Top 10 Best Black Sex Dolls – 40% Discount Inside (2020)

Sex dolls are available in different sizes and varieties. Also, they differ in hair colour, eye colour, and skin complexion.

After trying many sex dolls by myself, I found something very attractive but inexplicable about black sex dolls.

Their dark colour-aroused me every time I used them, and they also looked more realistic than the other dolls. 

Therefore, to explore my dark fantasy I decided to go through different ebony love dolls to find which one of them is better when it comes to performance.


I did not expect black dolls to be available in such big numbers and therefore I had to spend a considerable amount of time to shortlist the best among them. Having a fair bit of experience in using sex dolls always helps and this helped me while choosing the dolls with the right texture, apt colour, and precise features.

Therefore, I proudly present my top-ten list of black dolls which are appealing, soothing and good enough to satiate your intrinsic preference for black colour.

Top 10 Best Black Sex Dolls

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Zara: Big Ass Black Sex Doll

Height – 5 ft 3 inches


Francine: Beautiful Black Sex Doll

Weight – 28kgs


Virginia: Realistic Black Sex Doll

Penetrable anal depth – 6.7 inches

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#1. Zara: Big Ass Black Sex Doll

We all love African babes who have a buxom figure, ample breasts, and large swinging buttocks. Zara is an ebony love doll who has all of this and more.

Its skeletal structure and joints simulate mature black women, and its smooth skin allows you to love it passionately on your bed.

Zara is offered by YL Dolls at $2499.

However, if you opt for additional options like a removable vagina, storage case, etc. you will have to pay extra.

Few black love dolls are so hot and adorable than Zara.

If you love ebony sex dolls, you would not mind spending some extra bucks for it as it can prove to be your ideal sex partner.

She is one of the sex toys which are made for the people who want to have the pleasure of a black and ebony girl. 




  • $1,999


  • Height – 5 ft 3 inches
  • Weight – 27kgs
  • Stats – 39 * 23 * 41
  • Material- SILICONE
  • Penetrable anal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable oral depth – 6 inches
  • You can design the doll as per your requirements.


  • You can avail a hard case storage box for this sex doll if you pay a little bit extra.
  • It is made from premium quality and soft TPE which enhances its overall durability.
  • It is made from premium quality and soft TPE which enhances its overall durability.
  • Couples mainly opt it.
  • Can be enjoyed in a threesome.
  • Very well-shaped.


  • The overall cost with customizations can make it an expensive sex doll.
  • You might have to use it for a few times before getting used to it.
  • It is best for experienced.
  • Not cost-effective.

#2. Francine: Beautiful Black Sex Doll

If you adore petite figure bubble butts, then you would like to check out Francine. She is a sexy black doll who looks so real that it is hard to not fall in love with her.

She is tall, slender and hot like hell and you would love to have a sex doll like her in your life.

Francine is offered at $2499, but the extra features will cost you extra. The slender and slim waistline of this doll feels divine when you hold it while penetrating.

The sharp features and puffy lips of this sex doll make it perfect for mouth fucking.

Therefore, we recommend this love doll to anyone who has a thing for black and petite babes.

This toy is a sex doll having a hot and cute butt that makes her desirable by many of the users.




  • $1,899


  • Height – 5 ft 6 inches
  • Weight – 28kgs
  • Stats – 27 * 21 * 28 inches
  • Material- SILICONE
  • Penetrable anal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable oral depth – 6 inches
  • Customizable hair and eye color.


  • The anal and vaginal cavities of this doll are deep enough to accommodate big dicks. Also, one can penetrate deep inside her mouth for enjoying oral sex.
  • This sex doll is perfect for those who are into petite babes.
  • It is made from high-quality TPE which improves its robustness by a large extent.
  • Made up of premium quality silicon
  • Suitable for people who like a petite babe
  • User can have the pleasure of blowjob as well


  • Lovers of voluptuous and BBW bodies may not like this African beauty.
  • Some men might find it costly.
  • The body style is not like usual African ebony women.

#3. Virginia: Realistic Black Sex Doll

Virginia is another black sex doll with a petite and sexy figure. She is short, petite and has got a sexy butt which makes her hot and desirable.

Moreover, you can penetrate in all her three holes, and her flexible limbs will assist you in every possible way.

This sex doll is offered at $2399, but bonus features will require additional charges.

If you want to spend some memorable moments with a chocolate coloured petite babe, then this doll is perfect for you.

You need to pay extra for the bonus features like storage case and removable vagina, but its overall performance makes it buyable.

This sex doll is a cute yet sexy black toy and is made for those who want a partner with nearly perfect attributes.




  • USD 1,899


  • Height – 5 ft 1 inch
  • Weight – 26kgs
  • Stats – 32 * 21 * 30 inches
  • Material- SILICONE
  • Penetrable anal depth – 6.7 inches
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 6.7 inches
  • Penetrable oral depth – 5.1 inch
  • Customizing this doll is not costly.


  • The manufacturer of this black sex doll is WM dolls that has a reputation of being one of the best brands in the market when it comes to sex dolls.
  • The joints and limbs of this sex doll are movable and help you to get the doll in the desired position easily.
  • You get a removable vagina which helps in cleaning the doll if you are ready to spend a few extra bucks.
  • Easily customizable
  • Parts are removable
  • Respectable brand


  • Men who love busty babes might find it inappropriate.
  • The brown chocolate coloured skin of this doll looks a little fake.
  • The color makes it less realistic

#4. Black Huge Tits 151cm (4ft11') Silicone Sex Doll

If you are in love with short and busty black women, then this gorgeous dark coloured sex doll will be a great grab for you.

You can squeeze her ample breasts and huge buttocks as much as you like and she will never complain. 

It is made to look like real, and its illustrated body and bouncy boobs are good enough to satiate your darkest fantasies.

This doll is offered at $2199.

Some of the dolls are made to please our eyes whereas some sex dolls impress with their performance.

However, this black sex doll excels in both the departments and proves to be an ideal choice despite its expensive price.

This doll is a sex toy that is made for people who love ebony babes with huge tits.

Black Huge Tits 151cm (4ft11') Silicone Sex Doll



  • $2,199


  • Height – 151 cm
  • Weight – 31kgs
  • Stats – 93 * 50 * 85 cm
  • Material- SILICON
  • Penetrable anal depth – 15 cm
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 16 cm
  • Penetrable oral depth – 12 cm


  • This black sex doll is made from silicone which feels great when you touch and caress her.
  • It is an ideal sex doll for those who love voluptuous black women.
  • It records clear videos
  • A free outfit is provided with the package.
  • The silicon used is of premium quality
  •  The dress is provided in the box
  • For people who love sassy ebony women


  • Thin guys might find it a bit heavy.
  • Bulky material
  • Durability is a bit less than the other dolls

#5. 156cm (5ft1') H - Cup Big Breast Ebony Phoebe

If you are looking for a short but busty ebony babe with huge boobs, then you must look at this awesome dark chocolate coloured babe.

She is hot, voluptuous and has adorable curly hair which makes her look out of this world. This sex doll will cost you $2099.

Dazzling eyes, pouty lips, and dark chocolate colour make it one of the gorgeous black dolls on this list.

Men who are crazy about big boobs will find it hot, and its multiple holes will provide you with different ways to satiate your sexual hunger.

Due to all these reasons, this sex doll is buyable.  

Phoebe is a sex doll known for her big tits and a dark brown color, which makes her one of the most irresistible sex dolls in the market.



  • $2,099


  • Height –156 cm
  • Weight – 31kgs
  • Stats – 98 * 59.5 * 95 cm
  • Material- SILICONE
  • Penetrable oral depth – 13 cm
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 18 cm
  • Penetrable anal depth – 17 cm
  • You can change the size of the boobs and ass.


  • The sexy lips, curly hair and sharp features of this doll make it look adorable.
  • The bouncy breasts are so huge that you can hide your face under them easily.
  • You get a free outfit when you buy this black sex doll.
  • The dress is provided in the box
  • High detailed attributes


  • The lack of customisation options makes it a bit lacklustre.
  • Not budget-friendly

#6. 168cm (5ft6') A-Cup head 83 African-American WM Dolls

Manufactured by WM Dolls this black sex doll has a body like a sex goddess.

It impresses us with its fine quality, sharp features, and modest height. It is a life-sized black sex doll with a petite figure, and one can explore all its three holes with ease of fulfilling their darkest fantasies.

It is available at $2099, but the price may increase as per the customisations and accessories.

If you are looking to nail a sizzling black beauty, chances of getting your dreams fulfilled are quite low.

However, when you have ebony sex dolls like this, you need not worry about anything. This doll has got an inviting body, perfect features, and a seductive skin colour which make it good enough to flare up your nights.

We recommend it to everyone who dreams of having sex with a dark-coloured babe.

These dolls are manufactured by the dealer who is known for making dolls of detailed attributes and realistic shapes, making it look like a sexy ebony girl.



  • $2,099


  • MEASUREMENT- (69-53-71)cm
  • The customization of body parts is possible.


  • It is of high quality
  • It has a high resolution
  • It records clear videos
  • It has a good audio quality
  • It is reliable
  • Has exquisite details
  • Premium quality material
  • Has sharp attributes


  • It requires good lighting
  • It is a bit expensive

#7. 168cm (5ft6') A-Cup Ebony Nava

Another sex doll from WM Dolls; a stellar brand keen in manufacturing sex dolls that simulate women of different ethnicities and cultures.

This black sex doll is a rare specimen which is neither too voluptuous not very skinny but perfect enough to make your darkest dreams come true.

It has got a decent height; smart face and sexy body apart from its dark and smooth complexion which makes it look naughty.

All these features along with its modest price make it a great grab for those who are looking for kinky black sex dolls.

It is offered at $2099, and you can pay via credit cards, debit cards and even through PayPal.

You even do not have to open a PayPal account for paying via PayPal. There are varieties of black sex dolls available the market, but this one seems to be quite impressive too.

It has got flawless skin and smooth texture which resembles the body of a well-nourished black babe.

If you feel horny when black beauties are around you, then you must certainly check this hot bombshell out.

This doll is made by the WM company, which is known for giving a sexy detail to their toys, which is why this doll came out to be one of the sexiest black sex dolls.



  • $2,099


  • Height – 168 cm
  • Weight – 28kgs
  • Stats – 69 * 53 * 71
  • Material- SILICONE
  • Penetrable anal depth – 17 cm
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 19 cm
  • Penetrable oral depth – 13 cm
  • Accessories are included with this doll


  • It is designed to simulate real bodies of gorgeous black women.
  • It is flexible enough to provide you with a fulfilling experience. You can explore anal, vaginal and anal sex postures by using this sex doll.
  • The premium quality materials and solid structure of this sex doll make it good enough for long-lasting use.
  • If you decorate it with the right accessories and makeup, it looks simply amazing! You also get a free costume with his ebony love doll.
  • The material used is good quality silicon.


  • Some customizations are lacking if we compare it with some other ebony sex dolls of this list.
  • Durability is somewhat less than the other ones.

#8. Elena: Curly Hair Black Sex Doll

You will love Elena if you have ever dreamt of a sexy black girlfriend with thick curly hair and decent assets.

Her modest busts narrow down towards the waist and get wider towards the hips which make her resemble a sex goddess.

She has deep black eyes and naughty lips which seem to invite you to mouth fuck her.

All these attributes make this doll a desirable black diva for many sex doll maniacs!

You can avail this steamy sex doll at $2199.

Some sex dolls are good while some are better, but this exceptional black beauty is special in her way.

Some men may find it a bit costly, but great things do not come cheap, and this ravishing sex doll proves that accurately.

We surely recommend it to all the black pussy lovers!

This sex doll is made for the people who love a dark-colored babe with optimal attributes and statistics and want to be with a sexy black girlfriend.



  • $2,199


  • Height – 155 cm
  • Weight – 26kgs
  • Stats – 25.2 * 15.75 * 29.53 inches
  • Material - SILICONE
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 6.7 inches
  • Penetrable anal depth – 6.7 inches
  • Penetrable oral depth – 5.1 inches
  • You can change the attributes, accessories included.


  • The skeletal structure of this ebony sex doll is made from steel which makes it strong and sturdy. The joints are flexible and can be moved in any angle to adjust it according to your preferred sex position.
  • The dark skin and flawless texture make this sex doll unique and inviting as well.
  • Anal, vaginal and even oral sex pleasures can be enjoyed with this black babe.
  • Ideal for people who are craving for anal sex and blowjob
  • More durable than other dolls
  • Shape and attributes are highly detailed, and the skin tone is entirely made.


  • Men with dreams of having sex with big and voluptuous black women might find it small.
  • Many black sex dolls have much deeper holes
  • The whole is smaller than most of the dolls
  • Not cost-effective

#9. Destiny: Ebony Sex Doll

Designed to be an 18-year-old teen, this gorgeous black sex doll can give happy endings to your kinkiest sexual fantasies.

Hot kissable lips, stunning dark colour, and hourglass figure make her favourite of many sex hungry souls.

She looks perfect to be savoured in multiple ways, and her holes are deep enough to give you a sensational experience.

Destiny is offered at $2299 on right now! We find this black sex doll extremely arousing and sensuous.

She is that perfect black girlfriend whom you would love to have as your wife as well. Therefore, do not think too much if you want to make her your bed partner soon!

This toy is one of the sexiest sex dolls available on the market. The attributes and details make it a perfect sex doll that can arouse a person and fulfill the sexual desires of that person.




  • $2,299


  • Height – 5 ft 2 inches
  • Weight – 25kgs
  • Stats – 31 * 21 * 32 inches
  • Material - SILICONE
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable anal depth – 8 inches
  • Penetrable oral depth – 6 inches
  • Customization of breasts, ass, and the hair is possible.


  • She has got muscular thighs, buxom butts, and a curvy figure.
  • Bright accessories and apparels make her look out of this world.
  • She is in perfect shape to be savoured from all every which way possible.
  • Has great thighs


  • We would have loved it more if she had been a little on the heavier side.
  • It is slightly costly as compared to some other full-sized ebony sex dolls.

#10. Black Skin Tall Pretty Love Sex Doll-Anna 168cm

Anna is a sex doll you would like to fuck even when you are not aroused. She looks so seductive and hot that any man can easily fall for her even if he is not into black girls and women.

This is a silicone sex doll which is designed to be tall, sexy and perfect from all the angles.

Her legs are so smooth and shapely that you would love to hang them on your shoulders while banging her pussy hard.

Therefore, I do not think that this black sex doll is anywhere less when we compare it with other sex dolls in this list.

Anna is offered at just $1699. However, the total cost may increase as you change her wig, eye colour, tattoos, etc.

She is hot, sexy and affordable too. Go get her before she gets out of stock!

Anna is the type of sex doll that can arouse a man even when he is not in the mood to get excited by having such sexy and detailed shapes and attributes.



  • $1,699


  • Height – 168 cm
  • Weight – 50kgs
  • Stats – 108 * 79 * 106 cm
  • Material - SILICONE
  • Eye colours available – Green, Brown, Blue
  • Material - TPE
  • Accessories included


  • This sex doll is designed to feel and resemble a real black babe. She even weighs around 50 kilograms which is roughly the weight of petite black babes.
  • The smooth skin and articulated body allow you to enjoy her in every which way possible.
  • She proves to be a great partner in the bed who can satisfy all your kinky fantasies.
  • Can arouse a person easily
  • Is suitable for the people who want sex and perfect shaped girl


  • She tends to be a bit heavy especially for the lighter guys.
  • Her skin colour seems to be a little fake.
  • Bulky sex doll

The black sex dolls are desired by the users who love to have pleasure with a black babe. The unique attributes and details make these sex dolls favorite to the interracial porn-loving people.

They are available in various types, making it possible according to the user's desire, and some can be customized like- you can customize the breast size, the texture, and many more. 

Why Get a Black Sex Doll

Many people face the problem of not meeting a sexual partner at the right time. They have certain urges to indulge in a sexual relationship. People nowadays are unable to complete these desires due to constraints like lack of time, lack of confidence, and many other reasons.

Sex dolls are a boon for such scenarios. You can purchase these lifelike dolls and fulfill your desires. Another aspect of these sex dolls is that you will not catch any STDs through them. As these dolls are your property, so you do not have to worry about their hygiene. 

What to Consider in Buying a Black Sex Doll

There are various types of sex dolls present in the market, having different qualities and attributes. The buyer should choose the sex doll accordingly and should keep in mind a few things.

  • COST- The sex toy price must not be too much and must range between $1599 to $2199.
  • BRAND- The brand of the sex toy must be kept in mind by the user as different brands provide different specialties.
  • DURABILITY- The sex toy which the user is buying must be durable and not too sensitive.
  • DISCRETION- You should select a sex doll as per your choice. The primary purpose of a sex doll is to make you happy as you will be using it.
  • TIGHTNESS- The tightness of the opening must be optimal and should not be too small.
  • TEXTURE/FEEL- Texture of the sex toy must be smooth and should be realistic
  • VARIETY- There should be a fair number of accessories with the sex toy to change it accordingly.

How to Use a Sex Doll

Once you receive your order, you can go ahead and open the package. Then take the product out and read the instructions thoroughly. You can assemble the parts of the sex doll if required. Now make sure to clean the sex doll once before using it. 

How to Clean a Sex Doll

It is advised to use warm water to clean the sex toys. There are cleaning wipes available in the market for cleaning the sex doll. You can use a cloth dipped in warm water to maintain the cleanliness of your toy. Also, you can purchase wet wipes that will disinfect the sex dolls.

What Lubricant to Use for a Sex Doll

For the first and initial use of the user to have love with the sex doll, it is advised to apply lubricant in the vagina of the sex doll without using the lube to harm the user's skin.

It is recommended that the users use water-based lubricants on the toys made of silicone as petroleum-based lubes can damage the doll.

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