just right for beginners as well as for regular users, and many people even love the feel of the product.


  • The loop or ring designed to hold the butt plug in place while inserting or removing it is a little dodgy and flimsy in a few individual pieces.

This device is extra comfortable owing to its unique shape and design.

Also, it has a round neck for easy insertion and a slim neck to make sure that the plug stays inside you for longer than expected.

The entire butt plug is water proof, which makes it easy to use, enjoy and even wash up later on.

Both the design and the structure are quite shapely and even looks elegant and classy on the outside.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Different sized anal plugs
  • Non-allergenic


  • The product is made up of glass which makes it quite comfortable to slide in and out of you during usage.
  • It comes in a set of 3, and each plug is complete with its own velvet pouch for safe storage.
  • The flat base is responsible for causing the user an easy access to the device for handling and usage.
  • This butt plug can also be heated or cooled depending on your mood to favour your sexual desires and fantasies.
  • The slim neck makes it possible for the butt plug to stay inside for longer periods of time.


  • The material which this butt plug is made up of is glass, hence extra care needs to be taken while using it.

This is the Best glass butt plug and its totally worth the money.

This glass butt plug, as the name says, is quite small and is perfect for anal virgins.

Also, if you are looking to have some fun on your own or try out a different aspect of exploring your sexual boundaries, this product is just the one for you to make a start.

It comes in various sizes and colours. Above all, the glass material adds a translucent look to it, enhancing its appearance.

Most people experience no pain with this device as it can be simply inserted and removed with ease owing to its sleek design and small size.


  • Great for temperature play
  • Good for beginners
  • Tapered head


  • The shape of the butt plug is perfect for beginners and can be used quite easily.
  • It is easy to wash and clean up after use.
  • The pleasure increases multiple folds while using this butt plug.
  • The look of the device is such that it looks appealing and attracting.
  • This product is also reasonably priced and is affordable even if you are on a tight budget.


  • Some users have complained that it is too cold to be used up your anus, but can easily be warmed up too.

4. Hush Butt Plug - Top Vibrating Butt Plug

This is, perhaps, the best butt plug to invest in if you are looking for something over-the-top to invest your money and time into.

The striking feature of this sex toy is that it comes with a remote control.

In other words, you no more will have to hassle with wires when you are busy pleasuring yourself or having a good time with your partner.

This device is especially meant for couples who want to introduce some fun in their sex lives.

This butt plug can even be used all day long owing to its long battery life. This vibrating butt plug is a must have


  • Rubber-Free
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Handsfree


  • This device has a wireless design coupled with a smooth and tapering body for comfortable, quick and painless insertion.
  • The wide base completely eliminates the possibility of the plug going to deep inside in order to avoid unnecessary issues.
  • The multi-speed vibrator is responsible for extra induced pleasure during usage.
  • The remote control is meant for easy usage and can even be monitored by your partner.
  • The waterproof design makes it possible to wash up quickly and effortlessly after every use.
  • Since the device is waterproof, you can even use it inside the shower or bathtub for a better and fun experience.


  • The material of this product is silicone. That is why, it can only be used with water-based lubricants and not silicone-based.

This device is smartly designed in such a way so that it can fit your anus curve without any difficulty.

Also, it is quite flexible to ensure that the user has a wonderful experience using it.

It is made and designed to come in handy for a wonderful user experience for both men and women.

The material is super smooth and can easily slide in and out of you in a painless manner.

The curve of this butt plug makes it possible to erotically massage your interiors thereby successfully inducing an intense orgasm.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Top-quality silicone
  • Easy to Insert


  • This butt plug works well for both first timers as well as advanced users, and also equally well for men and women.
  • There is a need for water or silicone based lube with this butt plug. You can invest in a water-based or silicone-based lube for the same.
  • The price is not just good but excellent for a product which provides such multiple benefits.


  • Though the size is not too small, it may prove insufficient for regular users.
  • Having said that, this butt plug works more than just good for beginners looking to raise the bar bit by bit.

The name tells you all about there is to know regarding this product.

It has 10 different functions and varied intensity levels for you to pick among them.

This is so that it fits every man’s and woman’s bedroom needs, be it a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced level individual.

There is something for everyone. Even on the lowest of all intensities, the vibrations are enough to be felt and enjoyed.

Current and former users have been known to be delighted by the working and performance of this product that they recommend it to everyone who is thinking of giving anal sex a shot. 


  • T-bar shaped butt plug
  • Easy to Clean
  • Flexible


  • There are 10, as the name says, vibration modes to choose from depending on your mood or preference.
  • This device is not just meant for immediate beginners and first timers, but also for intermediate players who are looking to level up as far as their bedroom skills are concerned.
  • It can also be used by advanced individuals since it has 10 different varying intensity modes to choose from.
  • The size of this product is large, and the vibrations are intense and powerful.


  • Although it is meant for people who have been exposed to anal sex for quite some time, it can be a little too intense for beginners and anal virgins.

The shape of this butt plug takes its entire anal stimulation experience a notch higher.

Every one of the butt plugs in this set is round and curved at the top for easy insertion,broad in the centre which makes it ideal for stretching up your hole, and then tapers down toward the end.

Also, it is wide at the base to hold the butt plug in place while it does its job.

You can even let it go and have your hands free while you enjoy that experience. 


  • High quality material
  • Powerful suction force
  • Easy to clean


  • The shape tends to add just the right amount of pressure to your perineum which is enough to induce an orgasm.
  • The butt plugs in this set are made from hypoallergenic and the best quality silicone that poses absolutely no issues to the skin.
  • The material is highly non porous, which ensures that the butt plug remains in its thoroughly sterilised and disinfected state.
  • This combo pack offers four different sizes to choose from as per your convenience.
  • It can also be used for vaginal stimulation in women during foreplay or masturbation.


  • Since this product is made of silicone, one cannot possibly use silicone based lube with this butt plug.

This product is made from a soft jelly-like material that is perfect for first time users.

Also, the transparent elegant colour gives it an edge over other products and butt plugs.

The rubber-jelly is flexible yet firm at the same time for easy penetration and gentle anal stimulation.


  • Hands-free insertion
  • Flexible
  • Tapered tip for smooth insertion


  • The shape of the butt plug makes it an ideal fit in the anus.
  • It is available in three colours: black, pink and purple.
  • Can be used while having vaginal sex in order to intensify the orgasm.
  • It is pretty comfortable for beginners and extremely easy to clean afterward.


  • This device tends to pop out during use since it is quite small in size, or if excess lube is used.

The shape of this butt plug is enough to stimulate your inner core senses while you have the time of your life having an orgasm ripping you apart.

The round tip, tapered neck and the wide base of the butt plug make it extremely easy to insert inside and even pull out after you are done.

The design is just so that you can have your hands free while you enjoy without any trouble.

Also, you can even wear it for long periods of time without much of a hassle.


  • Soft sleek material
  • Ultra-hygienic silicone
  • Easy to clean


  • The tapered design is just right to keep the plug in place while you have your hands free
  • You can even easily wear it and remove it due to its tapered shape
  • It is made up of silicone material which will pose absolutely no harm to your body, and can be used with a water-based lubricant.
  • It is solely and exclusively designed for experienced individuals with anal sex and hence not meant to be used for beginners.
  • It can be worn during foreplay while having sex or while masturbating.


  • In spite of the smooth and sleek material, there may be some need to apply a water based or silicone based lube during usage.
  • Don’t go too overboard with lube usage since there are chances of the butt plug slipping out during the actual act.

As the name says it, this product is a pack of 4 pieces clubbed together as one.

It is solely designed for beginners, especially first time users with an easy to use mechanism and a simple technique of toying around with it.

Since it is meant for first time users, you can very gift it to a beloved to have them try out their adventurous skills, or use it yourself with your partner for a more fun and pleasurable bedroom experience. 

Push your limits a little, and discover a whole new set of possibilities with this product at your disposal.


  • Prevent over-insertion
  • Shaped for hands-free use
  • Keep things safe


  • This product is coupled with vibrating anal beads especially meant to enhance your overall pleasure and elevate your mood.
  • It comes with a wired controller so that your partner can easily take control of the vibration of the butt plug while you enjoy and have the time of your life.
  • It has two options to choose from: smooth bulb and intense beads. You can use one according to your choice or mood for the day.
  • It is highly recommended for foreplay for people trying anal sex for the very first time.


  • There is no complementary lube with the package, so you need to invest in a water-based lube before you start using the butt plugs.
  • The battery pack is quite fragile to use. It could have been sturdier.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is one of the kinkiest sex toy to spice up your sex life, a butt plug. Butt plugs come in all different shapes and sizes according to your preference and experience. So, below we listed a few butt plugs that are better for a beginner, and for experienced users.


It is a sex toy that must be inserted within the rectum to get sexual pleasure. Its just like a dildo for your ass. Its ending prevents it from being lost inside.

What Makes A Good Butt Plug

There are certain things that need to be considered when deciding upon the goodness of your butt plug. Of course, you cannot just start using any product out of the blue. You need to be doubly sure about what are its advantages, disadvantages, features and risks associated with it.

Here are some of the ways by which you can decide if the butt plug you are about to purchase is safe for use or not:


The best choice is to avoid going for any butt plug made out of phthalates. You can buy products made of wood, plastic, silicone, and rubber. Whatever you choose, make sure you read all reviews well beforehand to help you decide correctly.


You are looking to seek anal pleasure and not hurt yourself. The safest choice is to opt for small butt plugs, especially for a beginner, instead of leaping on to larger ones.

If you are comfortable with the later, then very well go for it. But if you haven’t used one before, it is best to stick with a safe option than opting for a trail-and-error method.


There are many types of lubricants available in the market - water based and silicon based being the two widely used ones.

Water based lubricants are better to use and are easier to clean up afterwards, whereas silicone based lubes can be used with butt plugs made of any material except silicone.


Customer reviews play a major role, especially when you decide to buy anything from an online retail store. Use them to your advantage and have all your doubts cleared.

Remember that these ae the words of current and former users, and hence, you ought to believe them and consider them while choosing your butt plug.


Know how you are going to wear and use your sex toy- inside or outside. If you are looking to wear it outside of yourself, then you may have no hassle dealing with it.

But if you are intending to wear it inside you, then investing in a lube or a tight underwear simultaneously might be a good idea.

Remember that no matter how good a butt plug is, its sole ultimate value depends on the one going to use it. Therefore, know your preferences well before you set out to buy one.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Butt Plug

While personally shopping for your butt plugs, or any sex toy for that matter. There are certain things to be kept in mind and acted upon wisely. A list of few such things is given below:


You may want to invest in a certain type of material or lube for your butt plug. You may want to purchase it only from one particular place instead of trying out other websites.

Or you may only consider buying one size. Whatever it is, be crystal clear about your likes and preferences, and make your purchase accordingly.


As mentioned before, reviews are the only window of information you have on the actual performance of the product. Make sure you research your product well before you actually set out to buy it for yourself.


Instead of purchasing individual butt plugs for yourself, invest in a set of multiple such plugs. In this way, you will get to try out different sizes all without the pain of undergoing the shopping experience all over again.

You may even end up saving a couple of bucks in the process.

Why Using Butt Plugs is Pleasurable and Also Why It’s Important to Prepare Before Using it for Beginners

Using butt plugs is extremely pleasurable because the anus has thousands of nerve endings which stimulate hard core orgasms. 

Butt plugs make sexual pleasure easier because they apply pressure to erogenous zones and they create the feeling of “fullness”. In fact, pressure is what gives many people the experience of great pleasure, both vaginally and anally. 

Butt plugs are fantastic way to improve your experience while giving and receiving oral sex. It can be combined with all kinds of genital play. 

So what are the main things to keep in mind while using butt plugs as a beginner? The main thing to keep in mind is that it should never be painful and if it is, it’s not the right size for you. 

Try arousing yourself to relax your body by watching some porn or any other method which is of your preference. 

Don’t use a butt plug directly but start with your fingers first and then when you’re comfortable with it, go on with a butt plug of the zero size. 

Butt Plugs For Beginners

1. Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

A heart candy-themed silicone butt plug, these are cute butt plugs with messages on them.

These come in three colours and three different messages, they are made of silicon, very smooth and are non-porous, and easy to clean with soap and water.

Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

2. Hello Kitty Plug

This hello kitty themed plug is honestly one of the cutest things available in the market today. This toy is a short with manageable size.

It’s Naughty and nostalgic at the same time, this is the perfect example of innocence and kink.

It’s got a hello kitty logo which is removable and so it’ll not get damaged while washing the plug.

So if you can't decide between which beginner plug to try, you can try this Hello Kitty butt plug.

3. B-vibe Rimming Butt Plug Petite

It is a remote controlled butt plug which gives you the pleasure of rimming along with vibrations.

It is made of silicon and is the best one for anal play beginners. It relaxes the anal sphincter muscles and helps have orgasms.

Combining a vibrator with anal play, it engages everything in that erogenous zone.

B-vibe Rimming Butt Plug Petite

4. Tango Butt Plug

This is a tiny butt plug again for beginners, it has a sleek and a sexy design and is great for people wanting to spice up their sex lives.

It is made by tango, a queer Brooklyn based company. This one is teeny-tiny and not intimidating.

Tango Butt Plug

5. Rocks Off Petite Sensation

This anal vibrator has seven different vibrations speed and is ideal for beginners. It is great for people who want insertion but not girth.

It has a flat base which allows safe and easy removal. but, sometimes butt muscles are stimulated and they can create what’s essentially a vacuum and suck things in.

It’s not easy when the base of the plug is small and hence increases the chances of it being stuck.

Rocks Off Petite Sensation

6. Platinum The Minis Smooth

These butt plugs come in different sizes and help you find the best one for you. It is ideal for beginners who want to explore different sizes and find the best one for them.

It is inexpensive and so is the best first butt plug to experiment with. It’s a good choice if you’re trying out a plug for the first time and don’t want to make a big investment in something you might not love.

Platinum The Minis Smooth

When choosing a plug with a flared base, it's important to check that your toy is body safe. Cheaper toys might be made of chemicals that can enter into your body. Start small, don't let your eyes get bigger than your butthole.

Experts agree that a butt plug can improve your sex life solo or with a partner, The most important rule is to go gently.

These Are The Lubricants We Recommend To Use For Butt Plugs

Choosing the right anal lube is also essential. Butt plugs can stay in the body for long periods, so you should always apply enough lubricant to make sure that you get a comfortable and pleasurable feeling when you remove the plug.

Start small and use a lot of water based lube (don’t use silicone it can degrade your toys). It’s important to remember that it should never be painful.” Getting turned on first will help you relax.

The trick behind having the best and the most pleasurable experience is that you use a lot of lube and are calm and relaxed. 

Try using water based lubricants because it helps preserve the silicon in the butt plug which might be corroded by using some other type of lube. Glycerin free lubes like Astroglide Natural or Good Clean Love will help keep your body moist. 

Some Of The Advanced Butt Plugs For Experienced Users

1. Bumper Booty Anal Sex Toy Kit

These are made for the people who want to explore different types and shapes of butt plugs and aren’t sure of one type yet.

These come in different varieties and variations and comes in six pieces with four bead and plug butt plugs types of different sizes along with a lube shooter and a bullet vibrator.

Talk about variety

Bumper Booty Anal Sex Toy Kit

2. Crystal Delights Bunny Tail Plug

This butt plug comes with a fluffy bunny tail extension which makes it kinky as hell.

It is a cute alternative to a long fox tail which might be too much for beginners.

The tail part is easily removable and so is easily cleaned with soap and water easily and can be heated or freezed a little to add that added sensation at the end.

It comes in two sizes, small and medium and gives serious playboy bunny vibes.

Crystal Delights Bunny Tail Plug

3. Satisfyer Plugs

These plugs come in different sizes and are super sleek. These have more than one ridge and so provide pleasure on every step of removal.

These come with rings at the end to facilitate easy removal, they come in different sizes and are super smooth to use.

These flexi silicone plugs are sized from beginner to intermediate. Just use a generous amount of lube and you’re all set. 

Satisfyer Plugs

4. Unbound Shimmy

It is a large pointy butt plug which can be used as a clitoris simulator along with being a butt plug.

You only have to make sure that it’s thoroughly sterilised and it’s ready to be used on your clitoris.

It’s a two in one butt plug plus clitoral stimulator. The kinkiest use of your money.

Unbound Shimmy

Trying sex toys will do wonders to your sex life and there’s no better way to start than a butt plug, which is available in so many different kinds that there’s at least one for everyone so go ahead and explore the world of butt plugs which will leave you with the best orgasms you have ever had, don’t forget to try the one’s recommended above.

Butt plugs made of hard plastics and acrylics, on the other hand, are porous, which means they can become hotbeds of bacteria from your Gastrointestinal tract, which is neither safe nor sexy.

Butt plugs are often used as preparation for anal sex. But it can also create pleasure in other ways.

When you wear a butt plug during penetrative sex, it has the secondary effect of narrowing the vaginal canal. This helps massively in increasing the sensitivity of sex for partners in penetrative sex, especially if it’s a butt plug that vibrates.

You can also use a plug while you masturbate. Try to put butt plug and then stimulate your vagina for great fun and a much deeper and more intense orgasm.

Final Words

Consider all the above precautions and suggestions before you buy a butt plug for yourself. And purchase butt plugs from a good website which gives you the best customer experience.

Choosing the right anal lube is also essential. Butt plugs can stay in the body for long periods, so you should always apply enough lubricant to make sure that you get a comfortable and pleasurable feeling when you remove the plug.

Now you have everything you need to know and to keep you satisfied for many nights to come. Whether you are alone or with a partner.

And if you’re hesitant about making a mess, don’t worry. “Sex is messy, whether it’s emotionally messy or physically messy, and that’s what makes it amazing.” And also remember to wash your toys and your hands.

Bet you’re now thinking of buying a butt plug and start exploring!

Remember that butt plugs are quite a personal choice. What may go down well with one individual may not work just as fine for another.

In spite of considering all the above precautions and suggestions before buying a butt plug for yourself, chances are that you may not end up with one of your choice.

You may have to buy butt plugs frequently in order to find the one that suits you the best, or you may find your desired butt plug in the first purchase itself. This is why, it is nothing but a good idea to invest in a set of multiple butt plugs if you are a first time user.

Remember to purchase only from a site which gives you the best customer experience, and that which sports different types of sex toys as per your desires.

It really is a trail and error process after all. Also, many people are unaware of what they are really looking for, and hence it makes the shopping experience a total nightmare.

But it will all fall into place since you are bound to learn the where about of this process with due practice and constant exposure.

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